Jul 19, 2014

The New Rainbow Brite is Young and Hungry

Because she's going to be voiced by none other than the Former Miley Stewart Sidekick who shares genes with Kingdom Hearts' Sora... You might have guessed that I'm talking about Emily Osment. Holy crap! I just realized that the First Official It Came from the Toy Chest WAS an Emily Osment doll...
Before I get the eventual

hear me out...
I do not need to explain everything. It was a pure coincidence. (I lost the pics that were from the Hannah Montana doll that I got when I bought that Lola doll... So, the first ICFTTC was supposed to be Miley's...) In any case, I'm so glad that Emily Osment is doing stuff. She was underrated in Hannah Montana.

So, Rainbow Brite... She has gone around from toy company to toy company. She was once under Mattel's hands in the 80s, but around 2008 she ended up in Playmates toys hands... (Remember to add the word toys when looking for playmates... Otherwise you'll get the Heff...) I vaguely remember her. I wasn't too into it. I seem to recall Strawberry Shortcake, MLP, GloWorms, Jem, but not that much about Rainbow Brite.

I do remember from my late teens and early twenties tons of girls wearing Rainbow Brite costumes for Halloween... Somehow all of the costumes had one of two issues:
Too Childish looking but accurate
or on the other end of the Specturm SOME of the Costumes looked Incredibly Slutty. (and I'm ignoring the intentionally "Sexy" versions. I'm talking about accurate RB costumes.)

I know, it's a bit underwhelming for a 1000th rant, but I decided to keep it simple.
Robot Chicken took Rainbow Brite to a DARK Place... I vaguely remember it now, but not as much as the others already mentioned above.

I'll probably check out the show.

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