Apr 30, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Ukog, the Toy

But not Justin Chatwin Ukog... I mean Bootleg Figuarts Goku.

Who is Goku, you ask? Well...

This is pretty much "Bootleg Goku" in a nutshell... It's like Normal Goku but hilariously bad.
Still it sucks that I fell for the bootleg Goku... If the box lacks a Toei Sticker DO NOT BUY!!
but let's get to the review:

First of all he's got a decent range of articulation that is useless since he flops around more than a Magikarp.

His leg articulation is awfully limited. Not sure if this applies to the real one as well, but on this bootleg it sucks ASS. The Shoulders are a pain in the ass to get in position. The hands are floppy as heck.


Paint and Sculpt:
Since this is a bootleg, the paintwork is ASS!! Not noticeable until taken outside the box. The sculpt is pretty decent, but the paint hurts it bad.

Kamehameha Ki Ball with energy pieces that you are supposed to attach to it... Newsflash, they don't fit properly, because bootleg!
9 extra hands
4 extra faceplates.
As much as I hate this, it deserves a 5.0 due to the sheer amount of stuff he has.

Ukog gets a 3.0 as his final score. The only saving grace are the accessories... and I'm not even sure if you CAN use them on a legit Goku figure. Avoid like the plague...

Apr 27, 2017

Super 7 News...

Welp! My wallet was caught off-guard... Curse Next Week's theme! I blew part of my Toy Budget for April AND May on the items coming out of the Toy Chest...

Save the date for the Pre-Orders for
Classics and Filmation Figures...
What did you say, mother$%^&?
You don't care about Aliens! I'mma
bitchslap yo ass!
The Ultimates will be shipping by the end of June (Ignore the 6/31 mistake)

That's pretty much it because I do not care about Aliens...

Seems like the whole Single Carded Horde Trooper Rumor is a Mattel Ploy to screw over Super 7... well, that's what I would say if Mr. Thinskin was still Managing Matty... (R.I.P.)

But here's a hint of what's coming out of the Toy Chest

MOTU Movie has a release date...

And that's not the only bit of MOTU news we have...

Thanks OBI WAN...
Let's start with the Good News:
December 18th 2019... Supposedly, on that day, my ass will be at the theater and

OK, you get the idea... (and if the Latin American dub gets Ruben Moya and Rommy Mendoza to reprise their voices as He-Man/Adam and Teela, I'd be in nostalgia heaven... Sadly, Skeletor's Latin American VA passed away a long time ago...) I'd need to see it in LatAm Spanish as well for Nostalgia Reasons...
Horde Trooper is coming
Now let me be a buzz-kill and say: That is a VERY Specific Date for a SFX Heavy Movie that barely has any Pre-Production Job done... This kinda reeks of Trankt4stic style Let's releases something to keep the rights kind of move from SONY... Oh yeah! I almost forgot: MCG is leaving MOTU, so now they don't even have a director...
Very Soon, supposedly...
But now, more Bad News: The Writer doing MOTU is David S. Goyer...

Horde Trooper is coming Sometime in May...
The Genius behind SAVE MARTHA!! is writing MOTU...
The guy that wrote the entire Nick Fury TV Movie starring The Hoff as Fury...

Single Carded Horde Trooper is coming
The Writer AND Director of Blade Trinity

Horde Trooper is coming and it will be a clusterflock...
Seems like all the hopes I had for this had been dashed and taken away from me...

Apr 26, 2017

Um, uh, Goldblum, uh, Goldblum is returning to um, Jurassic Park 5!

Dr Malcolm returns to Jurassic World 2... eh... I would've preferred having Doctor Grant being back on the island and interact with Chris Pratt's character whose name is not important right now... but yeah! Jeff Goldblum is back! I hope he meets an even bigger pile...

seeing that JW wants to outdo JP.

Seth Rogen will be in The Lion King, not really Live Action? I honestly don't know how to feel about that... I mean, Seth Rogen + Disney? He's not exactly Child Friendly...

Yes, I'm aware he was in Monsters vs Aliens, but Seriously, this is almost as bad as having Jason Mewes on a Kid's show...

OK, normally, I avoid world news or political stuff unless it's very odd, but Wild Boars killed 3 Members of ISIS and injured 5. This is some sort of devious coincidence if you think about it. In Islam as well as Judaism, Pork is considered an unclean meat.

