Aug 30, 2017

Time Out finally returned to Plaza Las Américas...

It's smaller on the inside...
While this issue is very small to people outside Puerto Rico, this IS a big deal here...
Time Out is one of Namco's Arcade Stores and remember when Arcades where the thing? I even made a list of Arcade games that gobbled mainly my parents' money, but some of it I actually earned back then... (If I had to get technical, some of those games were from a time I was a child/young teen and my way to earn money meant chores and since my Orthodontist was at Plaza Las Américas, I was given $10 to hang at the mall and the arcade had the biggest bang for my buck... or their buck). Back in 2012 The Time Out at Plaza Las Américas closed... I ranted about it. So, about 5 years later they came back... Right across their old location at the Food Court...
Well... Time Out is getting NONE OF MY MONEY...

DDR Clones, an iteration of DDR itself, Racing Games, Ticket Scam games, Time Crisis 5 is the CLOSEST thing to a decent game *I* could play...
No Street Fighter, No Mortal Kombat, No King of Fighters, No Tekken, no Marvel Vs..., no Darkstalkers, no Soulcalibur, no Virtua Fighter, no Killer Instinct, no Metal Slug, NOT EVEN Ms. Pacman, or Galaga!!

**** Bayformers!!
I guess I'm better off buying one of those Bartop Arcade Emulators with a buttload of vintage Arcade ROMs if I want to get the Arcade Experience *I* wanted...

Also, they are using now some sort of reloadable e-Cards, so the $20 in Time Out Tokens I've collected throughout the years are useless...

This Time Out is even Crappier than the Time Out that was on the First Floor of Plaza Las Américas... IIRC it was where Macy's is right now.

 I was so excited about this and now I am so disappointed... and I mean more than Street Fighter V disappointed. This is Jem and the Holograms, nay Dragon Ball Evolution levels of disappointment.

It Came from the Toy Chest: Saikyō no kakuyasu ripeinto... Or Ultimate Faker The Review.

I did not get Ram Man, a choice that I kinda regret now.
But we're here to talk Faker, the Evil Duplicate of He-Man... Or Mattel's cheap attempt at a repaint.

I could talk about Vintage Era Parts Reuse and how Mattel made a wave Practically out of reusing everything but the Head and mention the Power Con Snakemen being LITERALLY Part Reuse in their unmade vintage versions and all of this started because of Faker's bold Evil He-Man duplicate status.

Enough about that, let's do the Ratings part.

This is Literally 2009's MOTUC Faker with Correctly assembled Shoulders and the slightly more limited Ankle movement from the Vikor boots, but stiffer ankles means less shelf dives from him. His right ankle is a bit loose, which could translate to a bit more shelf dives than He-Man, but less dives than his Matty version.

Paint and Sculpt:
Nothing New on him aside the "Vintage head" Kinda wish we had an Oo-Larr head for him. The paint does NOT match Keldor's head, but is closer than Skeletor's. The Classics head has the "Bear Mace Effect" on Faker, but with the blues it looks better. Gives off a shadowy Evil Duplicate vibe to him. The Armor lacks the Wash from the previous one. It looks more toyetic, but cleaner. Mildly Tempted to paint the tassels on his armor a darker orange and the recesses on his armor as well. His cybernetic tampo looks fine. Can't compare to default Faker. The Gloss black bezels on the flat black belt look fine. The only nitpick would be a paintjob with bubbles on his power sword.

-Vintage Head
-Battle Damaged Head
-Power Sword
-Half sword
-Alcala Power Sword

You kinda miss the Oo-Larr head here. Also, Faker's swords weren't AS warped as He-Man but they were still warped. The Old School Power Sword Halves do not work as well as they should, mostly because the He-Man Half is super warped and no amount of hairdryer usage can fix that. Also the pegs won't fit in the holes and I don't want to shave them.

Faker gets a 4.5 as his final score. The sword having a paint issue did hurt him a bit, otherwise he would've scored higher. Wonder if anyone will notice what I did...

Aug 28, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Super 7's MYAAAAH!!

Of course I'm talking Skeletor... Or Ultimate Skeletor, I should say... Basically, this is Super7's take on Skeletor. This Skeletor is closer to the Vintage Toy Version of Skeletor than the Original Mattel MOTUC Skeletor. It reuses the Dragon Blaster body with the Original Skeletor Harness. No need to go into the whole: "WHO IS SKELETOR?" I mean, I already have mentioned these characters far too many times to the point that The House of Rants is almost a MOTU Blog. So... Let's get back to Skeletor...

