Nov 13, 2016

Characters that deserve the Ultimate Treatment from Super7

It's important to support Super7's foray into MOTUC, because if they fail, we lose He-Man for the rest of our lives... Now, I know that the Ultimates are Pretty much Redos with extra accessories, or just a repaint. For now POP is unavailable and that S7 will do new MOTUC characters as well.

But to bring forth stray lambs or new fans, we need some Main folks... Here's my list of folks to revisit:

Reversed, shoulders, cracking torso, now that we have the Blast Attack Left Forearm and hand we can have a Roboto that Dual Wields. Reason enough. If we can get 1 new piece, then 200X Torso Armor

We know about the Missing Fistos of 2012. If Super7 is Pushing Stridor, then having a Fisto makes sense. If we can get 1 new piece then the Mini comic Long haired head would be welcome.

Another Elusive 2009 figure. I lucked out and was able to get one a while back. Point is he's elusive. We could get him in his 200X repaint colors, but I'd prefer for him to be a straight up reissue. IF we can get a new piece with him, it should be the Mini Comic Armor and we make him Mini comic Tri-Klops

He'd be a literal reissue, but using the same buck as Skeletor and painted in True Vintage Toy colors.

Mini Comics Trap Jaw:
Pretty much same old Trap Jaw but with modified normal shoulders to have Kronis and Trap Jaw. The parts to make the Mini Comics Trap Jaw are available in the parts catalog. If we can get a New Piece, I'd choose the Mechanical arm.

Update: I forgot one
Green Goddess in non-Translucent GITD Plastic... Basically a Repaint of Teela.

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