Aug 15, 2022

A Candy ass Jabroni who doesn't know his role is why Black Adam and Shazam will never cross paths on the DCEU.

 Despite Black Adam being the main enemy of Shazam. Of course, the candy ass jabroni that doesn't know his role that I'm talking about is none other than:

It doesn't matter what his name is! The People's Chump is such a prima donna that he specifically chose the role of Black Adam, fundedmost of the movie, only to bitch about people wanting him to fight the guy from Tangled. Claiming that the fight would be a disrespect towards the character.

First he bitches and moans about the pointy ears of Black Adam and forces WB to make him look like The Rock... 
The People's Chump needs to get a wig like this and pointy ears to properly play Black Adam.

Why does it feel that this is The Rock being a little bitch and keeping his WWE mentality on film and think that he's jobbing to Zachary Levi?

Top 20 DC Multiverse figures that I want...

 That are not "Secret identities" of Batman and Superman...

I could pad the list with Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Barry Allen, and other characters in civilian outfits (Lex Luthor, Selina Kyle, Carol Ferris) sorry Todd, I mentioned 2 females... such blasphemy!! The reason for this list is that I missed out on the AzBat preorder... Sure, I got an Azrael, but when I think of Jean-Paul Valley, I think of the Knightfall version of Him. So, this list is my Copium...

I'm talking about Stephanie Brown... a part of me wants her Robin outfit, but then I'd have to ask for Dick, Jason, and Tim as Robin... OK now I want all the Robins to be wearing their Robin suits... but all jokes aside, Todd could also make an unmasked Steph as Spoiler variant.

The reason I want her is obvious... I want to recreate the Teen Titans Go! Team in "realistic versions" and that includes me hunting down for an unmasked Cryborg. I'd love a classic version, but would settle for a New 52.

Same as Koriand'r. I wouldn't mind a Classic or Nu 52, but I can settle for a Titans Raven. (As a nod to Todd never completing rosters and dropping random variants haphazardly) Here Todd would have up to 4 variants (Hood, no Hood, and the previous 2 with a different colored Raven)

-Beast Boy:
Don't care about the Outfit, just that he's green... red variant could be tossed to Target. The reason has been explained with the past 2 figures, so I won't go at it again.

Of course, this is to have the JL/JLU team. While i wouldn't say no to a Classic WW,  the Gal Gadot figure is an acceptable Placeholder. We're getting a Hawkman with the Black Adam Wave, so getting a Mismatched Hawkgirl makes Todd Sense.

-Captain Boomerang:
Flash needs something more than a Monkey and a copycat. I was going to say Captain Cold at first, but why ask for Cold, when one can ask for Freeze... so I'm settling with Captain Boomerang.

-Black Manta:
Probably we'll get him from AQUAMOMOA 2, but Aquaman needs someone to fight.

Again we have 3 different Green Lanterns and no Star Sapphires or Yellow Lanterns. And Todd could do Atrocitus as a BAF.

Classic Superman Villain that also lends himself for a variant with GITD Kryptonite... Todd loves his dumb variants to get some reuae out of the molds.

Wonder Woman would need a villain, so Cheetah is the most obvious Non-Ares villain. With 5 females on this list, I'm giving Todd a heart attack...

-Plastic Man:
Personally, I'd prefer the classic look, but again, it would traumatize Todd. I'm curious to see if Todd would do a swappable stretched part or two.

Todd's team could do wonders with the Ghostly Deadman... I can almost see a Ghostly glow variant.

-Vandal Savage:
He would look badass no matter what he's wearing. I'm curious on what Todd could do with him.

Sure, he'd be a big boy, but he would look so amazing with all the armor details... well depending on which version of Mongul 1 or 2 they make.

-Guy Gardner:
Put him in a Two pack with Batman. One Punch... that's all I'll say.

I want to sneak in the 4 Supermen that temporarily replaced Kal-El after his battle against Doomsday. He would be the first. On his own or in a 2 pack against Cyborg Superman...

-Mr. Freeze:
I mentioned he was going to be on the list. I won't mention my predilection towards the Batman and Robin Mr. Freeze...

-Cyborg Superman:
I had already mentioned Hank Henshaw when dealing with Steel. With a few changed pieces, a Sinestro Corps variant could be made.

- Ultra Humanite:
I was torn between Monsieur Mallah and Ultra Himanite. Both have the brain aspect... Mallah could totally come with the Brain as an accessory (which could lead to a Pinky and the Brain skit, but with a "Smart Pinky", which makes it less fun.) But albino gorilla that looks more Human-like in posture and proportions feels more unique than Monsieur Mallah. Also his head looking like his brain wants to burst out of his skull looks so badass!

-The Flash (Jay Garrick):
Basically he's here to test comic book styled JSA waters... and that I'd prefer to have Jay Garrick over Alan Scott as the sole JSA COMIC BOOK styled character, sonce Black Adam wave will bring some JSA members from the movie.

There you have it, 20 characters without going into deep cut territory, seeing that most of the  characters on the list have had some media representation outside of comics in the past decade.

Honorable mentions:
The one missing member of the Bat Family... could come with Ace the Bat-hound.

-Amanda Waller:
We have a Task Force X, we need their boss... not to mention having a Waller could make some Batman displays more interesting... or Lex Luthor for that matter. I'd make her a McFarlane store exclusive to avoid the retailer issues.

-Poison Ivy:
Batman villain... nuff said. And something about Harley Quinn and ✂️...

We have a ton of Robins. We have Wally West... you do the math. Green Arrow needs his own kid to endanger.

-Black Canary:
We don't have her on this line... that's reason enough... also, she could be used as a way to make The Birds of Prey. 

-Manchester Black:
He's better suited for a two-pack with Superman, but he's not a traditional choice.

-Miss Martian:
Again, another "teenage sidekick" for the team. But yeah, I want her mostly for Young Justice references.

- Zsasz:
Make the Arkham version and call it a day... easier to sell him as a tie in to a game than on his own.

I'm trying to pad Red Hood's team The Outlaws. Also, poor Todd might be getting an aneurysm from reading this list with too many females.

-Jimmy Olsen:
Superman's pal... on his own he wouldn't sell, but on a 2 pack with Dick as Robin... he could reuse the shovel from the Hush 2 pack as an accessory and reference to the story dig now die later. 

Aug 14, 2022

SONY wants to reboot Karate Kid yet again

 As crazy as it sounds, SONY, a Japanese company, is hellbent on rebooting Karate Kid, a movie about an Italian American teen learning the Japanese Martial Art of Karate by using Chinese Actors...

First it was the ret... mentally challenged reboot with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, where Jaden Smith learned Kung Fu... not Karate.

Now they want a Chinese kid, who will teach an Italian American grown man, Kung Fu for this Karate Kid Reboot... are you seeing what I'm seeing? 2 Reboots 0 Karate...

This is fucking ret... I mean mentally challenged....  I know that it's bad to say the R-word, but this instance really should be an exception.

The movie is called The Karate Kid. Karate is right there on its name!!

You can't swap out the Martial Art, ESPECIALLY when using a whole different country's Martial Art. It surprises me in a bad way that a Japanese company like SONY is doing this racist bullshit...
Get Japanese actors and have a proper Karate Kid Reboot... emphasis on Karate. If you aren't going to use Karate, then don't call the movie Karate Kid!! Or at least copy the GOOD Karate Kid... the one with the late Pat Morita and with Ralph Macchio...

This Hollywood exec mentality is why we get shit like Dragon Ball Evolution...

