Jan 31, 2016

He-Man movie has a director now...

Yup... I know it's  old but... None other than McG... Really? McG!?
Of all the possible directors, we get the lowest Michael Bay wannabe?

Does SONY want this project to fail so badly? Or is this some karmic punishment because I made fun of Ghost Bust Hers?

I'm still alive. Just internetless...

Dealing with the whole moving thing hasn't been that easy. I've been without internet for 2 whole weeks and I've missed out the opportunity to rant about some stuff like the stupidity of "strategic butt covers", some game reviews, the final season of Mythbusters, or Mattel pandering to the perpetually offended.

I hope to get back on track before V-Day.

Jan 15, 2016

More info on the Third Earth Club has leaked...

It was delayed and now there have been some changes:
  • Figures are no longer $25 and now they are $30. ($35 All Access)
  • It starts today and ends on Feb. 26
  • Jaga and Grune are no longer on the Sub.
$30!? Plus $15 of Untraceable slow ass shipping to me? Well, this Sub might be a no-no for me. But in this case Sub or Die seems the solution with $35 being the All Access Price.
On the other Hand 42 days seems reasonable enough time for a Sub.
But Less Figures...

Sure! It's Cheaper with Less Figures, but in the long run you're paying MORE for Less. Seeing that they took out Jaga and Grune... Betting they'll be SDCC Items.

I don't know It almost seems as Mattel wants this sub to fail. No E-Mail Notification. In any case I'll have to wait a bit before getting this sub IF I get it.


NOW when it went Live is when they gave the announcement via email and a small notification that it was reduced to 4 figures from the original 6.


Jan 14, 2016

Dammit, Who let Haley Joel Osment See Alan Rickman!?

Sadly, we have lost an Amazing Actor with an Incredible voice...

Yes, Alan Rickman has passed away due to Cancer...

He is gone, he will be missed, but never forgotten thanks to his various roles in movies...
Roll the Snape Clip!

I could use a Galaxy Quest clip

Why hasn't Haley Joel Osment seen Justin Bieber? Does 2016 has something against Brits?

But all jokes aside, my condolences to friends and family.

The Force Awakens is King of the Box Office

And butthurt Avaturd fans are trying their hardest to deny it. This doesn't bother me much, except when they use terms like lazy and unoriginal towards Star Wars: TFA... They are defending the super original  rip-off of Ferngully and Pocahontas... In SPAAAAACE!!! with that argument...

It's OBVIOUS WHY TFA feels like a retread of A New Hope. (Hero's Journey, Disney playing it safe and all that)

Then again, Star Wars as a Saga thrives in repetitive themes. you can read more about the whole Star Wars Ring Theory at the appropriately named starwarsringtheory.com site. It won't change your mind about the Prequels not being good, but it does a fairly decent argument in defending their existence.

Like I said before: It's no laughing matter to Reach #3 Worldwide in all time (for now), WITHOUT RELYING ON MULTIPLE VERSIONS OR Re-Showings. The Force Awakens reached #3 in 3 WEEKS! Avaturd and Titanic needed  30+ Weeks to reach where they are.

Let's look at week #3 of all 3 movies:
Titanic: $169,165,503
Avatar: $380,540,297
Star Wars: TFA: $770,381,043

Looking at the totals of all 3 movies in week 3, we can EASILY SEE that TFA is a Juggernaut with DOUBLE of what Avatar collected and nearly 5 times what Titanic collected. If Star Wars gets a 12 week run and it keeps some of the steam it has for a few more weeks, it can easily reach and surpass Avatar WITHOUT a 30+ Week run... (Though I might expect Disney showing it again)

It's OK to like Avatar, even if I don't. TBH I liked the Force Awakens, but wasn't completely blown away by it. One thing I cannot do is deny that The Force Awakens is the new Box Office King (without relying on Multiple releases.) So, Avaturd fans STFU!

Jan 12, 2016

First I lost Kay Bee Toys now...

GameStop is closing up shop in Puerto Rico AND Spain... Crap!
I know... I know the stories...
The memes are everywhere.

Thing is: Have you bought games from other retailers? Especially big box stores where Employees are nowhere to be found? You go to the Electronics Department and

The game is right there, but Jake is nowhere to be found... You find another employee from another section who is looking for Jake as well because 4 people have been pestering her for the last 20 minutes because they want a stupid game... her words, not mine. By the time Jake arrives, he's without the key for the games shelves. He needs to find Doug who has the key... 40 minutes later, you've seen half of the movie you were going to buy as well as the game and Doug is still nowhere to be found. 30 minutes afterwards Doug appears with the key and opens the shelf to get the game from the person before you, locks it and leaves to put you in the cycle again...

