Feb 28, 2019

No Fresh Prince on Suicide Squad 2

I can't believe this! There must be someone on Heaven or Hell listening to my prayers. Allegedly, scheduling conflicts is why The douche of Bel air is out... I'm glad he's not doing this. Mostly because I wanted to see Deadshot not Will Smith.  Everyone knows that in movies that are not so serious Will Smith plays Will Smith The Fresh Prince version. With Smith out of the picture they could recast the character hint: get rid of Jared Leto as the Joker as well.

Personally if I were to replace that Deadshot I'd use Michael B. Jordan as my first choice. But with every passing movie all I can think of is that DC should reboot everything and start from scratch.

The Turd of KH3 was an incomplete game...

And Squenix wants to milk more money out of us through paid DLC... There will be some free DLC too, but Didn't they learn from their colossal mistake?
Yes, I'm talking about Noctis and friends going on a roadtrip... IF they add Final Fantasy people and stuff to it, I might be interested... at the right price, of course.
While I DID enjoy the Spidey DLC, I belive that a JRPG shouldn't have to rely on these for MAIN story stuff.
Additional adventures that do not add to the main story, sure, but hiding chunks of story behind an extra paywall is bullshit.

Now Nomura has a chance to fix his greatest mistake...

Raiding Hot Topic
Silver Haired Momma's Boy
Raidimg Hot Topic
Silver Haired Momma's Boy

It's not a Kingdom Hearts game until you jam a Keyblade up Sephiroth's ass!

Feb 27, 2019

Lines that I would like to see MOTUC-Ized...

Mattel teased us with Thundercats and a couple of DC Characters in MOTUC Style. Super 7 is doing Turtles, Toxic Avenger, and Everyone's favorite Barbarian played by Arnold the Evercumming!
Well, here's a list of Lines that I would like to see in MOTUC style...

Think about it... The second most popular cartoon of Rankin Bass' Action Cartoon series... #1 being Thundercats and #3 being Tigersharks.... Here all I would ask for is The 5 Hawks, Stargazer, Monstar (both versions) The core members of the Mob (Windhammer, Molecular, Hardware, Yesman, Mumbo Jumbo, and Melodia)

Dungeons and Dragons:
This one is a short set... the 6 kids, Venger, and the Dungeon Master.

Disney's Gargoyles:
While a Full line-up would be cool, we at least need to have the 6 core Gargoyles, Eliza, Demona, and Xanatos. (S7 could later do Stone repaints for the 6 Gargoyles and Demona)

I'm using the Weismuller Call, since it's the Iconic one, but Tarzan does not need to be tied to any version... But just bring Tarzan, Jane, some Jungle Beasts...

Same Principle as Tarzan would apply here... Core characters... or at least Zorro... (Potential for custom Etherian Rebels is rather nice) Also, holy crap! I forgot that Doc Ock was Zorro's Dad!

Robin Hood:
This would complement the Princess of Power Side quite well...

Other than that it would be Monsters (Not specific to any brand) but bizarre creatures from Myth and Legends... Wait... This is giving me another idea...

Clash of the Titans:
The Real one, not the 2010 turd... I need some Bubo, dammit!!

Feb 25, 2019

It came from the monkey fighting toy chest: Monday to Friday Samuel L. Jackson

He and Grey Gargoyle are the only items from Cap'n Meh Vel that I will buy (According to Cheese Larson, my money isn't needed for anything Cap'n Meh Vel, because I'm "not the target audience").
*Tigger warning: Since this review is based on Samuel L. Jackson, expect some coarse language... mainly variations of the term "Motherfucker"*
Grey Gargoyle because of Iron Man needing a villain and Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson because, Motherfucking Samuel L. Jackson.
Who is Samuel L. Jackson?

Wait, apparently, I'm supposed to be talking about Nick Fury...
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD...
This Fury is a younger version of MCU's Fury, who is based on the Ultimate Universe Fury... who is based on Samuel L. Jackson. That's why I just describe Samuel Jackson.
SLJ:Say 'Meow' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say meow one more Goddamn time!

Fury is built on the suit body... previously seen on Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Phil Coulson. It's standard Marvel Legends fare.
Paint and sculpt:
Like I said Fury is built on the suit body, so if you have suit figires, you know what to expect. In the paint department he doesn't fare that well. Sloppy paint everywhere especially on his torso; his shirt, the holsters they all have Sloppy paints. Hell they didn't even paint his neck to reach the shirt neck and it kind of looks like he has a white undershirt. The passage is at the likeness to Samuel Jackson is pretty good he kind of looks like Zeus from Die Hard 3.
SLJ: Tony! Where's my supersuit!?
Stark: Really? An Incredibles Reference?

 build a figure piece
Goose the cat
Fury gets a 4.17 as his final score. He's actually a pretty good figure and I honestly got him because it's Samuel Jackson Circa Die Hard 3 era. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten him.
That Title belongs to Monica Rambeau a Woman of Color!
Stop motherfucking culturally approriating things that belong to people of color, you overprivileged cracker!
Carl Manvers: but mumy Go Fund Me!
SLJ: Don't make me call Rogue, or that Motherfucker Marcus!*

*: Marcus is the guy who raped Danvers in order for him to be born... he literally is. Motherfucker...