Mandatory Lion King Reference is Mandatory...
Now, while not as impressive as Trump's MOAB, from a number of casualties point, the fact that a sounder of boar... (I googled it) went GI Joe on terrorists is rather funny... Especially seeing that Swine are insulted in both the Quran and Bible. And yes, I pictured a sounder of Boar dressed as GI Joes attacking ISIS while the GI Joe theme played in the background. 

The oddities keep piling up... Now guess who's getting a biopic?

Yup, Vincent Kennedy McMahon... The question I have is WHO WILL PLAY Vince?

This better make it to the movie... But the sequel needs THIS!

Apr 25, 2017

First thoughts on FFXV AKA Final Fantasy Road trip!

've been playing Final Fantasy XV for the past two weeks. I've racked up 50 hours and apparently I'm halfway through the game and feels like I've done nothing other than side quests. When I found out I was halfway through the game, I began to force myself into doing more sidequests to justify the $40 price tag on the game. FFVII Remake is scaring me a bit now that I have played XV.

I'm not too sold on the battle system. I have a few issues with Magic... So far all I have is fire, thunder and ice and they don't seem to do much... but I don't rely much on magic here, since it's odd... I know I'll need it in later chapters and all that. Now there's one thing that annoys the heck out of me...
Summons. Let me give you an example: Freaking Ramuh won't show up for a boss battle where the monster is kicking my ass, but when fighting a Level 1 Scorpion, Lightning Stalker Grandpa is all "Lemme at em!"

So far I have Titan and Ramuh. Only seen Titan once. Then Lightning Stalker Grandpa decides to show up at every weak battle I have. NOT HELPFUL AT ALL!!

This is the most disappointing FF Fanfare ever... Did I mention I find Prompto annoying? Well, this is one of the few times I can stand him... but then he does this:

But there's someone else that gets on my nerves more than Prompto...

But the guys at Smosh Games got this game down to a T.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a bit of fun with it, but it's making me more worried about VII's Remake more than anything. The story here is 20-hours long and everything else is filler. If they're splitting off VII into three, and seeing how XV is... I fear that the game will come out on PS5 or 6.

The story, eh... I had to see the Anime AND THE MOVIE before playing the game to get the story?
WHAT THE HELL!? Looks like I'll have to buy Kingslgaive... Not cool Squenix...

Apr 24, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Ultimate Spider-Pretender

Spider-man = Peter Parker... No ifs, or buts allowed... Well, except Ben Reilly or Kaine, who are Literally Peter Parker... But Marvel tried to shove Miles Morales down our throats... Hell, they Killed the Ultimate Peter Parker to make him Spidey.
I like Miles as a character and don't mind him as another arachnid theme hero. I did HATE/LOATHED/DESPISED the fact that they killed a Peter Parker to make him Spidey. I HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE that Peter Parker is basically Tony Stark II with a Spidey Fetish while Miles is now playing True Spidey. To me the pushing of Miles reeks of Political Correctness. On the other hand, he's a likable character... Still, if you give me the choice between Miles or Peter, Peter will always win... Hell, Mayday or Ben will win over Miles... Miguel O'Hara might lose to Miles.

So, now that I kinda explained Miles in a non-explanation, let's do the review.

He has the same Articulation as Ben, or Miguel, but his thighs are almost as limited in articulation as May. I tried the main poses: Hanging, Crouching, MVC standing pose and he can pull them off. Sadly he has no way of holding any web while in hanging mode. Gripping Hands are necessary, Hasbro.

Paint and Sculpt:
Sadly, there's a bit of slop on some of the hands, due to the weblines. Not to mention that some of the red tampos are a bit fuzzy on his torso. The sculpt is the naked teen buck with a spidey head and hands. The unmasked head looks nice and he looks a bit like a younger Donald Glover.

Space Venom BAF Arm
4 Extra hands
1 Extra head


Miles gets a 3.83 as his final score. The limitations on his articulation and the paint issues hurt him a bit more in the long run. The Teen buck is nice and Space Venom looks incredibly detailed for a Hasbro figure... But to be honest I like My Venoms Toothy, sometimes tonguey... Brain Hungering Evil Anti-Spidey more than Space GI Joes...

Nintendo is axing the NES Classic... Is it time for SNES Classic?

The super hard to find NES Classic has been axed. The final shipments have been sent to some stores, so basically, if you see one in the wild, this may be your final chance to get one.

