Nov 30, 2015

The Top Alternate Heads needed in MOTUC

Well, think about it: They did often said that 200X heads were a no-no and now we got some 200X Head love! In the spirit of Alternative looks, or fixing issues here's a list of heads needed in MOTUC:
Note: I will only do 10 Characters because I want to make this a somewhat short list.

Oo-Larr's "Vintage head"
Laser Power Head

Yes, Faker gets 3 heads... It could be 6 if we demand battle damaged versions of those two heads. There is no real reason to not request the Extra Battle Damaged versions... That way, you can have a Faker to match your He-Man.

New Filmation Head with an actual Chin...
Mattel KNOWS they dropped the ball with Teela... and no matter what that ONE Fool says, that Teela is NOT "Perfect".

Mini comics Blonde Teela head with slightly longer Ponytail.


These do not need any real explanation. One is for Blue Hordak, the other for Standard, Hurricane or BS versions of him.

The official MOTUC Head is horrendous... The hair doesn't help her either. A more Accurate Frosta head would be welcome.

Snout Spout:
Fix the Trunk rot...

King Randor and Queen Marlena:
Crownless heads. Having the King and Queen without their crowns can help them when displayed as captives by Skeletor.

Two words: Articulated Jaw. This will help make Skeletor more expressive, whether the head is Acala syled, Vintage or 200X.

"unmasked head"
We have a Flipshot without a Helmet, we need a Hydron without his Respirator, period.

The last Figure who needs an Alternate head is...
Keldor! And yes, the Head is the Melty Face Keldor...

He don't have the Eye of the Tiger... but he has something else.

So, I saw Creed... I can't make a Play by Play Spoilerrific Rant, because it would require Multiple viewings and with the Prices on Movie Tickets, well, it ain't cheap. Yeah, I've done it before, but now I can't afford to watch the same movie 3 times... (Time and Logistical constraints)
So, Creed, not Really Rocky VII but totally Rocky VII...
I could easily describe it as a 2015 Blacksploitation version of Rocky Reboot/Sequel... Because it's pretty much a Sequel as an SJW-somewhat Friendly Reboot.
We start with the Bastard Child of Apollo Creed, named Adonis Johnson. He's a bastard since he was born after He-Man Drago killed Apollo from a Mistress that Creed had. "Donnie Johnson" (aka Adonis Johnson/Creed) is played by Black Johnny Storm actor, Michael B. Jordan.
Now I have to say this, Jordan is a decent actor, just not Johnny Storm. His role as Adonis here shows that he can manage. (his previous work shows that as well, but avoid Chronicle and Trankt4stic Flop)

So, Donnie has Fighter's blood inside of him, always fighting through foster homes and juvie. He ends up being adopted by Mary Anne Creed, wife of the Late Apollo Creed and she gives him a shot at life outside the system. He even has a decent job and all, but he throws it away to become a pro-boxer.(He has a few fights under his belt south of the border) He tries training at the Gym that trained Apollo and gets his ass kicked, so he goes to Philadelphia in a Reverse Fresh Douche of Bel-Air move. Kid somehow convinces the Italian Stallion to come out of Retirement and Train him.

So, Rocky is now Mickey and Adonis is Rocky... They use Mick's Unorthodox Training and they beat the fighter trained on Mick's Gym. The truth about him being the Bastard Son of Apollo Creed is leaked to the media and this causes the current champ (who is going to jail due to a weapons charge) wanting to fight the "son of Apollo Creed" as his final fight. Adonis accepts, so we get more training. Things get a bit rough when Adonis discovers that Rocky has Cancer and his bad temper led to a fight with a workmate of his "Adrian", a singer with progressive deafness. Rocky promises Adonis to get treated if Adonis fights with all his heart. In the end the faux tension between Adonis and Bianca (the "Adrian") is resolved and she goes to the fight.

Like Rocky, we get the fight between the Champ and the Underdog and if you've seen Rocky, then the ending for Creed should be expected. Now here's the thing: The movie works as a Sequel, Passing the Torch kind of thing for a new Franchise... I should guess that Rocky will kick the bucket for Creed III while Adonis fights a "Clubber Lang"... Wonder who will be the "Drago" for Creed IV? Will we have a Robot? So, by these last few statements you can guess that I feel that this movie is pretty much a Reboot/retread of Rocky. It works, but at the same time it acts against the movie.

The only real nitpicks I have are:

Music, mostly hip hop and it kinda distanced itself from the traditional Rocky-styled music... Probably because MBJ is black, they used "black music". I did notice a few faint notes echoing "Gonna Fly Now" on a few scenes with Balboa in it.

The whole Bianca sub-plot felt a bit forced, seeing that she was supposed to be the "adrian". Something didn't click with me on this whole relationship, since the whole "deafness" angle felt forced to have something off from this beautiful girl. There was no real awkwardness, like with Adrian and Rocky.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable experience and I'm hoping for a sequel... Part of me is curious if they WILL Retread Rocky II or head in a new Direction? If you haven't seen it, have enjoyed the GOOD Rocky Movies (I, II, III, Parts of IV, and Rocky Balboa) then you should go see it...
I kinda want to see Adonis meeting Drago.

Matty 8 days cyber week Final update.


ot a great sale this year:
The last deals were:
Kowl and LooKee
King Grayskull (santa)

Rio Blast
Ecto Cooler King Grayskull...

Joining the Sold Out Ranks were:

Eternos Palace Randor

Lord Dactus

DCUC's Elongated Man

Overall thoughts, Aside Castle Grayskull at $150, this sale was a bit pathetic...

Nov 25, 2015

Ah, here it is: This is why I couldn't stand with Ahmed.

We interrupt the Matty Sale Date Update, mostly because posting ONE NEW ITEM a DAY is a bit lame and the fact that Day 3 hasn't started yet allows me to rant about something else...

Remember Ahmed Mohamed? The kid who disassembled a clock, put it on a briefcase-looking pencil case and the whole thing resembled a 1980s Cinematic Bomb Briefcase?
The 14 year old kid who was known to be a prankster and somewhat of a MacGyver, who was aware that "Muslim Terrorists" are Terrorists who twist and pervert their religion to suit their needs. Said kid had suffered through insults (which he blames to post 9/11 "Islamophobia") Somehow wasn't aware that Putting a gutted clock in a case that kinda looked like a bomb case would cause people to be afraid that it might be a bomb, especially AFTER SUFFERING THROUGH INSULTS ABOUT HIM BEING A TERRORIST JUST BECAUSE HE IS MUSLIM...

