Jun 30, 2018

Oh no... Sanic will be a CG/Live Action film...

And you know what that means...

This with a fat suit...

I agree, Mr. Joestar.

Speaking of WTF stuff. Indiana Jones 5 delayed... I got to be honest. It would be better if this was scrapped.
Ford is nearly 76 years old. Indiana Jones already was suffering the side effects of aging in that horrible 4th movie that I pretend it doesn't exist. No aliens and no actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf.

As I said before, this is a bad idea. I know that letting go and moving on can be hard,  but let it go...

Jun 29, 2018

snooPING AS usual, eh Jim?

Sonic the Hedgehog movie? JIM CARREY as in Ace Ventura Jim Carrey will be playing the role of Dr. Robotnik... as in

Also, Cyclops is in this... he's probably playing Sonic... who is blue and kind of a dick... kinda like Cyclops.

But seriously? Jim Carrey? If the movie is CGI I can see it working... wait is this CGI?

Why can't we get Jaleel White as Sonic?

Jun 27, 2018

Alleged pedophile, Jared Leto will feel weak and meed more plasma.

And I'm like: Mooooooooroooooooonnnnnnsss! Don't pick the alleged pedophile who ruined Joker!! You can't be serious! There is only one man who was BORN to play Morbius! James Franco makes a killer impression of him... and also a better plan B than the alleged pedophile Jared Leto. I am of course talking about

Tommy Wiseau...

I've mentioned him a few times to be the perfect Morbius... Why are we overpaying for a bad actor who also has the alleged pedophile rumors surrounding him.

And I'm more interested in the Jake Gyllenhaal Mysterio rumors...

Jun 25, 2018

Really, Super7? Really?

The sword is all wrong!
I am flabbergasted by this exclusive... I must warn you: the wording on the message makes it seem like it's a massive dick move to MOTU Fans, Club Grayskull ones in particular... Apparently, it'll only be a Super7 venue exclusive. If more details arise, I'll update this post.
I am super pissed off assumimg this is true:
if the ONLY AVAILABLE TO GET PHYSICALLY IN CALIFORNIA part is true, I expect Guru levels of hatred going towards B-Flynn.

Happy MOTU Monday! Super7 is feeling a little peculiar...
What's going on?
Laughing Prince Adam figure! Exclusively at the Hordak's Lair pop-up event during San Diego Comic Con!
Features include:
- New Laughing head sculpt inspired by the viral video
- new pink power sword
- rainbow glitter packaging
Wake up in the morning and step outside on July 18th-19th and stop by Hordak's lair (located at 701 8th Avenue) to pick up this elusive figure!
Yeah, you can see why I'm making the assumption that we're getting kicled in the dick...
And I said Heyeayeayeayea!
Yes it's a reference to THAT VIDEO...

And Adam has stayed Con-Exclusive in Classics and Club Grayskull...
I hope that I'm wrong, otherwise this will suck so badly...

Rumor has it that there MIGHT BE A CHANCE for leftover stock... IF ANY to be sold some time after the con. Also that a non-heyeayeayeayeayea Adam is supposedly coming... I still want the What's up? Adam...

Jurassic World: The fallen Rant

I didn't know Pedobear DNA was part of the indoraptor.
Life finds a way... Last movie I saw with my mom was Jurassic World. I lost her copy of Jurassic Park, the novel with all of her notes on the margin. Heck, one of her few NES Games was... wait for it... Jurassic Park! So, you can understand my apprehension to seeing this sequel. But Nefty's gotta rant, yo! I went and saw Jurassic World 2: The Fallen Kingdom.

There will be spoilers after the jump, so...

Top 50 MOTUC wants...

KNOW this list is unrealistic from the get go. (I Don't have $1700+ needed to get all 50 figures and it would require nearly 13 waves by Super7) This is more of an exploration of the bottom of the barrel. I will be aiming more for new characters over variants because that is the priority. I may end up padding the lust with variants, but I'll try not to have the variants overwhelm the new guys and gals. The figures will be posted in the order that they pop in my head. That's why #50 would be Melaktha and Kayo would be at a lower number. It doesn't mean that I want Kayo more than Melaktha but it means that Melakatha  popped into my head first.

#50: Melaktha:
I've mentioned him a few times. Royal archaeologist. Helos to link past and present through the bios. And I just want him in MOTUC

#49: Etherian Rebel Josh:
Another favorite at the House of Rants, he also breaks down the Etherian Clambake.

#48: Songster:
 The spoony bard of Eternia is a favorite at the House of Rants and we wildly await him... also someone at Super7 likes him... make it so!

#47 Kayo:
 Last CORE CORE Galactic Protector and huge F-U to Scott Neitlich. So, he's the most popular GP this side of Drissi at the House of Rants.

The secret Princess of Primus who has Beastman Powers but more pleasimg to the eyes is a favorite at the House of Rants.

We have Dare... Thanks, Scott... we need his "Skeletor"...

Slayer of Spector... She was a cool elf chick that we wanted at the House of Rants, but since she kills the Eternian doppelganger of Scott Neitlich, she has risen in popularity here.

Count Marzo is supppsed to be a former faction leader... he only has Nepthpoop.  We need to give him his TRUE Minion.

You know that the rest of NA will be peppered across the list. Let's start with the mutant whose name couldn't be said on TV because of the word "butt".

#41: Preternia Horde Knight:
An alternative to the traditional Horde Trooper. Also it shows some 200X love

#40:Lt. Andra:
Another female member of the Royal Guard. Truth be told, I've been looking for pieces tp make a custom but would orefer an official one.