Sure the Gamestop Employee would try to sell you Strategy Guides, and other crap that they had to sell, but in essence the process is a LOT faster than big box Retailer. Also, I had a thing where I filled surveys and each quarter I'd get a $25 gift card for Gamestop... So a moderate part of my used game library were paid by Surveys. Also, Gamestop was a godsend with Preorders...

Farewell, Gamestop... I shall visit thee, whenver I go to the States...

Jan 11, 2016

Mattel delayed the Thundercats sub for unknown reasons...

Isn't it strange that this new team is mega silent after Skeletor's Love Child Meltdown?
Well, somehow the Release Date of the Thundercats sub was for Today, but it somehow became TBD.
In a way this is good news, seeing that I'm dealing with moving and this delay allows me to rearrange the budget and if possible get the sub.

Now had this info not been leaked and the sub started, no one would know about it unless they checked Mattycollector and stumbled into the news.

At least the website IS ANNOUNCING that Masque is late... I don't know but the Matty Team needs to get their stuff together if they want to keep getting our money.
What worries me is that the longer they take to put the Thundercats sub for sale, the less time it'll have to reach their goal and possibly surpass it to ensure Year 2.

I hope the sub makes it... At least just to see 1/3 of the Core Thundercats and 1/3 of the New Thundercats done...

Also we need a Snarf-Ra in our collections...

Flingign Popcorn at The Fall of Grayskull

The Fall of Grayskull fan movie is out on the Youtubes and it's time for me to fling popcorn at it!!

This was made by Daniel Benedict...

Yes, THAT Daniel Benedict... has given us This Fan Film... Watch it before the jump... That way you'll avoid my spoilerriffic review/rant.

Haley Joel Osment just saw David Bowie

Yes, it's unfortunate, but David Bowie has died...

Now there are Social Justice Whiners using his death to attack GamerGate... No really, they are claiming that GamerGate killed Bowie.
This Moron is trying to  use Bowie's death to send a false message. The "harassment" of a game developer who is transgendered...
That's not the "goal of GamerGate" Neither is the Harassment of the Harpy Ladies who were Recently at the UN crying to censor the internet... It's about ethics in journalism. Those three ladies are a trio of opportunistic whiners who create a false narrative of soggyknees to get donations
Example #1
Seriously, the Patreon Page is mostly about how (insert this person's preferred pronoun here) is being harassed and less about her so-so game.

The other two use Twitter as their main source of whining and direct to their pages to receive donations.

Back on topic. The Moron said:
In 1999, Bowie released a game called Omnikron: The Nomad Soul which received a less than stellar 74.81% ranking on GameRankings.com from the then predominantly white male gaming audience of 1999.

David Bowie was involved mostly in soundtrack and playing two characters. He did have SOME input in the storyline and design, but he wasn't THE DEVELOPER, nor THE WRITER.
The Developer was Quantic Dream and the Publisher was Eidos. He wasn't THE FORCE behind this game. The game received a less than stellar rating BECAUSE IT WAS FLAWED!!

Then again she believes this BS from GiantBomb...
 Progressive safe space GiantBomb has compiled an impressive collection of David Bowie’s influence upon the gaming industry.
Where Almost EVERY SINGLE Videogame character from Japan looks like David Bowie... Some are valid, but saying that Squall is based on Bowie (when he was based on Gackt Camui... and River Phoenix, not David Bowie) So, her credibility is way down the drain, hence why I think of her as a moron... not to mention emphasizingGiantbomb being muh safe space!!!

So, back on to the MAIN topic, It's a shame that these asshats are utilizing the death of a Cancer Victim to push their filthy agenda. This angers me a lot more seeing that I've lost relatives to Cancer and this cun... moron tries to make gamers seem like the villain here.

Cancer is the real villain here. Cancer killed David Bowie, not GamerGate.
In the meantime I have something else to do... It involves MOTU before I begin to pack them...

Jan 8, 2016

More Mattel BS...

Yeah, the Thundercats announcement was too good to be true. Another bit from Toys News International:
Ghost Bust Hers is the reason why we never got 6 Inch Real Ghostbusters toys... Also, Mattel is making Ghost Bust Hers toys...

First Impressions:
Aw Hell naw! We now have a Melissa McCarthy Action Figure...