Feb 23, 2019

LeBitch says Space Jam 2 is a go!

And I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT it should not be made.
Space Jam is a product of its time. Just like Home Alone, it doesn't make sense in this era.
How RELEVANT are the Looney Tunes right now? Exactly.
Why does LeBitch James keeps insisting on this?
Chasing that Jordan ghost most likely. 
This movie shouldn't exist, but here we are.
They would need an even MORE CONTRIVED reason to get an NBA player to play with the Looney Tunes. Rehashing the plot from the first movie is a horroble idea, so how can they generate a Need for an NBA player.

They can't make a Space Jam 2 without acknowledging Michael Jordan's greatness and that he has retired from Basketball... ignoring Jordan will be a VERY BAD choice...

LeBron isn't ALL THAT. We know about his failures, tantrums, and choking at the last minute... LeBron cannot win in the climax, because ot would break thhw suspension of disbelief.

But LeBitch wants to be more like Mike than Lil'Bow Wow...

Feb 22, 2019

SUPER7 TMNT characters that I'd like to see:

Apparently, S7 will be doing toon based TMNT figures... NECA as well... which means we might get similar competition like ML and Diamond Select... the thing is that S7 might be reusing MOTUC pieces for their line, while NECA is 100% new tooling with odd repaints...

So, for the sake of filler, let's see what eleven characters that aren't the turtles, Splinter, April, Shredder, Rocksteady, Bebop, Foot Soldier, and Krang that I'd like to see... Seriously Flynn, consider a Foot Soldier multipack.

11: Mousers:
Yes, I said Mousers in Plural. Remember my nick TMNT MOUSERs? Well I want  for the MOTUC Scale TMNT.

10:Baxter Stockman:
Since the line is based on the old Toon, I mean the Fly Baxter...

I Gwarwantee  that the gator voiced by Pooh will be on the list.

8: General Traag and Granitor:
I know, these are Two characters, why are they in one spot? Would you do Rocksteady without Bebop? Tokka without Rhazar... alsp Krang needs some support that isn't voiced by Uncle Phil.

7: Tokka and Rhazar:
You can't split this two either, but there is a sinister reason to add them... spare MOTUC Parts... new furry monster buck = Beastmen army builder..

6: Carter:
Yes, a Red Sky era character... I know that this era is polarizing, but his Mutant form is somewhat MOTU-ish, so to soften the blow in a MOTUC Compatible TMNT line and make the characters feel less jarring, Carter is a decent addition. Switch a few pieces and a repaintlater, youcan make a generic villain for MOTU as well.

5: Casey Jones:
Most incarnations of the Turtles have a Casey Jones. Here he was a minor character, BUT most of us HAD a Casey figure as kids, and I kinda want that nistalgic feeling again of owning an 89 Casey.

4: Rat King:
I could honestly save a lot of time by saying: the Turtles in time roster but Rock&Bop wearing their normal outfits and I could easily call it a day. But, wanting the Rat King is a multi-continuity thing, since he plays an important role in multiple versions.

3:Zach the 5th Turtle:
If it's based on the toon, we need the annoying kid sidekick mandated by the studio.

2: Lotus Blossom:
Let's face it... she's totally NOT Karai... and shouldn't be used as a Karai substitute... Yes, I'd use her as a Karai substitute.

Yes, I had the toy and I would like to see what magic the 4Horsemen could pull off with him.

Honorable mentions:
I had the toy as a kid and a big bull man has a lot of potential for funny pics.
I didn't have the toy, but he goes well with Groundchuck...
-Mutagen Man:
He begs for ooze... and yes, I also owned the toy.
-Chrome Dome:
He was shiny... I remember the very shiny toy that looked cool!
While NECA is doing the Real Slash (aqua turtle black banana) I have a soft spot for Toon Slash.
He looks somewhat MOTU-ISH, So that's good for me. Also, I have Carter on the list...

Feb 21, 2019

Whatcha gonna do when Thoramania runs wild on you?

No, you're not having technical difficulties.
Chris Hemsworth, better known as The Mighty Thor, is going to play the Hulkster in a bio pic based on Terry Bollea. 

But with Chris Hemsworth as the Hulkster, brother!
I need to hear Hemsworth saying:
Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you, brother?

The Vic Mignogna issue... a rant

I had been avoiding this for a little while... the internet is choosing sides and all I see is a witch hunt.
Mignogna lost his job at Funimation and other gigs... He has been removed from various conventions because of Twitter "accusations". I've seen a couple of them, and if what they state is true, then this is a matter that should be discussed IN COURT. There, if enough evidence is presented agaonst Mr. Mignogna, then, he should be punished to the full extent of the law

This whole Twitter vigilantism is what I'm against. What if, what if he was innocent and some of these "accusations" were misunderstandings... His last name sounds Italian and Italians are a bit touchy/kissy compared to folks with more British and Northern European ancestors... if Mignogna is innocent, is it fair for him to have his reputation tarnished because of online rumors? If he's guilty, screw him and let The Law take care of him...