Aug 13, 2022

8/13/22 odds and ends: Anne Heche,

 Anne Heche passed away due to complications after her recent car crash. Specifically an anoxic injury to the brain. My condolences to her family, especially the kids she left behind. It's horrible to lose a mother, especially Atlas, who is 13 year old... He's just a kid, for crying out loud! If it's not easy losing one's mother as an adult, I can't dare to imagine what is like for a 13 year old kid... it's incredibly messed up...

I'm not a huge fan of her... I mostly remember her due to her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres... I also saw the Psycho remake, but didn't like it that much. She voiced Lois Lane in a DC animated movie. I think it was Superman: Doomsday. I remember her in a movie with Harrison Ford and can't  remember the name right now... 6 days 7 nights, thanks internet!

Apparently she was in the legend of Korra...

Playmates Toys is releasing an Amazon Exclusive pack of Vintage TMNT figures:
Foot Soldier, Leatherhead, Mutagen Man, and Wingnut... for some reason it shows as unavailable for me. On the other hand Walmart has the Superhero pack with Donatello, Michelangelo, Rocksteady and Bebop disguised as Superheroes. That one I can theoretically order...

I need to get in the Hasbro Selfie Series action... I have commented about this before, but reading this article about the process of making an Action Figure Avatar of yourself is exciting!! Sure, it's $60 plus overpriced FedEx shipping for me, but being immortalized in an official action figure is beyond insane!!

Greg Berlanti's name is on the list of possible candidates to become the DC counterpart of Kevin Feige. Berlanti has been the powerhouse behind the Arrowverse. I got to be honest, the start was really good but eventually due to pressure from Warner and the Network, his universe spiraled out of control. The shows became less about the heroes, but more about their love interests. Felicity and Iris ruined Arrow and Flash respectively. I want a good base and good direction for DC's cinematic new universe. I'm worried that Berlanti's decisions will bow down to pressure from executives that wanted Superman to use the pod he came in as a baby to return to Krypton, which had exploded to smithereens... or whoever approved any of the garbage that Snyder made.

Aug 12, 2022

Masterverse Faker: a rant

 We've seen the Masterverse Faker based on Revelation, which is a "Battle damaged Faker" but with He-Man colors... That's NOT what I want as a Masterverse Faker. Not because of my issues with Kevin Smith bastardized take on MOTU, but the lack of a "Pristine" Faker bothers me way too much...

Before you bother saying:
"UsE aN eXtRa He-MaN fOr ThE pRiStInE fAkEr"
Just shut up. THAT is not the point. For 39 years Faker was He-Man wearing Skeletor's armor with his RGB values swapped. I want sonething closer to that. 
I know that with the 40th He-Man and Skeletor, a 40th Faker could be made as the Traditional style Faker. Revelation got their Battle Dmaged Faker... but what about New Eternia? 
How would they Tackle Faker?

Didn't I do this already once? Wait, Twice!? Wait three times!? I guess 4th one is the charm.
I'm torn between a Thermochromic Pristine Faker or Battle damaged. I also wonder how much should he copy from He-Man  and Skeletor, and how much can he have that isn't an amalgamation of the previously mentioned two?  Is he cybernetic in New Eternia, or is he a product of Forbidden Alchemy and Necromancy? Those types of questions would direct how he would look. This would also mean that Faker would require a variant... I am talking of a Battle Damaged Faker, of course.
For this example, I'll use the Cybernetic angle:
Normal Faker would be using the New Eternia He-Man body with Thermochromic plastic on his flesh pieces. I would also add New Eternia Skeletor's armor and cape. Instead of Faker Orange, it should be in brown with tan accents, and orangey brown cape. The idea is to have a slightly more realistic palette on Faker. The fur trim accents on the He-Man parts should be gray with a blueish tint. The shoulderpads, belt, and bracers should be gunmetal grey. With the blade and axe being in a brassy metallic color. Keeping a more "realistic take" on Faker's palette. 

The Battle Damaged would reuse the Faker torso and arms, but the figure's skin tone would be similar to Skeletor's, while the robotic parts are gunmetal grey. This one would probably require a new Battle damaged head to match the New Eternia He-Man head.

Personally, I'm more inclined towards an undead Faker. My dream Battle Damaged Faker might be a bit too gory for Mattel, even when toned down. First his flesh would be Skeletor colored.
He'd have 2 heads:
One looking like a White eyed NE He-Man and blackish ooze dripping from his mouth
The second head would be more undead-like. Maybe with a gash at the top where an axe could be plugged in. A streak of blackish oose should be dripping from it down his face. The battle damage on his torso should be similar to that of the robot faker, but with organic stuff like guts instead of robotics. Maybe the body should have a few holes that could be plugged by arrows. His hands and feet should be Skeletor's.

The super duper toned down version would eliminate the Zombie holes but keep the black ooze dripping from wounds (painted battle damage like the Origins Battle Damaged Battle Cat) He should get a second Zombie head without the Axe gash. The hands and feet would be Skeletor's. 

By having 2 versions (pristine and Battle Damaged) the fans can take Faker in a direction they prefer on their main displays. Just as fans can have Revelation, New Eternia, 40th anniversary options for their displays. But right now I'm not even sure if Mattel has a coherent plan with Masterverse.

Aug 11, 2022

Stealth Tygra is coming... but it's a BBTS exclusive

 The ONE logical repaint that Super7 could've used as a special filler was given to BBTS... I honestly don't get Super7's logic. It's too confusing. Then there's the other issue: 

The pics used to sell the figure are computer generated and hide a lot of the engineering that would be visible in the final figure. Would it be considered dishonest advertising if the pics ised to promote the actual toy are extremely different from the actual product? Even if the small print says Final figure may vary, wpuld it be disingenuous?

I'm not a lawyer so I cannot answer that question. It would be pretty interesting to see the perspective from a lawyer on this issue. In any case, I preordered mine, because it's stealth Tygra... or "Invisible Tygra" as he's officially called. I have bitched and moaned about this variant way too much to not buy it when available. Now I'll wait as they make Spirit Jaga an Entertainment Earth exclusive... this is not a hint nor a prediction. This is me mocking the practice of exclusives.

An Arkham City wave was announced by McFarlane

 Apparently, it'll be a BAF Wave with Solomon Grundy, Bane, Clayface, or Mr. Freeze being the most likely choices. Seeing that a Killer Croc figure from Arkham Asylum was released recently.

While Todd hasn't given a full release info, he showed the AC Batman, which feels like a ripoff, since it's not AC accurate and it's reusing too many parts from Arkham Asylum Batman. Also the Gold variants have been leaked (black and white versions of some characters) 
The figures leaked are Batman, Catwoman, Penguin, and Ra's Al Ghul.

I hope we can get a Two-Face, if we're lucky, a Talia... for custody jokes about Damian. While it's cool that we're getting non-Batman characters, I kinda wish we could get that treatment for other characters. We got a Black Adam but no normal Shazam... 3 different Green Lanterns, but no Sinestro.  It feels like Batman is getting most of the love here.  Hell, we haven't gotten a Classic Wonder Woman yet we have gotten:
Joker, Harley, Killer Croc, Clayface, Man Bat, Hush, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Deathstroke, Bane, Scarecrow, Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, Red Robin... 
I'm not asking for Apache Chief or the Wonder Twins here, but give us Metallo, Brainiac, Merlyn (preferably the John Barrowman version for personal reasons), Sinestro just to name a few characters that complement other characters...