Not to mention that his father was interested in gaining Political Power in the Middle East.

Well they moved to Qatar, after getting a Scholarship... Now he is back making a Demand:

You are 14 Million Short, Doctor...
Yes, Ahmed's Family is demanding $15 Million Dollars as an Apology... They also want an apology from the school and the district. If these demands are not met in 60 days, they. will. sue!

the first seconds of this video show what happened to the Sympathy that the kid had acquired after the demands were made.

$15 Million... For Meeting the President of the USA, getting an International Scholarship, tons of free goodies, "paraded as a hero against racism", etc. I fail to see the "severe damages" he suffered or the "damages to his reputation".

I wonder how many reacted like this:

Once again, it's a shame that the kid is being used by manipulative adults. Think about it: $15 Million could help his father's failed attempts at becoming President of Sudan, or start a business in Qatar.
Had they just asked for the public apologies, they would have still gotten the praise, but the $15 Million? That is PURE GREED. Think about the ways this would screw the School, but more importantly the EDUCATION of the Students going there. Not to mention the people of Irvine who'd have to pocket the money to pay for this.

The theory that this was done ON PURPOSE is starting to make more sense...

Nov 24, 2015

Day 2 of Matty's 8 days to Cyber Monday sale.

Here we are again... Bringing an update to the Sale...
So, here's the list of Day One goners:
Yup! Castle Grayskull is Gone... Whether it truly sold out or was temporarily pulled is a Mystery... Remember that Point Dread "Sold Out" and it miraculously came back only to be PULLED!!

  • MOTUC Castle Grayskull
  • MOTUC Stratos
  • MOTUC Spirit of Hordak
  • MOTUC Griffin
    MOTUC Frosta
  • MOTUC Battle Armor Skeletor
  • DCUC Huntress
  • DCUC Ra's Al Ghul
  • DCUC Saint Walker
These were the items that sold out on Day One.

I just noticed that the "Daily Item" is not part of the 50% off sale. It's a separate thing... Yesterday it was Goatman. Today it was Extendar...
Today was a bit meh... Curse my lack of MOTUC Money!!!

Nov 23, 2015

I sometimes wonder how would 200X Figures look if they were more Vintagized.

I know this sounds horribly weird, knowing my preference for 200X... I know this seems similar to my "What's with the  200X Hate?" rant where I had an idea for a more Vintage Looking Dactus.
Well, that Rant in addition to the Ceratus Review and my recent 200X-fication of my brand new MOTUC Whiplash... We've seen how King Grayskull turned out being "Vintagized" same thing with Zodac... Marzo could have used a bit more Vintagizing, but we kinda got there...

So, I applied that idea and made this sketch on what a Vintage-ized head for Ceratus could look like...
I kinda like it... not simply because I made it, but because it would have allowed us a way to Army Build Caligar Warriors. Not to mention that it would have served the same purpose as the 200X Head on Whiplash, but at the opposite end of the spectrum.
Back in 2010, I recall people buying MULTIPLE Whiplashes to make army builders with the extra head. (In most cases using the 200X head as a generic brute, while Reptilian Abe Vigoda was the Default Whiplash)

Heck some people even bought Third Party Ceratus heads to use on the whiplash buck.

I'll admit that a more Vintagized Choobs would royally Suck, but Ceratus getting a Vintage inspired head, which based on my quick sketch would have been rather easy to make.

Now, don't take this as an endorsement for more "Vintagized" 200X Figures in classics.  This is just me wondering about what COULD HAVE BEEN and with Ceratus, I kinda like the Vintageized potential look. (Not as Ceratus, seeing that I prefer his VERY 200X look, but as something else.)

Matty's 8 days to cyber Monday Sale Day 1 wasn't that bad...

$150 Grayskull + Free Shipping (using the Slowest Option) That is all.

Sure there were other items at 50% off... Damn! Due to dealing with the aftermath of Mom's passing, I'm unable to partake and missed out on getting Extra Griffins and Stratos figures.
Cherry Coke Hordak is Under $13!!
 Even the Overpriced "Super Powers" figures got to a reasonable price... Heck! The Entire Watchmen series for under $100 is a steal!

Well played, Matteh! Well Played... Let's see how the rest of the week plays out!
Also, Point Dread was PULLED!!! (expected)

All that delicious custom fodder and not having the dough to get them is making me a bit sad...
Seriously, $11 Pond Chickens and BOWS... DAMN!!

Why do I prefer 200X over Vintage designs?

In some Cases I do Enjoy the Filmation Designs... Especially
when they have enough details to fit in with MOTUC.
It's No secret that MOST OF THE TIME I prefer 200X Designs over vintage. Throughout various rants and It Came From the Toy Chest, the 200X Influences have crept over the figures. Whether it's me getting certain 200X Accessories (usually from Shapeways), or me butchering (I cannot truly call myself a customizer) figures into more 200X looking Versions (via repaints, Mattel condoned kitbashes, or "illegal" part swapping)

The question is WHY?
Now before anyone jumps the gun and says: "You didn't grow up with the vintage line and that's why you prefer those ugly 200X designs" excuse, shut the hell up!
I grew up with the Orginal toys. SOME of Waves 1 and 2 eluded me, due to my youth, but I kinda got into the game around the time between Waves 3 and 4 of MOTU all the way to parts of wave 6... Never got to see a Toy Randor until I was well into TMNT and MOTU was being replaced by He-Man (in space!) The Filmation Cartoon was watched religiously while it aired on Syndication (Latin American Dub FTW!) He-Man was a cherished part of my Childhood until it vanished. The 1990s were a dark age for my MOTU fan self... The Turtles were left behind as I graduated to Marvel and DC Comics... Leaning more towards Marvel, because most of the DC Characters didn't resonate as well as Marvel's with my young self.

So, late 2001 or early 2002, I went to Gamestop and  Something Caught My Eye... Grand Theft Auto III! So, I bought the game and next to the Register: Battle Sound He-Man and Skeletor and 200X Battle Cat. The new more Mature designs by the 4Horsemen brought me back fully. This was around the time the Commemorative line was ending.

I went back into the MOTU fold and got the available characters... The Articulation was poor in the Marvel Legends era of Super articulation... More Articulation than McFarlane, but not enough. The sculpts were wonderful to look at... Well Whatever Mattel did not ruin with action features.
Size difference among the characters was a welcome difference. Adam was not He-Man wearing more clothing and Beast Man was Larger than Stratos. That helped make each character feel unique.

