Jul 25, 2014

SDCC Reveals and earlier leaks. (Mattycollector)

It's that time again! Mattycollectors SDCC Panel. Of course, I couldn't go to San Diego to see them Live... It's more comfortable watching this at home, especially since stuff has been leaked since the 22nd. I am writing this first part on the 23rd to capture my first thoughts on the characters that have been leaked earlier.

Sweet Bee's leak was hinted since earlier, but Mattel almost put a stop to them. Saw a full body pic of her on the 23rd, but as an act of deference towards Mattel, I'll wait until their Matty Palooza is over to post this rant.

So, Sweet Bee... She looks very Filmation-like but her face seems a bit derpy... (In before MLP reference) and like the MLP Derpy, I just don't know what went wrong! She is the October Club Etheria Figure, but we knew that. I like her butt gun! There is something Off with her, I just can't put my finger on it... Looking at a pic of her toy, she looks more like the toy than Filmation. The only Toon elements are her heads and wings.

Now the NOVEMBER ETERNIA Figure was hinted to be a Snakeman... Scott Toyguru Neitlich mentioned this on an interview with the It's All True.Net team. Now this was leaked...

 Freaking Tung Lashor... If you have listened to the Council of the First Ones Podcast you would have heard a very shameful story about me and Tung Lashor. He is also the FINAL FIGURE to complete My Childhood Collection of MOTU Figures. Looks like he has more new Pieces than I expected:
2 heads (duh)
Upper Torso
Lower Torso

I expected a few less new parts, but wow... I wish he had a bit more 200X influence aside his tongue. He supposedly comes with a Horde Armband, like Rattlor. Judging by how his head and neck look, it would be impossible to give him Horde Armor without chopping it to make a more Filmation Tung Lashor .  Great! I can give Grizzlor a second Horde Armband. (I won't try to disassemble Leech to put an armband on him)

The third Spoiled Item BEFORE SDCC is a Variant... Seemingly a character for the Club Etheria sub that will piss off some folks because she TECHNICALLY SHOULDN'T BE ON THE CE SUB.

It's Galactic Protector She-Ra. A New Adventures version of She-Ra that was in the Neitlichverse Mini Comic that came with Gorpo the Über Lame One! Dammit! They tease us with a Vintage Toy Chest Piece!! I like her sword of Protection, but Evil Mike made a better sword a long time ago on his Shapeways store. To be fair, I DID want a NA She-Ra, but if she's on the Club Etheria sub, then that pushes characters like Perfuma or Spinnerella out of said sub and THAT scares me, because Perfuma COULD scare potential 2015 subscribers that aren't into PoP...
I saw another pic of her with her visor on. Not sure if Visor is removable or if she has 2 heads. She HAS A GUN!!! NA She-Ra would help out the Galactic Protectors... Mara would even out the team, theoretically.
She has a few new items, but her body seems to be mostly reused from Bubble Power She-Ra.

Now I wait until further leaks or the Actual Panel.

So, Matty Collector did some reveals of their own on the 23rd. They showed better a pic of Eldor and Sweet Bee (She will NOT have Day of Sale Stock, like Sea Hawk, Two-Bad or Fang Man) Eldor looks BAD ASS!! Sweet Bee, well, her wings seem translucent. That makes her look better. Her face looks a bit too young... and I'm talking hide her from Hal Jordan young.

Got kicked in the balls metaphorically speaking by Mattel... Battle Ram, the whole thing... WITH a "Brand New Duncan" (Palace Guard buck, MAA Armor, Brownish boots and a 200X Head...) Pop in the Stache head and you get Filmation Duncan... Why did they kicked me in the balls? Mattel is asking $110 for it (plus shipping and extra expenses) I want to point out one thing. The head on the Sky Sled is different, because it ISN'T a Sky Sled. It's a War Sled... the "Evil Version" of the Sky Sled.

While, yes, I've bitched and moaned about Buzz Saw Hordak being too similar to normal Hordak. We should apply this to Man-at-Arms. The Helmetless head is cool... Not cool enough to buy a $110 Vehicle to get said head. Do we really need a Third variant of Duncan bumping up the price of the already expensive vehicle? If we were to get a "reissue" why not Teela (New Head, BGEL forearms, Fembuck 2.0)? Heck! any Other character... Like say, Fisto New full Torso Armor (without the sheath for the 200X swors) and come in more Vintage colors. Hell, some people have suggested the Obscure Warrior in Yellow who is participating in tug of war. He needed ZERO New Pieces aside maybe the head. (Which they could totally use any past head and give it the page boy cut and call it a day... Hell! they could have made him John Spector in Civilian clothes.) That would have been hilarious, I have to admit...But alas, we're stuck with Duncan #3... They could have given him a Serpent Claw MAA paintjob so we could Mix and match with Past Duncans and not feel like
 Now, back to the Battle Ram. The wording on the site seems a bit iffy. I get that the wheels roll, but is the missile launcher Spring Loaded? They could have totally axed that to lower the price on this. It's not whining, it's complaining. Now THIS is Whining! Why does Mattel overload Q4 with so many expensive things!? I'm not made out of money to buy all the Mini Masters, MOTU Classics, the Etheria sub MOTUCS, Jumbo Masters, $35 Holiday Item, $110 Holiday Item, Black Friday to Cyber Monday stuff!! The Super Powers, Total Heroes, etc.
 It boggles my mind. Can't move those $300 + S&H Grayskulls, let's toss in a $110 + S&H vehicle that is not even 1/3 the size of the castle. I could understand The Collector being an overpriced item, but the Battle Ram feels a bit TOO Expensive. (even when subtracting the $27 from Duncan.)

