Jan 11, 2016

Mattel delayed the Thundercats sub for unknown reasons...

Isn't it strange that this new team is mega silent after Skeletor's Love Child Meltdown?
Well, somehow the Release Date of the Thundercats sub was for Today, but it somehow became TBD.
In a way this is good news, seeing that I'm dealing with moving and this delay allows me to rearrange the budget and if possible get the sub.

Now had this info not been leaked and the sub started, no one would know about it unless they checked Mattycollector and stumbled into the news.

At least the website IS ANNOUNCING that Masque is late... I don't know but the Matty Team needs to get their stuff together if they want to keep getting our money.
What worries me is that the longer they take to put the Thundercats sub for sale, the less time it'll have to reach their goal and possibly surpass it to ensure Year 2.

I hope the sub makes it... At least just to see 1/3 of the Core Thundercats and 1/3 of the New Thundercats done...

Also we need a Snarf-Ra in our collections...

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