Jan 1, 2016

Lightning is now a Fashion Model?

What in the Hell!? Lightning, who is pretty much Girl Version of "SOLDIER First Class" Cloud is now a Louis Vuitton Model.

Does this make any sense? I could understand Serah or Maybe Vanille as the Models... Hell, I could totally see Crossdressing Cloud doing a better job than Lightning... OK, not really but just picture CDCloud doing the same poses with a Louis Vuitton Handbag.

Now we're using VIDEOGAME CHARACTERS to promote stuff? I know Squall convinced me into wanting an Echo and Krillin made me want a Ford Focus, but Fashion Industry and JRPGs do not seem to be something that has a common audience.

Also, why? I mean, Don't we have thousands of living breathing Human beings that could promote these? What's next? Ponies promoting Lingerie?

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