#39:Sagitar Tharkus:
Big Shokan-like Centaur Man yes please!

Every Batman needs his Joler and Staghorn is Sagitar's nemesis.

#37:Lady Slither:
A Snake Woman and possible foil to King Hssss.

Evil Twin of Castaspella... Need I say more?

We need more cat people to appease the furries... OK I want her in Classics with all the details just to flip off the Club Grayskull fans that have ruined CLASSICS with their bullshit.

#34: Nocturna:
Another NA charavter that needs to get made.

#33: Slamurai:
Hate the name, love the character. We need a ninja to fight a ninja.

#32: Master Sebrian:
Another NA favorite at the House of Rants.

A Hordeswoman and second in command to Adora. If S7 were to play it smart, she could be a multi-diooer by making Female Horde Troopers... The Hordemazons...

Karatti's partner in crime and one of the remaining 4 Space Mutants.

#29: Vizar:
Galactic Protector who is needed in MOTUC.

The Witch and the Warrior is reason enough to want this guy.

#27: General Tataran:
A minion for Skeletor (toss in a pack-in Monteeg and we have a winning pair)

#26:slime pit mutant:
Another army builder that's a favorite at the House of Rants. It also diversifies Skeletor's troops a little.

#25: Horde Snakemen Troopers:
Snakemen imbued with Horde Tech? Ho-Ly crap!! Doubly awesome! Also, they'd conolete the cancelled 88 wave.

#24: Red Knight:
The mysterious Etherian hero clad in crimson...

#23: The Crimson Fury:
He looks like an Etherian Lawrence of Arabia... much better than that lame pond chicken pirate.

#22: Spinwit:
Again, main Galactic Protector and needed to complete NA.

#21: Lizorr:
Final Space Mutant needed to complete the faction.

#20: Artilla:
Final Galactic Protector needed to complete the faction.

#19: Garn:
We have Lodar, so we KINDA need a gladiator for He-Man to fight.

#18: Mendor, the Royal Medic:
Our first (and so far only) Nu52 entry. He's a Medic!!

#17: Prince Dakon:
We got that Useless Geldor dude, so we KINDA need now a Dakon.

#16: Joya the Bubble Maiden:
New PoP character? Count me in... sure her ability was passed to BP She-Ra, but new Princess of Power character is new...

#15: Mallek, the Wizard of Stone Mountain:
He also appeared on The Witch and the Warrior, and since I added Kothos to the list, it kinsa makes sense. My main reason, though is The Wizard of Stone Mountain and that Lokus could be a pack-in.

#14: Ileena:
No real reason to add the Anti-drug PSA character... I just like her, Okay?

#13: King Miro:
Rather obvious one, isn't he?

#12: Colonel Blast:
He'd be what Jitsu is to Fisto in Rio Blast's case.

#11: Hunga the Harpy:
A winged foil to Angella and semi independent PoP villain.

#10: Kay-La:
We have Dare... we need "his Teela". Also albino chick looks a bit cool dor a He-Ro son of He-Man character.

A Skeleteen lackey to fill out the HRSoHM evil warriors...

#8: Hans Hammer Holder:
Tyrion Lannister isn't the only giant dwarf... (yes it's an infinity war reference and I don't feel so good...) giant dwarf with a HAMMER!

#7:Major Header:
One of the Create a character finalists that had a cool look and gimmick.

#6: Gangstor:
Wait what? I KNOW I've said he's an ill fit for (the original era) MOTU. I still stand by that, BUUUT after seeing The Dark Knight Returns Joker I may have warmed up to him a bit...
I see him working maybe as a NA Independent Villain. There his gangster outfit wouldn't be so "out of place" when compared to furry fanny pack wearing He-Man. Not to mention that any theoretical link to Silverhawks is easier to swallow through NA than Normal MOTU.

#5: QuickFlick:
Snakeman ranger... a theoretical enemy for Bow. Also, bolstering the Snakemen ranksnis a good thing.

#4: Sortech:
I know what you're thinking: wasted slot, not going to happen and all that, but screw you, I want Sortech and this list is characters I'd like to see that aren't variants. Him being a deluxe item with the power armors would put him on the cooler side.

It was a load of crap gettimg a hollow Castle Grayskull armor/robot to then reveal that he's a new character... I'll take one just to complete my castle.

I have asked for King Miro, so asking for Keldor's mom isn't a far-fetched thing.

#1:That guy in yellow who participated in a tug of war:
He was in the final mini comic too...

Thise are my top 50... Queen Andreeno didn't  make it, neither did the mask of power demons, dragoon, queen elmora etc. The point here is that for a "bottom of the barrel  list", the bottom still has some depth WITHOUT Using variants.

Jun 24, 2018

Whatever Mattel is smoking, I want some...

How puzzling are they?
She-Ra tiara made out of EVA Foam...
He-Man mask made out of EVA Foam...
But you can order a He-set with Faker, Anti Eternia, Slime Pit and Normal He-Man masks...
But the weirdest item is:
A He-Man fanny pack... Laugh away my British readers, I just said fanny!

I get it that Super7 has the toy license, but Battle Armor Mega Bloks He-Man vs Skeletor could've been a more MATTEL WORTHY exclusive...
Hot wheels Roton, Wind Raider, and Enchanta
Mega Bloks Castle Grayskull...
1:1 wearable repluca of MAA's Helmet...
Mega Bloks He-Man and Battle Cat vs Skeletor and Panthor...
Heck an exclusove Imaginext MOTU set...
God, I miss Scott Neitlich!! Does anyone even care enough about MOTU to suggest actual thing that could worl for fans?