Here's the thing: The NES Library is so big that just one console isn't enough... Especially when there is a SECOND version of the NES that could use a release... I'm talking about the Top Loader aka NES 2...
IF they were to make this one, here's the 30 games I'd like to see:

-StarTropics2 Zoda's Revenge
-Castlevania 3
-Metal Gear
-Snake's Revenge
-Wrecking Crew
-Bad Dudes
-Bad Dudes 2
-Double Dragon
-Kung Fu
-Mega Man
-Mega Man 3
-Mega Man 6
-Ikari Warriors
-Mighty Final Fight
-Karate Champ
-Yoshi's Cookie
-Wario's Woods
-Super Pitfall
-Rad Racer
-Blades of Steel
-Joe & Mac
-Urban Champion
-Super Dodgeball
-River City Ransom

I must admit that it was super hard to pull off 30 games that weren't licenses... (Otherwise I would have added the 3 TMNT games) and since the Main Mario and Zelda games were in V1, I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get some of these, which kinda explains WHY the NES 2 Classic isn't happening... I'm Guessing that the SNES Classic would be far more easier to reach 30 games:

Let's find out:
-Super Mario All Stars + SMW
-Super Mario Kart
-Yoshi's Island SMW2
-The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
-Super Metroid
-Super Punch Out!!
-Chrono Trigger
-Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
-Secret of Mana
-Super Castlevania IV
-Castlevania Dracula X
-Contra III Alien Wars
-Legend of the Mystical Ninja
-Super Street Fighter II
-MegaMan X
-MegaMan 7
-Fatal Fury Special
-Art of Fighting
-Breath of Fire
-Breath of Fire II
-Bust a Move
-Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars
-Mortal Kombat II
-Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
-Super Bomberman
-SGradius III

This one was a lot easier to fill up and yes, if you noticed, 2 games are multi game, uh games, so it bumps up the total to 35 games... There were a few games left out due to Rare being now a part of Microsoft and that's why there's no DK Country, Killer Instinct or Battletoads. Funny thing is that if an official one shows up and it has FFVI, Chrono Trigger, MMX, SSFII, LoZ:ALLTP, and Super Metroid, I'm already sold on it.

Apr 23, 2017

Ryoga Hibiki totally deserves his own Spin-Off...

Everyone who has read the House of Rants for a while knows of my love of Ranma½. I've mentioned a few times that I have a certain kinship with Ryoga.

Well, as you already may know, I am revisiting certain anime series from various decades. Great Teacher Onizuka was the one I chose for the 90s, Ranma½ for the 80s, for the 00s I'm torn between FullMetal Panic! or the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Well, I saw this Filler Episode of Ranma yesterday: Ryōga! Yūhi ni Mukatte Hashire or as I like to call it: Red Dead Ryoga. This episode is rumored to have been the inspiration for Akari Unryu, AKA Ryoga's official Girlfriend in the manga.

So, we all know that Ryoga spends half the time MIA, due to his travels and horrible sense of direction. Well, that easily lends itself for a whole spin-off series following Ryoga in his travels. We have seen a few snippets of what he does in filler episodes. but most of them are him hiding from the rain in some shack or something. What Ryōga! Yūhi ni Mukatte Hashire did was to give us a Ryoga adventure that didn't rely on Ranma or Akane to push the plot forward. Ryoga getting lost can lend itself to various different kinds of episodes, like in one Episode he could end end up in Yokosuka and accidentally get involved in a gang fight on the port. (Yes, it's a Shenmue reference) then the next episode he could end up being captured and used in Piglet Races by US Soldiers in Okinawa. There's plenty of bizarre situations that Ryoga/P-Chan can be put into. Not only that, but Akari could get an official introduction without having to do a complete Ranma ½ reboot (which I wouldn't mind if it's made a lot more faithful to the manga.) Heck maybe some episodes could mildly connect to some Ranma episodes. Like say in episode 12 Ryoga sends Ranma a challenge, but Ryoga doesn't actually arrive at the Tendo Residence until Episode 26 (sidetracked by his bad sense of direction and misadventures.)

Apr 19, 2017

Aladdin in Live Action? Aw Hell Naw!!