Second Impressions:
Is it me or does the Kristen Wiig figure look a bit manly... Wait so does Kate McKinnon's! Nope! They ALL LOOK MANLY!

They look crappy... Sad part is I might get them just to have the REAL (pun not intended) Ghostbusters show these Pretenders what superior sculpts look like!

The Bull Crap won't stop with Ghost Bust Hers!! We're coming back to Masters of the Universe!!
Lord Masque's link is up! 

Well, they raised the All Access Price to $30...
Ignore the pic on the left stating that All Access is $27... I am saving that pic for the eventual back pedaling that Mattel will do.

Also, they delayed him because of color issues...
In the end, while closer to the correct colors, THEY STILL FAILED.

But the fail is not over yet!!

5 Things to Know About Lord Masque

AKA: Kelson Van, Masque, Rakka
Known For: House of Shokoti, Part 1
Powers: Magiks, teleportation, shapeshifting
Associates: Shokoti, Trap Jaw, Count Marzo
Favorite Movie: The Man in the Iron Mask

The bios are replaced by a jokey 5 things list? Good to know the Stupid Real names is still going...
also, how on Eternia is Masque able to know about an Earth movie... Do they even have movies on Eternia?

Thunder... Thunder! Thundercats Subs... GOOOOOOOOO!!

According to Toys News International The Sub will begin this Monday 11th of January...
The Line-Up will be:
Mumm-Ra's weakened form as the Sub Exclusive.
These three we knew. What we didn't knew were the rest:

Heh! They went with Pumyra! I'm surprised they didn't go with one of the Tigers (Tygra or that lame ass Bengali) on year one... It's not a bad Line-up, but Jaga and Grune are basically KG and Hordak while we have 1 Mutant vs 3 Thundercats. Other than that it's pretty good. Wonder if the Thunderkittens will be their own two-pack.

You can get them here.

There is no end date to the sub yet, but don't dawdle... Mattel is most likely to have a month as the time window that the sub will be open. This means that you should get yours ASAP, just to be safe.

King Hiss Screwjob Part 5: We're at 5 now!?

Yesterday Mattycollector Subbers received a set of emails.
Hi Nefty,

Here's your reminder that our monthly sale is nearly here. Below is everything you need to know, including the complete list of products and your Early Access login link.

Early Access 1/14

All Access 1/15

  • Friday, 1/15 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
  • Masters of the Universe® Lord Masque™
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Lizard Man*
  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Glimmer™*
*Subject to Early Access sellout.Glimmer is 25% off her original retail price!

As always, we appreciate you being a MattyCollector.com customer. If you have any questions or need help, just call Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY or email MattyCollector.CS@digitalriver.com.

Well, here's the first one. The second one talks about Masque being delayed... Which we knew back when Skeletor's Love Child went on a whining rant!
Lord Masque will be delayed

Due to unforeseen shipping circumstances, our January subscription figure, Lord Masque, will be arriving later than anticipated. As a result, we expect him to start shipping at the end of January.

Please note that if you order additional Lord Masque figures along with any other items during the January All Access Sale, they will be held until Lord Masque arrives in our warehouse, so that the entire order can ship together.

Please know that we will do everything in our power to get your order shipped as quickly as possible once Lord Masque arrives.
That's Email#2... But what I want you to focus is in #1. What is Missing from that list?
I'll give you a hint: KING HISS SCREWJOB? Well, the Serpentine King of Speedos has been delayed yet again and Matty is silent about it. Then they wonder why we bitch about them...


It's their motto, not ours! People already flocked the Matty forums asking for King Hiss... But Mattel is, as always... Silent. At least took time to speak up every now and then... They need a mouthpiece so badly right now... Before people start missing Neitlich a bit too much! I kinda miss him already. Now just because I miss him, does not mean I want him back... It's that the new team's silence and boners are making me miss the Neitlich goof ups and his defensive arguments...

Jan 7, 2016

Internet Explorer will die in 5 days...

Microsoft will finally pull the plug on all versions of IE, except the current one (IE 11). The end of Internet Explorer will be January 12, 2016...

May you rest in peace, Browser that allowed people to download Google Chrome or Firefox on new PCs...

Now, to be fair, IE has saved my butt for some time when dealing with Mattycollector.

I started on IE 3... all the way until 11 but around 7, I discovered Chrome and IE became the back-up browser whenever Chrome acted up... Around 10 was when I started using Firefox as my Back-up browser...