This is Literally Dragon Blaster Skeletor. That figure had standard MOTUC Articulation, so I can't write too much about that. But I can say that my Skelly has a super loose right ankle... Not good. Wrists are a bit loose.

Paint and Sculpt:
Blastic or Purplestic alert! Keldor's head is Blastic due to the hair, which is understandable, but his blue seems darker than the normal Skeletor blue... Once I open Faker I'll see if they match. The hands are painted and that's not cool. Mine have a bit of paint chipped off. The sculpt is one we have seen before and it's mostly right. In my case, the wrists are a bit off. The joints aren't flush with each other and create a small gap.

-Havoc Staff
-Alcala Head
-Keldor Head
-Half sword (painting accident makes it look better.)
-Power sword
-Alcala Power Sword
Due to the amount, he gets a 5.0 His weapons weren't warped!!

Skeletor gets a 4.33 as his final score. I got a slightly crappy figure. Part of it was bad QC at the factory, the other part is due to some less than stellar decisions that had to be taken by S7. Painted hands are a big NO-NO!! The paint would chip off by swapping accessories, which is not cool!
The Cape I'll steal for my main Skeletor. I may have to switch hands with DB Skeletor If those aren't Blastic... Maybe switch the boots in order to get a "True ULTIMATE Skeletor". Hopefully, your Skeletor is better than mine.

Aug 27, 2017

The Dilemma of being a Shenmue fan.

I have mentioned Shenmue a few times, but mainly it was due to the kickstarter for Shenmue3. Now while looking at the recent teaser... Suzuki already mentioned that a TRUE Promotional Trailer will happen, we have this Pre-Alpha Teaser that has rubbed people the wrong way... That's not counting clickbait glorified blogs that call themselves "games journalism" and have less journalistic integrity than The National Enquirer. Not going to mention names but one of them sounds like Crap Otaku.

Shenmue fans WANT Shenmue 3 to succeed. I do so as well, but MANY members of the fandom ARE BLINDED BY NOSTALGIA GLASSES.
Some think that Shenmue might even become mainstream. Even back then, Shenmue was a niece game. Yes, it's a Proto-Free-roam game, but at the same time it's VERY Japanese. While BACK IN THE DAY 1999-2002, more Japanese style games were very welcome, on this day and age they may be a bit more difficult to swallow. Staple gaming genres that were very popular back in the day have dwindled in the past few years. Some series have even abandoned their main genres and sold out to appeal to "Western Sensibilities" *Cough* Square Enix *cough* abandoning Turn-Based combat *cough* While Revenge themes are universal, Shenmue is VERY Japanese, which is why I find it appealing (at least to my inner weaboo) Now, let's remember that outside of Japan and parts of Europe, not everyone got the True Blue Shenmue experience with the First game being on Dreamcast and Shenmue 2 being in an incompatible console, the Original XBox. Now we have 3 coming out for PS4 and PC, which will NEVER BE COMPATIBLE WITH 1 and 2, EVEN IF SEGA REMAKES OR PORTS THEM. Speaking of 1 and 2...

10+ Years we have rusted... I mean, abandoned in that cave. A Tiny Recap is not good enough substitute than doing Japan and Hong Kong. Aside from Dreamcast Emulation, there's no way to TRULY Experience Shenmue. This is one of those games that you HAVE to play and no, watching a let's play is not enough. It helps you fill in the story, but it's not the same.

Now with Shenmue being "limited in scope" in its open worlds if compared to say GTA V, not to mention the VERY JAPANESE feeling it has, will NOT MAKE IT MAINSTREAM. Shenmue is an acquired taste. It's not for everyone, and those who adapt to it find it enjoyable. A Cult Classic, which hardcore fans have learned to love, but it's not for everyone. I wish it could hit GTA V numbers, but I have more chances to marry my third grade crush than Shenmue 3 becoming the next GTA V.

We must accept that the main driving force for Shenmue 3 IS the main chunk of the fanbase. IF it goes way beyond the fanbase, then AWSOME, but it's very likely that it won't be the massive hit that some hardcore fans want it to be. Suzuki and his team are working hard on the game, but they need to show something that blows people away BEYOND the fandom. Shenmue's greatest weakness COULD become its greatest strength if Suzuki plays his cards right. The VERY JAPANESE Experience that I have mention as something that could push people away COULD ACTUALLY PULL People towards it, like the first game did to me in early 00. It'd be a breath of fresh air in the sea of GTA and COD clones.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is: I'm cautiously optimistic about it... but my optimism is bordering on realism. I'm taking off the Rosy Nostalgia Glasses because they impair my judgement. I hope that Shenmue 3 does well enough that we can get a 4

Aug 24, 2017

Joker movie confusion

So, do you remember Jared Leto playing Jason Todd as The Joker... Well The Joker is getting TWO MOVIES... One with Harley and it still keeps Leto as "The Joker". He will also appear on Suicide Squad 2. The Other is an Origin Story for The Joker...