Also, Super7 showed some wave 2 Pics.
No Karg... (this worries me a lot... plese don't screw him up!)
Granita looks like she's unable to stand when wearing her rock pieces OR Flynn put them wrongly...
Man-e-Faces looks fine!
Merman has no neck!!
Tunglashor looks good for a proto Charmander.
Dylamug looks like ass. But we knew that was going to happen because they went full filmation on him. They screwed up his blast effect. Now it's tinier and has less paint effects.
Horde mummy is OK will have to repaint once it arrives, but that was expected...
Let's not talk sorceress... all I'll say is: she lools a smidge better than Hawke...

Jun 23, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: X-Force!!

So, with Juggernaut on the loose, Deadpool decided to form his own team.
It will be cooler than the Avengers, but it won't have a lame name like X-Men, which sounds like a band of transexuals... I love a little futa action every now and then, buyt my team needs to sound badass! Something a bit like: X-Force!! whaddya think?

Sounds lazy and uninspired, but it's YOUR TEAM, so call it whatever you like.
So, DP, who are the members of your Sex force?

No fair, dude! That's an even better name, but the bunch of uptight twatmuffins from the Comics Code Authoritah wouldn't allow it...
OK we have Domino... no relation to the pizza. I asked.
She gets lucky with Cable and she gets lucky... as in she has like really good luck.

Like Longshot?

Funny that you Mention Longshot, because my next Member IS from Mojoworld... Here's Shatterstar! He's gay!

Deadpool, just because he dresses gaudily, doesn't mean you can mock him that way!

No, dude! I mean he's bi. But that's not the most shocking thing about him. He's his father's son and his son's father...
Wade. We all are our fathers' sons and our sons' fathers...

I mean that his son is his father and his father is his son...

Holy grandfather paradox! And who's the angry hottie?

As a mandate, every Marvel team must have a Wolverine... my wolverine has bobs and vagene.

Holy crap! Little Laura has grown up!

Now can I do the review part?

Let's begin with Domino:
Her articulation seems to be on par with female Marvel Legends figures. She has a great range on her torso. My main gripe with Hasbro ML is their inability to do the splits.
Let's get cracking up on Shatterstar
The half-cape and pauldron hinder his arm articulation a little bit. Like Cyclops, he has a ratchet joint built on his shoulders. Other than that he's decent enough.
Now let's tackle X23
Her hair gets a bit in the way and her torso seems to be a bit too stiff.
DP: Alright team just like we practiced!!
Everyone for him or herself!!
Cable: That's not much of a strategy...
DP: Trust me Dig Bick... This will all work out...
Cable: what did you just call me?

Paint and sculpt
So, Domino is mostly in black plastic with a few gunmetal, silver and white accents. Her face sculpt is really beautiful. I could see parts of her being used for a more "commando" Mystique.
Shatterstar looks like Shatterstar and that includes the silly half-cape with gigantic pauldron and the soarring helmet... TBH, I only bought him because if the grandfather paradox joke, Deadpool 2 reference and he cost me 8 bucks at KMart due to a blowout sale plus Shop Your Way rewards points or free cash when buying toys.
Laura, Laura, Laura... there is always something wrong with your figures... either the face gets made too chubby and cherubic, you end up like a black haired Avril Lavigne, or the snarling face makes you look like you're pushing 40.
Hopefully the Sauron Wave has a prettier looking second head for you.

All include a BaF piece. (Shatterstar includes a piece of Warlock, while X-23 and Domino have Sasquatch bits)

Domino: 2 guns
Shatterstar: his swords
Do her claws count? Why doesn't she have her toe claws?
PW: I can still sue the gem of Cyttoram out of you, unless you surrender.
Juggernaut: You don't scare me, little man...
PW: Need I remind you of Kuurth?
Juggernaut: I'll stand down...
DP: I love it when a plan comes together!!

Not sure this team is good enough to stop the Juggernaut, Wade... I mean, Ms. LUCKY here got a 4.17 Shatterstar got a 4.17 and Loliverine got a 3.33 as her final score... I guess that my anti-X-23 bias may be because I don't like fully grown Laura and prefer her as a Lolita Wolverine.
But how did it go with Juggy?
X-Force!! Now with PhoeniX Wright...
Wait, you mean to tell me that a non-She Hulk Lawyer beat the Juggernaut? Eh, weirder stories have come out of the Toy Chest before...

Odds and ends June 23, 2018... Mouse news and stuff.

The good:
Disney basically pulled a Kaiba.

And denied Comcast's bid for Fox... for now, since they could try again.

I want Comcast to lose for two reasons:
-X-Men and fantastic four on the MCU.
-Original Star Wars Trilogy rereleased without the 90s and 00s enhancements.

The bad:
Disney has put the rest of the Star Wars spin-offs on ice... and I don't mean an ice skating show. This is all Solo's fault.
The movie underperforming was the main culprit. Of course many are "blaming the alt-right" for it.
Here's the thing:
The "alt-right" is not to blame here.
Production problems, bad casting choices, somewhat weak script, playing it safe with the movie, and Star Wars fatigue" played a much bigger role than "an alt-right boycott".
I saw Solo and was underwhelmed...

The ugly:
We WERE going to get a Stan Lee BaF... now we are not. A set of Target exclusive 2 packs were meant to have Stan BaF parts, but that was scrapped... alsp, rumor jas it that Hoverchair Chuck is coming...