Goodbye, Internet Explorer... my only companion during the 56Kbps dial-up era of Internet, where I had to wait roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes to watch a 1:38 minute clip using Real Player... Or the... Eh, one pic explains it better than I can.

Kids these days don't understand the trouble we had to do to look for porn... Not to mention how lucky we were compared to our parents.

Not to mention that using Dial-up would have made the existence of the House of Rants Impossible! Or have movies spoiled thanks to social media.

So, where was I? Oh yeah! M. Night Shyamalan is making a reboot of Tales from the Crypt!

Admit it! You didn't see the M.Night News coming! I even dropped hints that it was coming.
So, yeah! That is happening and in a way it SUITS M.Night Shyamalan. Trying my best not to say he's a one trick pony, but he totally can make a Tales from the Crypt or a Twilight Zone series work!

Jan 6, 2016

Odds and ends: The Force Awakens and other Star Wars related stuff

Avatar is most likely to become the SECOND Highest grossing movie in the US... The Force Awakens beat Avatar's record a lot faster... (Avatar took 72 days... SW:TFA only needed 16 to reach the $700 million mark) and as of Monday the 4th, it had collected Domestic Total as of Jan. 4, 2016: $750,230,824 
Now, Avatar's Worldwide gross was $2,787,965,087 with $2,027,457,462 coming from non-US showings. It's a mighty behemoth to defeat. Star Wars, as of Monday Jan 4th, has collected  $786,100,000 in non-US showings which brings the worldwide total to $1,536,330,824
$1.5 Billion in 18 days (roughly 3 weekends) vs Avatar's 34 weekend showings. Now that's not counting the fact that Star Wars has NOT OPENED in China... And that Avatar had TWO Releases with the Original movie followed by a "SPECIAL EDITION". Star Wars: The Force Awakens has not resorted to that... yet. They are doing pretty well, actually. Beating Avatar's domestic Record in 3 weekends is not a feat that you brush off easily.

Even if Star Wars: The Force Awakens, does NOT beat Avatar's worldwide record... (that was made via approximately 8 months and 2 editions of the movie.) if it comes CLOSE to Avatar is victory enough... Unless Disney pulls an Avatar and releases a The Force Awakens more Awake edition due to a shot of Cinematic Coffee... (Directors Cut, Special Edition or whatever they call it)

Keeping things Star Wars: I've avoided most of the "where's Rey?" BS from the Tumblrinas, because they do not buy the toys when they come out... (Remember the Black Widow debacle? When she was released in the Captain America 2 wave of Marvel Legends, she became a peg warmer for a while.) Yes, Rey has been flying off of shelves pretty fast, but Hasbro isn't putting her on EVERYTHING on purpose. They had to hold off some Rey figures UNTIL the movie had been released to avoid some spoilers: Rey being the one whose Force Awakened. The movie promo and trailers were making it like Finn was going to be the new "Luke" and Rey would have been the new "Leia" (without the Incest, cause Disney...) Well, the Monopoly game (that seems like a smaller version of Normal Monopoly) only has Luke/Vader/Finn/Kylo as the tokens.

This, of course, enraged the Tumblrinas and the Rainbow Haired perpetually offended Misandrists Feminists. They bitched, moaned, whined, complained, ranted, and cried in order to get Rey in the game. Here's the thing: Hasbro knows what they are doing... How many Special Editions of Monopoly do you own?

Now a NEW Star Wars Monopoly game is coming... FYI Tumblrinas, Miller is your ally and discovered that THIS was Hasbro's plan all along. Make collectors double dip on a boardgame
because of the tokens. Don't be surprised if they hold out Phasma and Leia for other versions as well.
Don't worry all 3 fans of Jar Jar... if you whine enough, you can have him too!

Speaking of Tumblrinas and Whining: They are pissed off at Poe Dameron, who I just realized is Apocalypse in the next X-Men movie, because he once wore an Atlas Shrugged shirt... This was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away in 2009. Then again, these Misandrists Feminists have already bitched about men wearing shirts before...

So, what's the big issue? HE wore an Atlas Shrugged shirt in 2009? Just because he wore an Atlas Shrugged shirt doesn't necessarily mean he's a fan of Ayn Rand. Hell! I once got (as a present) a Lil' Wayne T-Shirt that I used for a while and I'm NOT a fan of Lil' Wayne.

Even if HE IS a fan of Rand and her work, that doesn't take away his abilities as an actor. Then again, these folks re hard to reason with, because this shirt is a "Microaggression" or some BS.