Wait, it involves Scorsese and Todd Phillips with Scott Silver... Now this is more intriguing despite the fact that it's an origin story... That is NOT PART Of the DCEU...

That's WB's new plan... Screw Continuity, let's throw everything and see what sticks. It reeks of desperation. (and I know a thing or two about that)

If we're going to do OFF Continuity DC Movies... How about this:

This volley of WTF could allow us to have a DECENT Batman Movie and some closure to the 90s... We need something better than Batman and Robin to close that era, but what do I know, right?

Aug 23, 2017

Final Fantasy XV Pocket...

Really? Square Enix is going to release in fall 2017 a Mobile Version of Final Fantasy XV!?

Literally FFXV but with chibi graphics... So all the issues that plagued the OG XV will plague this one...

All I have to mention is PITIOSS RUINS + touch screen controls.

Really, Square? This is where you're wasting resources?
Porting an incomplete game to mobile and all the 10 year plus assets made for the normal game are not reused because SD Chibi characters?

Can't wait to see the Chibi version of:

I will NOT Review Ducktales 2017

You heard me... or read me, since I am not speaking, but writing... or wrote this and you are now reading it. As I said before in written form I WILL NOT REVIEW Ducktales 2017.

I saw it, it was pretty good, but there isn't much that I can say about it that hasn't been covered before.
If you wanted to know what a Duck version of
 Peter Griffin
would look like, look no further.
The stylized look is not the best, especially on the triplets and Webby, but it's functional. Also Mrs. Beakley kinda looks familiar.

Blackface, Woohoo? Wait, NO! Just No!
Speaking of Webby... She is totally NOT MABEL PINES... No really, she is not. She's more socially awkward, but everything else is similar to Mabel but "not the same"... a bit better than "Girl" duck.

I'm not going to mention that this series is like the amalgamation of past iterations of the Duck Universe. A little of Carl Barks Duck Universe, the 1980s series, etc. I will not comment that it's awesome to have some decent amount of Donald, like in the vintage comics that inspired Duck Tales... Not to mention that Donald is my favorite Disney Character (Aside Kingdom Hearts. That's the only version of Donald that I HATE). Donald even has his Classic Donald Tantrums.

I will not comment on how nice it is that each of the nephews seem to have their own personality. I do miss them being Junior Woodchucks (maybe it'll be something in future episodes). I will not mention the St. Canard, Cape Suzette references, nor the bunch of Easter Eggs to the older Duck Universe...

I am a bit disappointed that we may never see a rebooted version of
Yes, I kinda miss El Capitán from the 5 part pilot of the Original Cartoon series. We saw a Golden Sun on Scrooge's Garage, so no El Capitán for us.

The Episode in a nutshell: Donald is getting a new job and has no choice but to leave his nephews with Scrooge McDuck. The Triplets bruise Scrooge's ego and get grounded. There they meet Mabel Pines Duckified and they accidentally wreak some havoc. Scrooge gets an adventure boner and takes the kids to Atlantis. Donald accidentally ends up working for Glomgold and goes to Atlantis as well.
The main players go through traps and find the treasure. When Glomgold thinks he has won, Scrooge takes victory from the jaws of defeat. Now Scrooge McDuck is back with Family and will solve mysteries and rewrite history... The Triplets' mother was an adventurer too!

I could go around mentioning that the series feels pretty smart for a Disney XD show, or that it's a love letter to past media that tries to improve on the short comings from the past. The meain reason I will not review it is that I no longer have access to Disney XD and with Disney pulling out from Netflix, I'll miss out on this great show. D'oh! I kinda reviewed it.

It Came from the Toy chest: Super7 Has the Power?

Now it's He-Man's Turn to come out of the Toy Chest once again... Insert lame ass He-Man is gay joke because I said it's He-Man's turn to come out... So, who is He-Man?
Well he's my first Hero, the main character of the First Toy Line I collected as a child, one of the main topics for me to rant about here... He also was my SECOND MOTUC Ever back in the Mattycollector days.

It makes me feel a bit nostalgic... mainly because back then I was only interested in the core core core characters...
Something along the lines of getting more or less the following:
Evil Lyn
Trap Jaw
Battle Cat
Prince Adam

We all know how that plan went... So here's the ratings part...