But as I say that, I am also wanting an Arkham City Bruce Wayne, an Alfred, a Spoiler, hell give us a Jim Gordon with the bat Signal!

And yes, I will insist on Batman 89 figures
All 3 Batmen, Robin, Batgirl, Bane, Poison Ivy, Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and most importantly 

Aug 10, 2022

38 years of being a Teenager: An interview with Hamato Mikerangero

 Sorry if I butchered the Japanese pronunciation, but my Japanese knowledge comes from Duolingo and watching Family Friendly anime... and I mean really FAMILY FRIENDLY...

This segment is a spin-off of the Life After the Neitlichverse, where I was supposed to interview MOTU characters to see where they were after Classics continuity ended... I will do some of those later, but Now I want to expand that idea and go beyond MOTUC and interview other people from different universes... No, I will NOT interview Cryborg... Today's guest, as I already mentioned is Hamato Mikerangero... also known as Orange Ninja Turtle, the party dude, so, Mikey, welcome to the show...

"Dude, it's totally awesome being here! What you did to the green room was radical!"

Well, the room is meant to help chillax and I just, uh, had it full of chillaxing stuff!! And extra pizza with customizable toppings for my guest!!
Dude, did you try banana and nutella?

No, but now I wanna. I went with tuna spread and mango...

Did you heat up the tuna in the oven or put it on later... not sure about putting mayo in the oven...

Heat up the pizza as normal, once hot, remove the crust and add the tuna spread on top. Roll it like sushi and then add the bits of mango... it's fantastic...

Hmm now tell me that you dipped the crusts in Wendy's frosty?

You HAD FROSTIES? Why no one told me about that! I used mint chocolate ice cream!

Dude, I gotta try that... now, I gotta ask: You're American, raised in a Japanese Household, so Okonomiyaki/pizza hybrid, yay or nay?

Kansai style or Hiroshima style? Also, is it an okonomiyaki with pizza toppings or a pizza with okonomiyaki toppings? There are so many variables on this... I've tried them all. They're an acquired taste for those with more Western palates. 

Damn, I thought that this would've gotten an easy answer... then again, hello! I'm talking with the Pizza connoisseur that rivals Norville Rogers and his extravagant palate.

Dude! Unlike Mr. Rogers, I can handle my meat... 

Umm, *giggling*

Dude! That's not what I meant!

You do you, dude... I know what you meant, you're not a vegan like Shaggy. So you know how to add some seemingly weird combos to pizza... Now, THE pizza question:
Pineapple: yay or nay?

Ooh! You HAD to go there... pineapple is a confusing ingredient, like Chocolate covered grasshoppers or anchovies. They sound gross, but with the right combination of ingredients, they can be made to taste great! 

Hey, you two! Stop writing the 
stoner's guidebook for pizza and get started on the interview...

I've already started the interview, Spike!! So, you're 38 years old and still a teenager... what's it like being, you know, the laid-back, king of the chill, hero in a half shell?

It's really hard being me, dude... I love my dad, Master Splinter, but he trained me and my brothers into being his child soldiers to finish a blood feud between the Hamato and the Oroku.
Everybody thinks that being a ninja is badass... it is, don't get me wrong, but they don't see the darkness that comes with it. You see these hands? These are the hands of a killer, dude! These hands were trained,ever since I could walk and talk, as weapons of human destruction. When I paint realistic human portraits, it's not simply because I can appreciate the beauty in your species. It's because I've studied human anatomy and understand the thousands of ways to end a life. I know which bones to break and cause minor, but severely painful injuries, as well as those to make a swift death look accidental. 

Holy shit, this went dark...

Dude, it gets worse. I am a mellow dude, mostly because I'm afraid... yeah, afraid of the darkness within. I often wish that the feud would end so we could be in peace and that my hands could devote themselves entirely to create instead of destruction. I paint, I write, I dabble in sculpting, because, I want to create, but I am honorbound to my family and must ensure that the feud ends honorably, preferably with the least amount of casualties as possible. I know that Leo is the "honor dude", but honor often requires payments in blood or life... and maybe I'm a bit more of a pacifist...

This is heavy. I was expecting something about partying, having fun, you know, something nice!

I get it, dude! Everyone thinks that I'm the laidback dude, which I am, but, I'm just painting the background on WHY I am something of a hedonist. I'm aware that the term hedonism is a bit loaded, but here's how I Hamato Michelangelo interpret hedonism. Seeking pleasure over pain. It sounds like the common definition, but I'm aware that a certain amount of pain is required to achieve balance. That way we can value the pleasant moments more...

Hmm, I see... kinda like the Bob Ross darkness and light speech.

So, I, as a teenager, I enjoy having fun, do some gaming, dance, paint, write, read, skate, surf, to LIVE!! Spreading happiness through a well timed joke, a silly impression, or simply having fun! If I can make a person smile...

Maybe my shitty life has a purpose...

I wasn't going to use those words, but the idea is similar...

To me it sounds like the mask of a depressed person... I should know, I'm dealing with it... and I use lame attempts at humor as a way to feel some worthiness... but I'm working through my issues with professional help.

That's awesome, dude! The part about getting therapy and working through your issues, I mean! But you may be right... I could be dealing with depression, but it's kinda hard to find a therapist that will work with an uninsured mutant terrapin. Back on topic, I'm into partying, having fun, because it's fun! Think about it: 4 Homeschooled teenage boys, who have been training with a deadlier version of Mr. Miyagi... we eat, drink, sleep Ninjitsu... partying and arts is where I'm just Mikey, not  Michelangelo of Clan Hamato. Leonardo does his katas and his samurai thing... He writes Haiku, meditates, prunes bonsai, you've played Ghost of Tsushina? He goes all Sakai Jin and shit, especially when Usagi shows up! He, as squad leader has a ton of pressure and he doesn't fully know how to unwind... how to be Leonardo the brother instead of Squad Leader Hamato Leonardo. When Father put him in charge, Leo changed. Now he's wound up too tight with his responsibilities and he's mostly focused on how to become a better leader and step up once Fath... Master Splinter is no longer able to be Grandmaster of the Hamato Clan. 
Donatello does machines... he disassembles junk and mades some cool stuff from it. Sometimes he overcomplicates things... But he's the brainy dude! Machines are his thing and he understands them better than he does people.

Let me guess, Raphael is cool but rude?

Gimme a break! He's a brawler... a 5'1" ball of pure unadulterated anger sandwiched between a super hard shell... but despite his badass facade, lies one of the most tender hearts that you've ever met... and I'm going to be so dead now... Yeah, Raph's super tough, a bit hard-headed, but his heart is in the right place. Despite his bickering with Leo regarding missions, there's no one else I'd rather have in my corner. My bro is passionate about what he believes, but sucks at expressing his feelings in verbal ways that aren't snarky. I guess he feels like the burden of Leadership might be too much for Leo and that's why he craves that position. He wants to take the burden off of Leo's shell, but his pride doesn't allow him to properly express himself.

Anyways how is your sex life?

Did you just made a reference to The Room? Dude, I'm a 5'1" Bipedal Turtle. If my brothers and I went to Japan, we could star in shokushu goukan movies... DON'T GOOGLE IT!!

It's Tentacle stuff... I'm a novice in that genre, but some of my favorite H-stuff is in that genre.

Dude, you really are a sukebe... As I was saying:
As a Bipedal Turtle, my dating pool is really small... I can't be with human girls since...

Your monster turtle dong would kill them... based on your previous reference... of course! I totally did not google Turtle Penis.

He totally did...

