Dec 3, 2022

I really don't understand blogger/google.

 The recent Advent Calendar for Miscellaneous items/accessories got a warning about it "violating guidelines" but when I went to check out the issue, guess what? They don't give me an explicit reason of what's the thing that triggered the warning. I have an inkling on what could've triggered it... a tongue-in-cheek reference to a certain building orifice. I didn't mention acts of using one. Just the object in question in comparison to Castlevania's wall meat. 

I just wish that blogger/google was more direct.
Instead of: 
B: You did a bad thing! 
Me: What did I do!?
B: You know what you did!
Me: I don't! Tell me what I did so I can fix it!
Me: I swear, I have no clue what I did wrong? Gimme a hint!
B: Read the guidelines and you will know.

How about this:
B: Your usage of "Adult Reference" on two instances in your post is not within the parameters of non-restricted topics. We've put an age restriction on the post. If you want to have the post without age restriction, please remove the instances regarding "adult reference".
Me: Ah, I see. *removes Adult Reference*. Now Can I Haz Unrestricted Post?
B: let's see... *looks for adult reference*. It passed the test, topic is unrestricted.
Me: Yay! Thanks for being helpful!

If they can detect what's wrong, then they should TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG SO I CAN FIX IT! I'm not a mind-reader. If I was, I wouldn't have a minimum wage job and writing a blog about toys, videogames, and things that piss me off!

Dec 2, 2022

Advent Calendar 02: Another Addendum

 I've been naughty this year and started writing some of the Advent Calendar entries far earlier, since last time it was a hassle due to scheduling conflicts. Throughout this year, I've been getting props for dioramas. Ringside Collectibles and Wrestling Superstore have been a godsend for accessories... and to an extent, a cheaper alternative to eBay and Amazon. 

Still, eBay and Amazon have some unique things that can be harder to find anywhere else. Y'all know about my "China Wars" Casey Jones that I was working on to make into the official TMNTU styled Nefty-kun. You might have seen some cameos of him, due to the timeline being tampered with recklessly. But before I deal with Nefty-kun, here's the stuff I got from Wrestling Superstore:
Bent Lead pipe
Fire Hydrant
TV tray
Traffic Cone

Aside the Taser, TV Tray, and Megaphone, the rest of the items are themed: Background Items that you could find on a street diorama... or a beat-em up game diorama.

The TV Tray is just that, a TV Tray. Sadly it's not accurate to my classic ICFTTC TV tray. But just for kicks I used the items of a past upcoming Advent Calendar item.
The Belt is in progress. 
This is a recreation of what I do for the

The Taser unfortunately has a tiny grip and none of the Super 7 MALE figures can hold it.
I'm gonna use the official pic from Wrestling Superstore so you can see it better.

I guess I could add it to Nefty-kun's Championship Belt as an unusable prop. Kinda like NECA Rocksteady has the wooden sword/machete. 
The handle is too thick for MOTUC, McFarlane and some Marvel Legends. April can only use it with her gun hand... if Irma is made, she might get to use it... or the next one I buy.
I kick ass... Shocking!!

The Megaphone has a bit of a wider grip that can be used on big guys like Rocksteady... and I got it as a pre-emptive buy for Burne, or if I can find Policemen in that scale... that aren't too realistic. Or Super7 should just make Police Academy animated series toys and incorporate movie characters in the animated style. Like say Nogata... (yes I want him for a Xenogears reference) 
Sadly, I'll probably have to customize cops when I suck at customizing. I mean it's a megaphone, what else can I say about it?

And then there's the rest:
Rocksteady: Alright Robots, kick his ass! He ain't no Toitle nor sports dude...
Nefty: I'm the Game Dude... the most hardcore videogamer in the world... and you fools are in my playground...
*E1M1 intensifies* 
Rocksteady: I'm gonna look for Bebop... Foot Soldiers ATTACK!!

Traffic Cone:
A Beaten up Traffic cone that has seen better days. Seems like a bad driver (I swear it wasn't me) ran over the cone. It lacks reflective tape, but that can be solved via tape or paint. I don't think I'll paint/tape Cone #1, but if I get Multiples, some might get the reflective treatment to differentiate them.

Bent Lead pipe: 
The pipe looks far too shiny to be a lead pipe. The girth is a bit too much for Nefty or the Foot Soldiers to hold. With some muscle Rocksteady and Bebop could hold it by the tip. But the I'm gonna call it steel pipe is such an iconic weapon in beat-em up games like Final Fight  and Streets of Rage. Curiously enough, Double Dragon has no pipes as weapons... on the arcade entries. IIRC in one of the NES games there was a pipe. Even River City Ransom has a pipe weapon. Basically a pipe that has cracked a few skulls and seem better days.

The Fire Hydrant is just that, a red fire hydrant. No removable pieces, no missile firing action,  just a plain old red fire hydrant. I might need to make some research to repaint it based on NYC code.

The Trash Can:
Normal Residential style Metal Trash can with lid. The lid size is good but Bebop can't hold the handle, unfortunately. You can fill it up with stuff. (They also have dumpsters and plastic square bins... great for alley dioramas.)
Nefty: They no longer make henchmen like they used to. To be fair they landed a blow or two... A trash can? Perfect!! Nothing puts me in the mood like Garbage Can Pizza... OK maybe wall meat that isn't from an adult reference. Wait... why do I hear Boss music?

From eBay:
Jakks Pacific TV with broken screen (you slam a Wrestler's head through it.) It looks like a 70s TV with wood paneling and stuff. The screen is soft and cracked, which allows to display a figure knocked out with their head inside the TV. If you have a TMNTU display and the background is inside Second Time Around Antiques store, using a GITD Foot Soldier  with its head through this TV, it could look like it's being electrocuted. (It's ok, it's a robot). If someone would make a third party cast of it with an intact screen, it would be awesomesauce!
3D Printed to the left and jakks Pacific to the right.

 I also got a 3D Printed TV. It's similar to the Jakks TV but not identical... guess I'll have to find a VCR or two for them.
Unpainted as it was sold to me.

