Jul 27, 2014

Gal Gadon't Wonder Woman image surfaced...

And here it is:
I, uh... I don't know what to say... I mean, I could open up with the overused Rarity overreaction clip.

By Hera! This thing is HORRIBLY BLAND LOOKING. Brown on brown on brown... GENIUS!! It looks like a Generic Amazon and not like Wonder Woman!! The WW Elements are hidden within the bland and very monochromatic palette. and makes her look a lot LESS like Wonder Woman. (and more like a 12 year old cosplaying as a fusion of Xena and Callisto)

Look at the Movie suit on the left and at the classic comic book look. below...
See the main difference?
FREAKING COLOR!! If THAT Suit was in WW's Palette, it would be somewhat acceptable and easily identifiable as Wonder Woman.

I showed this Gal Gadot as WW pic to my assistant, this is what he said:
"Leather Fetish Wonder Woman"

So, to summarize my thoughts on this costume: I don't like it, but it's another bit of evidence that DC and WB do not give a damn about Wonder Woman... (not to mention my dislike towards the actress chosen to play the role that she is not worthy to play.) Right now everything hinges on Ben Affleck to save this ball of suck.

*update* I was partially wrong. The suit seems to have WW's color scheme but in very muted colors. Which brings me to my next issue. If she is wearing a suit in the correct colors, why in the hell did they showed this pic with an even more muted palette that makes her suit look brown?
It's almost as if the team wants WW to fail!

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