This is Literally 2008's MOTUC He-Man with Correctly assembled Shoulders and the slightly more limited Ankle movement from the Vikor boots, but stiffer ankles means less shelf dives from him.

Paint and sculpt:
Again, Literally 2008 He-Man + The Oolar Heads. The paintjob is similar to normal He-Man. The bracers are a bit darker due to the brown used on them and the belt. the Loincloth SEEMS a bit brighter due to the dark belts, but I think it's a similar color. The hair is darker than the Mattel He-Man.
Aside the shield all of his weapons came out Warped... How Warped? Well, they yelled WOAH! when I released them.
Power Sword
Alcala Power Sword
Power Sword half (OG version not the Santa KG Improved Version) So warped it has stress marks on the handle.
Battle Ax
Alcala Head

It's hard not to give the accessories a 5.0 due to the sheer amount, BUT the heavily warped weapons tempted me to dock a percentage. Luckily the handy dandy hairdryer fixed the issue. Also, why are the factory workers Gluing ONE SIDE of the Harness?

He-Man gets a 4.83 due to some minor cosmetic changes making him slightly more appealing than its 2009 reissue. Aside the warped weapons, there's no real huge issues for me to gripe about. Unlike Teela, swapping heads for him was easy as pie and the heads were slightly more pliable than Teela's. I still wish the package was resealable...

It Came from the Toy Chest: My First MOTUC Super7 Style...

My first MOTUC Figure was Teela. She was meant to come out of the toy chest way back in late 2009-early 2010, but I lost the original SD Card that had the pictures for the review. I still couldn't find it after moving... (Nor the Vintage Mossman MOTUC head and a few selection of accessories that seem to be MIA... kicking myself in the dick for that.) Still mad about the non resealable packaging. So sad that her package got messed up, which forced me to open her. Which explains why the massive delays on me reviewing The Ultimates.

Tomboy, Best Friend of Adam/He-Man, Mother of Dare, Heir to the Sorceress of Grayskull, Adopted daughter of Man-at-Arms... That Teela...

Note: I Cannot compare her with the Original Matty Teela because:
-Most of My MOTUC are still in storage. Haven't had enough time to properly set up a display for them.
-My Teela had some paint issues that needed touch ups way after the figure arrived. (some paint from her bracers chipped off. (Due to the shield clip.)

Seeing that this is a reissue, er... First Issue Teela by Super7 using the Mattel Molds from 2009 (and some remade molds) Her Articulation is pretty much the same as the First Issue Teela by Mattel. Her Dress is slightly more pliable than her 2009 counterpart, but still a bit rigid. On the plus side, she HAS the Battleground Evil Lyn Bracers!! Yay!! The Negative side is that the heads are super hard plastic AND the BGTeela head won't fit in properly and I'm afraid it might break her neck peg. I'll risk having a loose BGT head by trying to trim off some of the plastic inside the head with an x-acto knife. Had to do it to all heads because she can't turn her head and I'm afraid her neck peg will break
4.0 (The Heads shouldn't be so freaking hard that I have to get an X-acto to make them fit.)

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is Virtually the same as 2009's Teela + a BGTeela head. The colord are brighter EXCEPT the blonde hair on the BGTeela and Mini Comic Teela. (My Teela's redhead uh, head has her eyes partially rolling to the back of her head... almost in an ahegao vibe to it. Thank goodness for her resting bitch facesculpt. I can call this a Happy little accident from the factory. 2 derped out eyes IN THE SAME DIRECTION!!

Goddess Spear
Goddess Headdress
Goddess Helm Head
Mini comic Head
Battleground Head
Staff of Ka

We're Most likely lacking Zoar due to its sculpt being originally for a DCUC  (Beastboy) and DCUC parts weren't in the S7 deal. but that's the only thing from Teela 09 that is missing here.

Teela gets a 4.5 as her final score. While that score is great, it COULD HAVE BEEN A BIT HIGHER IF I Hadn't had to butcher the heads to make them fit. That's my only Huge nitpick. The eye paint on her redhead it's a funny accident so I can let it slide.
She's a GREAT Addition to MOTUC, EVEN if you have the 2009 one. If you didn't, then this is your chance to have a True Blue Teela without a horrible face or a metal bra and furry UNDAPANTS!

Aug 22, 2017

I see... the first PS4 Teaser for Shenmue 3.

What else can I say about it... There are no sailors in the teaser.