It came from the Toy Chest: Don't you know who I Am?

Or Ram Man's gimp brother... cause that ain't no Juggernaut, bitch...
Cain Marko, dickhole and avatar of Cyttorak on Earth. The so-called Unstoppable Juggernaut has tangled with the X-Men and other people but... unstoppable Juggernaut and stuff.
I tried hiring Zangief to go Marvel vs Capcom up on his ass, but failed.
I even got two Spider-Men and Captain Freaking America and you can guess the outcome of the battle...
I considered srealing a Stank armor, but Tony is ill-equipped down there... unlike this Liefeldian Adonis if he was burned worse than Freddy Krueger...
I promise I'll stop Jughead once I form my super team. In the meantime,  Nefty will do some bpring rating thing on Juggernaut.
Juggernaut: I'm Unstoppable!!

Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am?
Zangief: The bitch Juggernaut.
Deadpool: Turn down for what!?

Deadpool: When Captain America throws his mugjty shiiiiield!
Spidey: All those who chose to oppose his shield must yiiiiield!
Sc.Spider:If he's led to a fight and a duel is due!
Deadpool: Then the red and the white and the blue'll come through!
Cap: Shut the @#$ up!
Dp, Sc.Spider, Spidey: LANGUAGE!!

This BaF lacks double joints at the knees and elbows. Most likely die to weight issues.

Paint and sculpt
There is a mild wash on mine. (I ended repainting mine because I felt that his Crimson Bands weren't reddish enough. I mixed CRIMSON with a light brown to reach a terracotta-like color. True crimson looked a bit goofy on the figure ) other than the wash on the bands and helmet, there is very little on the way of the paint. Sculpt is a beautiful example of Juggernaut here.

Since he's a BAF, he gets no accessories. A BaF with accessories is not an uncommon thing, but it's not the norm. I would've liked a second Head without the helmet.

Juggernaut gets a 4.0 as his final score and it's a great score... That head was a pain in the ass to get thougb... but worth it!! While some may not like my repaint, I feel that the more reddish bands and helmet are better than the near black helmet he origonally had.
Ryu: Shinkuu!!
Cyclops: Aim your hadouken to his chest, while I go for the helmet.

Jun 21, 2018

It cane from the Toy Chest: Super Summers Brothers

Logan hates one and Bobby hates the Other...
Yes, I will ve reviewing Penis and Havok...

So, the Summers brothers can release energy. One through his eyes without any sort of control and relies on glasses to safely channel some of that energy. The other wears a funky suit that monitors and regulates his body's release of said energy. (Alex is the superior Summers brother.)

Cyke: Logan, wht aren't you wearing the Tiger Stripe outfit?
I'm in blue and Yellow and you were supposed to be in yellow and blue!
Logan: How about I stick these in your eyes and make you a no-clops? You're lucky I put this on... I could've just used my jacket and black pants...
Cyke: Well...the brown matches my hair...
Logan: I hate you so much...

The Brothers are on normal ML bucks with no special joints. Well, the Cyclops Joints are ratcheted.
The range is not hindered by anything in them.
4.5 for Scott 4.5 for Alex
Bobby: What does he have that I don't?
Havok: I'm explosive on bed AND I don't give my partners any frostbite, so do like Elsa and let it go, bitch!

Paint and sculpt 
Here is where things go in different directions. The few details on Alex's armor are painted on, while on Scott they are slip on pieces. Hasbro hasn't discovered how to use glue on them to keep them from falling off. (The thigh belts and boot tops keep sliding down.) I kinda wish Alex had gotten a second head without the full mask. Some versions have him with just a faceguard and his hair showing (I prefer that look)
Both get 4.5

Scott: Baf piece
Alex: Baf piece and 2 energy effects.
See? Alex is the better Summers brother... a Clip on optic blast effecr would've been awesome...
Scott:1.0 Alex 3.0

I got a Jim Lee Cyclops who isn't anorexic. I finally own a Havok... but  let's see the scores.
3.33 for Cyclops and 4.0 for Havok.
At keadt this family picture isn't as awkward as Longshot's...

Jun 19, 2018

Faux vintage MOTU are coming... No MOTUC updates...

Yeah, it's gonna be one of THOSE rants. I can almost see Guru clapping with glee. All perched at the edge of his seat while wearing Green Lanter pajamas speaking to himself: "See! I knew he was going to turn on Super7!"
And he's not entirely wrong... You can pick up your jaw now, Scott...
I AM a bit miffed at Super7. They keep posting MOTU updatedms, but it's for things like MOTUSCLE, ReAction line (the pseudo Kenner line) ir the faux vintage MOTU...
How is MOTUC Wave 2 doing? No freaking clue. I've already mentioned that this silence can be uncomfortable to MOTUC fans... Hell, many of you might have noticed how Marvel Legends have crept up on The House of Rants.
(90s Jean Grey still eludes me.) MOTUC was what kept me away from Marvel Legends. I regretfully missed out on that Jean BECAUSE I was focused on MOTUC and missed out on it... Heck, I only stumbled on Black Cat by accident.

What I'm trying to say is that my focus is shifting thanks to Super7's silence. Their Novelty item focus is unappealing to me (and a portion of the fandom as well). Sadly, this Novelty item focus IS their bread and butter. Right now, we have no idea when wave 2 is coming. The figures are supposed to show up in August or September. There hasn't been a peep about these, nor teasers for wave 3.

If there is one good thing I can say about Neitlich is that he knew when to drop a teaser... I kinda miss that. Right now we KINDA NEED SOMETHING TO STAY INTERESTED IN THE LINE...