Spike! How about less snark and more clip rolling?

Whoa, dude! Low blow! We don't talk about Oprah, no no no... There's Jennika, but right now she's a vagitarian. There's Venus who may or may not be my sister... I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of Raph and Alopex or Raph and Mona Lisa... depends on which continuity we're referencing.

Yikes! But, back on topic: You say, you want to end the feud, let's say, the feud ends tomorrow in a peaceful manner, what are Hamato Michelangelo's plans after the war?

Oh Jeez, dude! I was expecting that question, but it still caught me off-guard. It's the reason why I'm fighting, you know.... Arts... it's what motivates me. Like my namesake, I want to explore, painting, sculpting, you know, arts! Maybe music and voice acting, since being a 5'1" Turtle can make finding normal acting jobs more difficult. If humanity's attitude towards mutants change, I might even go to college and get a degree... probably in Humanities and of course enjoy some frat parties while I'm at it!

Ah, Humanities, the impractical degrees! As a fellow student of Humanities, I should advise you to get a minor in something practical,  otherwise your degree will net you retail jobs... also, Graphic Designers are a dime a dozen. Now, we danced around the main issue, but touched it barely... What's the deal with April?

Dude, again, it depends on continuity... sometimes she's a 20-something MILF, sometimes she's like our sister from another species, and sometimes she's a sista from another mista...

But have you guys... you know...

Duuude only on R34 continuity! Or the Neftyverse... normally we're great friends! And in most continuities she sticks to her own species... much to my chagrin... Raph and Donnie aren't too fond of that either...

As much fun as I had today, Mike, I guess this is where we have to cut this interview short, since Spike is either making an interpretative dance, or the Network bosses aren't happy about my choice of topics. Next time Join me as we interview Lion-O from Thundercats Roar!! Like hell, we are! Mike. Let's finish this with style...

With style dude? Cowabunga!! Booyakasha!! 

Aw dammit!

Aug 9, 2022

The Spot will be the villain to the Spider-verse sequel: a Marvel Legends rant.

 It's really good that an obscure villain like The Spot is getting some love... what worries me is that this might mean the only Marvel Legends figure of The Spot might be movie based and not Comic Book accurate. Yes, I know it's old news that The Spot was going to be the villain of that movie, but the realization that we might not get a proper Spot figure hit me just now...

And I'm going to use the Spot as an excuse to make a Spider-Man character Wishlist that removes Agony and Riot, since they got made as an Amazon exclusive with a Venom figure that comes with a half-Eddie half-Venom face.

Venom: The Madness
I know that Marvel Select did a Modular Venom with The Madness as a set of accessories. Using the Monster Venom/Deluxe big chunky Venom Body with a new Back piece and new biceps, a Madness Venom could be made. (Also that mold gets its 4th reuse or is it 5th?)

90s Kaine
I will keep asking for 90s Kaine until we get him, but I will not harass any Hasbro executives to get him... totally not a Snyderverse reference... my mom's name is not Martha. But seriously, We have Spider-Ben, we have Scarlet Spider... just give us a 90s Kaine and we'd have the Parker Brothers...

He can easily use a Venom Body with a few changes...

Spider-Man: Beyond:
Before I ask for things like Chasm, who I'm not exactly a fan of, but since it is Ben Reilly, I must root for a figure of him. I think a figure of the Short-lived Beyond series would be nice to celebrate Ben Reilly before Marvel raped him.

Ben Reilly:
This is a creative mix and match figure. Using the suit body without tie torso and the JJJ arms and the Ben Reilly head (new neckpeg might be required) but this one is better suited for a 2-pack. Perhaps with a Green Goblin to recreate Spider-Man v1 issue 75...

Spider-Girl vs Brand New May 2-pack:
Yes this is an excuse to use the new pieces like double hinged elbows on a Spider-girl body. The reason I chose Spider-girl vs Spider-girl blue instead of Mayhem because of parts sharing and that Mayhem can be its own release.
The accessories would be the usual hands for both (punch, webshooting, wall crawling) for April, a set of Symbiote hands.
May gets an unmasked head with her later appearances longer hair, while April gets a Symbiote head with her hair flared out and an april head.

Spiderling 2-pack:
This 2 pack is meant to be a complement to the Spider-Man and Spinneret 2 pack. The kid Spiderling body could be reused on a Valeria Richards or a Gabby Kinney. The teen Spiderling could be the same body as Spider-girl (with the new double jointed elbows I mentioned earlier)

I think that covers all for Symbiotes and Spiders... this time I won't mention Mattie Franklin, because this list is already way too Spider-Heavy.

Doctor Octopus II:
I am referring to Carolyn Trainer. I'd prefer her 90s look, but I wouldn't mind her current look.

The Spot: (616 or SM TAS)
If it wasn't for The Spot, this rant wouldn't exist, so he DESERVES THIS SPOT... pun not intended.
He's mostly a repaint of existing figures, perhaps having a second head where a fist could be plugged in might plus up the figure. Of course this would require a portal spot that can be plugged to another figure's arm... (namely Spider-Man's).

Alistair Smythe The Ultimate Spider Slayer:
I'm going to commit blasphemy here and say that I'd prefer the Spider-Man TAS version over the comic book version.

The final member of Carnage's "Family" from Maximum Carnage. Nearly all the pieces to make him are available.

Since we have Morlun, it makes sense that we get the second Totemistic threat. 

Morbius: (TAS Version)
It's Morbin' time. All he really needs is a new head, since most of his other parts are available.

Carlyle Calamari:
While he might require some new parts, he's an interesting character from a toyetic perspective.

Zombie Mobster Legion type of creature sounds interesting on paper. I guess they could use the Sandman BaF legs and then a new Zombified Torso, head and arms...  lends himself for a BaF in a Spidey themed wave.

Enforcers 3 pack:
Fancy Dan could reuse some Logan parts, Montana a modified Suit Body and ox could use a modified version of the Luke Cage body. 

Will O' the Wisp:
Another easy to make Classic Spidey Villain. Aside the head, they pretty much haave everything.

Molten Man:
The MCU version vas OK-ISH, but still, we need a Classic Looking version of him. 

Chameleon (TAS):
Comic Book Chameleon was a bit hard to find due to people buying multiples for Hammerhead and JJJ. Spidey retro waves could fix that by releasing Chameleon based on his Spider-Man TAS look. Added incentive, TAS Peter Parker head.

Joe Robertson:
We have JJJ, so getting Robbie makes sense. If not for JJJ, Tombstone can work with him.

Mattel wrekkin vehicles are coming in strong

Man, Mattel keeps making more and more wrekkin vehicles that it's a bit hard to keep up. I have the Slambulance and I bought a used one to make the Shellbulance, then there's the bikes. I own the Taker model. There's another model... I think it's Drew McIntyre's. The slam mobile with Braun Strowman, which I own and Amazon got a blue exclusive with Haku Machente. Then there's the ATV... Now thwy have a freaking Big Rig!! It looks so awesome, it has a crane and a caged ball that looks like it can hold a small enough McGuffin. Sadly no figure would fit in there other than Krang's brain. The crane telescopes close to 2 feet... Like all other wrekkin vehicles, it can receive battle damage. I can almost see Shredder driving it across the streets of New York giving chase to April and Casey, who are trying to escape on a Slamcycle. 