Lightsaber fitness classes are a thing now. Now THIS is the kind of STUPID Star Wars news that I like to read about! I wish to take these, but I'm afraid I'd slaughter all the Younglings... and I don't have an X-Wing to go to New York to take these classes.

Jan 5, 2016

Flinging Popcorn at The Force Awakens...

First, I must say that I liked The Force Awakens, but to paraphrase a quote from a certain con-person: We must remember that it is both possible (and even necessary) to simultaneously enjoy The Force Awakens while also being critical of its more problematic or pernicious aspects.

I liked The Force Awakens, but at the same time I'm disappointed by it. Needless to say that this review will contain Spoilers, sweetie!
J.J. Abrams and Disney played it a bit too safe. The people who are calling it A New Hope 2.0 are not that wrong. The movie has a lot of similarities to A New Hope.
Something hidden in a droid, a Huge ass Planet destroying base, an unlikely hero, etc... But then again, The Hero's journey and all that.

On the other hand, playing it a bit safe made the movie feel a bit closer to Traditional Star Wars and not like the Prequels. Trade Federation, Taxation Zzzzzzzz... Yes, the movie was a love letter to fans...

and it's mostly enjoyable.
Finn has a lot of potential for character growth and Poe Dameron needs more screen time...

Even Hot Topic Vader Wannabe Kylo Ren was kinda cool... Especially with the Joffrey Tantrums.

Hold it, before you start screaming about soggy knees, hear me out. I don't hate Rey because she's a woman. I HATE Rey because she's a Wish Fulfillment Fantasy Character that if she was the Writer's Self-Insertion She'd Totally be a Mary Sue. Rey is too freaking perfect. She speaks Droid, Wookie, can Pilot The Millennium Falcon BETTER THAN HAN SOLO, can do the Jedi Mind Trick by trying it 3-4 times on Daniel Craig, is able to beat Kylo Ren in combat with no formal training. Yes, Kylo Ren was hurt, but he still had all those years of training, not to mention that he was STILL STANDING after being blasted by Chewie's Bowcaster. We then have her super duper Mechanical Prowess... But everyone loves her and Han almost adopted her. Her only flaw is that she was abandoned and wants to see her parents again.

Both Luke and Anakin were far from Perfect. Dumb Luck helped Ani in The Phantom Menace. Dooku got Ani's Arm in Attack of the Clones and Obi Wan left him for dead in Revenge of the Sith...
The Ghost of Obi Wan helped Luke destroy the Death Star. In Empire Luke nearly got killed by a Wampa, AND got his ass kicked by Vader. He also got captured by Jabba on Return of the Jedi and he only beat the Emperor because Vader decided to toss Palpatine down the shaft.

Both Luke and Anakin HAD to get better throughout the movies. Rey on the other hand was in God Mode Sue and succeeded at everything IN ONE MOVIE!! How can I care about someone who will easily defeat more powerful opponents rather easily?

Finn was the most interesting of the protagonists, BECAUSE HE WAS FLAWED. He lied, was VERY AFRAID and when he fought, it was because he had NO CHOICE and while he could defend himself, he was outclassed and outmatched by Kylo Ren...

Hopefully VIII will NOT BE a rehash of Empire Strikes Back! The movie was entertaining, just not Mind Blowing Awesomesauce that some fans claimed it was. Then again, they HAD to play it safe in order to recoup the $4 Billion investment that the Mouse made to get Star Wars from Lucas.

Now for the Infamous Spoiler...
You can run away now...

Jan 4, 2016

2016 is here and stuff!

And there are some changes going on in my life...

I mean that I'm still dealing with the aftermath of my Mom's passing and those include an upcoming house move, which theoretically will reduce the available time I'll have on The House of Rants during the first quarter... I'm still working out the details. (and the buttload of MOTUC and other toys  that I have to pack carefully makes this task even slower.)

Then there's Mattel's smaller MOTUC offerings for 2016... I did not subscribe to the Sub-Par Line and add the ass backwards Now I'm an International fan BS. If by Q2 my situation gets better I may be able to get Thundercats, but as it is right now, I MAY have to skip it (though I don't want to. That's the problem of having responsibilities... Sometimes we have to do things that we do not want to, but they have to be done for our own good.)

