May 15, 2019

Action figure woes: scale among other things.

Scale is a bitch with action figures.
I mean, look at that pic... allegedly, all those figures are in the same scale. Even if we remove the MOTUC, the size difference is insane. But it's something that has often bugged me. Especially when there is height and build differences between "same scale" outfit variants of the same character. No parallel universe excuse here.
For example, getting a Brown Costume Wolverine that is taller than classic Tiger stripe yellow  Wolverine. Or a Cyclops that is too bulked up to be called "Slim".

Or a line where everyone is the same height aside a few factory snafus...  yes, this is a MOTUC reference. I have already mentioned that I loved the size difference from 200X.

Another thing that bugs me, is the "criticism = negativity" and "don't bite the hand that feeds you." Bullshit mentality.
I bring this part up, because certain former BM... it stands for brand manager, not bowel movement, Scott... whoops, I gave away the bullshitter... our #1 fan, The Toyguru himself.

He recently gave an interview to a blog, where he talked Snake Mountain. I will concede that he is right about Super7's Snake Mountain being the only chance we get tp get it. What I will NEVER concede is to the idea that "criticism = negativity" bullshit.
If you deliver a subpar product don't expect customers to be all like Oliver Twist

Putting the blame on customers is a big business No-No.
Here's the thing, Scott...

That is a bit too harsh, Mr. Rock!
You got it all wrong, Scott... YOU weren't the hand in this analogy... you are the Dog! Customers, like myself are the hand that fed YOU...  Need I remind you how YOUR actions caused the first huge drop off from MOTUC fans? Or your inflammatory comments that caused rifts on certain forums... (and I'm not talking just MOTU here...)

Even if the customers WERE the dogs, feeding them tainted food would cause them to bite... Then again, there are PLENTY of other hands serving different treats that are even more appetizing than "yours". Hasbro, NECA, McFarlane, Bandai Japan, Takara TOMY, Diamond Select, Hell, even the Fourhorsemen were making AMAZING toys during your tenure.

But WE stuck around for better or for worse with MOTUC. Despite YOUR lies, YOUR broken promises, YOUR bait and switch, and your cowardly escape.
You wanted to be the face of the line, then with that comes the accountability of your bad choices... not just the praise for the good.

Now that I got that out of the way, here's a different thing that bugs me about action figures: articulation blunders.
This is a bit complicated to explain, but hear me out.
Let's think of say, Spider-Man... think of 3 poses for the character.
Chances are that web swinging , web yo-yo, or the crawler pose came to mind. And you should know  two out of those 3 are the poses I use to test a Spidey. Something similar aapplies to He-Man and She-Ra with the sword Aloft pose. Or Ryu with the Hadoken, Shoryuken, or the Tatsumaki Sempuukyaku. If I character cannot pull off important posts then the character field in articulation for me.
That is one type of blunder especially when done in a super articulated line. (Not counting the hyper cheap toys for kids)

The other blunder that I despise the most is having articulation but being unable to use it. What's the point of having a super articulated figure that cannot move because hyper rigid long robes don't allow them to move their legs? Or having a loose Cape that will fall off if you barely move an arm? I didn't buy a statue; I bought a super articulated figure damn it and I want to use the super articulation!

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