May 30, 2019

Now that Snake Mountain is happening, where do we go from here?

Think about it... it's the perfect bookend. Sure it would be cool to get crystal Castle the fright zone or the Slime Pit but at the same time there is nothing that can out wow Snake Mountain. Well maybe they three towers of Eternia, but those would be ridiculously expensive just to think about them.

Watch that video if the vintage Eternia next to Grayskull and Snake Mountain.
Now translate the measurements to Classics scale... use the MOTUC CASTLE as reference...
Watch your wallet cry.

The only true solution would be going smaller. Which again translates to Slime Pit or Fright Zone. I only mentioned these two because they're official vintage Masters playsets and not exactly legally tied up like Princess of Power stuff. Then again they could always throw a curveball and make Eternos Palace.

IF any other playset is made, it has to be smaller than Snake Mountain. Hell even combining both fright zone and Slime Pit into one it would still be smaller than Snake Mountain. And if by some miracle we can get a crystal Castle it would still be smaller than Snake Mountain I would say roughly the size of Castle Grayskull. It could be as tall as snakes Mountain if they add an additional top piece to the castle making it look like the Filmation cartoon.

But I don't think this is going to happen seeing that my bills going to be back for Masters of the Universe stuff in 2020 or 2021.
This kinda explains the Rushed moves by Super7 to get Snake Mountain out...

May 29, 2019

Snake Mountain is happening! Mom, we did it!!

Today, Snake Mountain reached the minimum amount required. I ordered mine through Super7... apparently, I WAS "domestic"...
Here's an unabridged version on why I wanted, no, NEEDED this playset to exist. (Some of you know the abridged version of the story)

Many years ago, back when original MOTU was brand new and I was nothing but a wee lad; my Mom got me Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain for Christmas. What I didn't know at the time was the struggle my Mom faced to get them. She ended up buying the one on display at a store. Not sure if it was from a local Toy Store or KMart. She was a bit disappointed when 200X didn't make one.

When Neitlich revealed the MOTUC Snake Mountain, I was excited... But my excitement paled in comparison to hers. She was adamant in wanting, no, NEEDING the MOTUC Snake Mountain in her place. She passed away a few months after the reveal.

Now, almost four years later, I preordered it...

This is literally my Mom's final present to me, since I literally used her money to get it... Money that was intended for this since she was alive... money that I kept untouched and unused for years. I KNOW it kinda sounds silly, but I was afraid of this day. I had started many times my own Snake Mountain funds to avoid using Mom's final gift... Circumstances forced me to use MY Snake Mountain funds and I couldn't recover the funds on time. After days of fighting with myself, this morning I had to go to the bank to transfer the money into the account that I could actively use it.  (In my desire to honor her wishes, I had the money put in a savings account with the most restrictions possible.)

But, the money was used for what it was intended. It's a victory in a way, since I AM getting Snake Mountain as she wanted me to, but at the same time for me, the cost is still too damn high... and I'm not talking about the $750 pricetag.

May 25, 2019

If I had Aladdin's lamp, I'd wish...

For the live action movie to be undone. It was BAD. It wasn't a trainwreck level of bad, but it was bad. I guess I should start with the Guy Ritchie. At times it felt like he was trying really hard to distance himself from the animated version, but at the same time he try to stay close to the animated version while holding back at the same time. This is really obvious on the songs especially Prince Ali where they give will a betta freedom but they keep holding him back. We've seen the clave's we're basically the first half of this song is literally a Will Smith video. In the second half they only allow one Will Smith transformation which is basically cross-dressing Will.

A Whole New World felt like a 150 yards.

I'm still trying to figure out what Jasmine's handmaiden added to the story.
Remember that cool climax in the original when Jafar turned into a giant Cobra?
Well it doesn't happen in the movie instead we get a chase scene through agrabad with a giant Iago chasing it Aladdin and Jasmine.

The biggest mistakes of the movie in casting art who ever played Jafar who was really underwhelming!! I mean he was so underwhelming that he blended into the background to even more than Brie Larson in Captain Marvel...
The second miscast option is rather obvious.

Yes Will Smith was awful in this! Okay to be fair he wasn't horribly bad it's just that he was playing Fresh Prince Will. Which was precisely my biggest fear. For the sake of fairness I must commend Wales performances when he's doing a serious dramatic roles like: seven pounds, pursuit of happiness, concussion. Those type of roles... whenever he's playing a character that is somewhat funny he simply plays Fresh Prince.

Which brings me to the next part that humor it fell flat 98.7% of the time. They had a really lame jam joke that overstayed its welcome the first 20 seconds. You were trying to go for a bit of awkward humor but the humor never came. It stayed in awkward cringe-worthy mold most of the time.

If I were you I wouldn't bother watching this movie at the theater I'd wait until it's on Blu-ray and watch it at the electronics section of your favorite department store.

 The sake of fairness It wasn't all bad they were a little okay just two good things... and no it's not a boob joke. Naomi Scott pretty much carried all the scenes she was in. The other positive thing was that you never got a friend like me was decent. Sure it won't hold a candle to the original but it was actually enjoyable and made me forget that I was being tortured by a shitty live-action adaptation of a classic Disney movie.

Hopefully the Lion King won't suck as much.

May 24, 2019

Odds and ends May 24, 2019... NECA, Snake Mountain, Renault!?

Not necessarily in that order. Renault, the French automobile maker... That I know because of The Car... made a promotion for one of their vehicles in Brazil.

Live Action Dungeons and Dragons...
Look at the video!
It captures the essence of the Cartoon quite well!  The kids, Tiamat, Venger, Uni, The Dungeon Master, they all look pretty faithful to the original designs. Hollywood should learn this lesson when adapting stuff.

NECA dropped a bomb... remember last year's 1990 movie 7-inch TMNT? Well, NECA is making a companion set...
2 Foot Ninja, Shredder, and...
Holy crap! A 7-inch Shredder and Splinter!!
These will be this year's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is so... these most likely will be a bitch to get.