Now since I'm on a list mood, I'm going to list a bunch of vehicles I'd like to see getting the wrekkin' treatment:

Randy Orton used one of these to attack The Undertaker. 
I'm not entirely sure, but I think that's one of Eddie Guerrero's lowriders. Mattel could make something that Kinda resembles all of eddie Guerrero's lowriders combined to avoid copyright issues... kinda like what Hasbro does with their non-classic Bumblebees that look like a fiat, a mini cooper and a camaro had sex while looking at pictures of vw beetles.
I do have an ulterior motive... just as I turned a Slambulance into a TMNT Shellbulance, I'd like to modify the lowrider into a Foot Cruiser substitute.

Throughout the years, WWE has had incidents with Limousines. It makes sense to make one. Also, it would be interesting to see what kind of battle damage Mattel could implement to it. 

Kurt Angle's Milk Truck:
I know no damage was done to the milk truck, but the toy could have a water pistol feature.

The reason for picking the Milk truck over Austin's Beer truck is WWE PG and Mattel trying to be kid-friendly. Also, if this nets me milk bottles of different sizes, Then I'm a happy camper.
Garbage truck:
I still can't believe this is from the PG Era. 

In any case, I don't need to explain WHY I want a garbage truck. 

I know this list is super short, because while there are more vehicle incidents, not all of them are that appealing... because not everyone wants a generic Sedan that looks like the love child of a Sunfire, Forte, Corolla, and Fiesta... or the Generic SUV that is the lovechild of a Montero, an Escape, a Sportage, and a Pathfinder. Just to give 2 examples of how those vehicles could be.

Then there are things like Austin's Monster Truck, that is super cool, but at the same time, I can't figure out any realistic options for battle damage and I don't want to disappoint myself into getting one to make a Turtle Tenderizer that can't fit Rocksteady and Bebop.

Or more recent, Brock's tractor... no, seriously, who the hell wants a 1:11 Tractor? 

Now, I've stated before that I'm a fan of these vehicles and strongly believe that Mattel should go beyond the WWE. I've mentioned this on the emergency services line rant, as well on a rant literally suggesting that Mattel should expand the wrekkin vehicles beyond the WWE stuff.
So, taking that into consideration, here's some vehicles that I'd like to see that are not Emergency Services vehicles, or armored trucks:

Moped with pizza delivery attachments:
Basically a normal moped, but with the capability of becoming a pizza delivery moped by swapping a few modular parts.

Taxi cab:
No, it's not to make Taxicab Confessions or Fake Taxi references... 

I'm not talking about the Soccer Mom minivans, but the smaller business vans that are smaller than the FREE CANDY vans. 

No! Nefty-kun is not going to make like a Hazuki and race forklifts... but a Forklift is an interesting and unusual vehicle to have...

Ice Cream truck:
This one almost didn't make it due to three words: Billy Kincaid reference. Now with that out of the way, an Ice cream truck could have some Ice cream accessories like "ice cream" slime.

PEO mobile:
The unsung hero of my Emergency Services line... it totally has nothing to do with the Meter Maid vehicles looking hilarious. I know I said no Emergency Services vehicles, but let's be honest here: what emergencies do PEOs solve... NONE! They just had tockets to illegally parked people while they ride their funny looking carts.

Mall Security Vehicle:
I am referring to the Segway-styled personal transport vehicles used by Mall security, since they're smaller than golf carts.

Golf cart:
Nothing says "I'm a douchebag" like driving a golf cart outside of a golf course and not being a security guard... I could've put this on the WWE stuff, since they have used golf carts across the years, but to not piss off AEW stans who now believe that Kenny Omega invented using golf carts, I chose not to.

I think this covers most of the "non-standard" vehicles that aren't schoolbuses for obvious reasons, though TDK Fans would love a schoolbus for obvious reasons.

Aug 8, 2022

Oh no... Haley Joel Osment saw Olivia Newton-John...

 My facebook feed is full of Grease references now... I'm not even a fan of Grease. Now, people who never watched Grease once in their freaking lives are posting Grease references due to her passing. Apparently, it was cancer related. As always my condolences to friends and family. 

I'm not a fan of her, Hell, the only thing I remember her is not even Grease... it's her incredibly cheesy video that has a bunch of muscular and sweaty men working out on a fighting videogame training stage... I'm talking about Physical... Spike! Remember it's Olivia Newton-John, don't hit me with some Dua Lipa bullshit here...

Let's get physical... physical... wait is this about sex? All this time I thought it was music to work out to... welp! Another little bit of my innocence lost...

In any case, may she rest in peace...

Did Family Guy predict the John Travolta is a closeted gay pilot thing?

Aug 7, 2022

Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X is a bad idea.

 Before some of you get your pitchforks and start screaming: "That's racist!" Hear me out.
Mr. Esposito is a superb actor. Phase 6 roughly ends in 2025 and the X-Men are nowhere to be found. Mr. Esposito is currently at 64. He's going to be 67+ years old by the time phase 6 ends.
RDJ was 43-44 when Ironman was being filmed and Avenger Endgame was released when he was 54. We don't know if the X-Men are going to be around for 10 years AFTER they show up, which won't be until 2025 at best. Seeing that Disney is afraid of recasting certain roles "out of respect to the actor", like they killed T'Challa because of Chadwick Boseman. It would suck to be setting up Onslaught and have Esposito die long before the reveal. 

I most likely would love to see Mr. Esposito in a Marvel role, but the only role I see for him is voicing  En Sabah Nur, aka Apocalypse. Hear me out... the young En Sabah Nur fought a version of Kang. We know Kang is in phases 4, 5, and 6. Having Esposito voicing the young ESN, while the young Nur is played by an Underwear Model body with enough Apocalypse prosthetic make up that can make his face look like a young Esposito.
Perhaps even preemptively recording "Evolution monologs" by Esposito just in case to have ready for the actual reveal of Apocalypse. (A measure just in case an act of God makes Mr. Esposito unable to return) Before the actual reveal of Apocalypse. Then again, they could save money and have the Revealed Apocalypse be played by a different actor. I just suggested an idea inspired by Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story and Doc Hudson in Cars, who were able to get posthumous performances by using unused lines and outtakes.
But we could have Esposito play a role as one of the disguises of En Sabah Nur himself if we want to use him outaide of voicework...

I know that Apocalypse isn't known as a shapeshifter despite one of his powers is literally shape-shifting... Besides. It wouldn't be the first time the MCU alters a character's power set. The idea is to have Esposito play "an evil Nick Fury" that is trying to force the advanvement of Mutantkind by weeding out the weaker mutants. Funding the FoH, Magneto's Brotherhood. The Sentinel black project, Nathaniel Essex... Even the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning isn't safe from En Sabah Nur's influence. He's setting up the pieces to get his strong army.

Since this role would be mostly voicework and non-action scenes, it would be safer for the older Esposito... I'm aware that this rant may sound ageist. I'm also aware that any attempt at explaining will not stop the idiots from callong me racist and ageist, but here I go...

While everyone dies and it can be at random, the older we get, the more likely we're to die. My issue is lies with Disney's new No Recast policy and how an actor's death can ruin storylines. Losing an important character like Prof X. would royally suck. Like I said just now, the older we get, the more likely we're going to die. So, an actor close to his 70s would be at a higher risk of death than an actor in his 40s...

I know that part of the reason for race swapping Xavier has to do with Magneto getting race swapped. The latter is getting race swapped. The reason for this swap is that we're currently 17 years from the 100th anniversary of World War II.  So, a more modern conflict is needed, probably something from Africa, Apartheid or the First Liberian Civil War... if they use the Liberian Civil War, Magneto could be as young as in his 40s by the time of the 5 years later after the blip. With the snaps of 2018 and 2023 to boost the mutant population, there's plenty of time to have Xavier form the school and have a fallout with Magneto, not to mention to have a class of late teens-early 20s X-Men. This would allow for keeping the cast for a long time.