The creepiest thing is the comments from certain voice actors... They have dostanced themselves from Mignogna and stated that they have known for quite some time of his behavior... Let that sink in for a little while.
These people have claimed that they have known of this behavior FOR QUITE SOME TIME AND THEY DID NOTHING!!!
If we're raking Mignogna for this behavior, why not take with him those who enabled, aided and abetted this behavior in the first place. Sean Schemmel has known of this behavior since the last 9 years... food for thought... if Mignogna is this "sexual predator" and his fellow castmates KNEW about it but did nothing... aren't they JUST AS BAD for not stopping Mignogna and his "predatory ways"?

Allegedly, Mignogna has lawyered up and is Likely trying to go to court... if so, good. THERE is where this should be settled and the accusations should be fully investigated for the sake of Justice.
If Justice is with Vic, then, may those who made false accusations be punished to the full extent of the law.
If Justice is on the Accusers' side, then Mignogna should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Feb 19, 2019

Disappointment thy name is Mattel!

Toy fair came and went... We saw a lot of awesome reviews from most toy companies... and then there's Mattel. They did show a couple of Jurassic Park dinos that might be cool Brachiosaurus I'm looking at you. (GIGANTISAUR CUSTOM MOTUC DINO ANYONE?)

But do you know what boy band did not get any toys at toy fair?
Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriation of She-Ra...
Allegedly, they are coming "this fall".
Season 1 toys will begin to show up by the time Season 3 out of 4 will be aired.

But Nefty, don't you hate the new She-Ra?

Indeed, I do loathe and despise this abomination, but if kids like it, then they deserve toys... because 20-somethings from Tumblr don't buy toys or comics... look at Cap'n Meh Vel whose comics have been cancelled nearly 2 times per year.

Seriously, not even a role playing Sword of Protection with light up runes? What the Hell, Mattel?

DCUC's final line-up is a tribute to ToyBiz 1989 Batman...

The only new She-Ra product is a Power-con figure and it's from CLASSIC She-Ra...

Feb 17, 2019

Finally a Decent Western Anime Adaptation!?

Battle Angel Alita might have broken Hollywood's anime curse... yes the movie isn't perfect but it actually works. It's not a one-to-one copy of the animation and manga but like I said it actually works. I know I kind of repeated myself but it needs to be repeated we may have finally beaten the Hollywood anime curse.

The plot of the movie more or less follows the plot of the Manga and Anime having Alita being found by dr. Ito being repaired becoming a hunter killer and eventually a motor ball player. But I don't remember much of the anime aside the original video animation I saw in the mid-90s.
This movie brought back some of those memories from the 90s this movie brought back some of those memories from the 90s and brought forward some new experiences at the same time.

I honestly don't want to spoil you the movie even though the material that's based off it's over 20 years old. Also the movie does strong female characters right on like a certain movie that's going to come up soon.

Alita's not simply a Powerhouse. Yes she's physically strong but she has flaws, weaknesses,that she overcomes and that's where true strength comes from. Also the interviews are about the movie, the process of making it, nothong about agendas or politics... something really refreshing on a movie whose main lead is female.
And their "PR stunt" was give an amputee girl a pair of prosthetic hands. Way different than Brie Larson promoting a Go Fund Me for girls to see Cap'n Meh Vel.
I bring this up, because the movie that has been promoted about helping young girls is "begging for money to fill up theater seats"... it's not about helping girls, but for a business to exploit girls for money. Meanwhile, Alitais promoting the movie BY ACTUALLY HELPING ONE GIRL by giving her some tools to compensate for her disability.

Yes, I'm punching UP at Cap'n Meh Vel, because everyrhing about it is a sham. Hell, I'd rather watch Dumbo than Cap'n Meh Vel.

Hasbro REALLY wants to rape my wallet...

Marvel Legends a plenty... we got X-Men and Avengers galore... Want a Spider-Man? I got 20!
Better stop with the little mermaid references...
A 3 pack of Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch...
Amazon exclusive. Already preordered by moi.
Boom Boom... pink outfit! Yes!!
Cannonball with blast effect. Hopefully, he has spare legs for non blasting displays.
Non-Disco Dazzler... All I can think of is X-Men, Welcome to die!!

While FA Wolverine does little to me, the Classic Hulk is something we NEEDED!
Bye bye ToyBiz Sinister...

Wir haben alle andere Augen. Yes, it's a reference to the cartoon... but he comes qith a cutlass... ToyBiz might be replaced...
No, freaking way! Silver Samurai!!!
Did we complete the Children of the Atom roster?
Nope... we still need a smaller Sentinel and Colossus...
Juggy is the same as the BaF minus the belt but has a torn helmet and an alternate Marko head...

There are some movie figures, but screw those...
Goldblum, Luis, Phantom... Iron Spider with the waldos, zendaya...

Did I mention classic comic book Thor?
Julia Carpenter!!! Yes,yes, yes!
Classic Mac Gargan!!!

Morris Bench the Hydro Man!! In his civilian outfit!
Suck it, ToyBiz!!
With 6 arm Spidey, it was obvious that Doppelganger would come sooner or later.

There is also a Black King Emma Frost, and an Iron Doom coming to Walgreens...

Power-con wants to rape wallets...

I am well aware of the "smaller runs = more expensive figures" explanation. That part, I understand. I even agree to it TO AN EXTENT...
I am PISSED about how horribly wrong one of the reveals is...
I won't comment much on the 12 inch She-Ra doll with rooted hair being cheaper than the actual MOTUC figures...