Now it's time for the week 3 Snake Mountain update.
Yesterday Asia and Australia areas got the shipping info updated. Sadly, they'll have to go through third parties.
I believe Africa Central America South America and the Caribbean are the only areas missing. Not sure if Canada got their shipping options outside BigBadToyStore.
It almost looks like I won't be able to get the playset and the worst part is I have the money for it.
Really getting worried here... hopefully by Monday, I'll be able to order this set...

May 22, 2019

Where can the MCU go from a post-endgame Universe...

Sure we know the obvious answer with 4 and X. But I'm referring to the rest of the  MCU  like The Avengers. Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, etc.
Warning: There will be spoilers related to Avengers endgame I will discuss these after the jump for the sake of being nice.

May 19, 2019

Why Will Smith's Prince Ali failed...

There is a clip Will Smith's take on Prince Ali circling the internets... it stinks
So here's a quick explanation on the song of Prince Ali:
It's a big huge parade showcasing the awesomeness of Prince Ali thanks to the Genie's Magic. Since Jasmine is required to marry a prince Aladdin used his wish to become a prince. The parade is basically a big showing off Ali's status as a Prince as an attempt to impress the sultan and Jasmine.

Here's Will Smith's version

Feels a bit bland, lacking energy, and most importantly it doesn't show the subterfuge and Genie's cunning. Here will is literally spelling out all the coolness that is Prince Ali. Well technically speaking Robin Williams did the same thing, his Genie was more cunning and used deception to sell Ali's coolness.

Have a look at the Better version of Prince Ali.

Here we have a Genie that uses his magic to blend in with the crowds and sell Ali's awesomeness. He also uses Magic to allow Ali do feats of Superhuman strength, as well as subtly influencing the crowds... (i.e. Palace Guards)

The animated movie doesn't simply tell us that Ali is awesome. It SHOWS US hos awesomeness, not to mention that by blending with the crowds as different characters, the Genie is giving validity to his claims about Ali. In the liveaction version we only have Will Smith telling us that Ali is awesome and no one else does.

And this is the part where you go oh but Nefty we're talking about a life action movie not an animated movie and in animation you can do anything but live action has limitations.

To that I reply: computer-generated imagery and clever editing. Even in the live-action video we saw clever editing trick with when Genie comes out with "exotic type mammals" atop of a bunch of non mammals. We could have used some of that and have like a few extras with a Will Smith voice over their lines.

Maybe making Will Smith look like crap is Guy Ritchie's idea of Revenge after the horse that Will Smith was riding on an MTV award show stepped on Ritchie's foot...
In any case Will Smith's performance is lackluster and Guy Ritchie's direction is bad.  And all of this shows  a lack of understanding of what the original parade was truly trying to convey.

May 18, 2019

Odds and ends May 18th 2019: Sparkling Batman grumpy cat and snake Mountain

How did we get here? His mother's name is Marthaaaaa!!
Apparently it's official Robert Pattinson is now Batman.

Mandatory Sparkling Vampire joke here.

Here's the thing Robert Pattinson is a decent actor. Yes he was in the crappy Twilight movies but he has two other stuff as well. Besides it's not like this is a first what were they thinking choice. Heath Ledger, Michael Keaton, Gal Gadot, Robert Downey Jr., crisp rat, Dave Bautista, Ryan Reynolds, even Chris Evans, and Ben Affleck were all "problematic choices". Some of these factors gave amazing performances in their new roles others well we all saw Green Lantern.

Can Robert Pattinson pull off a decent Bruce Wayne?Maybe. I actually trust him more to do a decent job as Bruce Wayne than the wanker that's going to be playing He-Man.

The thing I want to talk about is the rumored villains...

Based on the hint I dropped yes Catwoman is one of the villains that's supposed to appear in the Batman.

The other, well the other one is very problematic... or at least the ideas of genderbending him to have terribly unfunny Melissa McCarthy waddling about in a tuxedo.
People are considering gender bending the penguin just to have Melissa McCarthy in it...
There is no face Bob hugin off do describe the disappointment that people even thought of that.
 like hello it's current year! Having a privileged white male beating up women is just problematic, misogynistic, classist, sexist, and even body shaming, because curvy women have feelings too! Do they even social justice?

All jokes aside gender-bending racebending it's a cheap and lazy move. it shouldn't be used and I mean it in all ways: changing minorities to white or changing whites to minorities it's not cool! Penguin should be a White overweight male, Lucius Fox should be a black man, etc.

Grumpy cat has passed away...
My condolences to the family.
If I may, I would like to say a few words...

Snake Mountain update:
We have 13 days to go. There are still a few International options that haven't been locked down. Whoa, we're halfway there... Whoa! Living on a Prayer!
 55% of the total... it's not so bad, but there's still that 45% to go... I'm I freaking out? Yes I am freaking out! 

May 17, 2019

"2021" is the "date" for the "He-Man movie"

I feel like Dr. Evil with all these air quotes. But "March 5, 2021" is the new "date". They have pre-production stuff to do, then the production, and post-production stuff... How long until it returns to development hell?

I want to believe that it'll happen... I want to believe that it won't suck... but, oh Standor, I can't believe I'm saying this... Scott, better take a screenshot and frame it for your office... Despite me finding his writing atrocious, Scott Neitlich was the closest thing to a "Mattel Kevin Feige" and would've saved the movie from being a massive turd...

I know, me praisin' Guru is rare, but he at least is mostly respectful of MOTU... (his canonized fanfic aside) and he understands the property a lot more than the SONY people.
(Before you ask, no. I did not light up on fire the moment my fingers typed that backhanded compliment towards Scott.)

May 15, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Elina popped my Revoltech cherry.

If y'all noticed a certain reference to certain anime
On the review of a handicapped follicularly challenged man, this was the reason for it.