Let's get the main complaint out of the way: Facial Animations. People are comparing Shenmue 3 (a crowdfunded game with a $6 Million-ish budget vs let's say, GTA V with it's $137 Million-ish development budget. Shenmue 3 is being developed with a budget that is BARELY 4.4% of GTA V's.
But They need to add blinking to the characters so they look a bit more natural.
It seems that Ryo's Model was improved, but Shenhua looks waay uncool!

I'm curious about the Straw Hat wearing Master who was training Ryo and the possible villain that kinda looks like a Lumberjack Dan Hibiki.
Argh! The second half of 2018 is too damn far away!!

And as always Craptaku is speaking ill of Shenmue cause they want it to fail.

Aug 21, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Goddammit Barry!

I'm talking about the Dark Knight Strikes Again Flash that is exclusive to Walgreens... Went for some Preparation H and ended up with The Flash, The Atom and Bruce Wayne's head. I have to admit that I got him mostly because of The Atom (damn you to hell Brandon Routh) and Bruce Wayne's head. I haven't read TDKSA so, I don't care if Lex Luthor had Flash in a sort of Hamster Wheel to power up America until he was released by the Dark Knight and company.
I much less care for The Flash in a swimsuit from either the late 1800s. Also, check out those Platform shoes that Barry is wearing (The only new pieces on him)

Literally a normal DCUC Figure Articulation. I think this figure uses the entire Flash buck minus the feet to make him almost as tall as a MOTUC... I'm commenting a bit on the sculpt here because of the articulation. Unlike the NORMAL FLASH, this Barry has an issue with his ankles. Big boot-like sneakers don't let him pose in a decent running pose. He looks clumsier than normal Barry, but you'd think his heavy feet give him a bit more support to stand in the running pose... WRONG!!

Paint and sculpt:
As I mentioned he's a retread of normal Flash but with platform shoes to look almost as tall as a MOTUC. The tampos are lazily applied and look bad. Black plastic biceps and knees have a bit of flesh tones flaking off. some of the yellow of his boot is bleeding unto the flesh colored shins.

Tiny Atom and Bruce Wayne Head meant to be used on Normal Batman.
The Atom is a statue. Badly applied paints are almost forgivable on it due to the size.
The Star of the show is the Old Man Bruce Wayne head and I have issues with it...
The sculpt on it does NOT MATCH ANY OF THE TDKR BATMAN Figures.
The Wayne head is too bloated for the normal Batman buck. Also, it looks too thin compared to the head of the Armored Batman buck. (FYI, if you want to use the head on the armored buck; you must warm the armored head with a blow dryer for a minute or 2. Then carefully remove it. Once it's removed, you must cut the lip the head has with an exacto knife. Yes, just like Superman.)
Is it me or does the head resemble an older
Michael Keaton?

Flash gets a 3.0 as his final score. I got to be honest here and say the Wayne head and Atom were the biggest influences to get him. But now that I have the Wayne Head, I'm thinking of using it for a MOTUC Custom THAN to use it as a Bruce Head... Third party casts of that head would be VERY Welcome.

Aug 20, 2017

Jerry Lewis has passed away and other stuff.

Yes, THAT Jerry Lewis has passed away. He was 91 when he passed. A Comedic Icon with a long spanning career in comedy and hosting various telethons, mostly the Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethons. He WAS an inspiration to various comedians, in particular the slapstick kinds, like Jim Carrey... Also Eddie Murphy has ridden Lewis' coattails with his remake of The Nutty Professor. My condolences to his family.

Night Trap got a remaster? And it came out 5 days ago? It Used the Original Master Tapes, so the film quality is DVD-like... And it's on PS4? It's almost tempting me to get it for the sake of infamy that the game has. Looks like I can only get the Digital release if I do.

Tomorrow, the Eclipse, and I ain't talking about the Third Twilight Movie, is happening... DO NOT LOOK AT IT WITH YOUR NAKED EYES... This man did it in 1963 and he got hurt badly. Don't be stupid... DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN!!

Aug 19, 2017

Oh no... First it was The Flintstones now The Jetsons?

Yup! We're getting a Live Action Jetsons movie... TV Series...
A Live Action version of The Jetsons...
The DC Comic Reboot pic has nothing to do, but it kinda does since it shows a more Realistic Depiction of the Jetsons...

I am VERY Wary of this project EVEN IF IT HAS ROBERT ZEMECKIS INVOLVED... Well that's the only thing giving me a bit of hope for the project if I want to be honest.

Why am I worried?
Let's see? Special effects. The Jetsons is a family sitcom in the future, which would require Special effects. We have seen some AWFUL CGI IN MOVIES, we can expect something worse for TV.