I am saddened that I will have to skip them all...
But the 3 pack is anazeballs!
The snake troopers having the same head in similar shades of green is a bit disappointing.
Other than that, these are awesometastic!
Slamurai being a Ninjor repaint isn't that bad...
Dangflabbit! They gave him the 200X Sy-Klone samurai head... Why do I have to have non-toy priorities!?

This is a thing that exists. I'm not excited about it because it's literally another She-Ra 12 inch doll... the only positive is that now if a person owns the previous one, now they can have both Adora and She-Ra.

What did I say many years ago?
Not to be a surprise item... check!
Not to be a translucent reissue of He-Man...

Single carded maroon vest Adam would've been a better option.
The Golden Karg...
Or this figure in GITD plastic...

Feb 16, 2019

Crom! Super7 finally did it... Toyfair reveals.

I don't have a pic of it for now... but pre-order for Snake Mountain will be on May... after tax season... Okay...
The William Stout Collection is the third COLLECTOR'S CHOICE wave.
We get:
Repainted CC Karg...
Chiquita Banana Skeletor
This almost screams end of teh lien... well... even if the line ends with them, Super7 MAY STILL get a bit of my money...

But wait, there's more!!
Toxie!! In Motuc scale!
Also there's this:
The only way we can top this is if NECA Shows Bebop and Rocksteady...

Oh, they did AND Behind them is the Target exclusive  (dammit) retail releases of the 87 TOON TMNT figures! Same as the past boxset that I couldn't get...

Both NECA and Super7 will be doing TMNT... Hory shet!

Snake Mountain $600 with a 6 month payment plan...

Feb 15, 2019

Random or nit so random Toy Fair stuff...

No wallet will survive this onslaught...
An ECTO-1 Transformer...
Is your mind blown?
Mine is... Never expected this crossover, but now that it exists, I don't know how I've lived this long without it!
Sure it's another Tommy, a Dino Charge Ranger, STD's Ohai Doggy Krueger... But that Lord Zedd...

Street Fighter themed faux vintage MOTU? Kinda tempting, but show me some Real Street Fighter...
Now that's more like it!!!
For the MK side od the aisle Robot Ninja...
And we haven't seen ML or MOTUC Yet... my wallet is already weeping... But there is a WTF item...
El Santo weeps from beyond the grave... My wallet is thankful for these.

Storm Collectibles has officially made me their bitch...

They are not only answering my prayers for a kombatant with scrotum scented fists, but they are also doing this:

Dark-freaking-stalkers! The zany horror themed brawler by Capcom is getting some action figure love... SOTA teased us with some DS many years ago... Now Storm Collectibles is doing it.
My nerdboner is raging hard!!

Feb 14, 2019

More Valentine's Surprises... James Cameron and Super Mario Maker...

James Cameron, known for the movies he's made... You know, the one with the Alien Water snake thingy...
The 2 movies about a Time traveling killer Robot that was supposed to be played by OJ Simpson, bit no one thoight that Simpson could kill anyone, so they hired an Austrian Chronic Masturbator...
Or the one with the 10 foot alien cat mem who have sex via their ponytails and fight humans who ride giant mechas...
And the hero is a wheelchairbound man who is in a VR sim controlling a 10 alien cat man.
He also directed the sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien.
That guy... well, he's bitching and moaning about Aquaman "not being realistic"...

How the Hell are the Na'Vi, the Terminators, and all that other stuff realistic?  Stop it James Cameron, you're becoming a joke worse than George Lucas! Yes you're an excellent filmmaker with such an eye for detail and very coherent story except the one with 10-foot cat people movie which is a rip-off of  Dances with Wolves and neswflash: Nobody wants four sequels to it!

But you know what? I get him. From a technical point of view the movie Aquaman did Stretch and bend the rules of physics I bit far too  much. But this isn't the first time that Cameron has bitched and moaned against a movie that he didn't direct doing well.

Super Mario Maker 2 is real...

Slopes!!! More enemies and power ups!! Vertical auto scroll to simulate the real airships!! June!!1!
SONY and Microsoft have shipped their pants...
Nintendo is heating up!!

Odds and ends Valentine's day 2019...

I am a bit worried now...
This image has shown up in a couple of McFarlane toys Facebook pages. Hopefully this means that my car and then we'll be doing toys for the West while Storm Collectibles can still do their Eastern toys.  I need freaking Dan Pesina Johnny Cage!!

Keeping things within McFarlane...
Theoretically speaking we could finally get THIS:
A Spawn/Batman set would be a nice way to launch the Dark Knight AND get us a suoer articulated Spawn.
Though I'm still worried about QC with Todd's Toys.

Even if we don't get Spawn/Batman toys, the Caped Crusader IS GETTING SOME TUBULAR CROSSOVER ACTION! The Batman TMNT Crossover will get an animated adaptation... Tara Strong will voice Harley and Ivy... 1980s Ocelot will play Batman, while Joel from The Last of Us will play Joker... yes, Troy Baker will play BOTH Batman and Joker. Mr. Freeze will tell you to bite his frozen ass...

And Nintendo dropped this...

Yes that is a new Switch remake of This:

Who has 2 thumbs and will most likely buy the game?

Feb 13, 2019

The "adult collectibles" for DC is not in Spinmaster's hands...

Seems like they are only doing the kid stuff...
Another Toy Company will do the adult collectibles...