My assistant Spike, notified me about the rumor of Denzel playing Magneto and that I already complained about that. The Ultimate Universe origin for Magneto COULD WORK but personally a Black Magneto worries me due to unintended racism.

Aug 5, 2022

Zaslav's "10 year plan" is not necessarily a good thing.

 David Zaslav, the guy who killed scripted programming on TNT and TBS, the guy who killed family-friendly programming on HBO MAX, the guy who is killing DC projects left and right, is the same person throwing the 10-year plan and putting the Trinity on top.

Of course the idiots are spamming the hashtags:
ReLeAsEtHeAyerCuT, ReStOrEtHeSnYdErVeRsE, MaKeThEbAtFfLeCkMoViE, etc. Yet they haven't noticed the obvious:

The 10 year plan is the final nail on the Snyderverse coffin.

We're on August 2022, Cavill is busy with filming Witcher season 3 and other projects. At best, he's available in late 2023 or early 2024 putting him in the 40-41 range. After WW3, we don't know if the 38-39 year old Gal Gadot would return as Wonder Woman. Same thing for 44-year old Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Also, 50-year old Ben Affleck, who has already said that he doesn't want to do Superhero movies anymore is unlikely to return and Play Batman until he's 60. 

I know the obvious responses to this will be:
"Ageist" "but Robert Downey Jr." , "What about The Rock", "Old fart Keaton", "Why aren't you mentioning Ray Fisher, you racist bastard".

My responses: Not really ageist, but thinking for the long run.  10 years is a long time and age catches up with people, especially at the over 40-years old range. Add a not everyone ages like fine wine. While I still have some youthful appearance compared to some of my peers, I still look like shit compared to 30-year old me. 
60 year old Affleck won't look as good as 50 year old Affleck... not to mention how J-Lo has drained the life out of Affleck living a double life of Batman and Buttman will kill poor Affleck.

I'm not mentioning Ray Fisher, because it won't make sense for WB to bring him back after all the badmouthing he did against Warner. After 2017 all he had was True Detective, Women of the Movement... supposedly he has 2 upcoming projects: The Piano Lesson, a netflix movie, and Rebel Moon, Hack Snydurr's Star Wars parody.
This has nothing to do with race, but his attitude of burning bridges with WB.

RDJ could play Ironman in his 50s because MOST of Ironman is played by a CGI armor and HUD closeups of RDJ's face from "inside the armor". Putting 10 years of the heavy physically challenging role of Batman on Ben Affleck would require a ton of stuntmen taking his place. I'm mentioning Affleck a lot because he's the oldest Caucasian of the League. He isn't blessed with the youthful genes from pacific islanders like Dwayne Johnson, who also lives, breathes, and eats Gym 24/7. 

What about Keaton? Well, the whole previous point covers it and I'm torn on his partial return that may or may not be removed from the DCEU. I know he's in his 70s (perfect age for a Batman Beyond movie) and that most of the action scenes involve stunt doubles. Part of me likes the idea of seeing him once again don the cowl, but the other recognizes that it's a bit too late for that. (Just because I disliked most of what Snyder did doesn't mean I automatically liked everything post-Snyder.)

I honestly have no idea where The Batman is going to be on this plan. Will it be a different Universe, will it be incorporated into the new new DCEU? I don't know and I hope it remains an Elseworld, because I don't think Robert Pattinson would stick to a 10 year plan.

Warner's best bet is to start anew, with a new cast. Especially with lesser known actors so they don't have to pay outrageous prices from the get go. Also, they have a chance to actually lay down the groundwork and properly build a universe. The Trinity wouldn't NEED to have origin stories, but unlike the ill conceived Snyderverse, you can't start with a nearly retired Batman and a rookie Superman. 

For example, you could start with a Superman who still hasn't fought Supervillains, but has saved people from normal criminals/terrorists, natural disasters, etc. On this first Cinematic outing, Superman finds that criminals are somehow obtaining weaponry that is specifically designed to deal with Superman. This would lead to Metallo becoming his first villain.

For Batman we could start with the rift between Dick and Bruce as the Dynamic Duo with the firmer moving to Bludhaven and become Nightwing by the second half of the movie and end the movie with a teen trying to steal the Batmobile's wheels. Of course we're killing Jason in the sequel and introduxe the new Joker here.

Wonder Woman is the only one I have issues with figuring out her role in making the foundation for this new Universe.

The thing is that WB has a chance to build a strong base for a DC movieverse and putting the heroes in their proper place... the big problem here will be David Zaslav. If he doesn't like what's going on with "the plan" he's going to chop it down as we've seen with the CW stuff, TBS and TNT, HBO MAX, and other projects. I'm hoping for the best, but warning everyone about the worst.

Saw Rise of the TMNT Movie...

 It's no secret that I hate Rise of the TMNT. So it doesn't make sense that I'd watch the movie, but I did. For one simple reason... they tried to fix the Casey Jones mistake... by having a Time traveling (male) Casey Jones (jr.) Attempt to save the world from a Krang invasion.

So CJ2 is stuck in the past with the Turtles and Leo's ego gets in the way. This causes Raph to get captured and Leo's got to prove himself as a leader... Despite being based on Rise of the TMNT, it wasn't a trainwreck... it wasn't good either since it felt rushed and contrived at times. But there was one thing that was bugging me a lot... CJ2's voice sounded familiar... 

It's Haley Joel Osment... FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!! The last thing I needed in TMNT is an Osment...
Seriously,of all the voice actors in the world, it has to the dude with the Necrosight!! OK it's not Haley Joel Osment, but that it had to be on Rise of the TMNT where Leonardo sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog... and most of the characters are not acting like most versions of themselves. 

I'm aware that my dislike of the ROTTMNT continuity has an adverse reaction to the movie.
But putting it aside, it was average. If you enjoyed ROTTMNT, you might like this. Animation wise, this movie is great. The voice acting is top-notch. It's just that the story didn't work for me. Dammit, now I want to wash this off by watching Young and Hungry...

Aug 4, 2022

I saw Lightyear

 Honestly,  I don't see the big deal about it. I actually missed the infamous kiss due to a sneeze. (Saw it on YouTube) it was less than a second long. I really don't get the fuzz people are throwing about this.
I can't imagine the outrage if it had been two dudes kissing... ah I get it, they mad because they weren't 2 nubile college students.

The only thing I can get behind the critics is that this movie isn't the type of movie that would get kids interested in buying a Buzz Lightyear figure. Heck it doesn't FEEL like a late 80s to early 90s sci-fi action movie that Andy would've seen and become a Buzz Lightyear fan. It feels too 2020s kind of movie. It's not a bad movie,  but it's not what they promised either. 
The only 90s movie accurate thing was the annoying minority sidekick played by Take a white titty. (Reread it in bad Australian impression) this felt like adapting one of those Buzz Lightyear expanded universe novels into a movie than an actual Buzz Lightyear movie. 

I wanted to love this movie but it lacked some I don't know what, but it felt lacking. The Zurg twist was interesting, but felt like a bad retcon of a joke from Toy Story 2. I kind of wish it had been made to purposely look like a bad low budget sci-fi movie from the 90s. I'm afraid of what they'd do in a Sheriff Pride movie.