Now turn it into live action... If you're having flashbacks of this:

Then my job is done.
I'm also worried that audiences today simply DO NOT GIVE ENOUGH OF A DAMN for the Jetsons.

Also, ABC has already a series with a rather large budget...

Aug 18, 2017

The Director of Kong Skull Island got his fee-fees hurt by Cinemasins.

On Tuesday, Cinemasins released their Everything Wrong with Kong: Skull Island video.
The Director didn't like it and went on a tirade on twitter bashing Cinemasins.

Seriously, when you have to validate your movie to a Youtube Channel who hypernitpicks and grossly exaggerates movie flaws for comedic purposes, something's wrong with you. Seriously, they even MOCK themselves.

I could make a joke of an awful "professional writer" who hates my guts, but I won't waste time on that. I have much bigger fish to fry.

I kinda liked Kong: Skull Island. I called it OK. A more Superhero-ish take to the tale of Kong.
What's not OK is going on a multi-tweet tirade because your movie was "sinned" with sins that hold no real value or anything. TWO DAYS OF TWEETS WHINING ABOUT CINEMASINS... TWO DAYS... Then bringing up Trump. That's like the modern version of Mentioning Hitler or the Nazis... Not saying that Trump is one. I'm just saying that bringing Trump to defend a Freaking King Kong Remake is just like the Godwin's Law thing.

I'm starting to get a bad feeling about Metal Gear...

Aug 17, 2017

Odds and Ends 8/17/17 Nature Boy and other stuff...

My Mom knew a guy who claimed that he once worked as a bodyguard for Ric Flair... Yes, THAT Ric Flair. The guy was like 5'7" and barely weighs 120 when wet. *I* Kicked his ass once. Used to feel bad about the Nature Boy if HE was his bodyguard. Personal story aside, I AM worried about Ric Flair's current condition. Apparently, he's in worse condition than they thought. I hope he gets better.

A Star Wars movie that makes sense MAY BE HAPPENING... No, it's not a Vader film, but an Obi Wan Kenobi Solo film... Please be an Obi Wan in Tatooine looking after a Young Luke Skywalker from the shadows. Apparently, Stephen Daldry will be at the helm. I'm a bit worried about the Han Solo movie with those rumors about it being Ace Ventura in space...

March 29, 2019 is gonna suck... Dumbo in Live Action...
Tim Burton directing... The only good thing so far is Neither Depp nor HBC seem to be involved with this... We have Michael Keaton, Colin Farrell, Eva Green, and Danny De Vito in it... and Alan Arkin who just joined the cast... But Live Action Dumbo? I mean, it's not Lion King levels of wrong, but still...

And there has been VERY LITTLE PROGRESS ON THAT MGS Movie...

“Right now what we’re trying to write is the craziest, punk rock, Kojima, rock and roll, like ‘holy shit they’re going to try to make that movie that does this in that many time periods?!’ Like it’s special. Whether we can execute on that script, whether we can get it made, who knows. But right now, I truly believe that the target is in the right direction, and so we’ll see what happens from there.”

The Bold part worries me... This may be a Shadow Moses movie but with elements from other games intertwined... Guessing Outer Heaven, Zanzibar Land, Maybe even Tselinoyarsk... Hell, due to Liquid we might even get Africa... Whoa HOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAA!!! Dude, that's like 5 games... The dude might be getting a bit too ambitious.

Aug 16, 2017

Once again the Shenmue HD Remaster Rumors have surfaced.

Remember Shenmue... SEGA Game, story of revenge with a protagonist denser than bricks, who doesn't notice all the girls throwing themselves at him because he's focused on avenging his father... except when he's drinking soda, collecting capsule toys, racing forklifts, feeding a kitten, looking for sailors... you thought I forgot the sailors... Fighting Gollum... you get the idea.

I've already mentioned that SEGA was aware of our desire for some Shenmue 1 and 2. Well, now they are VERY INTERESTED in getting HD Remasters of Shenmue. While this doesn't guarantee that they happen, I hope they do, just to have the full story come together. Getting all 3 at the same time would be a Shenmue Overload...

Aug 14, 2017

The Time when My Little Pony attacked their fans...

Fame and Misfortune was so Savage that a Randy Picture isn't enough...

Nope! Needs more Savage...

Nope! Still not enough...

And I just ran out of Savage people to describe the Savagery that this episode was...

As said in the title, the episode is taking a jab at far more nitpicky fans... (guess I should feel alluded to, due to my nitpickiness, with DEM WINGS! and My Little Loli: Jailbait is magic...)

