We appreciate all the kind words and messages of support everyone has shared on behalf of Power-Con. Unfortunately, our goal for advanced sales was not reached which has resulted in cancellation of our 2014 event.

Refunds for tickets, vendor tables, and Goat Man preorders will begin to be issued this weekend and will be completed within 60 days of this announcement. You do not need to contact us to request your refund, it will be automatically processed within the 60 days. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the actual refund process, please contact us via our website.

We’re sorry we were not able to offer Goat Man at Power-Con. MattyCollector will be offering Goat Man at San Diego Comic-Con and later this year via their online store. Much like in previous years with the travelling exclusive, we suspect Goat Man will be fairly easy to obtain online.

The He-Man and She-Ra fan base is a passionate one. It has an amazing online community and we hope it will live on for decades to come. With each new year comes new opportunities for the MOTU and POP brands as well as for the fans. If a new form of entertainment arises for He-Man and She-Ra, such as a movie or cartoon, Power-Con will return and again strive to create the experience that was enjoyed by so many of you at Power-Con in the three previous years.

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Thank you to all the attendees, vendors, exhibitors, press, volunteers, and talent that have supported Power-Con for the last three years and we wish you a good journey!