Yup... DC figures will be made by Todd's Toys...
McFarlane, like NECA, they scare me. Articulated figures crumble from being on Display... most of my Sons of Liberty Figures have crumbled away.
They say the Fortnite figures are good, but I don't  trust McFarlane QC... I... want to... taKE the... PlUNge on... Kirk? But I don't want a crumbling figure.
I wish them best, and hopefully they won't be statues...

22 Marvel Characters that I want to see in Legends as of Feb. 2019

Normally, I'd do a MOTUC rant, but
The meme explains my mood... There is a catch on this list:
These characters are one that I don't have a sentimental attachment to... sorry Firestar, Power Pack, and Bombastic Bagman... This list is not for you. I still want them for various reasons,  but LOVE for the me characters isn't necessarily the reason for my desire.

22: Amadeus Cho:
I'm not a fan of him being a Hulk, but the little guy would be nice to have next to a Business suit Stark and other characters... *cough*Bruce Banner*cough*

21: Amadeus Cho:
No, I'm not repeating a character, but we kinda need the totally lame-o Chulk... we could go with reusing the hulk body for the TA Chulk, or reuse the Omega Red body for the slimmer weaker chulk.

20: Ironheart:
I just want to make fun of Riri and since we already have most of the "Replacement Avengers" we KINDA NEED Replacement Ironman.

I know that Menace is no longer menace, but a Black cat palette swap, but we KINDA need a replacement goblin that isn't green, demo, or hob... also, Norman banged Harry's fiancee to impregnate her...

Theoretically speaking she can be made reusing Parts aside her belt. And fake super powered MJ is fake... because she wasn't MJ, but EVERYTHING MADE IT LOOK as if she WAS MJ.

17: Honey Badger:

Since we have Laura as replacement Logan we now need a replacement Laura. And Gabby don't care she just takes what she wants. Look at her walk in slow motion...

16: Daken:
We had one many years ago but he kinda needs an update whether it's doing him in the brown Wolverine costume or the New Black and Yellow costume or heck just putting him in civilian clothes.

15: Electro: (Francine Frye)
 once again in keeping with the replacement of X character Theme here's female Electro to fill in a gap.

14: Carlyle:
 he's here for the simple recent that he's a cheap knockoff up doctor Octavius. Normally I would go for Carolyn Trainer but since I have a Sentimental attachment to Lady Octopus I cannot pick her.

13: Cassandra Nova:
Don't care much about evil old lady Xavier, BUT she would get us one step closer to An Aunt May... also, evil old lady Xavier...

12:Nick Fury Jr.:
I'm not a fan of the way they brought Sam Jackson into the 616 universe but people kind of want him. I'm more of a classic Nick Fury guy but y'know... it's  "racist" to like Classic Fury. Hasbro pretty much has his parts built already just getting a new head would complete him. He also fits in with the theme of replacing characters.

11: Stepford Cuckoos:
3-5 Younger Emma clones that for me are background filler/small army builder.

10: The Russian:
One could argue "Nefty, are you cheating on your list?" Because I find The Russian funny. Aside the fact that his later appearances were hyper offensive, transphobic, problematic, etc. The character came in and died, hust to be revived and quickly killed. He could worl as a BAF (his earlier less offensive look, because Hasbro wouldn't dare to make a giant sized Ma'am Thing)

9:Agent Anti-Venom:
Flash as anti-venom is a thing... Hasvro won't say no to a cheap repaint... Maybe tossing a Flash Thompson head would make him more enticing... The anti venom figure is not cheating... the Flash head is. I Like my Flash Thompsons symbioteless... also, the whole replacement theme is still here

8: Scorpia: (not to be confused with the MOTU one)
Female Scorpion. She comes from the 90s, which is a decade earlier than most of these folks... but fits the unintentional theme of the list.

7: Namora:
Normally, I would pick Namorita, whom I read some stuff with the New Warriors, but she's being replaced by her "mother" who was supposed to have been dead. Now Nampra lives and Namorita is dead... fans older than me would care for her... right now I just need one more Atlantean that is not Attuma...

6: Bi-Beast:
I don't care about Bi-Beast... as a Hulk Villain, but all the funny pics about both heads makes me kinda want him.
Also, it's been 10 years since Hasbro teased fans with a Bi-Beast... and a Bagman, but he's not of this list.

I think I may have mentioned him before, but there's no real attachment to him. Now that we have Night Thrasher, we kinda need Rage.

4:Mister Negative:
He's not a character that I'm attached to, though the PS4 game made me appreciate him a bit more. (He showed up during the time I quit reading... hell most of these are from THAT era.

3:Viv Vision:
I don't REALLY care about her, but with Chulk, she completes the champions and she was part of the reason why Miles made One Moronic Deal of his own...

2: Miss Sinister:
Mister Sinister is now a woman... who runs around in underwear like a Black Queen of the Hellfire club... wait, she IS The new Black Queen?

Evil third Summers sibling. Very OP, but another skeleton in Chuck's closet... also an even bigger dick than Scott... I mean Scott Summers, not that other guy called Scott who is also a dick.

MOTU movie rumors... again...