To be honest, I only saw like 2 episodes of the anime and got bored by it. This was mostly a oresent for 14 uear old me. She's fanservice at it's worst... I wanted to get Melona, but she's expensive as hell... and the bootlegs always elude me. (Getting outbid sucks... especially when the auctions end while I'm sleeping.) I have to be EXTRA Careful with the pics. She is a bit too anatomically correct for some...
(Sculpted nipples and labia majora)

What can I tell you about Elina? She's the sister of Leina, who I assume is the protagonist of the anime. She's a fighter (Captain of the Royal Guard) and has a creepy obsession over her sister... and I mean it in a I've seen waay too much hentai to know where this is going kind of way.
Nefty-kun: I thought you were meant to be taller...
That's the last time I order a warrior from Wish...
Elina: I am an authentic Queen's Blade warrior!
Check my box!
Nefty-kun: That's what she said!

Revoltech is known for their super awkward articulation.
I can say that this stereotype has a basis on truth.
Most of the body is built around the revolver joints. In some cases it works, in others, well, it's  a pain.
She can pull off many poses... (stability is an issue that can be compensated with the stand... not a Jojo reference)
And yes, I let 14 year old me pose her in erotic poses to test her posability.
Nefty-kun: Whoops!

Paint and sculpt
The sculpt captures the character quite well. The paintjob, while minimal, it's effective. The closest thing to an issue is that her areolas lost their color because her bra and her chest ar soft plastic, the paint rubbed off...
Elina: Oh no! I have been
defeated by this big strong man
who will ravage my nubile virgin body
Nefty-kun: And you made it awkward 3000!

2 extra hands
3 extra faceplates
Battle damaged suit (3 piece)
Cord for her spear
Revoltech orange part box
What's in the box!?

Elina gets a 4.67 as her final score. The nipple discoloration knocked her down a bit. Not because of the areolas, but the fact that A Part of the figure suffered from discoloration... period. I'm a little disappointed that she's so small.
They are all 1:12 scale.

Action figure woes: scale among other things.

Scale is a bitch with action figures.
I mean, look at that pic... allegedly, all those figures are in the same scale. Even if we remove the MOTUC, the size difference is insane. But it's something that has often bugged me. Especially when there is height and build differences between "same scale" outfit variants of the same character. No parallel universe excuse here.
For example, getting a Brown Costume Wolverine that is taller than classic Tiger stripe yellow  Wolverine. Or a Cyclops that is too bulked up to be called "Slim".

Or a line where everyone is the same height aside a few factory snafus...  yes, this is a MOTUC reference. I have already mentioned that I loved the size difference from 200X.

Another thing that bugs me, is the "criticism = negativity" and "don't bite the hand that feeds you." Bullshit mentality.
I bring this part up, because certain former BM... it stands for brand manager, not bowel movement, Scott... whoops, I gave away the bullshitter... our #1 fan, The Toyguru himself.

He recently gave an interview to a blog, where he talked Snake Mountain. I will concede that he is right about Super7's Snake Mountain being the only chance we get tp get it. What I will NEVER concede is to the idea that "criticism = negativity" bullshit.
If you deliver a subpar product don't expect customers to be all like Oliver Twist

Putting the blame on customers is a big business No-No.
Here's the thing, Scott...

That is a bit too harsh, Mr. Rock!
You got it all wrong, Scott... YOU weren't the hand in this analogy... you are the Dog! Customers, like myself are the hand that fed YOU...  Need I remind you how YOUR actions caused the first huge drop off from MOTUC fans? Or your inflammatory comments that caused rifts on certain forums... (and I'm not talking just MOTU here...)

Even if the customers WERE the dogs, feeding them tainted food would cause them to bite... Then again, there are PLENTY of other hands serving different treats that are even more appetizing than "yours". Hasbro, NECA, McFarlane, Bandai Japan, Takara TOMY, Diamond Select, Hell, even the Fourhorsemen were making AMAZING toys during your tenure.

But WE stuck around for better or for worse with MOTUC. Despite YOUR lies, YOUR broken promises, YOUR bait and switch, and your cowardly escape.
You wanted to be the face of the line, then with that comes the accountability of your bad choices... not just the praise for the good.

Now that I got that out of the way, here's a different thing that bugs me about action figures: articulation blunders.
This is a bit complicated to explain, but hear me out.
Let's think of say, Spider-Man... think of 3 poses for the character.
Chances are that web swinging , web yo-yo, or the crawler pose came to mind. And you should know  two out of those 3 are the poses I use to test a Spidey. Something similar aapplies to He-Man and She-Ra with the sword Aloft pose. Or Ryu with the Hadoken, Shoryuken, or the Tatsumaki Sempuukyaku. If I character cannot pull off important posts then the character field in articulation for me.
That is one type of blunder especially when done in a super articulated line. (Not counting the hyper cheap toys for kids)

The other blunder that I despise the most is having articulation but being unable to use it. What's the point of having a super articulated figure that cannot move because hyper rigid long robes don't allow them to move their legs? Or having a loose Cape that will fall off if you barely move an arm? I didn't buy a statue; I bought a super articulated figure damn it and I want to use the super articulation!

May 12, 2019

Moustrap: the boardgame: the rant

I'm not gonna do an it came from the toy chest for the game, because it's Mousetrap... and it probably was a part of your childhoods.

Finally got Mousetrap... well, I had it for a few months, but I was looking for a chance to play it with children ages 6+... Which I did today... or yesterday. It will depend on the time that the rant gets published.

The game is fun... pretty basic, but more time was spent in watching the device go than actually playing the game. I own the recent Hasbro version, which is a slightly abridged version of the 1980s version of the game. So it's not exactly the one I remember.

Hell, the game is so popular that famous YouTube Mousetrap aficionado, Shawn Woods made a Mousetrap out if Mousetrap!!

Others have taken it to the extreme...

Mousetrap... loved by kids and adults!

Detective Pikachu is set 20 years after the Kanto League... Ash Ketchum is still 10

Saw the child friendly thriller Pokémon Detective Pikachu. The movie was quite good, which was unexpected. I mean video game movies have a really bad reputation. Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter (the one carried by the late Raúl Juliá and the shitty Chun Li one) Mortal Kombat Annihilation, King of Fighters, the Resident Evil movies... The upcoming Sonic movie; all come to mind as bad movies. That's without scraping the bottom of the barrel with Herr Boll's Scheisse.