The Reasoning behind the choices made by the Horsemen seems sound. Armored Plating on Man-at-Arms' body made more sense than guy wearing green Spandex... Beastman being Beastly! Whiplash looking more Lizard Man/Monster thing than a Half Lizard Man/Half Bee Man abomination.
In a way, the Horsmen gave them XTREEEM! Makeovers that ACTUALLY WORKED! or at least clicked with me...

While the designs may seem to some as departure, One can appreciate the respect towards the Original designs on the 4Horsemen redos.
MerMan is based on some Vintage Art and got some extra Unique parts to make him more uh, MerMan... Beastman is close to the Original design, but in a more Ape-like body and added Armor (Legs)
He-Man has the Traditional look, but with a more realistic looking Harness, a Pouch to pull out the Grappling hook (that in Filmation he pulled out of inside his loincloth.) and so forth.
Then while taking some Costume design courses in college, the 200X Designs made even MORE Sense. It almost seems as if the Horsemen were pitching Potential Movie Redesigns to Mattel and ended up making toys out of them.
Looking at both Whiplash versions next to each other... Yes, that is Ceratus repurposed into 200X Whiplash... It's not 100% accurate, but it's good enough for me. As I was saying. Some people prefer the Vintage One because of reasons. (I may take a guess and say that Nostalgia played a huge factor.) While I respect the Vintage Whiplash for what he was... The 80s toy (with a tasty tail... I was a biter...) I prefer the 200X one because he looks more Reptilian and less than Abe Vigoda (he's still alive?) cosplaying as a Bee/Lizard Nosferatu.

Seeing the "200X Embargo" being lifted in Classics has brought me some joy that was kinda lost when collecting this line recently.

So, basically, the Horsemen being able to bring forth the UNIQUENESS of Each Character who used to share a buttload of parts in the 80s made me appreciate each character a bit better than when they were kitbashes of other characters. This explains why I often find myself trying to De-Vintagize the heck out of each figure. (I had to Revintagize my Original Whiplash to make Vigodor) In any case I now have THE WHIPLASH I'VE ALWAYS WANTED IN MOTUC... and a new Caligar ally for Ceratus.

Nov 20, 2015

Odds and ends November 20, 2015

Yup! Former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle got a 15 year sentence due to his sex crimes.
Yikes! Then again, he did plead guilty to his charges and if he did the crime, he has to do the time.

Prosecutors sought a 12½-year sentence, while Fogle's attorneys sought five years. The Judge simply gave him 15 years and 8 months... Seems this judge thought that the Prosecutors were too soft on Jared. He better hope the defense will request to keep him in Solitary and away from the rest of the community... Lest they want Jared to be fed Jailhouse Footlongs for 15 years, or get killed.

My Little Pony movie has a Release Date... No, not Equestria Girls 4, we totally ran out of ideas of what to do, so we're doing the Summer Camp movie... Not a real movie... Yet. I'm talking about a MY LITTLE PONY, emphasis on PONY movie. November 3, 2017 will be a day of Ponies... And they have Kristin Chenoweth, who played Maleficent in Disney's Descendants.

So, y'all know about Yamcha's fall... err... Ronda Rousey's recent defeat! Well, there's a conspiracy theory going on... If we're to believe a certain former WWE superstar.  He claims it was set up so Ronda could go and do the movies she's slated to do. To me this sounds a bit ridiculous to be honest. This is not the WWE where crazy ass stories are the main focus instead of the fighting.

But the thing is that there is another theory going through. That was Ronda Rousey's Final Fight.
According to MMA Fighter Jose Aldo, this was her final fight (because he believes she won't come back) and she may move on to do movies and other less dangerous stuff.
In any case good luck for Ronda and may her future endeavors whether in the octagon or outside of it don't end up being Ymancha'd... And before anyone bitches about making Ronda Jokes, the reason I'm using YAMCHA Jokes is because she's somewhat of a DB fan. (Pokémon is where she's hardcore.) I mean I could have gone with the #1 Reason why Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm

and end it like that.

In any case, once again, Hope Ronda gets better and whether she returns to MMA or not, that her future endeavors end up well... (and if she's returning for an Expendables 4, I hope for an R rating!)

Nov 18, 2015

I just got Matty'd one more time...

Remember how Early Access for non-sub items went the way of the dodo?
Matty's new strategy seems to be random sales. Like the 1985 Sale on BTTF2 day (Wish I had known they were giving Action Figure Sized Hoverboards...)

Well they announced at 2:00 PM Atlantic Standard Time (10:00 AM Matty Time) about a Comic Con Sale, where they sold all the SDCC items they had...
By the time I got to the site to see what they had ALL WAS GONE!!*

*= All meaning MOTUC...

But Speaking of Bovine Fecal Matter, guess who has suddenly returned?
Beer Goggles Teela!!

Yup! The Point Dread and Talon Fighter has made a Triumphant Comeback on Mattycollector...

Now I'm afraid what will they pull off on the first Neitlichless Black Friday...

Point Dread Sold OUT!?

Satan's abode must have frozen over... Really... Point Dread Sold Out... I even got a screencap because I couldn't believe it!

There is ONE THING going through my mind:

Is this "Sold Out" sign REAL, or is this a Matty "Artificial Rarity" Strategy? It sold out in less than 2 days. Point Dread with all the moaning about the size, the HORRIBLE Teela, etc, Sold Out in 2 Days... I mean we're less than a week from the Matty TURDucken Week before Cyber Monday sale... Maybe that had something to do.
I mean it could be that it was Pulled to avoid giving a discount on a recent item and then suddenly they find Misplaced Crates filled with Talon Fighters and it comes back.

By the Way, they haven't updated the site to say it sold out, so I'll expect tons of angry would be buyers complaining about this... Then again it's like 6:00 in Matty-land.

But really? Less than two days!? I have to call shenanigans on that!

Nov 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen is officially NOT WINNING

I just found out that Charlie Sheen has HIV.

Yes, I know this video is in REALLY, REALLY, BAD TASTE, but it accentuates the whole "Crazy Charlie Sheen" stunt from the past... About 4 years, IIRC.

Charlie has been known for his wild partying ways and it's unsurprising that he ended up with HIV.
Now just because I said it's not surprising that a man with such lifestyle gets infected, does not mean that I think he deserves it. I mean, crap! That's one huge load on his shoulders now.