I mean look at this clip!

taking a jab at fans
They also confirm Rarity is worst pony.

They also point out that Fluttershy keeps learning THE SAME LESSON AGAIN AND AGAIN!!

Seriously, the entire episode is making the bronies look like asshats. The episode was so-so. I feel that it could've been handled a bit better. The Fluttershy character development explained was pretty good. The confirmation of Rarity being worst pony was great. But it felt like half the time was spent on telling the non-target audience fandom how much they suck. I mean, a bit over 2 years ago they were kissing brony ass now it's like screw you, we don't need you! Yeah sure, one could argue that SOME Elements of the fandom have lost focus on the Friendship part of Friendship is Magic, but they could've done it in a way without mocking the entire fandom.

I'll admit, I did laugh a couple of times when watching the episode. It was when Re-Watching it that the level of fan mockery hit me. Not cool!

We REALLY NEED the 11 Missing NA figures.

I need to campaign for the NA figures every now and then...   This may be a bit of a Retread of past rants campaigning for NA but I think this time I need to call for Super7's attention...

The Missing folks I'm talking about are:


I often mention that some of them can be made with heavy parts reuse if we can save a bit on tooling... New molds are the optimal solution, but IF not completely possible, reusing a couple of parts to get our results is the next best thing.

Well, I have to update some of the parts recipes, due to some people pointing some things out that could work as parts... ONCE AGAIN: NEW PARTS ARE BEST CASE SCENARIO. These are a worst case scenario kind of thing.

I know, I've done him a LOT OF TIMES.
He's a new head (s), weapons, armor.
His body is the He-Man buck, Hordak abs, Blast attack arms, STONEDAR Loincloth (New suggested part) Geldor Boots. Maybe add a new Head for Hydron WITHOUT the diving gear.

He's a new bandoleer, head(s) and weapons
Normal buck with Hordak Abs (it's mildly better than making a new shirt that could end up too bulky like Hydron or Sea Hawk)  The Left thigh of Blade, The Geldor "Knee" with the upper part of the boot. Blast Attak's lower boot . I recall mentioning the Laser He-Man forearms and FILMATION He-Man hands (They are a bit smaller than the NA Hands) Flipshot's loincloth completes the piece.

Again, head(s), armor, Weapons would be the new pieces. Although a new plug in piece for the Dawg-o-tor armor could work for him in an even worse case scenario...
Normal buck with NA He-Man forearms and FILMATION BEASTMAN hands... (so the hinges have identical articulation) Hordak abs., Trap Jaw lower legs with Sy-Klone loincloth.

Again, head(s), Weapons and armor, and armband are the new parts.
Normal He-Man buck, Blade's left thigh, RIO BLAST'S LEFT FOREARM (You could attach his stealth hook to any of the plugs in Rio's forearm.) RIO BLAST'S LOINCLOTH (While not exactly accurate to the character, since Vizar has a gun the shells on his belt would make sense, and that loincloth makes the legs look like pants) His right forearm would be Oo-larr's.

He's mostly Tuskador and Ram Man, but he needs a couple of new pieces, namely a new Centaur-esque 4 armed torso, head. New upper Shoulders, new Lower fists, weapons and removable sunglasses to have a nod to the cartoon.
The Arms are basically Ram Man's but the lower body is a repaint of Tuskador.

He requires plenty of new pieces, but some creative parts reuse could make him a less than 100% new tool. New Legs, Torso overlay, head, forearms, new weapons.
The old stuff would be the Horde Trooper Torso, Roboto Shoulders with Twistoid biceps, Rokkon Loincloth, Rio Blast's hands (due to the nature of his weapons those hands fit best) But in a super mega worst case scenario kind of thing I can take Blast Attak's upper legs and knees with Laser Power He-Man's boots.

Master Sebrian:
I recall to have mentioned that he's mostly made out of evil seed and lizard man. Nothing has changed here.

Now for the Mutants:

Once again, he's a new head, helmet, armor and weapons. In the worst case scenario a Squeeze head with Darius' helmet can work.
The reused parts would be Hssss shoulders, Goatman bracers, Demo-Man hands, Clawful Torso, Kobra Khan Loincloth, Darius' thighs, and Trap Jaw boots with duckfeet, though I would prefer a slightly less accurate, but more unique Saurod shins.