I haven't played the detective Pikachu game so I don't know how faithful to the source material it is. With that said I found the movie to be very enjoyable the twist was a bit obvious for the adults, but for the kids it's unexpected.
There are a couple of Easter eggs thrown in throughout the movie but the most left field Easter egg was this:

Yes, that is Angels with Filthy Souls, the fake gangster movie used in Home Alone. Take the kids, take the wife/husband and enjoy a pretty nice family film!

Shadow of the tomb raider is aptly named.

That's exactly what it is... This is a shadow of what Tomb Raider used to be.
So, Lara Croft inadvertently causes the Apocalypse and is now racing against time and Trinity to stop it.
The third and possibly final game of the series is a shadow of what not just New Tomb Raider was, but the franchise as a whole... including the "evil and problematic 90s".

Here is one of the highest point in the game the graphics are pretty good. I do have an issue with Lara's face. There is something off about it but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Music and sounds
The music Blends pretty well into the atmosphere especially with The sound effects but I didn't notice any familiar themes. And that's in previous games in voice acting is pretty good.

Not a huge difference from Rise of the Tomb Raider the camera can be a bit more unwieldy Lee not as bad as the first Tomb Raider but slightly worse than rise of the Tomb Raider.

I gave a little synopsis on the intro when I mentioned that Lara is trying to stop Trinity from the apocalypse she accidentally caused. And the game goes the extra mile with a very heavy-handed approach  lile Kojima's anti-nuke message in the Metal Gear series with how horribly awful the original Tomb Raider games were.  it almost feels like the people involved in making this game hated the original games and they amped up the pretentiousness up to 3000.

It takes basically the elements of the previous two games and removes stuff so it feels like a watered-down copy of the previous Tomb Raider games... which where I water down copy of games like the last of us and Uncharted...
For all the extra cool things they added like using mud to cover yourself from thermal sensors and blend into the background a la Dutch from Predator, there is very little combat in the game.
Even the challenge tombs and crypts feel uninspired.
Not to mention the excessive hand holding the game does.

Fun Factor
The heavy dissonance of this game is very evident. On one hand do you have a story that's trying to make you feel horrible a bad for having fun playing the game. On the other hand you have a game that's trying to be fun but it's being castrated by the heavy-handed story  and gutted mechanics.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider get a 6.17 as it's final score. I really wanted to like the game. It had the elements to make a good game (to an extent) but it got too caught up in trying to be politically correct and beg for forgiveness for the sins of past games; that it forgot the most important element of a game: FUN! all to appease Tumblr slacktivists... people who don't play games.

Snake Mountain update 35% of goal so far.

Yesterday B-Flynn gave an update on Snake Mountain.
They have reached 35% of the goal in 9 days with just United States customers. Supposedly they are going to be releasing info on how customers in Canada, Latin America, and Asia will be able to get that playset.

I hope this makes it... I won't go again on my personal reasons, but this is the perfect bookend for MOTUC... Think about it... "Good guy Mattel" made Grayskull... now "Evil Super7" makes Snake Mountain...

The only criticism I have about this so far is poor planning. European fans got 10 less days to get that playset. The rest of the world... Well, we don't know when Super7 will release the update, so it's even less days to order the playset and find out. We're on the 12th then deadline is on the 31st... Yeah, exactly!

May 11, 2019

Odds and ends May 11... Blue Falcon? As in Dyno-Mutt?

Dafuq? Marky Mark is going to play Blue Falcon... please be live action, please be live action, please be live- it's an animated movie... dammit!
It will have Lucius Malfoy as Dick Dastardly...

Yes, as in the dude that hung out with that dog... Fricking Muttley!

Pua Magasiva has passed away. When I read the news, I had no idea who he was. It took a friend to slap me on thw back of the head and remind me of Power Rangers Ninja Storm... You know, the series before Dino Thunder... My condolences to the family and friends.

Seriously, how could I forget Ninja Storm? I always make fun of Hamster Sensei...

Craptaku is offended that Barret sounds like Barret should... He is "problematic" because he sounds like a Mr.T parody and that's offensive... I guess their next article will be how "problematic and transphobic" is Aerith's plan to save Tifa from Corneo... qritten by someone who never played the game.

Here's the thing, yes Barrett starts and acts like a Mr. T stereotype. As the game progresses you notice that it's an act. Yes he has a bit of a "black accent" the mask is shed and we can see that inner Barrett who has a thirst for knowledge is more philosophical and a lot serious then. Mr. T parody. Similar to how Cloud is a huge dork behind that cool Zack mask he wears.

The idea that people wear masks to hide who they really are from others seems to be a subtle theme in Final Fantasy 7 because Cloud Barrett Red XIII Yuffie Cait Sith, Cid all of them have that different exterior than their interior... But craptaku's got to clickbait. ..

Trying to apply modern sensibilities to work from the past it's pointless. Work must be judge in context of its time.
Seriously these people are the ones that probably would get Tom Sawyer banned from schools because of Jim.

Semi random He-Man and She-Ra thoughts...

So, Super7 has revealed their European solution for shipping.
Buy from S.P.A.C.E. which is a German reseller.
"European Customers! We have partnered with S.P.A.C.E. Germany to help make shipping, customs and VAT easier for you. Their sales price is 899 EUR incl. 19% VAT and shipping for customers in Germany and Austria. All other European countries will get a flat upcharge of 35 EUR because of the bulky size of the box - but that´s it. No other hidden charges. This may be a good option for those of you in Europe, so check them out if you get a chance!"
 Yeah, that's... uh OK-ish. They don't have a PayPal, so Euro fans have to pay the old school way...
But nothing on American customers outside the US of A...
Canadian?  No info...
Mexican? No info...
Dominican? No info...
Agrentine? No info...

Not counting Asian, African and Aussie folks. What about those?

The last Huge question I have is:
Am I Domestic US? Or am I International?
I need answers for myself and the rest of the non-US and non-European customers...

Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra returns for the last third of Season 1... or how Netflix calls it "Season 3". And it will have a purple Grace Jones... played by a white woman!!!

I kmow, right? After all their talk about diversity this, and diversity that, they chose a white woman for a character who is clearly based on a person of color... HOW DARE THEY!?  Here I thought they were MEGA WOKE!

An Academy Award Winner in a guest role... This is even more gimmicky than a 1980s Mattel toyline...
They could have given that spot to a woman of color.
Cree Summer, Brenda Crichlow, Kimberly Brooks, Regina King, or a new talent would've been better than getting a white woman..

While yes, I am mocking them for their hypocrisy, you have to admit that I do have a point.  They were the ones throwing the whole diversity card left and right and now when they had the chance to prove it, well they fumbled...

Yes Geena Davis will most likely do a decent job with the dreck given to her... but this still feels like another desperate gimmick in order to stay relevant.

OK, look at this pic...
Can you tell me what that is supposed to be?
No? You know with those mountains, crowned with a skull cave and the guy with a horse... Seriously you don't know what that is?
Allegedly that is some concept art for Castle Grayskull...
How the hell do you go from this:

To generic pirate skull cave thingy?
How hard is it to take a giant score and make a castle around it? Dear dumbass filmmakers there's a few things that you do not change when adapting He-Man...
Castle Grayskull is one of these. Or at least the outside of Grayskull.   The inside is fair game since it's known as The Fortress of mystery and the power so really signs you know they can go crazy and there but outside it needs to look iconic.

Hell even the 1987 movie one looks more Grayskull-y than Pirate skull cove...
Seriously when you make the 1987 movie Castle Grayskull look more like Castle Grayskull than your own concept you have failed at life...
Before I get attacked with torches and pitchforks hear me out! The drawing is beautiful but as a representation of Castle Grayskull, well that's a horrible failure! Hopefully this was a rejected concept...

Do. Not. Fix. What. Is. Not. Broken. Sheesh!

May 10, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Moé Time Travelers...

While the title lends itself for a double entendre about Mikuru's boobs, there are at least Two Mikurus in thw timeline... the Young one, which is the one I'll review and the adult one.  I wish I could explain her better, but that's Classified Information...

Haruhi: Here comes
the Gropey Monster!
Mikuru: *eek!*

Mikuru is built similarly to Haruhi aside her obvious differences.

Her boobs do not hinder articulation. But she cannot grope herself due to her articilation. (She lacks double jointed elbows)
Mikuru: I-I c-can't!
Haruhi: I said grab'em!
Mikuru: I don't feel comfortable doing
Kyon: Dear diary, Jackpot!!
Personal space, Koizumi...
Itsuki: Heh, sorry. I thought you needed
a hand...
Kyon: Why would I- Ohhh... No, thanks!

Paint and sculpt 
Like Suzumiya, there are no issues with the sculpt on Asahina. The faces capture Mikuru perfectly. It's a bit odd but among her hands, she has a set that is perfect to grope herself.

She has less accessories than the rest of the main SOS Brigade.
2 extra faceplates
Extra shoes
Extra hands with rack.
Figma baggie.
This is enough to net her a 5.0, but she feels lacking. I meam, Adult Mikuru comes with a Desk, Nagato comes with a chair... She's almost as vanilla as Kyon.
Kyon: I don't get why
you let her push you around.
Mikuru: Well, you see... that's Classified Information!
Kyon: I'd like to see YOUR Classified Information!
Mikuru: *EEP!*
Kyon: I didn't mean it like a double entendre!
I literally meant the classic future information
in order to help with Suzumiya!
Mikuru: *crying* That's even worse!

No need for fancy Mathematics. Mikuru gets  5.0 as her final score. She could have been a bit better, but she has enough to bypass my system... she also gets a redhead pass.

It came from the Toy Chest: Cajun Gumbo tastes like playing cards.

And for some reason all I can think of is Silk Stalkings...
Yes, I'm reviewing The Ragin' Cajun, Gambit...
Remy LeBeau... Thief, Mutant, has the ability to charge objects with kinetic energy and make them explode. His weapon of choice, playing cards. He also mixes French with English, because Cajun.

He has a decent range of articulation despite wearing a long coat. It's not perfect because they called does get it in the way. But it's not a HUGE issue.
The hinge on his right wrist allows him to oldest staff in a "sword Aloft" pose.

Paint and sculpt:
Paintwise  he's really well-made. Glossy and metallic tones on him look really sharp! I have no complaints in the paint department. The sculpt on the other hand is worth a disappointment begins. Sure he's Gambit and we needed one so Hasbro may think that we can let some of these issues slide; I won't. The body is a bit wider on the Torso and the legs are like super skinny; so he looks disproportionate. Then we have to Mildly oversized Noggin whith a ridiculously wide chin and there's no shape to the Skull. It looks like once it goes over his headband; It's a flat surface where hair was planted.
It looks really weird. Then the extra hand that is tossing that kinetic cards the movement gets ahead of the hand which is physically wrong and looks off.
Doom effects
make a nice staff

He has no build-a-figure piece. He only has a single charged card an extra hand tossing cards the cards are attached to his hand and his staff. I got to be brutally honest here. Cards have no detail on them so it's basically a clear pink card and he needed a second card tossing hand, just to have I Gambit that contains cards with both hands right now he can only cost cards with his left.

Gambit gets a 3.5 as his final score. He's okay but he's not great; and he should have been great! I mean this is Gambit we're talking about. I'm honestly considering getting a spare ToyBiz  Gambit, I mean locating my spare ToyBiz Gambit since I have two of those. Pop out the head and Dremel out a larger hole so I can put the ToyBiz head on the Hasbro  body.

May 9, 2019

State of Play... VII Teaser...

Fainaru Fantaji Sebun rimeiku got yet another teaser.

Teaser teases us about more info in June... but we DID get a bit more info from the teaser...
We've seen bits of the intro, First reactor... now we got Aerith and possobly the Ship journey from Junon to Costa del Sol... all thanks to that bit in the end.

