Jan 14, 2016

The Force Awakens is King of the Box Office

And butthurt Avaturd fans are trying their hardest to deny it. This doesn't bother me much, except when they use terms like lazy and unoriginal towards Star Wars: TFA... They are defending the super original  rip-off of Ferngully and Pocahontas... In SPAAAAACE!!! with that argument...

It's OBVIOUS WHY TFA feels like a retread of A New Hope. (Hero's Journey, Disney playing it safe and all that)

Then again, Star Wars as a Saga thrives in repetitive themes. you can read more about the whole Star Wars Ring Theory at the appropriately named starwarsringtheory.com site. It won't change your mind about the Prequels not being good, but it does a fairly decent argument in defending their existence.

Like I said before: It's no laughing matter to Reach #3 Worldwide in all time (for now), WITHOUT RELYING ON MULTIPLE VERSIONS OR Re-Showings. The Force Awakens reached #3 in 3 WEEKS! Avaturd and Titanic needed  30+ Weeks to reach where they are.

Let's look at week #3 of all 3 movies:
Titanic: $169,165,503
Avatar: $380,540,297
Star Wars: TFA: $770,381,043

Looking at the totals of all 3 movies in week 3, we can EASILY SEE that TFA is a Juggernaut with DOUBLE of what Avatar collected and nearly 5 times what Titanic collected. If Star Wars gets a 12 week run and it keeps some of the steam it has for a few more weeks, it can easily reach and surpass Avatar WITHOUT a 30+ Week run... (Though I might expect Disney showing it again)

It's OK to like Avatar, even if I don't. TBH I liked the Force Awakens, but wasn't completely blown away by it. One thing I cannot do is deny that The Force Awakens is the new Box Office King (without relying on Multiple releases.) So, Avaturd fans STFU!

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