Dec 2, 2022

Advent Calendar 02 Addendum: More Wrestling toys Not for Wrestling figures... or MEGO types

 Figures Toy Company makes some MEGO styled Batman 66 stuff, as well as some Wrestling stuff. Some of these items overlap with Ringside Collectibles stuff, but for accessories they have a wider variety AND some you can get as individual items. (This makes it slightly more expensive, but you end up with less "useless stuff")

Normally I would've just updated the main rant, but since these items are from a different company, I wouldn't want to accidentally misrepresent each company by having both sets of reviews in one post.

Things I got from my 2 separate orders:
Order #1
-Manhole covers.
-A fire extinguisher
-A laptop
-TV Cameras

Order #2
-Batman 66 💣 Bomb.
-Batman 66 Shakespeare's Bust.
-Fat Man Body (Basic WWE Articulation)

I guess there's no time like the present, or in this case the past, since this post was pre-written on late Spring, when I got the items and started turning the figure into a Purple Dragon who is NOT Hun, but is Hun-inspired. Saving him for last as I'm trying to figure out how to sew a jacket out of old denim... or sculpt a jacket out of green stuff. Screw sewing, I'll take my chances with Green Stuff!

So let's start with the simplest accessories first:
I would probably drybrush some gunmetal to remove the plastic toy look to the sewer cover.

Manhole Covers:
 I don't think I need to explain these, but I'll have to. I bought a set of 3 because 1 was to glue on the front of the SlamShellbulance  in order to cover the WWE logo. The other 2 will be for Diorama stuff. These covers are a bit on the thicker side, so I have to figure out what to do when I build the TMNT Diorama. 
Wonder if I can get replacement hoses, because
I wanna play with their lengths. 

Fire Extinguisher:
Another Self-explanatory item. Might need to get more just in case. They work great as a background item. It looks custom made, as I've not seen any similar extinguisher. Could be an original sculpt.
It's a decent laptop, bit the peg that can't be seen on photos drives me mad!

Seems to be based on the Deluxe Aggression series 10 Laptop, which has a quirky latch on the screen. Weird design choice. Also, the CD ROM Tray pops out when open. It can help fill out Donnie's lab once I can get some more techno junk and figure something out.
The camera is a bit unwieldy.

TV Cameras:
These are for the eventual expansion of the Channel 6 Crew. I'll have to study the NECA Channel 6 cameras to make the Studio Cameras out of these. They're just black plastic generic over the shoulder camera. They might be MEGO scales, because they're a pain for 7 inch figures to hold them.

That does it for the first set! Now, let's do Set #2:
Kinda wish these were bigger...

It's a sledgehammer. I gave it a blackwash and painted the silver hammerhead in Gunmetal. It's very small for Rocksteady, which is what I wanted. Completely unrelated, I got a Chainsaw for Bebop, which is incredibly small on his big mutant body. (REFERENCES TO Juniper and Roberta from IDW)
I know what you're thinking...

Yes, old chum! The bomb is from the MEGO-Styled Batman 66 Line. They have some accessories that could work on the 1:10 scale. I bought the Bomb for a Foot Soldier to use,  but it's intended for Batman.
Raph: Why does this statue have a hinge on its neck?

Shakespeare's Bust:
It has a hinge on the back of the Bard's neck. Once you pull his head back, you can acces the switch to open the secret passage to the Bat Poles. I'm still debating if I'll keep it as a Bat Accessory or hide it in the eventual TMNT Lair Diorama.
Raph: Would you look at that!?
A secret button inside the statue with a hinge on its neck... Good thing your butler is in on your secret, Bruce!

But sadly, it's a bit too big for Arkham Knight displays.

Forgot to take an unpainted pic...
My bad!

The next two items were combined to make a pseudo-Hun. The Fat Body was the more imposing of the bodies they have available, and the heads are more in scale with MEGO styled bodies than the Jakks Pacific WWF bodies. 
The issues I have about the body are: 
-It feels a bit flimsy. I know it's $14.99, but I dunno, it feels off!
-some joints are a bit loose.
Once the Green stuff cures, More Paint!!

I thought it was a bad figure that I got, but apparently, these are common issues. This is the reason why I separated both posts. 
The accessories are pretty good, but the figures is where I'm a bit iffy. I'm bummed that the heads are MEGO sized, since this means I'd have to rely on the good ol' MOTUC head casts to get heads for the background figures... but the limited articulation and flimsy feel that these figures have are a bit of a turn-off.

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