May 1, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Kyon

Koizumi came with background.
Also, he's the first Figma hand peg victim.
What? I have nothing special for his intro. He is average, plain, normalest of normal, most vanilla person alive... accept the whole duty of keeping God in check, or else our universe falls apart. No Big Oh yeah! Did I also mention that God is a bitchy teenage girl?
Haruhi: Well, well, well.
Wright: It's not what it looks like
Haruhi: It looks like you're doing the
Hare Hare Yukai dance...
Kyon: I got it all on tape.

Kyon's articulation reminds me a lot of Phoenix Wright. Unlike mr. Ace Attorney Kyon seems a bit sturdier at the hips and knees so he is less wobbly. He is a bit wobbly but not like Phoenix.

Paint and sculpt
Kyon's likeness is there, but for some reason he looks weird in 3 dimensions. I said another figure reviews the joints are a bit on the ugly side but that's a very Japanese thing. I keep bringing it up because some people hate these type of joints some people love these type of joints I'm right in the middle because I like the articulation but they arenot ask aesthetically pleasing as I'd  like.
Minimal paint jobs and no issues in my figure.
Haruhi: Make sure you get
Kyon: Yeah, yeah, whatever...
(Oh shit!, I can see her panties!)
Uh, Haruhi, I don't think that outfit is
Appropriate for that kick...
Haruhi: Why? Are you afraid of a little
pantyshot showing up? You can edit them
out later... NOT IN THAT WAY, YOU IDIOT!!
We now need some bitchin' 80s American music!

Kyon has:
Figma baggie
Hand storage unit with extra hands
Extra shoes
Yes he has a lot less stuff than Haruhi but speaking from the amount he would get a 5.0 here. My only complaint is that he only comes with two face plates he needed at least a third one.
Haruhi: Kyon, what are you doing?
Kyon: Giving you a taste of how you
treat Miss Asahina!
Haruhi: It's nice to see that your balls
Finally dropped, but let go of my boobs!
Kyon: FYI, I'm NOT enjoying this...
Koizumi: Yes! I'M still in the game!
Kyon: I like women, Koizumi...
Koizumi: Suzumiyadammit!
Haruhi: hands off my boobs NOW!
Kyon: No.
Koizumi: *mutters* closed space, celestial...

Kyon gets a 4.83 as his final score. The articulation seems to be what hurts these figures. But for a Kyon, this is the best we'll get.
BTW, Kyon's hands perfectly fit Haruhi's breasts... payback for Mikuru?

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