Don't think that the game will remain on PS4... I'm starting to believe that it'll migrate to PS5.

It came from the Toy Chest: infamous Black Sabbath song

Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind?
And I better stop there, since I'm talking about the OTHER Iron Man... The one and only DOOM!!!
Reed: The package says Ironman
Sue: but that looks just like-
Johnny: Doctor freaking
Thing: Doom!?
Yes, Doctor Doom was Iron Man for a little while... We can blame... take it away, Victor...
and The half kREE warrior, Carol Danvers. Aside Ironheart, Dr. Doom was Ironman for a little while, and this Walgreens exclusive encapsulates that version of Doom... Now can we get a REAL Victor von Doom?

He's literally a repaint of the pegwarming Iron Man of the
Doom: I have reformed.
Reed: I don't believe you.
Ben: It's Clobberin' time!
Okoye wave.
 And he feels just as stiff. The cape limits a lot of the poses... and he looks utterly stupid without it, because the head has the hood attached.
Doom: Shame that it
came down to this.

Paint and sculpt:
Aside the modified head with hood. He's a literal repaint of the Okoye wave Iron Man. The extra arc reactors are PAINTED ON and they look crappy because of it. He's molded and gunmetal gray plastic with a few green accents painted on. The extra Victor Von Doom head looks nice actually.

Pink Lightning ×2
Repulsor blast ×2
Extra hands ×2
Extra unmasked head

The lightning is super soft and floppy.  Think it's a reuse from Storm.
The hands and repulsors are reused from Iron Man.
The head might be new.

Doctor Doom pretending to be Iron Man gets a 4.5 as his final score. It's a pretty decent score for I figured that I really didn't want to will be honest I was swayed by the extra head. Hopefully hospital will released a classic Doom further down the line that could use that second the head.
Doctor Doom has used an Infinity Gauntlet before so how about an Infinity Gauntlet Dr. Doom variant for Walgreens? Or hell, a Doctor Doom with a Time Platform...
(Literally a square poece of plastic painted in metal on one side and in Trippy Timey Wimey colors on the other.

Odds and ends May 9, Clifhanger, The Rocl, and stuff...

What is a stupid way to make a reboot? Vagina...
Here come the Hwite Knights and the Misandrists...
"Your a misogynistic ass!" "How dare you!? REEEEEEEE!!!"
Genderbent reboots are as creatively bamkrupt as "... in space!" Suffix used on any franchise... Even if the movie is Cliffhanger.

Why? Can't an original movie be made about a female Alpinist being forced to stop an evil plot? Also, was Cliffhanger even popular in the first place? Aside the opening scene that was parodied EVERYWHERE...

My whole beef with this whole thing is using women as a gimmick. I'm cool with female led films ie. Alita, Alien, Kill Bill, to name a few... Hell even the Underworld movies, or most of Milla Jovovich's movie career  (not counting the movies based on Capcom games)... it's the whole: "let's  have a Remake with a woman!" That bothers me.

These remakes are relying on people aware of the original in order to watch these bastardizations... At least the Die Hard Remake with The Rock as a handicapped McClane had enough balls to call itself Skyscraper instead of Die Hard...  and it was tweaked enough to "pass" as something original.

The Rock seens to be interested in synchronizing schedules with Kevin Feige... and Rumors are putting wings at The Great One's ankles... Yes, this would mean that If you smell what the Submariner is cooking...
He better show up at least ONCE with the green scaled speedo. This is Namor we're talking about. That is MANDATORY! If this gets ne what I want (4) then so be it...
At least it's not Patrick Duffy...

For every 10 complaints I have about Noelle Stevenson's cultural appropriations of She-Ra, she seems to get one or two things right. One of Bow's two dads, George, is named like that as a nod to George DiCenzo who voiced the Real Bow (and Hordak). And as much as this take on She-Ra insults the original, this nod is a respectful one.

May 7, 2019

Far from Home trailer dropped... my thoughts.

Spider-Man far from home dropped the trailer today and it was full of spoilers for Avengers: endgame. But that isn't the biggest spoiler in it.

Mysterio claims that he's from Another Universe...
Everybody and their dead mothers are flipping their Lids about this reveal. I know it sounds nice and dandy having multiple universes so they can kind of fix some potholes creating some new plot holes and some people are thinking that's the way to bring the Fantastic Four and X-Men to the MCU.

And I'm not convinced first of all this is Mysterio we're talking about. And this reeks so much of a High Special Effects con by Mysterio. Just think about it...
Having Mysterio working with other villains like molten man possibly Hydro man and whoever else is on the scheme... setting Mysterio up as a hero and the others are his arch nemeses. Playing a catch-and-release game on till the big score. Ice it is right now the MCU is not ready for a Multiverse Theory being a Multiverse fact.

Seriously don't be fooled by the guy the fish bowl

It came from the toy chest: Red ball esper is a...

I am talking about Itsuki Koizumi... the final main member of the SOS Dan.
That guy... the Esper, agent of The Organization, a group of superhumans who stop the Celestials created involuntarily by Haruhi Suzumiya. Also, he's not gay... even though pretty much everyone gets mega gay undertones from him... and I mean, Tyrone from She-Reee, a Noelle Stevenson creation is straight and masculine next to Koizumi.

Unlike Kyon, Koizumi is a bit loose... looser than Phoenix Wright,  even... He's tighter than bootleg Snake, though.
One of his hands is perfect to
Grope Kyon...

Paint and Sculpt:
He's very similar to Kyon in this department... but the likeness is a bit better here. No visible slop in mine.
Haruhi: Whatcha' gonna do, Kyon?
Mikuru: *weird high pitcched whimpers*
Kyon: Let me go, Koizumi!!
Koizumi: I won't let you hit Miss Suzumiya.
Kyon: Can't you see she's hurting, Miss Asahina!?
Mikuru: *even higher pitched squeaks*
Haruhi: Let him go, Itsuki... Kyon is a little bitch and
he wouldn't dare to hit me!
Koizumi: *whispers* closed space, Kyon...