Well. Here's Nefty-kun in all his glory, though he prefers the codename GameDude... He even has a bio:
Green Hill Hospital Room 1-1
5'7" without Mushroom Power-ups
230 when fully equipped.
Favorite move:
The Konami Code
Favorite Power-Up:
Invincibility or Extra Lives.

Description: As a college-aged slacker who is an eternal disappointment to his father, Nefty spends most of his free time playing videogames. One day while he was playing at an arcade, a scuffle between the Foot Clan and the Tuetles ensured. During the encounter a flying ooze canister knocked Nefty into a Japanese tabletop arcade game triggering a mutation. Now Nefty is a half-man, half-videogame, evil fighting machine. Using "videogame logic" Nefty can pull out various videogame power ups and use them in the real world. He can even use cheat codes with his tubular Game Gauntlet. Now calling himself the GameDude, he wants to ensure it's Game Over for the foot!

Design and Concept:
Remember the rant about creating characters? One of the Concepts that I didn't mention back then was a character named: Nicholas Raymond Cade, aka Nick R Cade... yes, the name is a reference to Nickelodeon's Nick Arcade gameshow.  Visually, he'd be a mix of old parts and new parts. The old parts would be mostly from Casey Jones. Mainly the lower Body. The Head, Torso, and arms would be new. The torso would be a red shirt with the Red Jaguars from Legends of the Hidden Temple (another Nickelodeon reference) a Blue sleeveless vest with a round pin with P1 written on it. A splat of orange GAK is stuck to the back of his chest. For his arms his shoulders would be covered by the short sleeved shirt and he's wearing orange  fingerless gloves. He should look a bit like a young Jack Black with MacGyver's Mullet, light brown hair. If he was made in the late 80s-early 90s he'd get for accessories:
-Championship Belt:
A Fighter's belt that boosts the user's strength
-Hermes Sandals:
Sandals from a fantasy game that allow double jump and air dash (similar to Kala's boots in plug in function)
-Gamer Gauntlet:
It clips on his left arm and can allow Nick/Nefty the use of cheat codes and other powers like firing energy blasts.
-Wall Hot Dog: 
It's a Hot Dog that Nicm/Nefty found by punching a wall. It restores Health. It's not an adult joke/reference... I should've gone with a burger.
Touching this gives Nick/Nefty an extra life.
-Space Sword:
Futuristic Sword from a platforming game used to destroy evil robots.
Of course, all these would be in Nickelodeon orange.

Like stated in Nefty-kun's bio, Nick, would be a slacker who'd rather spend his time playing videogames, much to his father's (Nicholas Cade Sr.) dismay. There would have been a reference to Nick R. Cade hating being called Nick jr. and he's mostly a love letter to pre-200s Nickelodeon. (And a bit of a joke as how other mega entertainment corporations love to cross promote brands in blatantly obvious plugs but using TMNT's new corporate overlords.) 
His outfit is a slight nod to SNK's Terry Bogard but in a Mario inspired color scheme. I removed a red Double Dare hat to avoid making it too obvious. That's also why I made the Power Glove ersatz a left handed item. The Blaster functionality is a nod to most run and gun games (Megaman, Contra, Metroid). The Hermes sandals are a nod to Kid Icarus and the Pegasus Boots from Legend of Zelda. The wall Hot Dog is a reference to Castlevania. The 1Up is self explanatory. The Space Sword is a nod to Strider. The idea that Nick kinda looks like Jack Black is a nod to the Pitfall ad with Jack Black. So yeah, while there is a lot of Nickelodeon references, I also tried to add a lot of "generic looking" nods to other games.

Since my customizing skills are poor and there aren't enough base bodies in the TMNTU style, I had to improvise, adapt, and overcome.
With me being unable to remove the Shoulderpad from Casey's left shoulder, I had to tweak my design... if only there was some sort of Videogame character with a left shoulderpad... but I didn't want to make it so obvious... with Casey having a Hoodie, I only needed to extend it closer to his waist and add some more hoodie jacket elements. I also added a red undershirt to keep some of the Mario Red and Blue. The shoulderpad is badly painted on purpose. You can see the orange from underneath, since Nefty only painted it gunmetal and silver to "look badass" but at the same time keeping a Low Budget Cosplay feel to it. The hair is painted in color shifting paints because when it looks golden, Nefty is using videogame logic powers. When it's black, hes not using his powers. When somewhere in between, he's using passive powers, like visual novel mode. (Including those types of games like Classmates: End of Summer). 
The Championship Belt was a Revelation... Trap Jaw belt I saw on eBay... The Space Sword is a cast of another Space Sword specifically from He-Man. The Nefty head is a repaint of a Mo-Larr cast. 

The point of these addendums is that throughout the year, I've found more stuff to use as props, but despite the decent amount, there needs to be more... outside of Dollhouse stuff...

Super7 and army builders... another rant

 Thundercats got their first army builder. The entire wave is literally Slithe's army. 

Not gonna lie, the figures look fine. The only problem is that you DON'T  MAKE ARMY BUILDERS THIS WAY!! Especially at $55 per figure. The issue is that they literally dumped all of Slithe's army in a wave. They should've made a jackalman (not THE Jackalman) army builder, one of Slithe's army, and one of the generic Monkians (not THE Monkian). Spreading them out, that way they can have more availability, while remaining "limited". The way it is right now, if you're strapped for cash, you missed out on the reptilian army. Not to mention that Army Builders should always have a bigger heads up time in order for people save for them... especially when they're at $55+ per figure.

While technically Snarf was my final Super7 Thundercat purchase; I will still advocate for something that is both in favor of Super7 and most importantly, the customers. 

Advent Calendar 02 Addendum: More Wrestling toys Not for Wrestling figures... or MEGO types

 Figures Toy Company makes some MEGO styled Batman 66 stuff, as well as some Wrestling stuff. Some of these items overlap with Ringside Collectibles stuff, but for accessories they have a wider variety AND some you can get as individual items. (This makes it slightly more expensive, but you end up with less "useless stuff")

Normally I would've just updated the main rant, but since these items are from a different company, I wouldn't want to accidentally misrepresent each company by having both sets of reviews in one post.