This one is a toughie... But let's see if I can crank up the creative parts reuse muscle on him...
Head would be new, as well as the torso, crotch, helmet and weapon.
I see Multibot's Red Arms. For his legs, we need to get funky! Upper Blue Legs, Bottom Green Legs, Magenta feet from Multibot. Once again, this is a case where he should be as close as 100% new tooling, but this recipe is like a worst case scenario thing.

He's a new head, Helmet, torso armor, weapon.
Roboto Shoulders, Normal biceps, Laser He-Man Forearms and hands
NA Skeletor Thighs and Trap Jaw Lower legs and feet. The extending neck is Mekaneck's shorter neck.

New Head, weapons and Torso Armor on the Normal buck. The Chunky armor syndrome is welcome here.
Shoulders are MEF, Biceps are Eldor's, Icarius Forearms with Demo-Man hands. For the legs we have Icarius Crotch, Darius Thighs, Trap Jaw Shins with the Batros boot and Trap Jaw feet...

Completing New Adventures without requiring 100% New Tooling on them. Why do I Insist on trying to get the rest of New Adventures? There's a couple of reasons:

-It would be completing what Mattel couldn't or didn't want to do.
-As much as I am not a fan of the Neitlichverse, making the Space Mutants a far away Horde Squad which kinda allows them to bleed into normal MOTU IS a good thing...

I KNOW New Adventures it the 3rd least popular version of MOTU (Son of He-Man and the more fanfictiony parts of the Neitlichverse being the other 2) but we are halfway there and they deserve to get their main roster completed.

Aug 13, 2017

The Rock's insane move...

So, there's 2 kinds of people. Those who think of Alcatraz or the Crazy Nic Cage movie with Connery when you mention The Rock; and those who think of this:

Well, I'm going to talk about The Rock, the Wrestler... Former Wrestler turned actor. Roll the Haku Machente clip!

Hey! That's the very same camera I use to take pictures for it came from the toy chest!
So let's see... Let's describe The Rock:
Cocky Eyebrow, Super white teeth, bouncy pec dance, The Funky Brahma Bull Tattoo... Well, that last one no longer applies to The Rock...

He got himself a brand new tat all over his Classic Brahma Bull...

The New Ink is super awesome and the shattered part of the skull is where the Classic Brahma Bull is covered up.

I know it's HIS BODY, HIS CHOICE, but that Bull is also HIS BRAND... Look at all his stuff... It has THE BULL!! Not the awesome Zombie Bull Monstrosity that could easily fit for a Cyberdemon on Doom...

If The Hurricane ever changes his Green Lantern Tat, I'm gonna cry!

Aug 10, 2017

Teensy Weensy Tiny Wimey Bit of Hope for Thundercats...

While I was writing an it came from the toy chest for a Warcraft toy, this little bit of news popped up on my Facebook feed:

A pic of a series of posts by Brian Flynn... The Super7 guy.

There might be a tiny bit of hope for Thundercats.

I REALLY Hope that this happens if Just to complete the CORE CORE CORE CORE Roster... Meaning:

For the Cats:
Tygra, who totally needs his bolo whip, hallucinogenic clip on plants and fruit. A second Partially aged Tygra from the Episode Trouble with Time. extra pair of hands is obvious toss in the chain of loyalty

Cheetara, who needs her staff. maybe the short version plugs to another piece to make the full staff. Aside the extra pair of hands, she could come in with Snarf and the Magic Flute.

Bengali... My most hated Cat. He's mostly a Tygra cheap clone, so he can come with his Hammer of Thundera, a broken sword of omens, the Bracelet of Power

Lynx-O, the blind Thundercat and completes the Team (sans Jaga) should come with his light shield, Mirror of truth and Jade Dragon (double headed dragon of doom). Extra hands are obvious.

For the Mutants:

Slithe, for obvious reasons, yessss. The usual for him his weapon, which we kinda got with Jackalman? extra hands. Snarfer

Vultureman, extra hands, Superpower Potion, His claw Weapon, Ma-Mutt

Monkian, extra hands, his mace, shield, a sound stone.

Mumm-Ra The Ever LIVING!! Extra hands, alternate Flared out cape, Fully unleashed Sword of Plundarr, Book of Omens, Silky, and Excalibur

Jaga and Grune could be an extra two pack just to get the corest of core out. IF I were forced to reduce this list to 4 characters only they'd be:
Tygra, Cheetara, Mumm-Ra, and Slithe. (Monkian and Vultureman Could be made out of custom MOTUC bucks.)

Now, let's not get too excited about this since it COULD BE a whole bunch of Nothing, but I hope we can AT LEAST get the corest of core T-Cats, just to have a complete team of cats and a Mumm-Ra.