Yup! That's right! Disney is going to ruin Aladdin now... I know what you're thinking...
Jungle Book wasn't bad... aside ScarJo as Kaa... and you LOVED Beauty and the Beast!
OK I did like Beauty and the Beast... Wasn't too sold on Luke Evans as Gaston or Hermione as Belle and the Super Gay scene was a joke... I loathed Cinderella, but that's mostly because of my utmost dislike towards Helena Boham Carter. So, 2 out of 3 isn't that bad... I mean 2 out of 4, cause I forgot Maleficent and also I'm not counting Alice... otherwise it'd be 2 out of 6... Well, now I already mentioned that they're also doing the Lion King... Did you know that James Earl Jones is Reprising Mufasa and that Bueller has been replaced... Not by a talking arm, but by Donald Glover. They better bring back Jeremy Irons as Scar...

Well, Aladdin is coming... Who could play Genie? I mean, Replacing Robin Williams is really hard...
Out of the top of my head I can only think of Gabriel Iglesias would be an acceptable solution

But Nooooooooo! The "Geniuses" at the House of Mouse are thinking:

Yes, Jaden's father... The Fresh Douche of Bel Air himself!

Total Miscast...
Here's the thing: We'll get Blockbuster Will Smith, which is basically him playing Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith. We'll also get his trademark

added somewhere because Getting Jiggy with it! Spike! Roll the Rarity clip!

What were they thinking!? Stop snorting 35 year old cocaine out of a hooker's butt crack!

Apr 18, 2017

It Came From The toy chest: Excuuuuuuuuse Me, Princess!

Hey! My Link Quotes are a bit limited: "Hyah! Yaah! Eh?" wouldn't be as eye-catching as the infamous Link Quote... I could have gone with "I'm so Hungry I could eat an Octorock!"
This is Skyward Sword Link... I haven't played that game either... but he looks Adult-Link-Like AND it doesn't look exactly like OOT Link. There's something about him that looks like a mix of Old School AND Twilight Princess-like. small notice: He reeks like the Game of Thrones figures.

This Link is decently articulated, but I think the Link Between Worlds Link has better Articulation. One thing is that I can move the toes on this one... but not the cap.

Paint and Sculpt:

Mine has a defect on the Scabbard that won't let me put the sword all the way in... What is it with me being unlucky with Japanese Figures? Other than that, the sculpt is pretty great on the figure.
The Paintjob is a bit too muted for Skyward Sword. Feels more appropriate with Twilight Princess, which made it a plus for me.

As far as I know, there is no Deluxe version of this figure. So I'm not missing out on weapons like the Link Between Worlds Link.
He has:
Master Sword
Hylian Shield
Slash Effect
1 Extra Face
1 Extra Hairpiece
8 Extra Hands ( I don't show them all since swapping the hands is a scary experience.)

Now that I definitely have a 100% Legitimate Figma Figure, I can compare them to SH Figurarts and I got to say that I prefer Figuarts over Figma, but with all that said, Link gets a 4.67 as his final score.
Articulation issues and the damaged Scabbard stopped Link from Reaching Perfection. Now I have to add an issue with the shield where the hand guard keeps popping off and the strap holding the shield to his forearm keeps unplugging...

Apr 17, 2017

The Last Jedi and other stuff...

This little trailer slipped by me as I was away from home during Easter.

Oh crap! Luke's gonna die in this ain't it?  There's not much to say about this trailer other than Luke's it's time for the Jedi to end thing... Well, looks like Christmas can't come soon enough...

Speaking of Trailers...

I haven't seen Tokyo Ghoul, but since Japan has been stepping up their game in Live Action Movies, I thought it would be a nice idea to post this. I've seen the first Ruroni Kenshin Movie, I saw Gyakuten Saiban, I want to see Hagane no Renkinjutsushi and if anyone knows where can I buy Kagaku Ninja-tai Gatchaman in live action, I'd be eternally grateful.

And for some awesome news... well, it's a bit sad really. Peter Capaldi's replacement as the Doctor might be this guy... and no, they are not going with a woman... Yes! I mean, take it away, Bison!

I got to be honest here... I have seen NOTHING with him, so I don't know if he's a good or a bad choice. All I know is that I'm glad he's not a woman. And before I get crucified by the Tumblrharpies, hear me out...
Making a woman out of the Doctor UNDERMINES WOMEN. I've already mentioned that changing him into a her would eliminate the most original TV male hero, who is not like the rest of TV heroes (you know the usual macho badass guy) The Doctor is completely unlike them. But looking at it from a different perspective, it also hurts women by undermining them. You know what's the message that making a character who has been male for 54 years into a woman brings?
Women are so worthless that they have to ride the coattails of a Man in order to become someone... That's why I'd prefer to have a Time Lady become a character of her own WITHOUT having to be in the Doctor's shadow.