Things I got from my 2 separate orders:
Order #1
-Manhole covers.
-A fire extinguisher
-A laptop
-TV Cameras

Order #2
-Batman 66 💣 Bomb.
-Batman 66 Shakespeare's Bust.
-Fat Man Body (Basic WWE Articulation)

I guess there's no time like the present, or in this case the past, since this post was pre-written on late Spring, when I got the items and started turning the figure into a Purple Dragon who is NOT Hun, but is Hun-inspired. Saving him for last as I'm trying to figure out how to sew a jacket out of old denim... or sculpt a jacket out of green stuff. Screw sewing, I'll take my chances with Green Stuff!

So let's start with the simplest accessories first:
I would probably drybrush some gunmetal to remove the plastic toy look to the sewer cover.

Manhole Covers:
 I don't think I need to explain these, but I'll have to. I bought a set of 3 because 1 was to glue on the front of the SlamShellbulance  in order to cover the WWE logo. The other 2 will be for Diorama stuff. These covers are a bit on the thicker side, so I have to figure out what to do when I build the TMNT Diorama. 
Wonder if I can get replacement hoses, because
I wanna play with their lengths. 

Fire Extinguisher:
Another Self-explanatory item. Might need to get more just in case. They work great as a background item. It looks custom made, as I've not seen any similar extinguisher. Could be an original sculpt.
It's a decent laptop, bit the peg that can't be seen on photos drives me mad!

Seems to be based on the Deluxe Aggression series 10 Laptop, which has a quirky latch on the screen. Weird design choice. Also, the CD ROM Tray pops out when open. It can help fill out Donnie's lab once I can get some more techno junk and figure something out.
The camera is a bit unwieldy.

TV Cameras:
These are for the eventual expansion of the Channel 6 Crew. I'll have to study the NECA Channel 6 cameras to make the Studio Cameras out of these. They're just black plastic generic over the shoulder camera. They might be MEGO scales, because they're a pain for 7 inch figures to hold them.

That does it for the first set! Now, let's do Set #2:
Kinda wish these were bigger...

It's a sledgehammer. I gave it a blackwash and painted the silver hammerhead in Gunmetal. It's very small for Rocksteady, which is what I wanted. Completely unrelated, I got a Chainsaw for Bebop, which is incredibly small on his big mutant body. (REFERENCES TO Juniper and Roberta from IDW)
I know what you're thinking...

Yes, old chum! The bomb is from the MEGO-Styled Batman 66 Line. They have some accessories that could work on the 1:10 scale. I bought the Bomb for a Foot Soldier to use,  but it's intended for Batman.
Raph: Why does this statue have a hinge on its neck?

Shakespeare's Bust:
It has a hinge on the back of the Bard's neck. Once you pull his head back, you can acces the switch to open the secret passage to the Bat Poles. I'm still debating if I'll keep it as a Bat Accessory or hide it in the eventual TMNT Lair Diorama.
Raph: Would you look at that!?
A secret button inside the statue with a hinge on its neck... Good thing your butler is in on your secret, Bruce!

But sadly, it's a bit too big for Arkham Knight displays.

Forgot to take an unpainted pic...
My bad!

The next two items were combined to make a pseudo-Hun. The Fat Body was the more imposing of the bodies they have available, and the heads are more in scale with MEGO styled bodies than the Jakks Pacific WWF bodies. 
The issues I have about the body are: 
-It feels a bit flimsy. I know it's $14.99, but I dunno, it feels off!
-some joints are a bit loose.
Once the Green stuff cures, More Paint!!

I thought it was a bad figure that I got, but apparently, these are common issues. This is the reason why I separated both posts. 
The accessories are pretty good, but the figures is where I'm a bit iffy. I'm bummed that the heads are MEGO sized, since this means I'd have to rely on the good ol' MOTUC head casts to get heads for the background figures... but the limited articulation and flimsy feel that these figures have are a bit of a turn-off.

Advent Calendar 02: Wrestling Props aren't just for Wrestling toys

 I am a huge advocate for props and background accessories for action figures. Rarely companies do these and when they do oh, they are a pain in the ass to find... Hell, AFAIK, Mattel hasn't done accessory packs after the Create a Superstar sets from 6-7-ish years ago. I have gotten Rings. Vehicles (Hopefully I'll finish a certain custom for the Slambulance vehicle and fulfill a promised review.) 

I mentioned that The Advent Calendar this year would have some Time travel shenanigans. Items in it were going to have sneak peeks in other reviews. 

Here I have 2 Accessory packs from Ringside Collectibles:
Wheelchair playset
 Casket playset
I don't know why they call them playsets since they are accessory packs, but must be a marketing thing.

As far as I know, these are third party accessories with no affiliation to any of the big wrestling companies. I got the wheelchair accessory pack to complement the Slambulance. The crutches and the wheelchair were the main pieces of interest. 
April: My ass... I keep forgetting how dangerous
turtle dick is...
Billie: Wait, you ACTUALLY FUCKED HIM!? I Was unconscious for an hour after his dick uppercut me.*
Mikey: Oh girls! It's WOW time!

The casket was the thing that interested me most out of the casket playset. I don't care for the not the Undertaker's urn... but it's an extra accessory.
Raph: Sheesh, Mikey, you gotta control your
One-eyed Willy...
Don: We're talking about the Goonies, right?
Leo: Umm...
Raph: Yeah, Donnie, I'm talking about the Goonies...
Mike: Chunk's my favorite Goonie, The Truffle Shuffle's hilarious.
Leo: He's talking about your dick slapping Billie Eilish to death after being drugged by the Shredder.
Mike: How many times do I have to apologize about my penis?
Stop treating me like I'm the Baaaaaad Guy...
Muffled voice: Duh...

The accessories remind me a lot of the Jakks Pacific WWF stuff in a good way.  (It's possible that these may be repros of the Jakks stuff.)

This will not be a normal review since it's a pair of accessories sets.

