Nov 30, 2016

WiiU First Thoughts.

I won't review the WiiU as a console. It's a bit harder, knowing that it's a lesser console in terms of Raw Power next to the PS4 and XBOne.

Finally Nintendo has a console that can play PS2 Games without having weird missing button issues.
The Touch Screen... Feels Clunky in my hands. Kinda like how a Gameboy Player felt the first time he or she held a Game Gear. There I said it: The WiiU Remote reminds me of a Game Gear.

On some games *cough* Super Mario Maker *cough* I tend to forget about the TV and look at the Controller screen. On others like Mario Kart 8 I use the TV Screen. Seriously, playing SMB1 Levels on an HD TV seems a bit disturbing to me. I'll be honest: The Switch didn't sway me. I want to play Breath of the Wild, and the only switch-less option is the WiiU. (I may need to get a nunchuck and both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword for some Zelda action until the Breath of the Wild shows up.) Never been fan of the nunchuck so Pro-Classic Controller it is for me.

I haven't tinkered with the console much. Most of the time I've spent playing solo grand prix on MK8 and playing some levels fit for Dashie in Mario Maker. (I can see why you rage, Dachie.) I did make a kind of a test level with the most basic tools just to get a feel. Need to play the game on maker mode more often to unlock everything. I wanna make a few MOTU Themed Levels.

Need to get some Wii Games to test backwards compatibility... No, Hannah, nor Bear will be there.
Thinking of Zelda games as stated above, and SSB Brawl because reasons...

I definitely need to get a classic/pro controller to play SMM because, the WiiU controller feels a bit weighty and clunky in my hands.... maybe to reduce my suckitude by 20%

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