Aug 3, 2022

Masterverse Two-Bad is coming

 He or they look really nice! Now, If he just looked nice comma I wouldn't have much to talk about but Here I am making a post about it. This must mean that I might have a few nits to pick. 

I'm not 100% sure, but he might be a New Eternia figure. The Belt with the crest from a previous concept for him, the arm or thigh armor are giving me "New Eternia" vibes... also the "flayed" Tuvar side is giving me incoming new backstory vibes. The headsculpts feel a bit lacking, especially on Tuvar. I am disappointed that his 200X weapon is a no show, especially when he has two concept maces that look like they were the inspiration for the 200X weapon

Unused concept that became Two-Bad.
Notice the crest on his armor and maces.

After seeing New Eternia Beastman, all other New Eternia figures kinda feel underwhelming... aside Stratos.

Who aside of having 2 right feet on the SDCC Display seems to be a New Eternia figure with the alternate feather collar and facemask. Seems that his wings MIGHT be articulated.

But Masterverse as a line feels weird... it has Revelation/Revolution, Netflix CGI toon, New Eternia, Princess of Power (but feels like a hybrid between Filmation and a "New Etheria") as its masters and there's no rhyme or reason to the releases. 

Batgirl allegedly got canceled: a rant

 While this project was one I didn't care much about, (Michael Keaton cameo aside)  seeing it allegedly canceled when it was almost completed royally sucks. It shows the lack of direction at WB regarding DC comics. Unlike some idiots out there (I'm referring to the Snydercult), this is not a good thing. 

This wasn't like the Wonder Twins project that was in pre-production, this was a nearly completed movie that already spent 90 million dollars in the making. This puts Zaslav further behind of his cutting 3 Billion Dollars  from WB plan to recover the Discovery investment. If Zaslav canned this project, he won't throw money at an incompetent director who can't stay on budget and deliver a movie whose runtime is 2 hours or less. If the "Snyderverse" was dead before, now it's even deader. WB TRIED to keep the DCEU, but the Snydercult keeps shooting itself in the foot. Now with Batgirl's cancelation, they're asking for Black Adam, Shazam 2, and Blue Beetle to be canceled. They're asking to kill whatever is keeping the DCEU in life support... I forgot the eternal hate-boner towards James Gunn and Peacemaker. Honestly, I don't get the Snydercult... well, I mean, I get them, but I can't see the logic in their plans. On the other hand, I don't get WB's plan either. 

This lack of direction under WB, under the AT&T Merger WB, and now the Discovery Merger WB, has been what has kept DC movies way behind Marvel... right now they shouldn't bother with playing catch-up and instead foxus on doing a cinematic universe that RESPECTS its source material... (so no Snyder-like garbage)

Aug 2, 2022

Theoretical Super7 vehicular surprise...

 The Thundertank and the Party Wagon have been the vehicles made by Super7 for Thundercats and TMNT respectively. Now they have more toylines like GI Joe, Silverhawks, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, just to name a few. 

I mentioned that a Maraj may or may not be viable due to scale. But they did make the Thundertank, so anything is possible. Mon*Star's Skyrunner is a more viable vehicle to be made, even if slightly less Iconic than the Maraj... or they could do the Mob's space cruiser vehicles... I don't think many people would buy Seymour's cab... if you know what I mean. Any of these would be no lower than $300... based on Super7's previous price gouging.

For the Joes, I could see Serpentor's air chariot, the Trouble Bubble as viable vehicles for COBRA... a HISS tank would be out of the question.  But since Super7 has already made fenslerfilm references with their GI Joe products, how about...

A jeep with Roadblock and the cable removing tool? For $510 you get the Green tanktop and orange pants Roadblock, his normal accessories, the Jeep and the cable removing tool. Normal Roadblock would be the V2 version with extra blind head and 

A snake Cobra Commander... who wasss once a mannnn!!

But there is another vehicle that may be odd and unexpected.
The Radbug... of course, this would mean that they would have to do civilian versions of the rangers. And if they play their licensing cards right, they could modify some of the tooling from the radbug and make the most expensive Disney ultimates figure...
I am referring to Herbie, the Love Bug... 

But would we get any of Herbie's passengers? (I said passengers because Herbie has a mind of his own.) Knowing Super7, we'd get a classic character, but part of me wants Lindsay Lohan... Mostly for all the wrong reasons... most of them involving her song First. Yes, Nefty-kun will be giggling and making snarky remarks about some lyrics in the song. Also, holy shit! Lindsay Lohan is 36... but yeah... a $450 Herbie is ALMOST Tempting.

I kinda fear the notion of Super7 getting Knight Rider...

Aug 1, 2022

George Jetson was born Yesterday

 July 31st, 2022 is the birthday of the Jetson Patriarch... the internet pretty much insists that's his Birthday. The Jetsons aired in 1962 and it was meant to be a hundred years since then. Basic math comes into the equation of substracting George Jetson's age from 2062, and that leaves 40-year old George Jerson being born on 2022. Why July 31st? No idea, but that would mean I would be either dead or an 80-year old curmudgeon by the time George is asking Jane to stop this crazy thing...

But for more refreshing vegan news: we're on the year of Soylent Green... if you're a vegan in 2022, you might be eating people...

If the movie is correct.

Also, next year will be the year when Terry McGinnis is born... 1 day before this Blog's anniversary. Better find a McFarlane Batman Beyond figure before that date.

We missed the BTTF Future and Blade Runner... we also happily avoided the TLOU Outbreak what other futures can we screw up?

Jul 31, 2022

Lt. Uhura has been seen by a Keyblade wielder

 Nichelle Nichols, has become the latest victim of Emil Osment's brother and his accursed Necrosight. According to her son, Nichols passed away due to natural causes. As always, my condolences to her friends and family.

Pretty much everyone remembers her as Uhura... I'm not sure, but I think she was in Spider-Man the Animated Series... playing Blade's Mom IIRC. But Nichols was far more important for pushing diversity back in the day, not just on TV but for the Space Program... I know that some of you are thinking that I'm a hypocrite. Since I complain about "diversity" in modern media but Celebrate Nichelle Nichols. 

I can assure you that there is no hypocrisy there. Back then, diversity was about ADDING groups and not Replacing. But back to Ms. Nichols, who is the focus of this rant. It's really awesome how she used her Star Trek powers to help other people of color to boldly go where no people of color had gone before. I had to sneak that Trek Reference somewhere... May she rest in peace. Only Chekov, Sulu and Kirk remain... and I... am... dreaDING... theday... I... have... to... deLIVEr... some... bad... news... 

Jul 30, 2022

Simscest is wincest... for now.

 The Sims, the game where you can be a god and control the lives of a Sim little family. Work, own a house, deal with all the stuff related to being a homeowner, get married, have kids, get disappointed with life, so you make a pool to have a pool party for your family and then let the video explain.

There are plenty of ways to kill your sims...

But it's not death what I want to speak about... it's about love... a Special Kind of love...

Yes, we have Incest in The Sims 4. It's not intentionally made. Need to point this out befre we get parent's groups going REEEEEEE!! This is a bug on the wants/desires feature. IIRC, the feature worked with Sims that had a high level of compatibility and got along with each other. Normally this excludes family members. Seems that the recent update messed that up and now we have The Sims: Sweet Home Alabama edition. EA is working on a patch to fix this issue. 