Let's start with the wheelchair set:
The wheelchair is pretty decent, nice details that fit the TMNT Ultimates aesthetics than Wrestling figures. Since I wanted something that fits S7TMNT, this is perfect for me. It's supposed to be a Motorized chair. But it has manually powered handles. It wheels rather well. The foot rests also rotate.

The crutches are crutches. They work, OK... there isn't that much to say about them.

Neck brace is made out of foam and flop I thought you was with velcro it's a Nifty little detail but it's not one that I might use.
Crutches and neckbrace will complement the Slambulance the one I'm not customizing...

For less than $8 I'm satisfied with this set.
I have read some reviews that claim the wheelchair being super fragile. These reviews were for the 10 piece backstage set. I haven't ordered that set, so I don't know if the chair is the same. But on the Wheelchair set there are no negative reviews about the chair itself.

Now it's time for the Casket set.
The casket is HUUUUUUUUGE!
Fits Marvel Legends,  DCUC, Mattel WWE, MCFARLANE DCMV, NECA humans, humans from Super7 Ultimates, MOTUC... but the Turtles are too THICC for the casket... NECA, SH FIGUARTS, and SUPER7 fit on the casket, but their half shells are the reason why the casket can't close. That also means tailed figures like Splinter are a no-go, oversized figures like Kingpin, Hulk, Bebop, Ram Man, Etrigan. Figures with non removable plastic capes are a no go either...

For less than $11 this set is really great! The Casket feels well built and the extra accessories are pretty good as well (aside the headstone holes being a bit too loose.) 
Raph: It's bad enough that we have to secretly bury Billie Eilish, but now Cap'n Horndog wants to be Cap'n Necrophilia...
Mike: Billie, I'm so sorry!
Leo:Get off, Mikey!
Raph: That's what got us into this problem in the first place.
V.O: Someone heeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllp!!
Don: That kinda sounds like...

The rest of the set is GREAT for a WWE Undertaker Casket Match, which is what it was intended for. For MY personal interests, which aren't a WWE Undertaker Casket Match. With that said, The Urn looks pretty good for Nefty-kun's Mom's Ashes. The shovel is just a generic beaten up shovel. The headstone is my second favorite and least favorite accessory of the set.
My only issue with it is that the top half of the headstone pops off way too easily than I'd like.
If it didn't fall off by looking at it wrong, it'd be perfect.
Raph: Goddammit! April broke the Headstone! We won't get a refund...
Mike (crying): I'm so sorry Billie!
Muffled voice: Heeeyyy!!
Leo: Did you guys hear that?
Mike: It almost sounds like Billie is still here with us...
Don: Mike! Get off! We need to open the casket!!

It's a shame that right now only Jazwares and Boss Fight Studios are the only "big boys" making props and accessories for wrestling figures. I know that other companies make accessories like food, furniture, etc. Sadly those are often for Japanese 1/12 scale which often ends up being too small for American 1/12 and too small for 1/10 which is the MOTUC/SUPER7/NECA non toon TMNT Stuff. 
Billie: I don't know what the Hell is going
On here, but I woke up in a casket.
Mike: But the Shredder said you were poisoned...
Billie: I was, but I have an immunity to most poisons. Not to mention that I accidentally drank retromutagen ooze... it was weird, because I don't drink glowing liquids.
Raph: Thank goodness! I don't have to dig a grave anymore.
Don: I even found Paul Bearer's urn...
Leo: Put that back Donnie we don't want to piss off the Undertaker.
Raph: You mean we could've had the Undertaker dig this grave?
April: No one is gonna give me a hand?

We need more accessories for dioramas. Not just wrestling. Parking meters, street signs, fire hydrants, manhole covers, mailboxes, Newspaper vending machines, Hell even payphones or phonebooths. (Jakks made all of those for hardcore matches)

*= See the upcoming Billie Eilish it came from the Toy Chest starring her.

This may be the source of the Chair.
I don't want to speculate on how Ringside
Collectibles is making these. Mostly becaise I want to avoid people accusing me of wanting to
destroy Ringside Collectibles like "I did with Mattycollector".

Apparently some of these pieces might be inspired by Jakks Pacific items. 
Parking Lot Pandemonium without the Diecast Metal would be a great idea, nudge nudge wink wink.

Dec 1, 2022

Advent Calendar 01: Small in size big on lies


From the people that made the World's smallest toys, here we have Tiny Arcade TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES... it's a "keychain sized" "arcade game" where you can "play the 1990 TMNT Game".

It IS a Keychain... an Impractical and bulky Keychain, but it has a claw type lock to recieve your keys. It's about the size of a GI Joe figure, but it is NOT Proportional to that scale.

It LOOKS like the old Arcade Machine including the Mysterious Model that played April that looks a bit familiar...
NO, it can't be her...
I KNOW she's not (due to math), but she kinda 
looks like Tiffani Thiessen.

Not gonna lie, but I may have had a little crush on this model... while the game and Saved By The Bell came out in the same year, I didn't see SBTB until late 1990 or early 1991.

Let's look at the machine itself. It operates on AAA Batteries. It has an original interpretation of the arcade game. You can only use Donatello and it has 3 levels inspired by the original game:
April's Fiery Apartment
Splinter: My sons! Donatello made a game about us!
Mike: Duuude! We're gonna be rolling in pizza!
Raph: By Pizza, you mean Pussy, right, Mikey?
Mike: Pour Kay no Loss Dos?
Leo: I will play first and set up the High Score,  because Leonardo Leads!!
Raph: Oh no...

The game is playable but super janky. It's a nice novelty, but not worth $20. You COULD use it as a Bar Top Arcade Machine,  because it is way too short to work as an "Action Figure scaled Arcade 1up" Machine. Unlike the World's smallest Hot Wheels, that work as Model Kit Vehicles for your figures, this one requires some Moderate Modification and Diorama Building skills to properly display... You're better off using it as a Christmas Ornament... assuming you get one for Christmas.

You can see for yourself in my zero production values video.
Leo: Why is Donnie the only one available?
Donnie: This is a proof of concept...
Mikey: I'd like to proof the concept of interspecies mating with this April...
Raph: We get it, you'd get freaky with gingers wearing yellow...