Again, the "FemDoc" is a very cheap gimmick. which is VERY dependent of the Doctor's name and reputation. This change is literally a woman appropriating of a man's accomplishments (or in this case 13 men's accomplishments). How the hell is that "female empowerment" if the woman did nothing but steal "the work" of a man (played by 13 different actors). But, chasing chimaeras like "Pay Tree Are Key" needs the victory in the stupidest battles.

Possibly the greatest thing that has happened to Netflix... and I am not talking about The Magic School Bus reboot... wait, there's a Magic School Bus reboot? I'll give you a hint:

Yes, Carmen Sandiego is getting a new show on Netflix. It won't be a game show, but an animated Series. I wonder if it'll have a relation to Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

It Came from the Toy Chest: The Closest thing to an Era of Decline Link

I got a Link Between Worlds Figma... It seems to be legit, but incomplete. The 2D Wall hugging Link wasn't anywhere in my box. Now, not sure if that's normal or if I ended up with a Bootleg...

Now what's the big deal about the Link Between Worlds Link vs say The Other Links?

Well, here's some old School Link Art

So, first we have the Pre-Ocarina of time Links: Original Flavor, The "Adult Link" from AoL, the Link to the Past Link, which is what the Link Between Worlds resembles the most, and the Ocarina of Time younger Link. 
 As I mentioned before, It was a Pre-Ocarina game that brought me back to Zelda, so I have a predilection towards the Pre-Ocarina Links. While This Link is a Post-Ocarina Link (The Master Sword and Hylian Shield are very post-OOT) his vibe is Old School Link.

Screw you, Spike...

It's one of my Guilty Pleasures...

This Link has a decent amount of articulation. His joints are tight for the most part. Some parts pop off here and there, which makes me question the legitimacy of this figure a little bit. He can pull off most Link Poses, but mine can't bend at the toes and I ain't forcing that.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt on this figure is great! It captures the Pre-OOT Link Look from ALTTP perfectly. If I were to paint his hair in a slightly darker Brown, I could have a Link Between LoZ and AoL.
The paint job is really great, but there's either a scratch or some silver slop on the Hylian Shield.

-Master Sword
-Hylian Shield
-4 Extra Hands (mine got two right open palm hands, which make me question the legitimacy of this figure)
-Possibly missing the 2D Link.

ALBW Link gets a 4.0 as his final score. If this figure is a Bootleg, then it's a million times better than the Snake Bootleg and an upcoming Bootleg Review. If you're an old school Legend of Zelda fan and need a cheaper Link, get this one... Personally speaking, I should have sprung up more cash for the Deluxe version.

Apr 14, 2017

It came From the Toy Chest: Uncute Tomboy who Can't Cook Edition

Just don't tell her I said those things, Otherwise I might need to use the Ultimate Saotome Style Technique. So, Akane Tendo... How can I describe her?
I already said she's unfeminine and can't cook to save her life... Speaking of saving her life she is kidnapped almost as much as Peach...
Also, she is FREAKING DUMB... I Mean Beavis and Butt-Head are rocket scientists next to her kind of dumb.

She never figures out the truth about mah boi Ryoga... Not even after the Mark of the Gods she figured out that Ryoga and P-Chan are one and the same... Violent!! She's VERY VIOLENT!!

She's also Ranma's True Love despite all her flaws... Then again, Ranma him/herself is a massive douchebag.

I'm surprised with this figure. Her Long Skirt doesn't hinder her articulation that much. That is because the skirt is made of soft plastic and it's not one piece but two that overlap at the sides, which allows for a wider range of motion without having to split the skirt. It's an ingenious trick to keep articulation AND preserve the sculpt. I wonder if this was what the Four Horsemen Intended to do for the skirts on MOTUC before Mattel design went ass backwards on it.

