Nov 7, 2016

There's the possibility of a remake/reboot...

Alrighty then! Let's see what this Remake Rumor is all about...

That's what you're offering? But you keep the rights to Remake Ace Ventura?

Keeping the rights to Remake Major League? Flying Tigers? Young Guns? The Exorcist? I KINDA get, but ACE FREAKING VENTURA!? Who in their right mind would want to see an Ace Ventura Remake!?

I mean can you get an actor more obnoxious than Jim Carrey for the role?

AW HELL NAW... wait, let me get the pro... Take it away, Fresh Douche of Bel Air!

Jim Carrey is what made Ace, well Ace... Replacing him would be catastrophic... But yeah, we live in a world that thinks we NEED an Ace Ventura Remake/reboot.

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