If it had been say, $30 and it was a USB rechargeable Mini Arcade Cabinet using one of the portable sized Raspberry Pi computers with the arcade game or the NES game, it would've been a lot better than what we got.
Splinter: Are you Winning, Son?
Raph: Cool it, Owen Wilson
Leo: My Virginal Eyes!!!
Mike: Donatello DOES MACHINES, get it!!
Raph: Gimme a Break!
Mike: Raphael is cool but rude...
The signs are all there! Splinter taught us to be Ninja Teens because he's a radical rat!
Leonardo Leads, Donatello does Machines, Youre Cool but Ride and I'm the Party dude!! And I got some grass from Mondo Gecko!!

Seriously, DO NOT BUY unless you're super duper hardcore TMNT Fan. Even then, there's better merch to buy.

Looking for the positives in the Playmates v. Super7 rumor

 Recently, I commented on the rumor about Playmates Toys being angry with Super7's TMNTU, because it made them look bad. (With Playmates releasing those dreadful TMNT toys because they 1/16th ass everything and put as little effort as possible in their toys.) 
I mentioned that missing on certain characters,  because they're Toy-Only is a big negative.

Cowabunga Collection reminded me something:
TMNT 3: Radical Rescue on the Gameboy is a loophole for Scaletail. I kinda touched the whole "other media" can be a loophole thing. Theoretically speaking, both Super7 and NECA could use similar sources, due to the toys being on different scales. The only place where there could be some issues is in the Good live Action Movies. But they both COULD use them if Super7 uses the "Classicizer approach". By not making realistic screen accurate versions, but making Modern reinterpretations of the figures if they had been done in the late 80s-early 90s.
What do I mean by that? Let's make a "Classicized Movie Casey Jones"
Take Ultimates Casey as a reference:
Replace his head with a new head with longer hair. (Add extra unmasked head) replace the toy torso with a new "movie torso" and new shoulders. The rest of the arms would be from the toy version. Same accessories as the toy Casey.
A "Classicized Movie April" would take a lot of design cues from April the Ravishing Reporter...
She shouldn't be a straight up copy, but she should be stylistically similar. Personally, I would prefer a 100% new sculpt, but that's not necessarily the 80s way. The Ultra Lazy approach (not what I want, but what I'd expect as a worst case scenario) would be reusing the Vanilla April torso and arms. To "hide the cleavage" she'd get a painted purple blouse, while the toy top is painted brown. Her biceps would match her blouse. Cloth brown skirt on pantyhose colored legs would finish the figure.
Same accessories as Toy April, but with different heads. One Vaguely inspired by Judith Hoag and one by Paige Turco in pure 80s toy inaccuracy. 

Again, I'd prefer a New Torso and Biceps with a sculpted new blouse and removable vest over reusing April's torso.

I mentioned already that toy characters who had a Toon Appearance might be heavily influenced by the toon. Let's say Mona Lisa. While her silhouette might match the toon character, she should get some Lizard Details in her body, whether they're sculpted or painted is up to Super7. 

I already mentioned Pizzaface being an 80s-ized version of his 2012 figure. Which brings forth an idea, that I have mentioned a few times: Looking at other media for sources.
2003, 2012, The Next Mutation, IDW, mirage, Archie, hell even Rise of the TMNT could be used as sources. The only problem would be Super7's team being hung up on the 80s and 90s. With MOTUC, they strictly stuck to 80s stuff when there was a ton of post 90s stuff to exploit.

We'll just have to wait and see what's going on with TMNTU once Wave 7 ships, which will bring forward Wave 10. 
After this post, the double stuffed Advent Calendar shall begin...

Nov 30, 2022

New Super Mario Movie Trailer...

 The movie seems to have the correct grasp on Super Mario's World. Even Luigi's VA is doing something to kinda sound what people expect Luigi to sound. It's clearly not Charles Martinet, but there are some elements reminiscent of Martinet's Luigi... the only bad thing I have to say about the movie is Chris Pratt.


Other than Starlord, the movie looks pretty sweet. I can't believe I'm going to watch an Illumination movie at the theatres. My only fear is that at 85 minutes long and based on this second trailer full of Easter eggs and nods to Mario's legacy in videogames, the movie is going to be super short yet padded out. 

I know it's a Mario movie and story isn't Mario's strongest point. With that said, it's not a game, it's a movie. Movies NEED story to work and by the looks of it, Peach is not a damsel in distress... Which is literally Mario's main plot. 
Bowser Kidnaps Peach, Mario Rescues Peach.

Oh no... this is a Modern DiC Mario...

Nov 29, 2022

RUMOR: Playmates is trying to cockblock Super7

 There's this rumor going on that Playmates is kinda angry at Super7 because "they're making money with Playmates' designs". 8-9 waves in and now they complain? Seems rather odd. This is a rumor that I read on Facebook and the only thing I found online was an excerpt of a video podcast, where it was stated.

Something about a "leak" from a Playmates insider where Playmates, as Master License holder is not happy about Super7's TMNTU.

Assuming this is true, Playmates will once again be seen as the jealous bitch who is mad because everyone else is doing what they did but better and now will take their toys home in a tantrum.
The collecting community rembers how Playmates did NECA dirty with blocking the Mirage Line.

If this is true, characters like Pizzaface, Scaletail, Bandito Bashing Mike, Shogum Shoate, etc. would suffer, because they might become Off-limits. This might even screw over the othwr 2 Neutrinos (I hope not, as I want Kala and Dask)

On the Other hand, it could turn the line into the TMNT-SKINNED-MOTUC Line it was meant to be. New idealized versions of the characters filtered through the art style of 1980s era former Mattel Employees snatched by Playmates.
For example, Pizzaface wouldn't be the 1980s stereotypical Italian Chef, but it would be an 80s-ized Man-Pizza chef creature from the 2012 toon. Irma would probably be Toon accurate colors with a slightly tweaked design to not ruffle any feathers from Playmates.
It could give us a $65 Super Shredder that would be like a "MOTUC-IZED SOTO Super Shredder". I'm picturing a couple of ways they could do him.
-Movie Accurate
-a brand new Hulk/Doomsday Shredder thing with Bony Protrusions  being the Super Shredder spikes... but made very 80s-like.

