Jan 6, 2016

Odds and ends: The Force Awakens and other Star Wars related stuff

Avatar is most likely to become the SECOND Highest grossing movie in the US... The Force Awakens beat Avatar's record a lot faster... (Avatar took 72 days... SW:TFA only needed 16 to reach the $700 million mark) and as of Monday the 4th, it had collected Domestic Total as of Jan. 4, 2016: $750,230,824 
Now, Avatar's Worldwide gross was $2,787,965,087 with $2,027,457,462 coming from non-US showings. It's a mighty behemoth to defeat. Star Wars, as of Monday Jan 4th, has collected  $786,100,000 in non-US showings which brings the worldwide total to $1,536,330,824
$1.5 Billion in 18 days (roughly 3 weekends) vs Avatar's 34 weekend showings. Now that's not counting the fact that Star Wars has NOT OPENED in China... And that Avatar had TWO Releases with the Original movie followed by a "SPECIAL EDITION". Star Wars: The Force Awakens has not resorted to that... yet. They are doing pretty well, actually. Beating Avatar's domestic Record in 3 weekends is not a feat that you brush off easily.

Even if Star Wars: The Force Awakens, does NOT beat Avatar's worldwide record... (that was made via approximately 8 months and 2 editions of the movie.) if it comes CLOSE to Avatar is victory enough... Unless Disney pulls an Avatar and releases a The Force Awakens more Awake edition due to a shot of Cinematic Coffee... (Directors Cut, Special Edition or whatever they call it)

Keeping things Star Wars: I've avoided most of the "where's Rey?" BS from the Tumblrinas, because they do not buy the toys when they come out... (Remember the Black Widow debacle? When she was released in the Captain America 2 wave of Marvel Legends, she became a peg warmer for a while.) Yes, Rey has been flying off of shelves pretty fast, but Hasbro isn't putting her on EVERYTHING on purpose. They had to hold off some Rey figures UNTIL the movie had been released to avoid some spoilers: Rey being the one whose Force Awakened. The movie promo and trailers were making it like Finn was going to be the new "Luke" and Rey would have been the new "Leia" (without the Incest, cause Disney...) Well, the Monopoly game (that seems like a smaller version of Normal Monopoly) only has Luke/Vader/Finn/Kylo as the tokens.

This, of course, enraged the Tumblrinas and the Rainbow Haired perpetually offended Misandrists Feminists. They bitched, moaned, whined, complained, ranted, and cried in order to get Rey in the game. Here's the thing: Hasbro knows what they are doing... How many Special Editions of Monopoly do you own?

Now a NEW Star Wars Monopoly game is coming... FYI Tumblrinas, Miller is your ally and discovered that THIS was Hasbro's plan all along. Make collectors double dip on a boardgame
because of the tokens. Don't be surprised if they hold out Phasma and Leia for other versions as well.
Don't worry all 3 fans of Jar Jar... if you whine enough, you can have him too!

Speaking of Tumblrinas and Whining: They are pissed off at Poe Dameron, who I just realized is Apocalypse in the next X-Men movie, because he once wore an Atlas Shrugged shirt... This was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away in 2009. Then again, these Misandrists Feminists have already bitched about men wearing shirts before...

So, what's the big issue? HE wore an Atlas Shrugged shirt in 2009? Just because he wore an Atlas Shrugged shirt doesn't necessarily mean he's a fan of Ayn Rand. Hell! I once got (as a present) a Lil' Wayne T-Shirt that I used for a while and I'm NOT a fan of Lil' Wayne.

Even if HE IS a fan of Rand and her work, that doesn't take away his abilities as an actor. Then again, these folks re hard to reason with, because this shirt is a "Microaggression" or some BS.

Lightsaber fitness classes are a thing now. Now THIS is the kind of STUPID Star Wars news that I like to read about! I wish to take these, but I'm afraid I'd slaughter all the Younglings... and I don't have an X-Wing to go to New York to take these classes.

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