On more sad news, Don Vito is DEAD!!

He died of Liver and Kidney Failure. HE was 59!? Shoot! I thought he was MUCH OLDER than that... Oh well...

In any case my condolences to his family (including that Douche Bam)

Slimer is rumored to be forced in the unwanted reboot... Can't muster any energy to make a joke about Slimer sliming McCarthy... If it's true, will they Genderbend him into a her? Wouldn't be a true Genderbent version if they don't... So much for wanting to do "their own thing and not be attached to the originals..." Well, assuming the rumor is true.

Kylo Ren's lightsaber explained: Old Design, unstable and the crossguard is not really a crossguard but vents where excess power vents off... feh! In any case in roughly a month the Force will awaken... Will it live up to the hype or will it be another Phantom Menace... J.J. don't screw this up!!

Nov 16, 2015

Talon fighter, Point Dread and Teela on Sale today...

forgot about Point Dread and Talon Fighter being on Sale Today... Well, with the whole personal issues that I'm still dealing with, then there's a whole bunch of unrelated to the House of Rants that I have to deal with... In any case, if you want one, go here.

Scott Neitlich fired some heavy shots with this post... Sad part is that they WILL RING TRUE TO MANY PEOPLE... In a way, I agree with the sentiment. Seeing past sales where items got a huge discount (Like how I got Castle Grayskull with Free shipping, which translated to a roughly 50% off on the price of the castle.) can discourage people into getting the newer items. The thing that bugs me is:

If I Say it, I'm just Joe Q. Public saying it. There are no past or present affiliations to Mattel.
When Scott Neitlich FORMER BRAND MANAGER FOR MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE FROM MATTEL says it, it sounds unprofessional. Like a tinge of Sour Grapes... This "I'm no longer working for them so, screw them!" attitude is not cool.

He is known as the FORMER MATTEL GUY in toy forums and whether we agree or disagree with him, his opinions carry some weight. Now what he is saying (wait for a sale to get it cheaper) is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what he said constantly when HE WAS THE MATTEL GUY.

Remember the "Vehicles are unlikely because the Wind Raider didn't sell well." or "Snake Mountain is unlikely because of the Grayskull cancellations." posts? I do. While, as a customer, he has the right to buy the items at his leisure and wait for better deals, it kinda stinks knowing how he used to berate us for doing that. Especially since he works for a RIVAL TOY COMPANY!! That is what makes it seem more unprofessional.

I know some people are thinking the same thing like Wait for Black Friday and get it for cheap...
They can pull it to avoid selling it for less. IIRC they did that to the Battle Ram. It's a risk that you may take, but remember, Lady Luck is fickle and she may not always be on your side.

I'm aware that she will not sell out in seconds, I mean it's still around over 3 hours later. Now The set has Teela working against it, so that's allowing for some staying power, but on the other hand the Talon Fighter looks sweet as Hell, so it could sell out over the weekend.

and they say there isn't a war against videogames...

Now the Terrorists behind the horrible Paris Attacks are being claimed to have used PS4s to plan the attacks. What does this mean? Basically another excuse to further police videogames. First we have the Wet Blanket Brigade Lead by the rainbow haired tumblrinas who see the world like this:

We had the Morality brigade back in the day, led by Jack Thompson who is a smidge saner than the Tumblrina above.

So, now Videogame consoles are a tool to aid terrorists to plot their acts of terror because they cannot be tracked... All these because one of the terrorists had a PS4... Yes, just because one had a PS4, people are claiming that they used it to communicate.

Yes, Terrorists use Call of Doody to communicate and plan terror attacks...
I recall something about game chats being monitored not to mention that people record those chats to upload to youtube, as seen with the example above. Something stinks here...

I mean this is not the first time people have tried to use Videogames as "a terrorist aiding tool". remember Nine Eleven?

Nov 13, 2015

Making a Case for Skeleteen in MOTUC...

Calm, down! Satan is not getting an Icy makeover on his domain! Drop those pitchforks and torches and hear me out... Next Month we are Getting Dare, the Stupid Son of He-Man... Therefore we Need Skeleteen! Yes, I've made that argument before and People still hate it, BECAUSE there is a dislike towards the Son of He-Man era, that I share as well. At the same time, we KINDA NEED him seeing he's "Dare's Skeletor". Yes I keep going back to this point as the main crutch to have the character. Now there is another bio that made Skeleteen somewhat Relevant.
Twistoid's bio stated that after Twistoid was Destroyed in UBG II, his "Robotic Brain: was put inside a Roton and basically became the MOTUC KARR!!

So, what I'm suggesting is a Skeleteen + Roton 2 pack!
Theoretically speaking Roton is just a Top shell, a Lower Shell, the Spinning Rotor sandwiched on the Shells, Weapons, Gears and wheels with an optional Canopy if using the Model as Inspiration.
Now Skeleteen's Coat might present a problem for the Roton... Unless the Seat has a removable back plate to allow the coat/cape to hide the lower parts of the cape and allow the figure to seat properly. The cape would cover the hole. Plus you can add a removable canopy from the Model Kit. Boom!

sure, Skeleteen has a few new parts, but he's doable.
Torso, Shoulders, Biceps, thighs could be reused (right thigh could be Masque's to have the belt on it) Looks like the Loincloth is Filmation Skeletor with a removable belt on top. His Havoc Staff could totally be the 200X Staff.
Now that I AM looking at him up close, YIKES! It kinda kills the Army Building Vibe with the Rotons, but do not Fret! I ALSO have a solution for that...

2 Different Rotons... by pulling a MOTUC Kowl Maneuver. First Release the Red Roton with Black Rotor WITH Skeleteen as the rider... (non-Sub item) Then at a Later date release the Black Rotons with an "Army Builder" figure. (A Skeleton Soldier, Filmation Goblin or Slime Pit Mutant) This one could be a Sub item. Toss in a few Highly desired Accessories with Skeleteen and Boom!
Completists will buy it because Red Roton is tempting (Maybe toss in some Flame Decals and stuff)

I know this is a weak case and that I'm at a crossroads with Skeleteen. The part of me that wants him is very lukewarm about it and it's 98% because we're stuck with Dare.
Yeah, we may have The Unnamed One, but it's a bit lame that Dare's enemy is simply "Evil Orko".
I mean, He-Ro has Hordak and King Hssss, KG has King Hssss and Hordak, He-Man has Skeletor (Hordak and King Hssss too) She-Ra has Hordak (Skeletor too... sort of, Catra and Horde Prime) Dare has... UNO.

