Dec 10, 2022

The FTC is going after Microsoft

 The Activision deal seems to have activated some red flags that popped up on the FTC's radar. The FTC is suing Microsoft in order to stop the Activision deal. Of course, Xbox fans are claiming this is Sony's fault. It's not. This is the FTC actually doing its job. They believe that Microsoft buying activision would supress competition by withholding content. Killer Instinct was a Nintendo exclusive but now it's Xbox exclusive. Battletoads was a multiplatform series, nut mostly known for their Nintendo ports until Microsoft made it an exclusive for Xbox. Elder Scrolls was Multiplatform with skyrim trying to outdo Doom as the non tetris game with availability in most platforms. Now it's an Xbox exclusive. The biggest exception to this pattern is Minecraft and it wouldn't be surprising that once the current contracts with the competition run out, Microsoft decides to not renew the license contract. Especially with Microsoft's Monopolistic history. Can you name 3 non-windows Operative Systems for non-Mac PCs? Most folks can't. Some PC nerds might mention something from Linux, but the average Joe or Jane Doe, there is only Windows or Mac.

Remember that Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo before launching the Xbox. This was when Sega was dying and Nintendo had fallen from the top, as Sony became the top dog.  Microsoft literally tried to buy their way to second place as they started to become invested in videogaming. Now they're once again to try and buy their way to the top. Since Microsoft is a repeat offender, the FTC was mor12.30ame than ready to look at Microsoft's actions with a fine toothed comb. 

Now the whole 10 year contract for Call of Duty is a load of bullshit. Games no longer take less than a year to be made unless it's "the same game as before with some tiny cosmetic changes" *cough* sports games *cough*. At best, Sony could get 3 CoDs during that period. Then there's the whole Microsoft can cancel Call of Duty at any time and release a new Military FPS game that is basically Call of Duty except in name as an Xbox exclusive and Sony or Nintendo can't do anything about it. 

None of the console making companies should own Activision or any other big publisher. But now we have to wait to see how this unfolds. 

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