I hope this rumor is some Groundchuck shit. This line shouldn't end wothout Krang's Android body, Traag, Rat King, Napoleon Bonafrog, Tokka, Rahzar, Super Shredder, Groundchuck, and Dirtbag. 

Nov 28, 2022

McFarlane is making Signal (Duke Thomas) for DC Multiverse.

 But I don't give a rats ass about Signal. I once mentioned his Outfit looked like a love child of Spider-Man and Wolverine. While, yeah, it's nice that a member of the Bat-Family who isn't a (former or current) Robin is getting some love, there are far more important characters than Signal. An actual Riddler that's not a zodiac killer wannabe, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and a Ventriloquist with Mr. Scarface, just to name a few abat villains. On the Bat-Family side, I'm thinking, Stephanie Brown (preferably a Spoiler, but right now I'd take a Robin Stephanie), Cassandra Cain, Jim Gordon, and most importantly, a $25 Alfred with Ace the Bat Hound. (Or a $20 Alfred WITHOUT Ace) Sure, I have the Mattel Alfred, which was decent, but is not in scale.

I noticed something: 

While Dick and Jason have gotten plenty of figures, They're all Nightwing and Red Hood  figures. Tim has gotten his Robin and Red Robin looks.Damian has gotten his normal Robin and now grey Robin looks... Where's my Robin Jason and my Robin D... Grayson as Robin? 
Like say, Traditional Robin for Dick and New 52 for Jason for the sake of "variety". 

I know that DC is the one pushing for "recent stuff" but at the same time, fans also want Iconic Looks for characters.
I got Gal Gadot WW because there isn't a Classic WW. I got Cryborg as a present, because the TY Cyborg is too cartoony. I'd kill for a Classic Starfire, Raven, and Beastboy... though I wouldn't say no to Nu52 Starfire just to have one. And yes, the reason I want these and the Dick Robin is to use the Arkham Origins Deathstroke for a Teen Titans display.

Hawkgirl is another one I'd like... a single carded Hal Jordan would be nice.
I would like a Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen. An Arkham City Bruce Wayne would be nice too! I would've loved a Classic Outfit Harley Quinn that wasn't from BTAS.

I finally watched Breaking Bad completely*

 *=Just Breaking Bad, the Spin-offs are on my to-do list. I wasn't a fan of the show way back then. I got a bit into it during the Beer Virus time, but not  like " Jesse, we need to cook!" Super into it. I was kinda tricked into watching the LatAm knock-off which I praised seconds before realizing that it was a Breaking Bad knock-off. It wasn't bad, but the moment I realized there's a superior version, my brain was like: Forget this crap... still, I wasn't interested in fully watching it until I saw a video of Aaron Paul on The Price is Right...

My friend was laughing like Crazy and I was confused, about why having a contestant finishing every sentence with "bitch" was funny. So my friend asked me THE question: "Have you even seen Breaking Bad?" 

So, I decided to start binge watching. I learned a lot about life with this show. Before I start going down the rabbit hole. I will be talking about hardcore drugs here like Mathemphetamine. The typo is on purpose to avoid some issues with the algorithms. Also, there's a joke hidden in Science teacher becomes Math Kingpinthat only I find amusing.

The US Healthcare system sucks ass in how it makes people choose between getting Healthcare or become homeless due to the astronomical bills. 

"BuT wHy DiDn'T wAlTeR aCcEpT tHe HeLp FrOm HiS bIlLiOnAiRe FrIeNdS?"

The same friends that bought him out for $5000? I know Walter SOLD his part, because "reasons" (mainly feeling like a lesser man because he wasn't in the same socioeconomic spheres as his then girlfriend). Yeah, accepting a handout like that wasn't in the cards for Walter. This would've made his inferiority issues a lot worse.

I also learned that his family treated Walter like crap and that helped Walter's Supervillain Origin Story. I mean, Walter Jr. is obssessed with his uncle Hank. Kid practically worships Hank. Now that I emntioned Hank, Walter's brother-in-law, the guy pretty much takes over every room he enters. Hell, Hank was the center of attention at Walter's 50th Birthday. He completely overshadowed the Birthday guy. Then we have the Elephant in the room, Skyler White. The domineering wife, who is a stay at home mom while Walt had to work 2 jobs in order to keep the household afloat. Hell, She couldn't even put enough effort on a birthday handjob! She's paying more attention to the laptop and making random conversation than actually pleasing the birthday guy. Then there's the whole smoking through both pregnancies. Smoking while pregnant is one of the causes for cerebral palsy in children.  If Walter had ditched his toxic family years ago, he wouldn't have become a deranged Math Kingpin.

So, with Walter being the Universe's Punching Bag, getting Cancer was the straw that broke the camel's back. I get it, the guy was pushed beyond breaking point with everyone in his life shitting on him to then find out he was in "borrowed time" mode, made him snap and thus began the fall of Walter White. He DID start out with good intentions, but road to hell's pavement and all that. When he realized he was the Wolverine of Mathemphetamine, it got to his head and his inferiority issues took over the wheel. In a warped way, it makes sense. He had nothing to lose and everything to win. So, in order to help his family, he wanted some quick and easy money. The Math business seemed easy enough for a Nobel Prize winning chemist. 

Problem is that Walt got greedy. He saw he was good, but wanted to be the very best. So he kept going deeper down the rabbit hole that the only people worse than him were literal Neo-Nazis. Like Antonio Montana before him, people rooted for Heisenberg, DESPITE being a monster willing to kill children to obtain his goals.

Pinkman was everyone's bitch... He was used by pretty much everyone in the series.
Walter, Hank, Tuco, Fring,  Jane, the Neo-Nazis, Hell, even Skyler White yo, used him to piss off Walter in that awkward dinner. Not to mention he was an addict, so drugs made him their bitch. I was going to make a joke on how Pinkman was reaching Princess Peach levels of consistently needing his bitch ass saved by Walter, but I haven't seen El Camino to know if he gets Princess Peach'd in there too.