Paint and sculpt:
If it looks like Akane, then it must be Akane... She appears in her Furinkan High Uniform... The Paint is flawless. If there is one tiny nitpick is that my Akane might be lacking one piece... specifically on the groin area, and yes, it involves her Panties, Happosai-sensei.
She HAS her panties, but I think they weren't glued in place and they are floating on her crotch. When they move, you can see how her crotch is engineered... IT's creepy.
5.0 I know what you're asking: If this is a "flaw" why is Akane getting a perfect score here? First it's in a part that's not supposed to be visible normally. Second, it was an easy fix. I just glued the panties to her lower torso (which isn't an Articulation point... I quadruple checked.) Now she looks normal. But yeah, check the crotches in your Akanes... (I also could be wrong, btw) (This would have made it a 4.8, but since the 5 points system only allows me to dock either whole points or half points, removing half a point for this is overkill)

-8 extra arms
-4 extra faces

Akane has a TON of stuff and most of it suits her School look... BUUUUT I'm gonna say this and it may be an unpopular opinion... I wish she had gotten a second head and hairpiece from the earliest episodes... you know with the longer hair. That way with the Ryoga that is coming in Q3 (pre-ordered mine) could recreate that infamous scene where Ryoga and Ranma cause her to lose her long hair.

Akane gets a 5.0 as her final score, or a 4.80 if I dock 20% of one point at the end for the panties issue. Also, being in her high school uniform makes her seem a bit TOO Plain, or too normal for the bunch of weirdos that the Series has. I GET why they did it and I DO LIKE it, but the Gi would have allowed for a bit more poseability options... Other than having All the Ranmas, Shampoo, Akane, and Ryoga released in the nude, the selections are OK... Before anyone complains about the nudity, ALL THOSE characters I've mentioned have had various scenes involving nudity. Now to wait for Ryoga...
The Rose comes from another SH Figuarts...

Apr 12, 2017

Apparently, They found Cable... and he's Crazy for Death...

OK, so the 20th Century Fox X-Men Movieverse has finally Chosen their Cable... and it's not Keira Knightley.
It's Freaking Josh Brolin...

Who happens to be Thanos in the MCU... This kinda makes things weird for Ryan Reynolds, since Cable is playing the guy who is trying to get into Death's Pants... and I mean DEATH as in DEATH, literally. So, if we mention that Deadpool has this thing about Death as well. (since he cannot Die, Death desires what she, uh, it can't have) But since Thanos and Death are deep in the MCU it doesn't matter much... We can make that flimsy connection and have a chuckle, but at least we have a Cable... and we dodged Craptacular Zod... Seriously, a Zod that doesn't demand someone to kneel before him is not Zod in my books.

Since I'm touching Death slightly, I must mention that the Underrated Murphy has passed away. I am of course, talking about Comedian Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie Murphy... Yes, THAT Eddie Murphy. Wait a minute... Jizzy B from San Andreas was played by Charlie Murphy!? My Condolences to the Murphys.

Keeping it in the theme of Death, Thor Ragnarok trailer is here... Cause Ragnarok is basically the Ancient Viking Apocalypse, end of the world and all that...

Broken Meow Meow!?
Jeff Goldblum? Wait, I mentioned Goldblum before...
YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! that was hilarious!!

Apr 10, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Village People Reference not needed...

I'm reviewing an action figure of a deceased Superstar... Since I made a reference to The Village People, you must've guessed who I'm talking about... If not here's a pic of Fred Savage...

Now will this Austin Powers clip help you?

Have you connected the dots, or do I have to Snap into a Slim Jim?

Give Up? It's Randy Macho Man Savage! Heh! I forgot one clip... SPIIIIIIIIKE!!!

Since Bonesaw is E, now I can get on with the review.
Do I even need to explain who is Macho Man? If Hulk Hogan is Ryu, then Macho Man is Ken.
Or if you prefer the Miles Edgeworth to Hogan's Phoenix Wright... The Vegeta to Hogan's Goku. Some people even see Savage as a better embodiment of the 80s Wrestler than Hogan...

Unless you have flying stands or clear rubber bands, many of Macho Man's signature moves are hard to pull off, due to many of them being top rope moves and some grappling moves that are VERY HARD to pull off with the Mattel bodies. But his Articulation is literally the same as every Elite WWE Figure.