Not gonna happen this year as expected.
But then again we already knew it was not going to happen this year. Allegedly the movie's going to start the principal photography this July in Prague. I get that they're using Prague as a location because it's like it's lost in time with the old castles, palaces and stuff. It gives some kind of medieval-esque vibe to it. Also it's supposedly very cheap to film in Prague.

Will this movie ever happen... not likely! I mean it's been 17 years in development hell cuz I remember when John Woo was attached to the project. If this ever gets made right now I just don't want it to suck... To be honest I don't expect greatness; I just don't want to suck...

Feb 12, 2019

Mattel wants to raoe us with Megabloks...

A little $250 item for 2020...
Castle freaking Grayskull... for Mega Bloks. Apparently available only on Gamestop... $50 less than MOTUC Grayskull... it will include a Sorceress figure exclusive to the castle and repaints of He-Man,Skeletor, Beastman, MAA, and Teela...

Damn, son! Feels a bit overpriced... I mean, I get that the multiple bricks can add up costs, but if this castle is in scale to the Mega Bloks figures in the same proportions as the MOTUC Grayskull is to MOTUC, then it feels a tad overpriced.

Don't get me wrong. This is a nice thing, but it's not for me.

Feb 11, 2019

Will Smith is not my genie, no siree!

Blue CGI Will Smith still sucks because it's Will Smith.

General consensus has been that...

Hell, I couldn't stop laughing at how bad this looks...
If I have to choose one BAD movie for 2019... This won't be the one. I'd rather watch Cap'n Meh Vel!

Feb 10, 2019

When Mafex wants my money real bad...

Remember a while back when I said that Japan was often a wild card near Toy Fair?
Well, they are... Last year they announced a comic book Spidey, which was a bit out of my price range...
He's supposed to begin to ship soon...
Well, aside this awesome Spidey in summer this guy is coming:
A very early 90s Venom, which makes the Marvel Legends counterparts of these characters look bad...

Well, there's more to this, bub! The amazing MVC looking Wolverine WON'T BE ALONE! He will get his fellow X-Man, penis...
Duude, the Hasbro Cyclops was good... but this guy looks even better... if they do the X-ladies, Doc Ock, Black Cat, or the F4, my wallet will commit sudoku...

Feb 9, 2019

I don't think I'll see Cap'n Meh Vel...

Every little bit revealed with the movie makes me LESS interested in the movie... but Criticizing Cap'n Meh Vel makes me sexist, racist, homophobic and virgin neckbeard Trump supporter...

But knowing that I'm not any of them, I WILL explain (mansplain according to idiots) why Cap'n Meh Vel lost me.

Bree Larson:
I had a little faith when watching Skull Island. Nearly all of it evaporated with the first trailer. Now with every interview she goes with both feet in her mouth and her head so far up her flat ass...
That moment when
Spidey has a better ass
Than Earth's "Mightiest hero".
Oh noes! Now I have bodyshamed her phantom buttocks! Which wasn't the point... I just wanted to give my straight female readers and gay male readers some sexy Spider-butt pic action!  And to joke about Captain Marvel's TARDIS-LIKE ass... so, yeah. Larson keeps shooting heraelf in the foot by making all the interviews about "feminism" and how Captain Meh vel is that important to empower young girls... acting as if Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman movie that made me eat crow never happened.

Even the promoting has gone full  GB 2016 with their misandrist approach. And that worked so well for Noelle Stevenson's pop culture appropriation of She-Ra. But to be honest that's not even my main beef it's the first one I mentioned because it's the one that's most out there.

My main by Loosely tied to the whole relizen feminist bullcrap is more on how forced the character has been shoved into the MCU.

You know that the MCU the true soul of it is Nick Fury with the Avengers Initiative and in a small way Coulson and his obsession with Captain Rogers. Now we have the Great all Mighty Captain Meh vel basically teaching Nick Fury the ropes.  where was she when the whole New York incident Sokovia incident the whole Civil War both Ant Man movies Spider-Man homecoming so on and so forth...
No she's going to show up all of a sudden and maybe be the one that defeats Thanos... think about the humongous amounts of bullshit that would require for this to make sense...

With the changes to the character who no longer received her powers due to an accidental event with Mar-Vell, now a victim of Kree experiments, they basically screwed all possibilities of having a compelling  original story to tell. Now we have a "generic revenge story" that will be mostly off screen... yaay...

We're supposed to care for a character thrown in at the last minute through a "flashback movie" and everyone is like: "you must like her because she's awesome..." so awesome that her comic has been cancelled about 5 times in 7 years or viceversa... not to mention that Carol's highest points were getting put in a coma by Rpgue, when the latter stole her powers and the infamous Carol gets raped and gives birth to her rapist...

But I got to "love Carol" because vagina...

So long story short:
Boring trailers, boring lead, boring character, annoying stance that any criticism = soggy knee...

Toy Fair is next week... what do I want to see?

The NYTF is this coming week. Straight with Alita and V-Day.  Loaded week... carry protection, by that I mean a padded helmet to avoid hurting yourself when facepalming. Where do I begin with the facepalming?
TRU Kids... the rebranded Toys R Us attempting to rise from the ashes. They are rumored to be looking into toy companies to get product for their upcoming stores. Good luck...

But let's talk toys...
Not this ugly monkey faced Batgirl from Mattel... Seriously, she looks like the love child of Jim Gordon and a Monchichi...