Yeah... The Son of He-Man not being well received (including the House of Rants) is hurting the chances of Skeleteen seeing the light of day... Yes, I'm aware there are WAY better characters and more popular ones that deserve a spot, but since shoved Dare down our throats, well... you get the idea. His garish 90s XTREEM! Design, his silly name, his era of Origin are the biggest obstacles he has to go through. The only saving grace lies in his characterization on the December Mini comics. Hopefully Scott's writing isn't as awful this time around and Skeleteen becomes somewhat interesting...

I guess we could say that Skeleteen has...

It's Friday! Friday! Jason's having fun on Friday! (Nov 13, 2015 odds and ends)

His first victim is:
Link with BOOBS!!
Yes, Nintendo caved to Anita's whining and now we have a "Girl Link".

First: WHY a "Girl Link" called Linkle?
Couldn't they call her anything else? I mean, it still sounds derivative of Link... Can you imagine the bitching fit Anita will have with this? This is blatantly a Ms. Male Character! Also it kinda sounds like Tinkle, Tingle...

Oh S***T! Linkle = Link + Tingle!! The EWW! has been doubled! I gotta say, the Pigtails remind me of Aryll, but look at that horribly sexist costume that will make the Sock Juice Whiners have a fit! Thigh length boots, skorts... Surprised that the Ass.Creed hoodie is covering all the cleavage. Look she has two crossbows because Girl can't use sword and shield trope...

I mean, they already have created a brand new Female character for this game with Lana. This "genderbent" Link reeks of a ploy to make the 160K whiner to shut the hell up!

Jason's next victim is:
Just a puppet... who will settle it in SMASH!!
That's right, Super Dweeb/super Cereal Protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, AKA Lightning with a penis is going to hit Smash Brothers U...

WHY? He's not been in a Nintendo Console until... Crap! Forgot about Kingdom Hearts: chain of memories... Carry on, puppet boy! Become more OP than Ryu... or Little Mac.
 As long as we don't get the newest challenger...

All jokes aside, I think that a more CLASSIC Square Character from the "Nintendo era" would have been better for Smash... Crono, Geno, Cecil, Edgar, Warrior of Light, a Moogle!!

Remember kids, don't bump uglies today unless you want Jason to visit you!!

Nov 11, 2015

Konami Caved in and gave us Quiet back!?

Was this their plan all along, or did the petition actually did something. In any case...

Now... All you need is to do the 1.06 Update of the game. Once you have updated and you have LOST Quiet to Mission 45, all you have to do is REPLAY MISSION 11: cloaked in silence, AKA Quiet Boss Battle.
You have to do this roughly 7 times until the Mission changes from REPLAY: Cloaked in Silence
to REUNION: Cloaked in Silence.
Now, this is crucial... FINISH THE BATTLE with NON-LETHAL METHODS, Rocket Punch, Supply Drop, TranqSnipe the living daylights out of Quiet.
Then you get your Quiet back!
Now I can have my revenge against the Skulls (snipers)!! I think the Metallic Archaea glitch was fixed... Will look for more info before taking Quiet with me there...

Sorry, DD! you have been Replaced by (does any one know Quiet's cup size?)

OK, sexist joke aside, Konami seems to be doing something good, for once.
They are working with the Phantom Limb Project to create a Punished Snake Prosthetic arm for a real person to use! Of course, the arm will not have the Rocket or Jehuty features, but it's pretty cool that they are doing something other than pachinko machines, firing creative geniuses, or stopping the MG Fan Remake that was going to have DAVID HAYTER doing the voice of Snake...

Nov 10, 2015

Seems that we may have a He-Man...

And they seem to have pulled this Potential candidate from...

Whoops! Wrong Intro!

The NEW American Gladiators' Titan is being considered to be part of the He-Man movie... or so he claims.

This scares me... A LOT!
He's pushing 50... Born in 1969, turning 47 next January. Most of the things he's been as an actor are short films and Days of our lives.

In a way at least, SOMETHING is happening with the movie, but this doesn't give me too much hope...
Does anyone remember how horrid Dolph Lundgren delivered his lines in the Original Movie? I know English isn't his first language and I am not knocking that. Mad props to him for doing movies in a foreign (to him) language. Hell, Even people who speak English Normally... can have... some... Strange delivery... issues. Not saying any names here...

I also fear Wooden Acting like Kristen Stewart or Shailine Woodley on the Divergent movies, (I kinda liked her in The Fault in our Stars...)

Or even worse...

I blame the Chu-Jem fiasco for me becoming a bit less hopeful with this movie...

Odds and ends November 10, 2015: Jem, Trump, Star Wars...

Which bit of news should I start with? Star Wars it is!
Stars of the Star Wars: episode VII: The Force Awakens campaigned to have a Terminally Ill MEGA FAN to be able to see The Force Awakens earlier than the rest of us. That campaign was a success!
Yay! Well, here come the bad news, Daniel Fleetwood, Star Wars mega fan has passed away.
My condolences to his family. My appreciation goes to the people who allowed this man to see the movie before he passed away.

SJWs and the  Ridiculous Conservatives have something in common... They whine about the pettiest of things and the most First World Problems. (Note, not all Conservatives are ridiculous. There are level headed individuals on both sides of the Political Spectrum.)
OK, so now they want to boycott Starbucks because of Plain Red and Green Cups. They even got the Racist Animal living atop Donald Trump's head to get into the Starbucks boycotting action.
The reason people are whining about the cups: No Merry Christmas on them, or Snowmen, or Snowflakes, or Jingle Bells, or Christmas Trees, you know THINGS THAT ARE COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE BIRTH OF CHRIST!!

Of course, the Donald and the Racist Animal on his head are trying to win the Religious Conservative vote, by suggesting that he will bring back "Merry Christmas" as a phrase to be used by everyone instead of "Happy Holidays". I've never been sure if Trump was for real or if he is trolling everyone.
I'm starting to think that he's trying to Out-Kardashian the Kardashians on the Media Whore scene.
Really? Fighting over Red and Green (colors associated with Christmas or Freddy Krueger)
He said that he's even going to end the lease on a Starbucks at one of his buildings. REALLY!? Causing people to lose their jobs from an AMERICAN COMPANY operating on his building because of a RED AND GREEN CUP... Is this the REAL PATRIOTIC AMERICAN that SOME REPUBLICANS ARE PUSHING FOR!? This is why some people make fun of republicans in general.

