Dec 20, 2022

Advent Calendar 20: Addendum: More Mousers, Mo' problems... about Super7 of them

 It makes sense to have the Super7 Mousers as an Addendum to the NECA review. Created by Baxter Stockman, these little robots were supposed to kill rats, but they were a cover-up for Stockman's criminal activities. Now they're cannon fodder for the Turtles and Friends.

Mouth, head, and thigh swivel. It isn't as great as NECA, but it's functional.
Nefty-kun: Oh great, Mousers! And not the Mary kind... Yes, that was a Cobra Kai Reference... and out of respect I won't make any Wax On Wax Off jokes. In any case I need to kick some Metal Shrieker ass before the become Robutt Blasters!

Paint and sculpt 
The "new Mousers" are the same as the one from Baxter. The Battle Damaged ones have bew sculpts on the head... the torso is just a tampo. They added some silver drybrushing to the scuffed mousers, which is an OK touch. Other than that, they're mousers.
Awaken my Zzzzervantzzzz! Ayayaya!!
Where'zzz my Azzzztec Dubzzzztep with Muzzzlim Chantzzz!?
Nefty VO: You didn't earn that JoJo reference...

Here is where Super7 dropped the Ball. For $55 we got:
5 Mousers with 2 of them getting a new head
2 turtles, same as Splinter's
1 rat with bandana
1 mouser controller
2 sai
1 ooze canister
1 slice of Pickle and pepperoni pizza...

When you compare that to NECA's $40 Mousers that had
4 intact Mousers with more articulation 
1 Battle Damaged Mouser
2 broken beyond repair Mousers
6 rats
1 wedge of cheese
1 slice of pizza
A spy fly

NECA's cost less and we got more newly tooled stuff... aside some of the rats, everything else is 100% new tooling. With Super7, the only new pieces are:
Battle damaged head (2 pieces) everything else is reused. 
So, it feels a little bit more underwhelming.
Splinter: You expected this pizza to be eaten by Nefty-kun, Kono Supurintaa da!

The Mousers get a 4.0 as their final score. The math says 4.0, but I believe it should be lower. Tons of reuse and pointless accessories, paired with underwhelming mousers is a bad combo...
These need to be revisited and expanded upon... as I stated on an earlier rant. I don't hate them, but I don't love them... they could've been better.

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