No, I mean from toylines I collect, or used to collect. By that I mean:
Hasbro Marvel Legends
Super7 MOTU
ANYTHING Revoltech
Storm Collectibles SF and MK...

So, Marvel Legends:
I expect to see better pics of the Caliban Wave, some comic book Avengers from the upcoming Avengers wave (endgame and a rumored comic book based wave)
Maybe a teaser or two from a Spidey Wave...
Crossing my fingers for an additional X-Men themed wave with the woman who yells at the elements! Hopefully a Magneto in red and Purple as he should be.

Saying that Super7 has dropped the ball is an understatement. The sad part is that nearly all the issues stem from the factory NOT doing things properly. The ones I CAN BLAME Super7 completely are turning their bacl on Classics... there are rumors that the Classics wave that is supposed to appear is either the last wave or the next to last MOTUC wave. Club Grayskull is rumored to have a wave 5. Right now I'm all "FUCK Filmation" because Classics has been ignored. There will be better pics of Vintage 2.0 and i don't give a flying Stratos about those

The Japanese Imports: (Figma, Figuarts, Revoltech, MAFEX)
These guys often throw curveballs... like the Figuarts Jar Jar that Mesa wants, or random figures that get made from things I like... like the Figma Link, Phoenix Wright, Solid Snake (mine is a bootleg, I know... I reviewed because I wanted to help you NOT FALL for it),  or the multiple figires I've gotten from figuarts... from Turtles to Freddie Mercury. He was supposed to come out of the toy chest, but lost all the pics from the accidental reformatting of my SD card. Revoltech has made some interesting figures... drom YuGiOh to Marvel... also, have you seen the MAFEX MVC WOLVERINE?
These companies can make a turd exciting.

Random fact: Did you know that figma had figures of THE Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya? I didn't. They had the entire SOS Brigade, Tsuruya, Asakura, with different versions of Tsuruya, Nagato, Asahina, and Haruhi... and I'm like: I NEED Haruhi just to pose her with Phoenix Wright...

For two reasons, one is the video above and two is that we may never get an Athena Cykes, but the English version of Athena sounds just like... you guessed it, Haruhi...

So, the Japanese are basically the wild card. They are most likely not at toyfair, but usially a reveal or two tends to appear near events like this.

Speaking of wild cards, let's make the wild into mild by talking Storm Collectibles:
We saw that Johnny Cage sneak peek. We know that After Rugal, Kyo was coming. There's a ton of characters teased like the Cyber ninja, the Kunoichi, MK3 Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, MKX Scorpion and for the SF crew we had Sagat and Guile for the SFII line, and no idea who was coming from SFV...

Holy shit! I FORGOT NECA!
Eh, I only care about NECA TMNT stuff... if they make a Splinter whether Mirage, Cartoon, 90s movie in 6-7 inch scale, I'd be interested.

Maybe Play Arts Kai will bother in making a VIIR Aerith and Tifa for me to replace the old VII ones...

Feb 7, 2019

It Came from the Toy Chest: Custom upgrade to Marvel Legends Archangel.

As the backlog of toys keeps growing, I finally received the Custom "Closed wings" for the real ML Archangel made by Loosecollector, which was available on eBay last year... (shipping from the Philippines to the US on Holiday season can be a bitch...) But it's finally here... and Loosecollector still has some on sale... (as of the 7th day of February, 2019. Don't know how long this will last)
It looks awesome for what it is, which is a plug-in accessory for Archangel. Seeing it's a 3rd party item, I'd be doubly careful with it. Translation: Just to be safe, keep him from high spots where he cannot fall and break his wings, or the peg that plugs into his back... Just to err on the side of caution. No! I don't think that it's of less quality than an official product. Just look at the pics with the crisp lines and curves that almost looks factory made and the spray painting on it is beautiful. I just want to make sure to remind ye, that since it's a third party item made for Adult Collectors, it may not survive the Kid test.

Feb 6, 2019

Disney Worlds I wanted to see in KH3...

Yes, I'm aware that I'm beating this dead horse worse than Pym beat the Wasp... But, It's giving me plenty of material until Captain Meh Vel shows up... IF I go see it.
Y'all are aware that the number of worlds in KH3 was super short... borderline Portable Console short.

So, here's a list of worlds I would have liked to see... No Star Wars or Marvel on this list:

Pocahontas themed World...
We had Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lilo and Stitch, Hercules, basically all the Animated Renaissance era animated movies sans Pocahontas... I wanted to hear the wolf cry by the blue corn moon, ask the wily bobcat why he grins, but no... Hercules is here for the THIRD TIME!! well, actually 4 if we count Birth by Sleep with a "Greek Zack".

Cars themed world... Radiator Springs...
This would've been the replacement for The Pridelands...
As much as I HATE HATE HATE Cars, this world would've been an interesting one from a visual point of view.

The Black Cauldron...
I know this is Disney's black sheep... nut some of the themes Kinda make sense with Kingdom Hearts. Gurgi's sacrifice is very similar to actions by multiple characters in the series... including Sora (KH1 when he became a heartless to save Kairi comes to mind)

Robotic Sora, Donald and Goofy in space and on a Wasteland... Not to mention the theme of Hearts not being an organic being thing exclusively... though Toy Story might make it a bit redundant.