This "lack of care" could become detrimental to Super7 in the long run. The disconnect between Super7 and the importance of MOTUC for the brand is disconcerting. Saw the pint glasses at F.Y.E. but guess who chose NOT TO BUY THEM... Me. Hell, I'm even considering NOT BUYING The faux vintage figures...

I currently don't see Snake Mountain happening... if they don't step up to the plate, wave 2 might be the last MOTUC Wave (and club Grayskull would have an incomplete roster as well)

Jun 18, 2018

Storm Collectibles REALLY wants to rape my wallet...

We knew he was coming, but SC dropped this pic on Facebook...
Holy $500 glasses that need to be broken, Batman!
But wait, there's more... SDCC is getting another ninja...
We know how this goes... Another Klone ninja review, but this one may have a bit more personality and not be Black Scorpion... also, behold the birth of the Mortal KOMBAAAAAAAAT!! Tag for the House of Rants.

Shao Kahn is coming soon... TBH, I'm hoping we can at least get through the kast of 1 and 2 with UMK3 being the Ultimate (pardon the pun) goal.

It came from the Toy Chest: I'm Birdman! No, not Harvey Birdman...

I am talking about Michael Keaton's Vulture... without a Michael Keaton head (which is like the biggest missing opportunity in the universe)
Adrian Toomes: High Flying founding member of the Sinister Six. Classic Spidey Villain (Cinematically speaking we're a Kraven and a Mysterio from having AN iteration of the Sinister Six founding members... Even if it took multiple Spider-men.)

Vulture's wingpack is articulated... taking it into consideration in addition to the figure's articulation as well. Vulture posseses normal ML articulation WITHOUT The wingpack. With it, he gains a few extra PoAs.
It's not prefect, but functional enough.

Paint and sculpt:
The figure LOOKS LIKE VULTURE wearing the helmet... shame we don't have a Keaton head... This is where fans do what the companies won't. Seen some Custom heads on the internet (likeness varies between customs)
Did I mention that his wingspan is huge?

The figure is impressive, but it needs a bit of an oomph...

Seeing that this wave is a massive dick move. You get a wingless Vulture and his wings are the BaF... you'd expect zero accessories... well you're wrong! And right at the same time?
Really, all he has is a flight syand that can hold the wingpack WHILE VULTURE IS GROUNDED...

Toomes gets a 3.67 as his final score. A better flight stand and a Keaton head would have knocked him out of the park... I can finally remove this guy from the list... one down a buttload of items to go... most of them Marvel Legends.

Jun 17, 2018

Father's day: the rant.

I don't get along with my old man. It seems that we are doomed to push each other's buttons and end up fighting all the time. We're both too stubborn to adnit it to each other that our own egos are getting in the way. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a lot like my father... I've spent half my life trying to get his approval, but like the Asian Father meme, I'll never be good enough for him. I know this is borderline on too much personal info and not exactly a house of rants theme, but I'm getting there, I promise.
Spent most of my life running away from becoming him and I failed miserably... well, maybe the only victory I have is that I'm still not a father, so I haven't become him... or become something else...

So, yeah, I don't get along with my old man... I found solace in TV dads like Phillip Banks, Alan Matthews, George Feeny (not a dad, but he was like one), Carl Winslow, Danny Tanner, Willie Tanner, Mr. Drummond, etc.

I know what you might be thinking: "Gee, Nefty, you lost your Mom,  but your Dad is still alive; why don't you try to bury the hatchet while you still have him around?"
I tried, Oh my God, I tried! It just didn't work out. In our own waroed way, we love each other, even if we can't stand one another. Me, being his greatest failure on his eyes, while all I see is this unstoppable Juggernaut who my subconscious uses as an avatar of ny own darkness and fears.
Like Liquid, I was discarded by Big Boss who took a liking to a Solid son... but, I still love my old man, as flawed as we are. I can't tell him how much I love him becaise he won't listen and we'll end uo arguing. I'm choosing to stay away for the sake of my own stability... I don't need a reminder of all my failures... My own depression takes care of reminding me every single day. (Sometimes using his voice, others using my own voice... subconscious can be a douche at times.)

What I'm trying to say is that NOT EVERYONE has that wonderful father/son (or daughter) relationship that is shown on many TV shows and movies.
Some of us get less than stellar fathers, and othwrs get actual monsters. Those of us who get the less than stellar or worse have a strongly ingrained fear of becoming them.

So to those of us who have estranged fathers, this day may not be the best day ever. All I can do is wish a happy father's day to those of you who are reading this and ARE FATHERS, also a bit of advice: Wanting the best for ypur child is awesome... just be careful that your high expectations don't end up crushing your child... That can put a horrible strain on the relationship.

Also, He-Man is a crappy father now...

Jun 15, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: a tale of two Nathan Summerseseses

I have both the Juggernaut and Sasquatch wave Cable figures, so let's tackle them and see their pros and cons... doing a 2 for 1 because I DON'T want yo do two Cable rants in a row.

Cable: Son of Cyclops and Madeline Pryor (sp?) A clone of Jean Grey that Cyclops started shagging when Jean died as the whole fire and life incarnate thing. He was senr to rhw future and he came back to the past to stop En Sabah Nur and stuff.

The Juggernaut wave Cable is a more modern take to the character, while the Sasquatch wave Cable Is a more CLASSIC take on him. I think of Cable and the Sasquatch wave is the first image that comes to mind. Let's get cracking:

Juggernaut wave Cable 
Standard ML fare for him... aside the ball joint on the torso. The shins are slightly hindered by tje armor.
Mandatory Liefeld can't draw feet pic.