Extra faceplates
Extra shoes
Extra hands with holder
Same as Kyon if you think about it...
Forgot the cardboard backdrop for the club room.

Not mentioning the broken hand because it was my bad. But his final score is 4.16 and I blame him being a bit too loose. He's a decent figure, though...

Koizumi: MASTODON!!
As if I wasn't going to make a Power Rangers reference on a character voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch...

May 6, 2019

The Super7 Thundercats rumor is back again...

Yeah, this rumor keeps coming back... and I'm worried...
I've seen the Super7 female figures... and I don't want to have a vertically challenged whale birthing Cheetara...
I went there. Tygra, Lynx-O, and other male figures will have no issues whatsoever... Now one thing has been bugging me about this rumor... will they Redo Mattel figures, like Lion-O, the Thunderkittens, Panthro?

Assuming the answer is Yes, then, we need to make them Special...
Here's what *I* would do to them.
Let's talk Lion-O:
2 heads:
Normal Head and Glowy eyes Sight beyond sight head.

3 Swords of Omens:
The dagger mode, fully erect mode, and Sight beyond sight version of the dagger.
Toss in a red clip on attachment to the sword so it looks lile Lion-O is either deflecting a blast or activsting the signal.

Removable armor... to use a second armor with the extended spikes
Second set of nunchucks with7 holes in them to plug in fire and ice effects.

No boards. Those are exclusice to Mattel.
Extra hands, extra pellet effects, like the pellets exploding on the ground and not on Wilykat's hand.

And S7 could also do a repaint Mumm-ra Lion-O.

May 4, 2019

Sonic backlash was so bad that the director decided to redesign him.

Yes, that's right! Sonic the Hedgehog is being redone...
No, the movie will still have Cyclops in his Hop-styled Hellhole. The CGI character, Sonic will be forced to go through changes, due to the bad reactions to his design.

The only worrisome thing is the 6 month deadline and that it would mean overworked and underpaid animators.

This shouldn't have happened in the first place. When he was teased approximately 5 months ago in December people were appalled by the design; but as always the same excuses like "wait till you see him in motion!" were thrown. Now the so-called journalists are moving the goalposts by stating that this backlash will lead on to hatred of women and minorities and the usual crap.
Something about attacking Artistic integrity and other crap.

It looks more like Sanic than Sonic... right now I'm hoping is that the redesign is for the better and not for the worse. To be honest I kind of hope it gets delayed a little bit like I say March 2020 just to have enough time to do the redesign I have enough time to fix everything...

Cobra Kai is getting a Season 3 and I might be able to actually SEE the full series!

The premium experiment for Youtube seems to be over. The shows hidden behind a paywall not accessible for everyone (due to location) will be eroded soon.
Cobra Kai season 3 will be among those shows... in 2020.

Sadly, Season 1 will only be available for free for 2 weeks (wtf?) From August 29 till September 11...
Then Season 2 will drop an episode weekly...

It's much better than the alternative... having a friend with YT Premium use my computer and log to their YT account and through VPNs to make Yt think that I'm in the middle of Chicago just to watch a Karate Kid Spin-off... and that's too much of a hassle.
I WANT TO SEE THE SHOW LEGALLY, but I'm being told that "I'm not worthy". So I HAVE to wait until August to do so.Hell, I would've bought the seasons on DVD or BR... I can't wait... also, remind me to get a Johnny and LaRusso figures this December.
Also, were there more shows other than Cobra Kai on UT Premium?

May 2, 2019

Odds and ends: May 2, 2019: Dead Chewie, Thuganomics...

Peter Mayhew, better known as Chewbacca, has been seen by Haley Joel Osment. My condolences to the family and friends. He had a heart attack that cost him his life.

Now you feel like an awful human being for laughing at this video...

Well, certain Invisible man posted this on his Instagram...

Yes, John Cena posted a pic of Mekaneck...
What does it mean?  I hope it is what I think it is...
John Cena wants to be Mekaneck in the upcoming MOTU film.

GTA 6 rumor... The game may take place in both Liberty City and Vice City... If this rumor is true, then I'm a bit disappointed... HD Era Liberty City AGAIN!? But HD Vice City has me pretty excited. The only thing that bugs me about this is:
The rumored storyline seems like a literal rehash of GTA Vice City minus the 80s.

It came from the Toy Chest: Carlos Javier puts the X in Equis Men

Xavier in Spanish is Javier... and Carlos is Charles... do I need to shave my head and break my legs to give you the final clue?

Sp, I finally got a Professor X with Hoverchair.
Now I wait for Hasbro Gambit, Beast, Jubilee, and the not yet announced eventual Storm.
So, Charles Xavier... Bald, Psychic, crippled Martin Luther King Jr. Wannabe... creates an army of child warriors to stop evil mutants from being evil and ruining Human/Mutant relations.

I must point out that I immediately repainted my Hoverchair. The yellow had some ugly mold swirls, so I improvised.
And before you ask for the Koizumi review:
I was pissed that I accidentally broke a hand and the mailwoman dropped this on my porch. So, I chose to take a break on the Haruhi stuff to do Chuck!

Charles possesses the same articulation has any figure on the standard suit body like say chameleon Mark Ruffalo Robert Downey jr. Samuel L Jackson from Cap'n Meh Vel.
No I did not take pictures of Charles Xavier outside his chair. Why? Because it makes absolutely no sense to do so. Besides is literally the same suit body that we've seen a couple of times before. But I know you will ask is it good?The answer is yes it's pretty articulated and it's perfect for any other character that uses that kind of body; but for Charles Xavier, well the leg articulation isn't necessarily needed.

Paint and sculpt:
I already mentioned my slight issue with the hoverchair itself. Another small issue is the seam line right between the Middle of it which is a bit noticeable up front. But if you put that chair out and hope you won't see it that much. I'm thinking of gluing both pieces in mine together and maybe filling the Gap with some with the cornstarch and super glue mix to make it seamless.

The fear itself looks great and the only New pieces would be the head and hands. SOME people may have an issue with the eyebrows but I think they look okay.
Prof. X: What do you mean,
we're not in the MCU?
Stan's ghost: 'Nuff said!