Luckily to compensate the slightly smaller amount of It Came from the Toy Chest for 2016, the year is loaded up with Superhero movies that I NEED to see and comment on... Not to mention that any odd news that may show up or Videogames to review... Old look backs way after the Nostalgia is gone as well as more recent games... Eventually I might even get on the Mario Maker bandwagon... and there's the eventual Trankt4stic and Ghost-Bust-Hers rants... Not to mention that I STILL NEED TO FINISH THE TWILIGHT MOVIE REVIEWS... I will probably finish these before Lady Plaid finishes her video series!

Hell, I still have NOT made a review of this:
It'll come... I promise! The WHEN is what I cannot guarantee... But It's Coming!! I saw it, it's just that I'll need to sit down and collect my thoughts on it.

Back to the main topic at hand. Changes. They will have a slight effect at the House of Rants while everything stabilizes, then it'll be as close to 100% back to normal here.

In the meantime I'll try to keep on trucking...

Oh My Wallet! FFVIIR Play arts Kai are coming!

Yup! Square Enix is going to milk the Hell out of FFVII...
We are getting Figures from the Remake and in a way this Pleases me.

The pleasing so far is related to Barret seeing that Dissidia Cloud isn't that far off from Traditional VII Cloud that I'd need to buy another... Though a Cloud that can have the sword on his back is a bit tempting...

Now if they make Tifa, Yuffie and Aerith, I may have to try and get them because of Articulation...

Now I only hope that they decide to make Cid and a TRUE Cait Sith... Those, in addition to Barret, I will have to try and get!

Basically this is my situation:
Me: I cannot spend too much money on toys this year...
SquEnix: I know you got problems... hell, we all do. But you gotta understand that there ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on, till we get to the end of the line.
Me: Wait, you're using FFVII quotes to convince me to buy your stuff?
SquEnix:  What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me you have feelings too?
Me: No! I won't cave in!
SquEnix: Shut up! The cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing! Aerith is gone.
Aerith will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry...... or get angry...... What about us...... what are WE supposed to do? What about my pain? My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning!
Me: This guy are sick. Dammit! Now I'M Quoting FFVII!!

We'll see how this develops and if I'll be able to at least get Barret... But I won't get my hopes up for the full VIIR roster... (main 9 and Sephiroth)

Jan 2, 2016

George Lucas is butthurt about Star Wars.

Guy sells Star Wars for $4 BILLION DOLLARS to the Mouse.
The Mouse makes a Star Wars Movie that has become the #2 at the box office EVER (for now) and is going after Bluecathontas.
Bad case of Butthurt and Sour Grapes comes from George Lucas.
He likens his selling off Lucas Arts (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) to Disney as selling his kids to White Slavers...

Yeah, dude... YOU SOLD OUT! YOU "GAVE AWAY YOUR KIDS" for $4 Billion... He's mad that Disney didn't want his involvement... Gee I wonder Why?

I could also mention Mannequin Skywalker... Forced Cameos, ABUSE of CGI and the movies becoming more about the CG than the Characters... Did I mention Jar Jar Binks and the Stilted "Love Story" between Padme and Little Annie? Also THIS IS DARTH VADER:

Problem with Lucas is that he has great ideas, but needs someone else to POLISH THEM into a finished Product. Case in Point, the Original Trilogy and the Indiana Jones Trilogy... (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just shows that Spielberg is getting a bit out of touch, like Lucas) The Prequel Trilogy shows a Lucas with FULL CONTROL, WITH A BUNCH OF YESMEN... Had Lucas allowed people to tinker with his concepts for the prequels BEFORE Filming, MAYBE we would have gotten the Episode VII HE envisioned.

If Disney "played it safe" with Episode VII, then I think it makes sense. Seeing that they paid $4 BILLION for Star Wars; they'd need a way to recoup that investment.

George should simply shut up and fade away into darkness... JJ Abrams Star Trek pun unintended.

Jan 1, 2016

Lightning is now a Fashion Model?

What in the Hell!? Lightning, who is pretty much Girl Version of "SOLDIER First Class" Cloud is now a Louis Vuitton Model.

Does this make any sense? I could understand Serah or Maybe Vanille as the Models... Hell, I could totally see Crossdressing Cloud doing a better job than Lightning... OK, not really but just picture CDCloud doing the same poses with a Louis Vuitton Handbag.

Now we're using VIDEOGAME CHARACTERS to promote stuff? I know Squall convinced me into wanting an Echo and Krillin made me want a Ford Focus, but Fashion Industry and JRPGs do not seem to be something that has a common audience.

Also, why? I mean, Don't we have thousands of living breathing Human beings that could promote these? What's next? Ponies promoting Lingerie?