May 10, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Moé Time Travelers...

While the title lends itself for a double entendre about Mikuru's boobs, there are at least Two Mikurus in thw timeline... the Young one, which is the one I'll review and the adult one.  I wish I could explain her better, but that's Classified Information...

Haruhi: Here comes
the Gropey Monster!
Mikuru: *eek!*

Mikuru is built similarly to Haruhi aside her obvious differences.

Her boobs do not hinder articulation. But she cannot grope herself due to her articilation. (She lacks double jointed elbows)
Mikuru: I-I c-can't!
Haruhi: I said grab'em!
Mikuru: I don't feel comfortable doing
Kyon: Dear diary, Jackpot!!
Personal space, Koizumi...
Itsuki: Heh, sorry. I thought you needed
a hand...
Kyon: Why would I- Ohhh... No, thanks!

Paint and sculpt 
Like Suzumiya, there are no issues with the sculpt on Asahina. The faces capture Mikuru perfectly. It's a bit odd but among her hands, she has a set that is perfect to grope herself.

She has less accessories than the rest of the main SOS Brigade.
2 extra faceplates
Extra shoes
Extra hands with rack.
Figma baggie.
This is enough to net her a 5.0, but she feels lacking. I meam, Adult Mikuru comes with a Desk, Nagato comes with a chair... She's almost as vanilla as Kyon.
Kyon: I don't get why
you let her push you around.
Mikuru: Well, you see... that's Classified Information!
Kyon: I'd like to see YOUR Classified Information!
Mikuru: *EEP!*
Kyon: I didn't mean it like a double entendre!
I literally meant the classic future information
in order to help with Suzumiya!
Mikuru: *crying* That's even worse!

No need for fancy Mathematics. Mikuru gets  5.0 as her final score. She could have been a bit better, but she has enough to bypass my system... she also gets a redhead pass.

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