Paint and sculpt:
There is something off on Savage's face sculpt. It looks like a cartoon interpretation of him instead of him... Then again, he's been dead for 6 years, so it can be a bit hard to replicate his likeness without laser scanning. There is a bit of sloppy paint applications on mine. seems as his right boot slipped off a bit while applying the silver paint. Other than that he's OK... not great, OK

Removable shirt
Removable necklace
Removable Hat
Meh, 3.0

Macho Man gets a 3.5 as his final score. It's not bad, but he could've been better. If one were to make a head cast of this and sculpt custom wilder hair, then we could have a decent BONESAW custom to use with the Tobey-Man figures. IIRC there have been better Randy Savage figures, and I think there's a defining moments that's coming up soon as well.

Gamestop HAD MOTUC for sale...

Yesterday I was visiting My Late Grandparents at the Cemetery, so I missed up on this juicy sale...
Gamestop... The same Gamestop that abandoned Puerto Rico became the Home of MOTUC and Thundercats Classics yesterday.

Selling them Through Gamestop? Why not use your very own MATTEL SHOP TO SELL THESE? I recall buying a spare Huntara from the Mattel Shop. It was weird because they had the mailman come on a SUNDAY to deliver the package.

I would understand if Mattel didn't had an online outlet after" according to a person whose skin may be thinner than the 45th President of the US*" that I "destroyed", but they have a MAIN Website.
Hell, they even have an EBAY Storefront...

But in any case they came and went... I hope that those who wanted a Filmation He-Man were able to get one.

Note:*= The Reactions of Pres. Trump towards SNL's parodies of him show that he's very thin skinned. This statement is based on his reactions towards the parodies and not on his policies or Political affiliation.

Apr 9, 2017

It Came from Kmart... I mean the Toy Chest: Nation of Domination!!

Before it reached the toy chest, it came out of KMart, seeing that this 2 pack is a KMart Exclusive.
(The Sears Holdings Corporation is not paying me to promote this set... Cause Ethics in Journalism.)

What is the Nation of Domination? A stable that wouldn't see the light of day on the PG-Era...
Think Nation of Islam + Black Panthers + Attitude Era Heels... Cause you know Vince doesn't have one racist bone in his body... but most of this list is from Vinnie Mac's company...
Including Los Boricuas... Where's the Mattel Savio Vega figure?
Buut, the reason I got this set, aside it being on clearance and me having enough Shop your Way Rewards Points for it to cost me $15 was...

The Rock... Attitude Era to be precise... I don't want a Baldy Fast and Furious Dwayne Johnson. Yes, I'm aware that Bandai has released a far much better Rock... (and Stone Cold... who can flip the bird... Don't get me started on the upcoming HHH). Since The Great One was the main reason I bought this set, it would be appropriate to start with him.

I am disappointed that The Rock cannot pull off The People's Elbow. He can Kinda pull off a Rock Bottom, but the stupid Fist hand gets in the way. He has virtually the same Articulation as the other WWE figures, but his inability to pull off his TRADEMARK FINISHER forces me to dock half a point from his score.

Paint and sculpt:
The toy does a decent job of capturing the essence of a Nation of Domination Rocky Mavia... Need to specify this since he isn't Full Rock yet. The Bandai Figure catches a more The Rock, uh, The Rock.

Removable Elbow pads... Can't do the People's Elbow with both pads on, amirite? (Sadly, the figuarts Rock has non-removable elbow pads... guess this is a win for Mattel here.)
Removable Knee pads
IC Belt.
The Rock gets a 4.17 as his final score. It's a decent score, but he kinda needed the additional bicep hinge that some Marvel Legends figures have in order to truly pull off a People's Elbow.

Now it's Farooq's Turn. I need to mention that I am NOT that familiar with NOD era Farooq. (This section of the Attitude Era was during the time I wasn't THAT into wrestling.) I got back around the 00s, when Farooq was part of the APA with JBL, before he became the Wall Street Wrestler...

Farooq has the exact same articulation as other Elite Figures. I can kinda pull off a Dominator, but his range is a tad limited, compared to Figuarts.

Paint and Sculpt:

The sculpt kinda captures the look in a mildly stylized look to him. He kinda looks like him, but something is slightly off. The paintjob on his outfit captures the NOD Look quite well.

Here's where Mattel cheaped out: a Hat and a scarf. Since he's part of a two pack, someone had to suffer, right?

Farooq gets a 3.67 as his score. This makes him the weakest element of the Two-Pack... which I'm surprised it even exists due to the PG-Era and Mattel trying to be super squeaky clean.

Two-Pack's Final Score:
The 2 Pack gets a 3.92 out of 5.0, but it could've used a little more "oomph!"