Paint and sculpt
Like I said earlier, this Cable is a more modern version of him, which means his face is partially covered in cybernetics from the technovirus. Me no likey. There seens to be a slight wash on his techno arm,  but everything else is super plain.
Deadpool: Really, Nathan? You brought me an Adult Toy based on the Juggernaut and it's 1:1 scale? You really are the bestest friend ever!


Juggernaut's crotch
2 guns
It's cable, he needs guns...
DP: it's funny because Josh Brolin

Juggernaut wave Cable gets a 3.83 as his final score. He's OK, but he is NOT WHAT I THINK OF WHEN I THINK OF CABLE.

Sasquatch wave Cable 
Standard ML fare for him here. No hidden tricks on his articulation. The Liefeldian Pauldrons limit some of the articulation.
DP I kiss your badly drawn feet in admiration 

Paint and sculpt
This figure is super crisp and clean on the paint applications. Only the pouches got a wash here. The paint shortcomings are compensated by the superb sculpt. Hily ass crackers he shares sculpt with the Juggernaut wave Cable... the waist to the knees is literally the same sculpt.
Also, the Pauldrons make him look Huge. He even has the energy projection on his left eye...
DP: I bet you're hiding an even bigger gun in that oversized Liefeldian crotch...

Sasquatch leg
3 guns

Sasquatch wave Cable gets a 4.67 as his dinal score. Je is the superior figure and more iconic of the two.

It came from the toy chest: Ice, ice, baby...

2/3 of the Amazing Spider friends have been made... in Legends scale. Where's my Firestar, Hasbro?
Iceman, OG X-Men member, now gay thanks to Jean Grey becuase reasons...
You habe freaking Northstar as the ultimate Gay hero... He's so gay that they made him part fairy to gay him up when you couldn't have gay characters in comics.

So Iceman...

He has the standard ML buck, but feels a bit gummy... probably due to the translucent plastic. His range of articulation is decent. He can oull the ice slide surfing pose.
Spidey:No ice slide?
Iceman: No ice slide.
Spidey: No ice beam?
Iceman: No ice beam, just a Juggernaut BaF piece.
Paint and sculpt 
Bobby has some new pieces that complement the normal translucent body. His paint is literally on his eyes.

BaF piece...
Not even an ice effect or a slide.  Lazy...
Spidey: OK Johnny, start singing with Bobby...
Torch: Why?
Iceman;Because we'd be making a song by Ice and Fite, which os close enough for him to pseter GRRM to finish his books.
Torch: Who?
Iceman:The Author of Game of Thrones.
Torch: Oh...

3.33 for Iceman. The lack of accessories for him was his downfall. But all I need is Havok and a head for Juggernaut... I have Cable and he shall be reviewed soon... well Ive had Cable since November... backlog, y'all.
Jean: So young me told young you that he was gay, but you are not...
Iceman: Pretty much.
Jean: But if he's gay and you're not, then he isn't you...
Iceman: Pretty much. Also the young you, not you is a massive c-
Jean: Better not finish that sentence because I an Fire and Lifre Incarnate! I AM PHOENIX!!!
Iceman: Arizona!!!
Jean: Now you're ulyra gay and can only get it up with The Blob...
Iceman: I liked you better when you were dead.

Jun 14, 2018

It came from the toy chest: Black Male Buffy.

I am obviously referring to Blade. Vampire hunter, his mother was bitten while pregnant and he inherited vampiric traits without their weaknesses. He battles vampires, demons and the forces of darkness.
He was played by Wesley Snipes and Sticky Fingaz in the movies and TV series respectively.

Nothing much to say here. He's got the sane articulation as pretty nuch every other standard male figure. His webgear does not interfere with the articulation.
Blade: Step aside, bug!
Spidey:No, Blade! You can't  kill him! He's not a  real vampire!
Morbius: Anyway how is your sex life?
Spidey: Shoot! I grabbed Tommy Wiseau by Mistake!

Paint and sculpt 
This is a modern rendition of Blade that has a Sticky Fjngaz inspired head and a more traditional head with a slight Snipes inspiration. Not as Blatantly obvious as the ToyBiz version, which was a direct copy of the Movies look.

BaF piece, katana, extra head. Kinda wish he had come with his wooden throwing knives... but that's a Classic Blade thing...
DP: We're Katana brothers!!

Blade gets a 4.33 as his final score, which is great. If he didn't have to have a BaF piece, he could've gotten a few extra accessories to make him pop a bit better.

Jun 13, 2018

Gargoyles live action movie news!? Did I just die?

Yes, you read right... Jordan Peele wants to make a Gargoyles movie. Disney hasn't said yes, but they haven't said no to it... What does this mean to the Gargoyles fans...
We're still on limbo. But the one posotove is that with Mr. Peele wanting to do a Gargoyles movie, whatevwr buzz thsi bit of news henerates might be what pushes the project from limbo into being greenlit.


Like the catroon where Scotland was a footnote before headong to New York,  or will the first movie be Scotland and end up with the Hargoyles being cursed and David Xanatos buying the castle... (and maybe have Jonathan Frakes in a cameo as David's father who questions the idea of buying a catsle to rebuild it atop a New York building.

In any case, Disney will have to look at other projects seeing that the AT&T/ Time Warner merger is happening abd could allow Comcast to throw more money at Fox to cockblock the Fox/Disney merger.