There are far more important things that The Donald and the Racist Animal residing atop his head could argue about? Drugs, Gang Violence, Problems with Education? Nope! A Red and Green Cup is where it's at!
I need to wash off the crappy flavor off of my mouth... Jem failed so bad that Universal is pulling the movie from theaters! Jem did WORSE than Trankt4stic... Sadly, we'll never see a Real Jem thanks to Chu's Turd and the Poopograms! The property is viable IF GIVEN THE RESPECT AND BUDGET IT DESERVES. This movie FAILED because it was disrespected right out the bat with a shoestring budget, which "forced" the filmmakers to bastardize the hell out of the property in order to make a movie ON THAT crappy budget. I mean it's not like they're making Monopoly: The movie... Wait! There's TWO MONOPOLY MOVIES COMING!?

Nov 8, 2015

Hey! What the!? Oliver Queen!?

Finally! We have our first Green Arrow Wannabe! It only took 3 Seasons of Arrow until someone decided to Oliver Queen his city! Nanticoke Pennsylvania is the home of the New Arrow!

Yes, there is a Masked Vigilante firing arrows at people during his hunt for criminals.
The 15 year old was attacked in front of his home. He says a masked man walked up to him with a bow and arrow and asked him, "Where the drugs were at?" When he said he didn't know. He was hit with the arrow.
You know what scares me the most? Not that there is a Vigilante running about imitating Ollie Queen. That eventually we'll have some sort of wetblanket SJW type who will complain about Marvel and DC making shows about vigilantes and that people are imitating fiction...

But , this clip is for the Arrow Wannabe!

No More Bananas!?

Seems that Banana plants might be dying of a fungal disease...
Some took the news harder than others...
You are a Bey-eetch that doesn't have mmmm, Bananas!
Specifically speaking, the Cavendish variety of Bananas are being affected. This is the Traditional Banana for the US folks and the most exported type. The one used on those delicious Banana Splits... No... Not those Banana Splits... Don't you dare add the Bananas in Pajamas clip, Spike!!

So, Look at that tasty Ice Creamy, Hwipped Cream and Banana piece of heaven right there! If this whole Banana Killing Fungus thing is true, then The Banana Split will change... forever!
Same thing will happen to Corn Flakes, banana smoothies and all the Banana related products!! Hopefully The Banana Producers will look into different kinds of Mmmmm, bananas!

Nov 6, 2015

CW is doing Archie... I smell a trainwreck...

Based on my experiences with Archie comics... Not that many, to be honest, but enough to get the gist of it... Well, CW is doing Archie for their new TV series called: Riverdale and they seem to have CW'd the Archie crew.
Really? Archie is now a Jock!? Freaking Archie is now a Football team star who looks pumped because he worked in Construction during the Summer.

Really, This is the description given to Archie's character...
A high school sophomore, the redhead is still boyishly handsome but “pumped and looking good after working construction for his dad during the summer.” Archie is grappling with heavy issues and juggling the interest of several girls while discovering his passion for writing and performing music against his father and his football coach’s better wishes. Oh, and he’s harboring more than one dark, terrible secret.
Freaking Archie, who you are supposed to be surprised that he beat off 3 guys to save Betty! THREE GUYS!

Let's keep going and see how CW'd the rest of the cast is, shall we?

Betty is now:
The blonde and pretty sophomore is described as having “some self-esteem issues and affinity for Adderall.” Eager-to-please, wholesome and studious, Betty has a super-crush on her longtime best bud, Archie. But tired of being the “perfect” everything, she turns to her new friend, Veronica, for life advice. Betty has an emotionally brittle mom, a goth-like sister and a coveted spot on the cheerleading squad — though with certain conditions…. 

Pill Popping Possibly Bi-Curious Betty... and possibly has to do sexual favors to stay on the cheerleading squad. Is this Archie or the plot for a porno?

Veronica is now:
Producers are aiming to ideally cast a Latina as this “silver-tongued” stunner, who has just returned to Riverdale from New York following a scandal which resulted in her father going to prison. Extremely intelligent, self-confident and immediately popular, Veronica is eager to reinvent herself — from Mean Girl to caring friend.
I can't even... Why a Latina Veronica LODGE? Will she be half-and-half, with her father being white and her mother of Latin American Origin?

Jughead is now:
A hearing-impaired actor is being sought to play Jughead as an “emo-heartthrob.” The lanky lad is Archie’s former best friend, seeing as the two still are smarting from a rift that took place between them. Angry, but with a philosophical bent, Jughead “refuses to take the olive branch being proffered by Archie, the hurt goes that deep.” 
 A Hearing Impaired Emo Heartthrob, who has to be mega skinny and be able to eat as much as an Anaconda... I hope he's not turned into a vegan hipster douche... This IS the CW after all.

I thought that the appeal of Archie was that EVERYTHING in his world is lighter than the rest of the world... A Feel good Teenage Drama story without the need of the "seedy underbelly" of Teen Dramas.
do we really need some PG-13 Bra and Panties Betty and Veronica kissing and fondling themselves while discussing Archie? Sure the actresses playing them will be 20-somethings, but they are supposed to be 15 year old girls... and that is making me think of a way to make a Jared Fogle joke, but I guess he is tired of eating $5 Footlongs...

Archie is supposed to make Full House look like a racy HBO Show. This CW-fied Archie goes against EVERYTHING Archie is... Archie is very Disney-like Squeaky clean kind of thing... CW is not the best place for Archie... I'm curious, but in a Chu-Jem kind of way curious... I know it's taking a massive dump on the source material, but I want to see it to bitch about it!
Then again:

The Degraded Classics Variant Sub passed...

No big celebration or announcing that it went Way above their goals like past subs during the Reign of SuperKamiToyguru or the Collector's Choice sub from the Post-Neitlich era.
Classics 2.0 is happening! We’re stoked to produce these awesome figures. Thanks to all the fans for making this happen! ‪#‎CollectorsAreKing‬ ‪#‎MOTU‬
That's it... That's all that Mattel delivered as their message.
This message is so... Spartan and very unlike the past messages from Skeletor's Love Child...
It almost gives some credibility to the rumor that she has left the MOTUC Team.

