Jul 11, 2014

Girl Meets World, random thoughts.

No, I'm not going to make a Girl Meets World Weekly Review. I may talk about it as long as it keeps my attention... Heck! Last Wednesday, I did not mention anything about the Kiss that made many Disney Channel fans go Quagmire... Except now I just did. So, let's move away from Young and Hungry and return to Girl Meets World.
So, this week was basically a "Feeny assignment" episode... Where Riley and Lucas begin to "connect"...
Where have I seen this before?

Now Here's the thing: The Lucas Character has the Personality of a brick. He's as exciting as watching paint dry. The whole "He's Texan" thing is not that interesting. Hell! Even Teensy-Weensy toned down Farkle (still needs a bit more toning down to do) was way better than Preteen Male Ke-Stew.

So, back to the assignment. Mr. Matthews confiscated all the phones in class and forced the students to learn about communication as if it was the 1980s... Lo-Tech style! This forces a pair-up between Riley and Dullboy, much to Cory's dismay. Now here's one of my few issues with the episode. Can Cory Take away their phones and keep them overnight even if the students were not using them? I understand teachers confiscating distractions and having them delivered by the end of the class day. Now, that's not what REALLY bothered me. That was a distraction! The thing that bothered me is that 2 episodes into the show and they're trying to shoehorn Riley and the Cowbore as a couple... It took a bit more than 2 seasons for Cory and Topanga to start a relationship.

The OTHER thing that kinda bothers me is the whole Cory/Maya relationship. Before people infer that I'm implying that Cory is some sort of child-molesting creep; that's not what I'm trying to say.

What I'm trying to say is that it's pretty obvious that Cory has some favoritism towards certain students (mostly those who are in the main cast) because of his interactions with SOME of them. Now on Episode 2, Cory gives Maya her own Smartphone so she can "spy on her best friend for him." I know it's a TV show, but if it was real life; Cory's actions would be misinterpreted BIG TIME. I mean the synopsis for episode 5 was posted online and it says:
Cory learns that Riley wants to go to the school dance instead of their yearly tradition of riding the Coney Island rollercoaster. Simultaneously, he also has to deal with giving Maya an F. Why does he have to "DEAL" with giving Maya an F. Student did bad, student gets bad grade... Unless Teacher has become TOO ATTACHED TO SAID STUDENT. I expect overreactions from him on Episode 5...

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