Charles comes with
-the Hoverchair
-a blanket
-the cerebro helmet
-an additional head to use on the Kingpin body to turn him into Shadow King
-A psychic energy affect that would be more at home on the Revoltech Queen's Blade line than on a Marvel Legends toy
- a stand for the hoverchair.

The only issue I have with the accessories is technically it's 2 that stand on the psychic effect should have been clear instead of white. The stand it doesn't bother me as much because it kind of looks like it's raising  dust from the floor and everything but the psychic and kind of looks like semen yes you read that right:
 It kind of looks like someone ejaculated copious amounts of semen at the back of Charles Xavier's head.

Charles Xavier gets 4.83 as his final score. It's a great score and ironically things that hinder sick from being a perfect score it's the only thing that was overdone for the better on the figure.
I can feel the 90s oozing
out of this pic.
Random bit of trivia: a few minutes after I took this picture I received an email notification from Entertainment Earth that my 90s styled Marvel Legends Gambit 90's Marvel Legends Gambit was shipped and they're waiting for my Beast and Jubilee to ship.

Avengers: Endgame: The rant (language)

finally  so Avengers: Endgame and it was awful...
Yes, you read that right. I said that Avengers: Endgame was awful! Before you start going to watch the Torches and pitchforks, hear me out. I will be dealing with spoilers so once we get to the jump that's where the spoilers will begin but I'll give a quick explanation for those who haven't seen it can understand, why it was awful.

It's the culmination of 10 years of Storytelling and 22 movies. Counting Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man Homecoming, and Cap'n Meh Vel. It was I so much flashing spectacle of special effects and it had truly amazing moments. It had "ooh and aaah!" moments, which would make it a very enjoyable experience, which it is...

I know what you're thinking but Nefty if you're saying it's an enjoyable experience why do you say it's awful?

Plot holes yes that's right plot holes big enough that you could shove Star Lord's dad through it... some can be ignored others well let's just say they can make Spider Senses tingle, and even Daredevil can see them.

And then there's a stinky cheese that goes well with whine and crackers but this one doesn't go well with crackers. I'm of course talking about Captain overrated Keeper of the flat ass REEEEEEE! Larson. She practically suck the joy out of everything 14 out of her full 15 minutes of appearance.

By the way I'm just excited waiting on the Brie Larson part was yes she did something Everything She Wants in except one she wasn't like the biggest issue with the movie It's the plot holes but I won't go into them until after the jump for the sake of those who haven't seen the movie if you have seen the movie or want to be spoiled do the Mario and hit that jump!

But before the jump here is a slight summary of what I'm trying to say it's an enjoyable and fantastic film but the flaws did ruin it for me.

May 1, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Kyon

Koizumi came with background.
Also, he's the first Figma hand peg victim.
What? I have nothing special for his intro. He is average, plain, normalest of normal, most vanilla person alive... accept the whole duty of keeping God in check, or else our universe falls apart. No Big Oh yeah! Did I also mention that God is a bitchy teenage girl?
Haruhi: Well, well, well.
Wright: It's not what it looks like
Haruhi: It looks like you're doing the
Hare Hare Yukai dance...
Kyon: I got it all on tape.

Kyon's articulation reminds me a lot of Phoenix Wright. Unlike mr. Ace Attorney Kyon seems a bit sturdier at the hips and knees so he is less wobbly. He is a bit wobbly but not like Phoenix.

Paint and sculpt
Kyon's likeness is there, but for some reason he looks weird in 3 dimensions. I said another figure reviews the joints are a bit on the ugly side but that's a very Japanese thing. I keep bringing it up because some people hate these type of joints some people love these type of joints I'm right in the middle because I like the articulation but they arenot ask aesthetically pleasing as I'd  like.
Minimal paint jobs and no issues in my figure.
Haruhi: Make sure you get
Kyon: Yeah, yeah, whatever...
(Oh shit!, I can see her panties!)
Uh, Haruhi, I don't think that outfit is
Appropriate for that kick...
Haruhi: Why? Are you afraid of a little
pantyshot showing up? You can edit them
out later... NOT IN THAT WAY, YOU IDIOT!!
We now need some bitchin' 80s American music!

Kyon has:
Figma baggie
Hand storage unit with extra hands
Extra shoes
Yes he has a lot less stuff than Haruhi but speaking from the amount he would get a 5.0 here. My only complaint is that he only comes with two face plates he needed at least a third one.
Haruhi: Kyon, what are you doing?
Kyon: Giving you a taste of how you
treat Miss Asahina!
Haruhi: It's nice to see that your balls
Finally dropped, but let go of my boobs!
Kyon: FYI, I'm NOT enjoying this...
Koizumi: Yes! I'M still in the game!
Kyon: I like women, Koizumi...
Koizumi: Suzumiyadammit!
Haruhi: hands off my boobs NOW!
Kyon: No.
Koizumi: *mutters* closed space, celestial...

Kyon gets a 4.83 as his final score. The articulation seems to be what hurts these figures. But for a Kyon, this is the best we'll get.
BTW, Kyon's hands perfectly fit Haruhi's breasts... payback for Mikuru?

Chronic Masturbator chosen as He-Man. (Language)

Noah Centineo, infamous for his wanking video, but better known for his Rom Coms is now Adam and He-Man...  roll the Rarity clip!

What the actual fuck!?
 I can see him playing Prince Adam even the I don't like him much as an actor. He-Man *BZZT!* wrong! no way, Jose!
He's too wimpy wimpy wimpy to play the role of He-Man...
The article mentions that he kind of looks like a younger Mark Ruffalo, which I kinda see... I just hope that they don't go to the Mark Ruffalo Hulk way to make He-Man...

But, Nefty you love the heymann in Ready Player one and he was completely CG!

True but in that movie everyone was CG. This is a live-action movie and it says it's live-action I would like a real actor. This is becoming a huge turd...

I kinda now want Maisie Williams as Teela... She would make me watch this turd...