Jun 12, 2018

Switch wants me to settle it in Smash...

Daisy is no longer a Peach palette swap. She's a different skin with changed effects and range on some moves... like Dr. Mario is to Regular Mario...
Not only that but

I am now sporting a massive nerdboner...
Megaman, Sonic, Bayonetta, Ryu, Cloud, Snake... Snake?? Snaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!
Are coming back to Smash... sure, Ridley is there too, but every freaking one is coming back to Smash...

Ho-Ly Crap! The only way for Nintendo to top this (for me) is to remake the Era of Decline Zelda games using the BotW engine... (I mean original LoZ and AoL.)

Shame that Simon Belmont isn't in this... No reason...

Spike, you douche! You weren't supposed to show that...

Death Stranding has me confused... and other stuff.

Hideo Kojima's first game after leaving Konami is the mysterious Death Stranding... well, gameplay has been revealed and I'm confused as heck.

I have no idea what the heck is going on... I have to be honest, my interest on this has decreased for a bit. I KINDA want to play it BECAUSE OF KOJIMA. But I don't think that I would play it if it wasn't for Kojima. (And his anti nuclear proliferation gane series stuck with Konami)

I want you to save the date of 1/29/2019...

Kingdom Hearts 3, baby!! It has a release date and there's a Monsters Inc. World, a Tangled World... and a Frozen world... you couldn't let it go, didn't  you...

Jun 10, 2018

A fighting game based on Shonen Jump manga... believe it's over 9000 ya-yo ya-yos!

'm going to take this trailer and POST IT!!!

Yes, this game seems like it'll be a DBS, Naruto, One Piece, Death Note crossover game... so far all I know it's coming to XBOne. I'm hoping that it has people playing Children's Card Games to decide the fate of the world.
Seriously, what the hell?

Jun 9, 2018

Saw the dickless sequel to Ocean's Thirteen.

The all women thing is a gimmick and they even have a scene to try and pretend it isn't one by calling out the gimmickiness of an all-female team.
They also KILLED GEORGE CLOONEY!!! Or George Clooney is playing a David Banner for Ocean's 9 if this one is successful enough.

It's not bad per se... The lower points would be Aquafina... Every scene she's in her tryhard can be easily noticed.
And that the movie feels a rehash of scenes from 11, 12, and 13 but with a Vagina! Gimmick.
When a movie featuring Rihanna makes me forget she's in it, is a good thing.

Media have been commenting in how this movie hasn't gotten the same backlash as Ghostbusters and new Star Wars. They got it PARTIALLY right, but allow me to mansplain, because they will accuse me of that.

They ARE RIGHT in the fact that the Ocean Trilogy has no real nostalgic attachment to people. There isn't a Saturday morning cartoon, bideogames, action figures of the Trilogy either.

What they got wrong us WHY Ghostbusters and new Star Wars are getting flak.
It's NOT MISOGYNY... before I get threatened by pitchforks, I do not agree with the harassment that Ms. Tran received.
PART of the problem has to do with Gender politics creeping into Star Wars.
The rise and fall of the Skywalkers is basically the story of Star Wars. Now the last two Numeric Entries habe had an issue with the men:
Finn: Betrays the First Order (seemingly good, because the FO is evil, but he's a traitor) When the Rebellion is in trouble on VIII, he tries to run away like the coward he is... He then tries to kill himself "to save others" but objectively speaking, suicide is the coward's way out.
Poe: Hot headed ace pilot who is a "true rebel" that may gp into mutiny for not following the CoC.
Han Solo: Grumpy old mand who is old, grumpy and ends up being kebobbed.
Luke Skywalker: Grumpy old man who drinks green milk and tries too hard to be Yoda. He is also a coward who fled and hid from even the force after having an issie with his nephew.
Kylo Ren: The Star Wars version of Caillou. Whiny man-baby who throws tabtrums for nearly everything.

Rey: Newest Force user and super gifted enough to master techniques that even the Last Jedi Master had trouble to overcome.
Captain Phasma: A high ranking First Order soldier who is badass enough to get customized chrome armor.
Rise Tico: an engineer super loyal to the rebellion who stops Finn the Cowarxd from running away twice. She also inspires Finn to fight to PROTECT THOSE DEAR TO YOU INSTEAD OF DESTROYING THE ENEMY.
Leia Solo: Commander of the Rebellion, Force sensitive and can survove in deep space.

See the issue already? It's like they need to turn all men into incompetent buffoons in order to have the women look superior by default. Now, there has been a movement to empower women through fictional characters, which is a good thing, but NOT AT THE EXPENSE of male characters. Some people will fight back, harshly...
Remember Jack Gleason?

He had to quit TV/Movie acting because of Joffrey.
Yeah, there will be dickholes who take things too far and it's NOT exclusive to women.
We also have the movies taking unexpected turns and that doesn't sit well with fandoms.

Then we have Ghostbusters, which right from the get go, they stated that it was a retcon and with females because reasons... basically ELIMINATING THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS AND REPLACING THEM WITH WOMEN.
Ues, the originals exist, but now the canonical continuity is the one with Melissa McCarthy and company. That's what a reboot does. The REAL Ghostbusters, who were the reason people still cared about the brand long after the third movie was in dev Hell (Thank you Bill Murray), that's no longer canon. The queef joke movie where they beat the bad guy by shooting him in the dick is now the official canon. That doesn't sit will with some people.