Now, It's NOT A SECRET that I dislike this sub-line, due to the reduced details and making them Not accurate to Either Classics or Filmation.
Yes it grinds my gears when people say that THOSE FIGURES ARE FILMATION ACCURATE...
THEY ARE NOT. (Body proportions are a bit off, Loincloths are not furry briefs, Figures are slightly more detailed than their cartoon looks.) They don't work with Classics because they're a bit TOO Underdetailed to fit with Standard Classics figures.

I've gone on multiple times on why they chose poorly... Today I found this little post made by Neitlich...
Even Neitlich is against that sub...
 He did not bite the bullet on this Sub. I have to wonder if it was due to the lack of detail on the figures.
I mean, what's the point of having NEW Versions of past characters that could fit in with past Classics Figures, like say:
A He-Man that can fit in with the Eternos Palace Randor, Battle Ram MAA, (the ugly) Point Dread Teela, Sorceress, Orko, Shadow Beast, Adam, Adora, Sea Hawk, Shadow Weaver, Blue Hordak, Catra, Plundor, Nepthu, Strongor, Fangman, Icer, Batros, General Sunder, Vultak, Queen Marlena, Kowl, Loo-Kee, should I go on?

I know this seems like beating a dead horse, but it happens.  We simply bought ONE more year of time for MOTU... One more year where the bosses keep shuffling about (remember that Guru left and apparently so did Skeletor's Love Child... and her 9 bosses). We have seen the  decrease in Quality Control, heck! It's gotten so bad that Mattel HAD to delay figures... The movie is STILL on Limbo and Mattel doesn't really want to invest in a full MOTU revival. This degraded sub-line will be an even bigger failure in Mattel's eyes if it fails next year... Classics has the fortune of 8 years on its belt, so Failing year 9 is not such a big of a failure (Completing 2 out of 3 Vintage Toylines + tens of new characters/variants in Action Figure form with Little Real promoting from the company.) Classics has Grayskull, Point Dread, and the idea of the line ending WITH a Snake Mountain as the final item still makes the line a huge winner. This degraded Sub-line would be a colossal failure in Mattel's eyes if it ends in 7 figures...Even if it's Mattel's fault, they'll paint it as a failure on the customers' part and claim that there really is no real interest in Masters of the Universe. I'm afraid that this stylistic departure may bite us in the ass...

Nov 3, 2015

Oh noes. I missed out on Classics 2.0!!

Tch! I'm so sad that I missed out on getting the same characters I already have in a less Detailed look! I mean I'm GLAD that I missed out on them!  I hope those who wanted them enjoy them and that y'all don't get hit by Point Dreadful Teela syndrome.
Miley proving that she's the Perfect Teela... PD Teela that is!
I don't know the fate of this sub, seeing that Mattel was silent and when they spoke, well, that didn't go well with fans.

No sneak peeks at the missing figures like the Collector's choice, where we got to see General Sunder, who was MIA from the list...
This 2.0 Sub got none of that. They NEEDED to show an Evil Lyn Prototype, just to ease up potential customers afraid of PD Teela...

While I was NOT going to sub up, this Silence by Mattel is somewhat scary. They have done NOTHING to alleviate the fears and doubts of the customers. This is a disservice to those who actually wanted these.

I guess we'll find out how successful this experiment is...

Part of me is afraid of the OTHER 2016 Mini Sub...

Nov 2, 2015

I knew it would suck, but Jem's failure seems to be TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

This would be considered "kicking down" on an "easy target", but DAMN! My local theater has given Jem the kiss of death!
Two TRULY, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS Showings: The movie's been out roughly 2 weeks in the US. I saw it roughly 3-4 days after it started and I was pissed, not to mention the theater was EMPTY with only 6 seats used.
This is the only one that has 2 showings of the movie, BTW. The rest have only ONE show a day!
$387,925 on this weekend at 2,417 locations for a total of  $2,028,755... The only movie faring WORSE than JEM is doing BETTER than JEM... Bill Murray's Rock the Kasbah made LESS than JEM this weekend, BUT is playing on far less theaters AND the Overall Box Office Gross is $2,430,726 so, HOW CAN THIS BE!? That Movie is R!? How can it be doing better than JEM!?

Well, let's take a guess, shall we?

According to the critics at Rotten Tomatoes, the main issue seems to be:
Jem and the Holograms ignores its source material's goofy charm in favor of bland by-the-numbers drama.

You know what this Jem debacle reminds me of?

Sadly, DB:E had better budget, but that failed too!
We don't need a 100% Accurate adaptation, but an adaptation that RESPECTS the Material and keeps the core characteristics of it. Here is where Jem failed.
My only issue with the failure of Jem is that no reboot will save her now.

It Came from the Toy Chest... Do I keep him or do I repaint him into his brother?

I could go with the Usual Liquid Snake reference, but seeing that this IS a review for a 200X Figure, I'll keep the Cam Clarke references to a He-Man... and this figure ain't He-Man...
It's Ceratus, Leader of the Caligars and Elder BROTHA!(would you kindly read it in Liquid's voice?) of Whiplash. He also had a slight beef with Lord Dactus, but it was solved in one episode of the 2002 series.

That's pretty much what I can say about him.

Ceratus looks WAY too 200X compared to the more Vintage
He starts with Standard MOTUC Articulation... No boot cut on the legs, but tail has 1 PoA, like Whiplash or Draego-Man. The Ab crunch is SLIGHTLY hindered by his Torso overlay. The Left Shoulder has a bit of a limitation... Not sure if this happens in ALL the figures or just mine.
Paint and Sculpt:
Any similarity to a pop culture scam artist critic is purely
Luckily he looks very 200X-ish, WHILE retaining the Classics proportions and style. I have to say, the Earrings of Sarkeesia that Ceratus sports almost make him feel offended by everything. All he needs is a plaid shirt and tons of make-up to fight the Eternianchy with your kickstarter dollars. All references to she who musn't be named. the Paintjob is almost monochromatic, him being GREEN! with GREEN! accents. Sure there are some slight differences in shades, but Ceratus was that dull in coloring.
There is very little slop on his paintjob, so he gets a 4.5

One... One Bone Thingie. Is it a scepter, a mace, a pickaxe? Maybe it's a Buttscratcher!
Guess that all that Delicious New Tooling is what hurt his accessory count. Unless we count the Anita earrings...

DO I LIKE Ceratus because he is cool, or is it because I can Make a better Whiplash with him? That is an intriguing question. In any case, he gets a 3.0 as his final score. The lack of accessories and partially blocked Articulation were the reasons why he ranked a bit lower.
Is it me or does Ceratus look good on my "200X-ized" Whiplash
Whippy might need some repainted touches to truly look 200X...
Or should I say Ceratus' body may need some paint to make it
fit better with Whiplash...
I'm HEAVILY LEANING towards making a Ceratus into Whiplash... As soon as Ceratus #2 arrives.

