Nov 4, 2016

The Cape Crusaders have Returned

And it was glorious! Normally I would do a Play by Play Rant using Snark to mock a movie... I can't do it to this one... Well, I COULD, but it wouldn't be fair... I mean it's already based on Batman 66 for crying out loud!

How can you make fun of the movie when it already makes fun of the Dark Knight himself?
Then again, at least it wasn't based on the Schumacher abomination

Well, the Return of the Caped Crusaders is a Tribute to Batman 66... With Adam We, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar reprising their roles... Don't worry Catwoman fans, The Lee Merriwether and Eartha Kitt Catwomen have a cameo too! In fact THAT scene was what turned my snarky attitude towards the movie into pure admiration. I was ready to mock the excessive use of alliteration on the script... Or the Bat-Everything labels, but to be fair, it's done pretty much in spirit of the 1966 show.

If you enjoy Batman 1966, then you NEED to watch this... We even have a nod to the Goddamn Batman in this, which I must explain. No, Adam West does not say he's the Goddamn Batman in this, but we get a sneak peak of what a Dark Batman would be if played by Adam West. Heck There is even a Jab at a Certain Batman...

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