Ocean's eight avoided this by following Creed or Star Trek: The Next Generation's storytelling device. The previous events hapoened buy now the focus is on other people. Had the new GB been a continuation of the Originals, then the backlash would've been minimum.
Ocean's eight ADDS TO THE WORLD INSTEAD OF REPEALING AND REPLACING. That helps it avoid backlash. But having a penis and not liking the new GB means I hate women or something.

Jun 7, 2018

Got the movie turtles against better judgement... *language*

I got lucky this time, but the hoops that Playmates toys forces NECA are a load of bullshit. All this stems from the fact that the NECA Mirage TMNT have blown everyrjing Playmates has done out of the water... and they're being Very petty about it.

I get that Playmates Toys doesn't want competition with their own brand. The thing is that Playmates caters to children... NECA caters to the Adult collector. Well, how about this novel idea: If Playmates doesn't want RETAIL COMPETITION from NECA,  then how about allowing NECA to do some ONLINE ONLY EXCLUSIVES from Mirage Comics, 1990s movies (possibly The Next Mutation), 1990s videogames, and maybe SOME of the 1987 cartoon. Playmates isn't doing anything with those segments of the brand. Here NECA would be acting as a sort of subcontractor and catering to a segment of the fandom that Playmates has failed to cater to.

Now I have to wait for the toitles to arrive...

It came from the toy chest: Wolverine's sidekick bleh, bleh bleh!

I know, Jubilee, you don't say Bleh, bleh bleh!
I got a "China Wars" Vampire Jubilee BAF.
So, Jubilee... made popular by the 90s X-Men cartoon which made Jubilee the Scrappy Doo of the team. She's basically a replacement for Kitty Pryde but with Fireworks.

She has the standard ML female articulation. Her hips remind me of Spider-Girl and how limited they are in range. My figire spent a couple hours in the Caribbean sun,  so she feels a bit gummy on the legs. (This keeps her from standing.)

Paint and sculpt
I hate the bland vampire lool since it's a black bodysuit with the yellow jacket... but official Jubilee  (or possible bootleg. You can't be too sure with these "China Wars" figures.) Thing is that she totally nails the Vamp Jubes look. There seems to be zero slop on mine.

She has 2 blast effect thingies. For a BAF to have accessories is kinda odd... it happens, but not as much as I'd like to.

Jubilation Lee gets a 4.0 as her final score... I wish we could get a true 90s Jubilee, but this one will do.

Jun 6, 2018

Alleged Pedophile, Jared Leto is gerting a Joker movie!?

Oh no...
I was joking about that! Why can't I get the Powerball jackpot when I need it, but I joke about something horrible and then it happens! So, yes, the alleged pedophile, is getting a Joker movie...
He was THE WORST PART OF Suicide Squad...

The only way this COULD WORK is if he was Jason Todd, but WB doesn't have the balls to dix what's wrong with their movies...

Damn NECA, damn Playmates toys to hell... *language*

I had them in my fucking cart... I had no issues with PayPal, hell, I even used One touch to bypass the bullshit login bullshit that asks me to log in again even if I logged in 2 minutes before.

I had the turtles on my fucking cart... but for some reason NECA asked me to MANUALLY ADD PHONE AND ADRRES INFO, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ON MY PAYPAL!!!

Today was the only day I was able to order these... unless I lose some sleep tomorrow...
Fucking shit!!! We wouldn't have to go through this bullshit if it wasn't for fucking Playmates toys.
I meam, Playmates is only focusing on the Rise crap... not to mention that thwy made their "classics stuff" a bit hard to find... and they cancelled the cool mirage Splinter from many years ago, or  87 inspired Shredder and Krang to go with Bebop amd Rocksteady.

Scalpers will have a field day with this...
Scalper no scalping! Scalper no scalping! Scalper no scalping!

I had to try...
The one thing that could ruin my day is that alleged pedophile Jared Leto returns as Joker.

Into the Spiderverse... gagme with a spoon!

I ducking hate it...

Not because of Miles Morales... pretender has grown on me for quite some time. But Peter Parker is ruined. He sounds like a discount Jason Lee (Mallrats... what, you thought I was going to mention the shitmunks?)
He looks like he's gonna say Bleh bleh bleh...
No, really loom at him... He looks like a cross between
And Brodie from Mallrats...

Also, I'm getting some Miyagi vibes out of this horribly voiced Peter... did I mention how much his voice sucks?
Cause it totally does.

Also duck Spider-Gwen...
Not in THAT WAY, Norman...

It came from the toy chest: Wayne Knight's keast favorite dinosaur.

Ah, the dilophosaurus...
A favorite dinosaur here at the House of Rants. Let's go back in time... Back when Jeff Goldblum was trying to put his Brundlefly in Admiral Holdo and Nick Fury wanted us to...

So, Your ass is parked was a yuuuuge hit. Bigly popular. Well, I could make an OK-ish Dilo imoression.

Not sure if I should call it OK, but it was good enough to scare the crap of my younger brother when he was a kid.

Let's get cracking!

This is from the super basic line for kids, which has very little articulation. Shoulder cut and thigh cuts. Giving it 4 POA without counting the frills.
I got it for preternian fodder and later on will get some cybernetics. But for a cheaply made dino, he has reasonable amountof articulation.

Paint and sculpt:
The dilo is molded in green and has some paint applications on the head and a mild wash on his body. There isn't much to explain here. Sculptwise, it looks like a JP dilo but with 2 ugly hinges for the action feature

Venom Spit... that's all he needs

Dilo gets a 3.67 as his final score. He's crappy compared to adult collectible grade items. But I have a dilo...