Because a more realistic dog and duck for Hoofy and Donald would be a rather interesting thing to see.

Just be lucky I haven't figured out a way to add Hannah Montana just to have the Osment siblings working together.

The big pile of no Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts...

I beat the game under 30 hours, first playthrough and collecting the Mickey insignias... for  the BS ending...
But the even bigger BS is the lack of Final Fantasy people in KH3... Nomura claims the BS excuse that their stpryline was complete and that "they weren't needed"...
Well we completed Hercules twice, yet he was in KH3...
Halloween town had 2 visits and it was conoletwd in the first one. Same thing with Agrabah, Atlantica, 100 acre wood. Hell ALL The Disney worlds were truly irrelevant to the Xehanort story if we truly think about it.

This is a load of shit... The theory that Nomura was pissed at his removal from FF vs XIII and culled FF from KH to put his NOT FF vs XIII Verum Rex game as a teaser is making more sense.

But back to the main topic... Donkey dick and Kingdom Hearts 3 sucking it so hard... 30 hours on Proud mode first run... worlds made of more filler than an anime of orange tracksuited ninja... There was an easy way to have FF in KH3 with minimal effort.
There was a cutscene on Radiant garden with some sort of guards... they could have added Squall as a guard.

On a certain cutscene at Destiny island, Tidus, Wakka and Selphie could have had a cameo. On a different cutscene at Destiny Island they could have had Tidus handong Sora a certain Key Item that ended up on the islands.... (and yes, I am talking about a Keyblade)

Even in gameplay it would have been easy to add some FF representation...
For example:
Cloud is traveling across worlds to get stronger and finally beat Sephiroth. He meets Sora a cpuple of times and they spar for the final battle and Sora gets a new Keyblade.

Hidden Boss Battle: do I even need to mention the Silver haired Momma's Boy?

Last but not least a new "Arena world" since Olympus is no longer the "combat Arena"... if only there was a world with a battle arena...
Yes, at best they could have made a Gold Saucer, which would have acted as a nod to FFVIIRemake and an excuse to see some VII folks... but... missed opportunities.

I'm still torn on whether to review KH3 or not... I mean, I already complained about the shortness, lack of worlds, filling, needing to play a buttload of side games, lacl of Final Fantasy people. Haley Joel Osment has duplicated his age since the first game... and he can see Sora. So, there isn't much to talk about KH3...

Feb 3, 2019

Is this for real? Batman rumor...

People who hated Batffleck are rejoicing with the rumor that Ben Affleck isn't returning as Batman.
But, one of the people considered as Batman is a shocking choice...

Yes, Robert Pattinson is being considered for the role of the Dark Knight...
I'm laughing, no cackling like a madman by the rumor. Batman could be a twilight...

All jokes aside... Pattinson is a good actor, theoretically speaking, he COULD pull it off. He might need to bulk up for the role, but a younger Bruce Wayne is possible for him to pull off.

If they replace Cavill as Supes, May I suggest Taylor Lautner?
It's a joke... put down those pitchforks!!

Kingdom Hearts 3 is feeling half-assed...

As much as I'm enjoying the game, there is this feeling that I'm being ripped off.
Apparently, there are only 9 worlds in KH3 and I've been to 8 of them... (have only played on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) Not a good omen... To make matters worse Pooh was quarter-assed. The caribbean is "huge" if you drift off to the ship battle minigame, otherwise, it's super tiny. Twilight Town feels castrated in 3 compared to 2...
Then there's Arendelle... super padded out and stretched out filler...

We have to sit through Let it Go AND Do you want to build a snowman... What the bullshit is that?

Hell, The Toyboz feels very small compared to Arendelle.
Whilr I'm glad we don't revisit Agrabah or Atlantica, we revisit Hercules YET AGAIN AND THERE IS NO COLOSSEUM... also, WHY REVISIT PIRATES!?
On a positive note, there doesn't seem to be a  CARS World... or one based on A Bug's life or Finding Nemo...
Hopefully the only Marvel world in Kingdom Hearts will be worth it... yes, Big Hero 6 IS A MARVEL Property... SO MARVEL MADE IT TO KH3!!!

Still, the lack of Final Fantasy people kinda hurts...
I think I may be done in a week for the Kingdom Hearts 3 review: 867/5309 Review Rant Reminiscent  squared circlejerk... 2.7 not so final meow mix.

Feb 2, 2019

Some of the Super7 leaks were confirmed...

The next faux Vintage wave was confirmed and is available for Preorder... No Stratos, Evil Lyn, Buzz-off or Weaver.
But we have Merman, Trap Jaw, Orko, Adam, and 3 shameless cash grab repaints...
The 3 repaints bug me the most... but not because they are soulless quick cashgrabs that have basis from the cartoon... no.
It's that even as SIMPLE SINGLE COLOR "repaints", they HORRIBLY FAIL AT ACCURACY!!!
Teela and MAA are, according to the screengrabs used as inspiration to make these soulless cashgrabs are WRONG!!
YOU HAD ONE JOB SUPER7... (and the muh philmaeshawn crew are defending these inaccuracies as if their lives depended on it...)
I'm still waiting to see a He-Man in the wild and maybe a Funko Lion-O, but these really aren't my thing...
I wonder if the data miners who got the leaks have anything for Classics...