May 29, 2019

Snake Mountain is happening! Mom, we did it!!

Today, Snake Mountain reached the minimum amount required. I ordered mine through Super7... apparently, I WAS "domestic"...
Here's an unabridged version on why I wanted, no, NEEDED this playset to exist. (Some of you know the abridged version of the story)

Many years ago, back when original MOTU was brand new and I was nothing but a wee lad; my Mom got me Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain for Christmas. What I didn't know at the time was the struggle my Mom faced to get them. She ended up buying the one on display at a store. Not sure if it was from a local Toy Store or KMart. She was a bit disappointed when 200X didn't make one.

When Neitlich revealed the MOTUC Snake Mountain, I was excited... But my excitement paled in comparison to hers. She was adamant in wanting, no, NEEDING the MOTUC Snake Mountain in her place. She passed away a few months after the reveal.

Now, almost four years later, I preordered it...

This is literally my Mom's final present to me, since I literally used her money to get it... Money that was intended for this since she was alive... money that I kept untouched and unused for years. I KNOW it kinda sounds silly, but I was afraid of this day. I had started many times my own Snake Mountain funds to avoid using Mom's final gift... Circumstances forced me to use MY Snake Mountain funds and I couldn't recover the funds on time. After days of fighting with myself, this morning I had to go to the bank to transfer the money into the account that I could actively use it.  (In my desire to honor her wishes, I had the money put in a savings account with the most restrictions possible.)

But, the money was used for what it was intended. It's a victory in a way, since I AM getting Snake Mountain as she wanted me to, but at the same time for me, the cost is still too damn high... and I'm not talking about the $750 pricetag.

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