Nov 15, 2016

Patrice Wilson is back but this time it's different...

This time he's not acting like a weird pedophile on a video with a pre-pubescent or a barely pubescent child... This time it's ALL HIM...

He apparently impregnated a pair of twins and they seem to be mad at him. He seems to be allergic to shirts, or he's just showing off that he is no longer "fat Usher"

There's also a lot of paint on the video. One of the ladies water broke but it was paint.
Guy delivers the baby shirtless but at least he knows Safety is Number One Priority and wears glasses.
She then proceeds to pee on him... and no, he does not do a Bear Grylls, but we finally got a Golden Shower on a video involving Patrice Wilson. Wait, she also pees paint? She then gives birth to twin dolls... Spike! don't put up links! That's a hentai reference and we could get in DEEP DEEP Trouble if you put up that link!
So Patrice Raises the twins as he puts himself in a crucified Jesus pose and the video ends, which it's a good thing cause I bet the end would have been him smashing the two babies together.

The video is pretentious as heck with Patrice, for the first time in his career as Music "Producer" is not doing a video with children in which he ends up looking like a creepy pedophile. (He does end up looking like one in most videos. Especially the Alison Gold ones) Seriously, all my mentions of him involve pedophilia in some way... Jared, Hal, Patrice got both of you beat! But have you seen the Third Alison Gold video?

I don't want to watch this ever again!! Seriously, Patrice should be on a federal watchlist or something. Seriously, this validates all the Patrice is a Pedo jokes.

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