Nov 1, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Dirty Hippie with Cosby Tendencies...

I am talking about Perfuma... The Flower Child of Princess of Power.
Normally I don't do Bios on these, but Perfuma's is one of those that NEEDS to be discussed:

Perfuma™ Bio
Real Name: Tara
Born on Etheria in an enchanted flower garden far, far away where sunflowers sang and daffodils danced, Tara was taught by the magical flowers to put people to sleep. She now uses this secret power to help She-Ra and the Great Rebellion. Whenever Catra and the evil Horde try to make mischief she opens her petals into a beautiful blossom. As soon as enemies get a whiff of her perfume, all they want to do is fall into a deep slumber. She later used her power on Eternia, traveling with She-Ra to join the heroic Masters of the Universe in the continuing battle against Hordak. With the power over everything that grows, Perfuma's enemies come near and are put to sleep with her floral aroma. Even Hordak cannot stand the beautiful scents of Perfuma's magic and had to beg She-Ra to take her away!

Straight from the Matty Page I swiped her bio.
Right out of the bat: Drugs from plants... to make people sleep...

She opens up her petals into a beautiful blossom... Seeing that flowers are an euphemism for vaginas and that my dirty, DIRTY, DIRTY mind can make Perfuma into a serial Rapist like Bill Cosby is being accused of well, being; you can see what I mean.

As soon as Enemies smell her arousal they fall into a deep slumber... Emphasis the deep slumber part, that can't be woken up easily...
They are pretty much at her mercy... but the bio emphasizes this and adds something even scarier...

With the power over EVERYTHING that grows, Perfuma's enemies come near and are put to sleep with her floral aroma...
EVERYTHING THAT GROWS... That totally implies the Phallus. So basically, she gives the enemies a boner, knocks them out, has her way with them, and then she leaves. The male victim was raped, but not really, because Patriarchy makes him the rapist, even if he was unconscious and Perfuma had sex without his consent. That is how she gets away with rape.
Boom! Mind Blown!

All weird Perfuma is a rapist jokes aside, WHO IS HER? She's basically GIRLY MOSSMAN, or a non-criminal Poison Ivy... though she kinda looks like the child of Ivy and Harley...

Man! She stinks! The "Flowery aroma" is sickening... in an almost smells kinda toxic way. Seems to be concentrated on her Flowers... But her crotch also smells of "Flower Scented" insecticide... Don't judge me! If you are allergic to certain scents (or in this case STENCH) then she's not for you! Unlike Mossman or Stinkor, her "Scent" is SUPER Strong.
She can't spread her legs to do
Spinning Cartwheel kicks...
Or to "open her petals" as the
bio says...

If you've seen Recent POP Ladies, without any Boot Cut, Perfuma is JUST Like them, but with an Aerith Long Skirt, which turns her Leg Articulation into USELESS Articulation. Coupled with her Long Hair, well she is VERY Limited.

Paint and Sculpt:
Aside a slight derp on her right eye... (seems like 2015 is the year of Derpy) her Paintjob is pretty nice! No visible slop on her. The sculpt is pretty cool! the skirt even has a subtle floral filigree on it.
Her face does seem a bit off. She looks closer to her 30s than her 20s, or the drugs have taken some detrimental effects to her health.

She has a POP Shield. nothing to write Home About, a Flower Headdress... Problem is...

It Literally stinks... I mentioned that already, but I need to emphasize how much that thing stinks. scent-wise.
She has a PROTON CANNON!! but of Stinky Flower... That thing REEKS!!! I think is the stinkiest Perfuma item... or the stinkiest MOTUC Item.
Just be careful with this: Remember
Female MOTUC Figures have a
Flimsy Ball joint on their necks.
That Flower Feels HEAVIER than
Only ONE Little Non-Stench related problem. Perfuma can't hold it. It's too heavy! (Feels Heavier than Perfuma herself) Also, the lack of a gripping left hand hinders her Flower Bazooka holding ability. Then again, it's supposed to be the vintage toy's Backpack and there is nowhere to put it... Well, you can MacGyver it on her hair, but it ain't pretty. To be fair, she CAN Hold it if the cannon has no flower.

Once again, Scarface Reference!
Perfuma gets a 3.0 due to her stench, her inability to use her Vintage Backpack as a backpack OR a bazooka. The Toy based Great Rebellion is NOW Complete!! For now I'm keeping Perfuma away from most figures because of her sickening stench! I mean sickening as in having to throw up for reals! That's why not even Toy me got close to her.

PoP 2.0 should be Purely.Vintage Toy Based

It's the only thing that makes sense, really. The POP Figures are already 85%+ Filmation, so why WASTE Slots on redoing "Filmation She-Ra" when the MOTUC She-Ra is Slightly tanned Filmation She-Ra. or BP She-Ra being Filmation She-Ra with toy boots and bracers...
Or a Filmation Glimmer (sure I'd like a shorter Glimmer, but really? a Redo of the EXACT SAME GLIMMER THAT WE GOT only a few millimeters shorter?)
Now I am NOT asking to redo ALL The Rebels, just the ones who had EXTREME Differences between Toy Look and Filmation.

It's not even a whole line (and we could always pop in the "Corrected Frosta head" as an extra with another figure.) It also kinda brings back CORE Rebels to the mix. We have a Precedent in the shape of KOWL!!

She-Ra only needs a Cape and Skirt (sword Too)
Catra only needs a Skirt and Forearms and boots
Angella needs new EVERYTHING aside arms and legs.
Casta needs No new parts
Glimmer Needs a new head (with new Tiara and hair), New Upper body clothing.
Bow Needs a new head New Cape and ARMORS, New Bow, Arrows, Quiver, modified Goatman Forearms to use the Bow Hands and Strongor Feet. We could use the Plundor Loincloth.

So, we can see that this sub-line wouldn't need THAT much new tooling and we COULD get away with SOME smart reuse. Toy POP can work well with MOTUC and not look out of place. I think I've been campaigning this since 2010 or 2011... Totally 2011!! yes, I'm going the OPPOSITE of what Mattel did with MOTU and the Filmation Sub-line, BECAUSE MOTUC WENT with the Mostly Vintage Toy route with the uh, toys!