The only wholesome character in the show is Holly White, a Baby. Everyone else is "tainted by evil".

So, it's a great show, but it's far more memetic than I expected. I wonder how many Jehova's Witnesses have been given this response to their calls.

Nothing personal against Jehova's Witnesses,  but when they're evangelizing, they feel a bit too aggressive and borderline in harassment. Especially when one repeatedly tells them politely to not bother with me, since I'm not interested in their beliefs. Especially knowing that I would've been an orphan my entire life if it were up to them. 

Shiba LOVED scaring the living crap out of JWs when they tried to get too close to the gate. She also did it to the mail carrier, the neighbors, and pretty much any person who got a bit too close to her turf. Trying to hold back a 70lbs. fully soaped Labrador while telling the JWs to stay back was not a fun thing to do. One good thing that came out of the Beer Virus was that they only send junk mail now instead of interrupting me at the most inconvenient times. Again, nothing personal towards them, just leave me alone, as I have requested multiple times. 
But back to Breaking Bad. 

The cast did an amazing job with their roles. Especially Brian Cranston and Anna Gunn as Walter and Skyler White yo. I mean Skyler White was the Next Joffrey Baratheon... in the unlikable characters performed so magnificently by their actors that they got hate mail list. Seriously, how did I missed out on this show? Hopefully I won't get involved with the other AMC show... the one with Sam Porter Bridges.

Nov 26, 2022

The Activision/Microsoft Saga: another rant

 Microsoft has been attempting to buy Activision. It has encountered some issues on Britain and apparently the US might have some issues with the purchase. Of course the XBox fans are making some crazy conspiracy theories blaming Sony for this. Sony who "is too poor to afford buying Activision" is suddenly "rich enough to bribe various trade commissions accross the globe". How does that work? Newsflash, it doesn't. The reason they're investigating this is quite obvious: It's Microsoft... who has had an actual Monopoly on the PC OS market for decades. So, with Microsoft's track record, it's logical that an investigation has to take place. Then again, if they're willing to throw 60+ BILLION dollars at Activision; surely some people would see red flags even if Microsoft's past monopolies are ignored. Hell, if Nintendo or Sony were to throw 60+ Billion at ANY company, red flags would pop up as well.

While I'm not exactlya fan of Activision's current offerings, I can see why people are worried. Activision Bought Rare and barely anything good came out of that. They bought Bethesda and now Elder Scrolls 6 will be xbox exclusive "because it's not a huge game", despite Elder Scrolls 5 selling a shitton of games on multiple consoles including the Nintendo Switch. It's not like Xbox's Phil Spencer has said that console exclusives are bad for gaming... oh wait, he did.

 Think about this:

While it hasn't become a Monopoly yet, these acquisitions have one goal: Starve the opposition from games. 
Elder Scrolls, Doom, Fallout, Wolfenstein are 4 of Bethesda's biggest IPs. Now XBox exclusive, when they were Multiplatform earlier.
To that they want to add the Activision brands.
Even though I don't care much about Activision, that would add a sizable bunch of brands XBox exclusivity... and they were mostly Multiplatform.

Sure there's still Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA, 2k games, but what's stopping Microsoft from going after them? Since Japan seems to be a no go zone for MS, it makes sense for them to try and dry up the Western well. It's not necessarily illegal, but it's scummy. Before anyone tries to bring Street Fighter V, or Final Fantasy VII Remake, remember this:
Capcom made SFV with help from Sony who invested economically for the development of the game. Why would Sony fund the making of a game that will appear on its biggest competitor? That would make no sense. 
Hell, Microsoft rejected an exclusivity contract with Marvel. They also did it with Shenmue 3 whose previous game was an XBox exclusive in the West. 

With FFVII Remake, I have no idea why it hasn't been made available on Xbox since the timed exclusive deal ended. Maybe Square Enix doesn't want to release it on Xbox? Maybe they've run into some issues? I don't know. It SHOULD come out on XBox if there's no exclusivity contract on it now.

But with Microsoft attempting to dry up the well of Western developers in a different manner than Nintendo did back in the 80s, we should all be worried. Gamepass is the new "lock out chip"... This should have more people worried, but they get blinded by the whole Gamepass being a "cheap way to get games accessible". Let's face it, gaming has been slowly becoming anti-consumer with (especially in-disc) DLCs, migrating games to Digital only, requiring constant online access to servers, among other things that ruin gaming. With Microsoft pushing the Hell out of Gamepass, WE lose more power than we already lost.  Same thing applies with PS Plus.

Gaming is headed for a really dark era...

Nov 25, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: Life Foundation Symbiotes complete!

 After a couple of years we FINALLY completed the Life Foundation Symbiotes:
Scream, Lasher, phage, Agony, and Riot. Also, we have a new Venom.

The LF Guardian Symbiotes are a group of Symbiotes forcibly spawned from Venom. These symbiotes were originally attached to members of the Life Foundation Security team. These symbiotes have had multiple hosts throughout their lifetime.  The figures are supposed be based on their fusion to their fist hosts. The set only has Agony and Riot, since Lasher, scream and Phage were single releases.
Phage was part of the Venompool BAF wave, scream was part of the Monster Venom BAF wave, and Lasher was part of the Lizard BAF wave.
I'm mentioning the past releases, so if anyone wants to complete the LF5. 

Now unto the figures:

Riot is based on Monster Venom, so all of its flaws are repeated here. Though his back doesn't pop off as easily as Monster Venom.
Venom: Parker! We NEED your help!!
Spidey: Can you let me go, Brock!?
Venom: Only if you swear you won't double cross us!!
Spidey: Only if you don't commit crimes!!
Brock: My other's Spawn...
Spidey: Spawn? That's a Todd McFarlane thing!
Brock: No, you idiot!! The Life Foundation Symbiotes are back!!
Spidey: No Carnage?
Venom: No Carnage, just the other 5.
Spidey: What 5?
Venom: the ones from separation anxiety...
Spidey: Maximum Carnage was better.

