Jul 18, 2014

Snake Mountain... The dream crushed under Logistics...

Things look rather grim for a Snake Mountain in MOTU Classics. I ranted about this before.
It royally stinks!! I mean, the only Plastic Representation of Snake Mountain that we have is the Vintage Playset and that was a bit underwhelming. The Castle Grayskulls are still standing strong on Matty and not selling out...

I tried to figure out what a MOTUC Scaled Snake Mountain could look like...
Well, I have to wonder no more... No, Before anyone gets their hopes up, Mattel is not making a Snake Mountain... (I fear that they'd ask us to pay in souls or something)
What I'm trying to say is that a fan has made his own Snake Mountain. (I'm not sure if it is in scale with MOTUC, but it looks like it could be. Just look at the pic)
FB User Arturo Heman has made an Incredible Custom Snake Mountain that will make you weep!
He even put the Original Snake Mountain as a reference to scale.
HOLY CRAP!! If that snake Mountain in front of it is the VINTAGE Snake Mountain, then the Holy Crap is Well Deserved. This is what I'd call a Snake Mountain. It's obviously based on the Vintage Toy AND The Filmation version of Snake Mountain.
I think the palette has a few 200X nods as well, so in a way it's following the MOTUC Recipe. Vintage Looking with a sprinkling of Elements from the other eras.

Can you feel it? the sickening blow of not having a Snake Mountain as cool looking as this one? I totally do.

On the Other hand, it's cool to see the fans taking over and doing "what Mattel won't do". So far this is THE BEST Snake Mountain Custom that I've ever seen!

UPDATE: I saw some pics a few days back of a Con in which this custom playset was displayed and it was made with Vintage figures in mind, based on said pics...


  1. We need to get Mattel make a MOTUC Snake Mountain just like this one, keeping the color scheme of the vintage playset!
    If the preorder system didn't work out for them for Castle Grayskull, why not make a prepay system for Snake Mountain or a kickstarter?
    It would be awesome to get that, but time is running out for the fans I fear... We need to let Mattel know that we really want this thing happening!

    1. Sadly, Mattel will not do it. They will use the standard excuses: Logistics, Grayskull not selling well enough, and all that.

      I understand that the workload for a Snake Mountain to happen is enormous., but it's already too late. If Grayskull had shown up sooner in the line, then maybe we would have had a chance for Snake Mountain.

  2. About scale https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=289668311226785&set=t.100005508558703&type=3&theater

  3. Here are some pictures of my custom snake mountain http://nl.tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=Ws%2B%2FbUVEbdTdq%2BavN2qwwA%3D%3D

  4. Hello , I 'm a friend of arthur I man , I wanted to tell you a little of it, is a disabled person is saying is deaf-mute , lives in Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico certainly is a great artist !

    1. I didn't know that, but I agree, he's a great artist!