Something about 4 Giant sized Vintage Figures... the exact same MOTU toy from the 80s with the exact same articulation and sculpt in 12 inches. He-Man, Skeletor and 2 more are coming Around $75 + shipping and extra expenses like taxes, etc. Ouch!! The folks at TNI have some pics about an army of mini Skeletors in different paintjobs. I saw Batman, Panthor, Marvel's Kaine, Scarabus... What in the Hell is this!?

Now I wait until Mattel does the Official releases and gives subbers an e-mail surprise (like they did last year with Glimmer) or any more leaks before the 25th.

July 24th Updates:
The WTF Skeletors were apparently made by Mattel Employees. (according to Toyark)
Also, it seems that one of the Mini Masters sets is Zodac vs ? but if you look at the Custom Skeletors made by employees you'll see Beastman. Will Beastman be the Mini Master Paired against Zodac, or will it be someone else?
 If you check out their pics, look at what The Mary Sue known as Spector is holding... It's a staff... Not an ordinary staff, but a staff that belongs to:

Yes, Spector is getting his own Doc Brown in the form of Gwildor. Translation: Saurod is most likely a 2015 figure.
So, holy crap! We have so fat the following items coming:
Oct: Eldor for Eternia, Sweet Bee for Etheria
Nov: Tung Lashor for Eternia (maybe) NA She-Ra for Etheria
The (overpriced) Battle Ram as a Holiday Item...
GWILDOR!! Holy Smokes! Freaking Gwildor!

Come on, 25th! Arrive already!!
toyark has pics: Matty has Better Pics!
So, minis: Eh! don't care! Not even the She-Ra vs Horde Trooper or Jitsu vs Mekaneck makes me interested in them...
Too Expensive!!

Eldor comes with a Sticker Sheet, so does Entrapta.
Battle Ram is supposedly in October now, FFFFFFFFFFU- *update* Now November. Also comes with swappable heads for the Sky Sled... SONOFA!! Good to know I wasted $60 + S&H on Sky High! *update* no you did not. The Battle Ram only comes with the War Sled. To have a Vintage Accurate Battle Ram you need Sky High's Sky Sled.

Tung Lashor IS the November figure. NA She-Ra is the November Club Etheria figure... (damn!)

Filmation version of Bow's Horse is the Q4 item for 2014... Hmmm... I predict pictures of Bow and Adam riding into the night showing up... Yes, I AM going to take a pic of that as well.

The $35 item comes in November... It's Gwildor with Cosmic Keys? He-Looks Movie-like!! YEAH!! It's official, Saurod is stuck in 2015 land...

Mermista is the December Club Eternia Figure F*** YES!! Mermista made it as a normal sized figure... Whoa! She looks effin sweet! and very Vintage Toy-Like... Some may not like that...

Spinnerella is the December Etheria Figure... YES!! She looks super sexy!! Yes, I said she looks super sexy... Got a problem with that? Looks like she has a repainted Goddess Spear... FINALLY they reuse that piece!

2015... Gimme 2015...

Lizard Man!? Oh dammit! I don't like him! Oh well... Looks like he uses some Modulok pieces... This is the one dud for me of the entire set of reveals. He comes with Skeletor's Filmation sword and the Diamond Ray of Disappearance, so that almost makes up for him and the stands.

February is Ninjor time!! Comes with a sword that looks different than Jitsu's, nunchucks and extra elements to his armor that make him look more Ninja-Like (as the Black pajama ninja stereotype allows)
His loincloth looks a lot like the 200X Jitsu Loincloth... Hopefully it's removable...

Q1 2015 is a two-pack: snake Armor He-Man vs Battle Armor King Hsss? Da Hell!? 200X Head! 2000-Freaking X Head on He-Man! Hssss comes with a new Snake Form... a more Terrifying snake form!
Here I was expecting Terror Claws Skeletor vs Flying Fists He-Man. Complete curveball.

March is Huntara... Interesting... She has back holsters for her "Laser swords"?

Sub Exclusive is:
Oo-Larr, the Savage He-Man... Call me disappointed. That slot screamed Despara, damn it! I stand corrected. Now that I saw him, DAMN! He is freaking sweet! True Vintage He-Man head, and a Longer Haired head the hairstyle kinda looks like the Filmation hairstyle.

Travelling Con item: Robot Knight 3 pack!? I don't know how I feel about this... No info on price point.

Teasing Angella?  Bastards!!

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