Personally, I don't have an issue with Simscest. Here come the torches and pitchforks... wait, hear me out. I'm talking about the consensual relationship between two virtual adults. Not Real Humans and no children (virtual or otherwise). The sims has ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other unrealistic things. The biggest reasons for people being against incest are mostly based on religious taboos and the possibility of malformed genetic aberrations... but that's on the real world, not The Sims. If your Sim Sister falls in love with you, you DON'T HAVE TO RECIPROCATE her feelings. This would require a Consent pop-up, which would be nice since some Sims are super easy and others, well, any more obtuse they'd be avenging Iwao Hazuki. 

But this is a videogame, it's not real and since it's not real, I'm a bit more tolerant of incest than I'd be in the real world. There are far more complex issues in the real world that make actual incest less acceptable than on The Sims... things like power dynamics that can be abusive, age differences between the two people involved (where one could've been a minor groomed by the adult), should the couple be sterilized due to risk of genetic malformations (assuming they're a heterosexual couple or non-heterosexual couple with fully functional heterosexual genitalia)... I am ignoring the religious taboo aspect of it and focusing on the social and biological aspects, because the religious argument boils down to it's bad because religion says it's bad. Would I be OK with real life incest between two consenting adults in a relationship that both parties have equal power and have taken precautions to avoid reproduction (ie: vasectomy, removal of ovaries)? I don't think so. It's kinda like GTA... I'm OK with stealing cars, killing people indiscriminately, causing all sorts of mayhem IN THE GAME, but not in real life. But it seems that many have a hang up with incest that even fake incest between fake human analogs bothers them. This rant took a weird turn...

So, if you're into virtual incest with the Sims, hurry up before they patch the accidental incest...


It got patched... Sims are no longer from Alabama.

Jul 28, 2022

Super7 finally released the preorder for the Laughing Joking Numbnuts variants of Thundercats

 They aren't repaints. They sculpted new parts purposely made to look like the bad 80s toys... 

I already bitched about these back when Super7 put them prematurely on announcement. I still stand by everything I said back then. I dread the Kenner repaint waves of silverhawks...

At least B-Flynn isn't doing these variants:

Whatever happened to Ehrgeiz?

 Made for arcades by Namco, ported home by Sqauresoft. No one remembers the arcade version... Hell, many DON'T REMEMBER THE HOME CONSOLE VERSION...

This game... the free running 3D Fighter that had cameos from Final Fantasy VII because Square was beginning their whoring out of FFVII here and with Final Fantasy Tactics. 

The game came and nearly 24 years later, it never got a sequel... I know that aside the FFVII stuff, the game was "forgettable". 
I do remember a few things, like the dude trying to get his leg back and you can see the dismembered leg during the final final battle. I also remember Wolf Girl Jo, Yoyo Yoko, freaking Inoba and his ending...

It's a shame that this peculiar fighter has been relegated as a footnote in history. Personally I believe it should get a sequel to test the waters.  Especially with a create a character feature. The replay value would be on the quest mode and other alternative modes to unlock stuff in-game and the dreaded DLC. 

But I guess this will happen right after Tobal No. 3... or a new Battle Arena Toshinden...

Jul 26, 2022

Making a Case for the 30th Anniversary figures in New Eternia

 While I may think that Spector's creator is a massive douche... ohai Scott! Not sorry about calling you a douche. Spector, Sir-Loser-Lot, Draego-Man, Cy-Chop, Fearless Photog, and Castle Grayskullman are all Part of MOTU Lore now. And let's face it, some of those entries could use some "redesigning" to make them pop...

For example:
New torso based on He-Ro with the Gem of Talmadge. Using the Battle Armor He-Man Left Pauldron, bracer (that can plug in the new SLL Shield) a new right bracer that mimics the left one, the BAHM tasset and GP He-Man boots with MEF crotch would give us a "New SLL" that can be turned into a close to classic version.

Spector would need new head, left bracer, webgear (the belts) just to make a "vanilla spector". To give him the "New Eternia" treatment, perso ally, I'd add a ragged cloak with hood to make him more Specter-like. Maybe adding some barbarian styled removable armor bits for him to disguise himself better in the past.

Something similar could be done to Cy-Chop, Castle Grayskullman, and Photog. Draego-Man can be released as is and he'd be perfect... although some closed wings like the ones from Disney's Gargoyles could be a nice addition for the Draego-Man figure. 

The reason I'm tossing them in New Eternia is because there's not a "vanilla MOTU" line in Masterverse... the divisions are:
-Kevin Smith bastardization of He-Man
-Princess of Power
-New Eternia
-MOTU morphin He-Rangers from netflix

Since none of them have appeared on She-Ra or the Netflix shows, the only spot left is New Eternia. 

Jul 25, 2022

Haley Joel Osment saw David Warner

 And not even the Lazarus Pits will bring him back. Someone please break High Summoner Yuna's legs before she starts dancing... David Warner, mostly known for The Omen, Tron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze, and Batman: The Animated Series has passed away due to Cancer-related issues. Fuck Cancer!

My condolences to his friends and family. I'm not going to pretend that I was a huge fan of Warner. I've seen and heard a lot of his work, but I mostly remember him from TMNT2SOTO and Batman TAS. Especially the katter as he sent chills down my spine as the Head of the Demon. He has been in a ton of stuff, Star wars, Star Trek, Wing Commander, Dr. Who, Tron, MIB the series, and others... Hell he was Jor-El believe it or not...

Odds and ends 25th of July 2022

 Today is the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Puerto Rican Constitution... but I'm not dealing with Puerto Rican politics. It's just a random fact... Last night Hasbro Pulse had some Dr. Mindbender figures available. FedEx totally rapes Puerto Ricans with their shipping costs.
With Mindbender preordered, all I need is:
Snake Eyes (preordered)
Lady Jaye
Sgt. Slaughter (preordered)
Storm Shadow (preordered)
Tomax (preordered)
Xamot (preordered)
Cobra Commander 
Destro (pimp daddy... need a normal one)
Dr. Mindbender (preordered)

You might have guessed that it's a Ballad of GI Joe reference.

Sadly, Sarge was sold out when I checked... but I snagged him from BBTS. Aside the FedEx price tag issue, it was smooth sailing... but here's an even better idea:

Instead of promoting Attificial Rarity with Products that we won't be getting for 6 months to over a year, how about having a 1 month preorder window? It doesn't make sense to have items that we're getting in 2023 sell out in less than 10 minutes. I could understand if these were ready to ship in say August 1st,  but they aren't... Are you getting the message, Mattel? Yes, I'm using Hasbro to call out your bullshit.

Mattel Creations is worse than Mattycollector in 2009.

With product selling out in seconds and posting figures that should be on retail, it's pointless to buy MOTU Origins, because because having the item in the cart while checking out doesn't guarantee you getting a figure. Especially with a "kid friendly line" like Origins. 

Fuck Teen Titans Go! Even if it has Tara Strong, fuck that show with a rusty spoon...
What can this garbage heap of a show do to make me this angry? How about making an entire episode about a cretin who would use his daughter's death to shield himself from criticism?
Hack Snydurr is voicing himself in a Teen Titans Go! Episode... Now we will have like 14 months of morons chanting with their hashtags... especially aftwr they got egg on their faces after Jim Lee confirmed the Snyderverse's death. 

This might be my very first Mezco figure.
The figure us a CLASSIC Doctor Octopus... fun fact: the SEGA CD game The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin featured Cam Clarke as the voice of Doctor Octopus. He also was Electro, and JJJ. With Peter Renaday as Kingpin (Yes, Master Splinter was Kingpin). Whether I get him or not, hangs on the tentacles right now. Hopefully news on him won't fall through the cracks...