Agony is based on the recent female buck with double elbows.
Venom VO: We were burning out the effects of a foreign chemical that bulged us like steroids do to normal humans when we stumbled upon Riot.
Riot: Da-daddy?
Venom: What the Hell!?
Riot: Wait until my siblings find out that Daddy is in town!
Venom: Who ARE YOU!? The only kid we have is Carnage and right now We're not even sure if he's our son anymore, since Cletus has corrupted enough Klyntar and made multiple Carnages...
Riot: Life Foundation...
Venom: Oh! Didn't y'all go Voltron and become Prius or something?
Riot: I need to tell the others
Venom: and he's gone:
Venom VO: That's pretty much it.

Phage, I believe is in the Cyclops Body, which is decent, but I would've preferred one with butterfly shoulders, since he has a bladed alternate hand.

Venom is no longer on the Hyperion body and is on the Omega Red Body. This gives him them a bit more size and butterfly shoulders.

Riot: 3.5
Agony: 4.5
Phage: 4.0
Venom: 4.5
Phage: Oh look! If it isn't Daddy and Grandpa...
Spidey: Yellow symbiote said whuuu?
Venom: Since you were our first and then we  got our eggs fertilized in vitro...
Spidey: It doesn't work that way. The only way I could be a grandfather is if you were my son, Brock and neither you nor the symbiote are my children!
Phage: Hate to cut and run, but the rest of the gang need to hear about the upcoming family reunion!
Spidey: Just no Carnage!!
Venom: *whispering* What are you doing, Parker?
Phage: Don't worry, Carnage is a douchebag! We don't need his redneck ass!
Spidey: *whispering* It's working, Brock!

Paint and sculpt
Phage is in a golden plastic with a few black accents. The only new pieces are the head, forearms, shins, and back attachment. Like I said, the body is mat likely the Cyke buck and carnage hands.

Riot is clearly Monster Venom with a new head and Scythe attachment. Didn't take pics of Riot wearing it, because for some reason I can't pop off his hands. He has purplish grey accents that are barely noticeable aside the one on his face.
Speaking of his face, for some reason he looks extremely concerned. I'm not sure if it's his eyes or his mouth that need to be redone, or if it's the combination of both that make him look not so menacing.
Scream: OMG, Phage! Daddy and Grandpa are coming!?
Agony: I hope they bring belated Christmas presents.
Scream: We should get a manipedi...
Agony: I hope Grandpa sits me on his lap and plays horsey...
Scream: This is NOT Alabama... but Grandpa has a tasty butt!
Phage VO: Gag me with a spoon...

Agony, like I said is in the new female buck, but with double shoulders, so she has a decent range of articulation from the neck down. Her head is severely problematic. The neck peg is too tall and the head fits in too tightly. I had to use a hairdryer and I'm in the Caribbean and the box sat for at least 2 hours with noon sunlight at 90+ degrees before I opened it.
Even if the head wasn't so tight and the neck peg a bit too long, which worries me if she were to shelf dive... she's a center-back of the shelf figure. But the real complaint I have aside the figure being more pink than purple and the lack of gloss or metallics. Phage, Scream, and Lasher have metallic accents. Something that is lacking on Riot and Agony. Also, why didn't she get Symbiote hands?
Venom: We can lick...
Venom: all the Ice-cream in a single flick... what where you thinking?
Venom 2: That you can lock Deez Nutz!
Venom: This is why Parker hates us!
Venom 2: Yeah, it's totally that and not that we used to threaten his Aunt May or that we almost tentacled Mary Jane.
Venom: Oh...
Spidey VO: Brock! Wake up! We need to ambush the symbiotes... I have chocolate!!
Venom: We need to wake up!

Finally, Venom is in the Omega Red body, which is a bit better than the Hyperion body previous figures used. My only complaint is the tongue in his their full Venom head. It's far too long for my tastes. Even if the blacks don't exactly match, I might use the McFarlane era tongueless head for my "ultimate Venon". I lied, I have another complaint: the plastic on his knees is a bit too soft.

Riot: 3.0
Agony: 3.5
Phage: 4.0
Venom: 4.5

Here's where these figures fall flat.
Riot: Oh crap! Grandpa' here too!?
I didn't bring enough food and drinks!
Lasher: Calm down, big guy! 
Phage: We could always order a pizza!!
Agony: Spank me Daddy!
Venom: We don't spank, we beat the crap of our unruly Children!! We are Venom!
Spider-Man: Gee Kara know she shaw Spider-Man!
Scream: What was that, grandpa?
Spider-Man: I am the emissary from Hell, Spider-Man!
Phage: Gag me with a spoon...
Agony: Grandpa's a weeb! Ew...

Riot gets a Scythe attachment that he can't use because I can't pop out his hands and I ain't gonna risk it. So in my case, he has zero accessories.

Agony on the other hand has a pair of fists. That's it.

Venom is the only one who got a better deal , because he's they're the bigger name in the setpait of fists and an Alternate mid-transformation head.

Phage is given the short end of the stick due to Venompool BAF stealing a pair of spots on his accessories slots. He could've used another bladed alternate hand 

Riot: 2.5
Agony: 3.0
Phage: 3.0

Now we need to look at each figure individually and then take the ones from the 3 pack and do some Mathematics to find the value of the pack.

He gets a 3.0 as his final score. The lack of metallic accents like previous LF5 figures hurt it a bit, not to mention the fact that mine has unintentionally unremoveable hands. But the biggest issue is the concerned face.

She gets a 3.67 as her final score. The lack of proper Symbiote hands hurt her a little bit. The neck issues scare me more.

Their final score is 4.33 for a couple of reasons. The lack of a head without a ridiculously loooooong loooooooooong tooooooooooouuuuunnnnnnge!!

Now we use some fancy Mathematics to determine the set's overall score, which is:
3.67 a decent score but, it COULD'VE been a bit better.

Mr. PHAGE, the lone figure that wasn't in a multipack gets a 3.67 as his final score.