Dec 31, 2015

Looking back at MOTUC's FINAL YEAR*

Because ALL TOY LINES MUST END... and not last another year under a Rebranding or adding COLLECTOR'S CHOICE to the card... Since we are getting MOTUC CC and an inferior line based on the 80s cartoon, I have to review TRUE MOTUC's last year.

As Always I'll do the main club first, then the Extras:

Lizard Man:C
Expensive, smaller, the stuff he came with is NOT HIS... Lack of Ab-Crunch, unposeable tail... He can't be posed too well. I had to steal a TMNT Accessory to make him into the Ezio Auditore of MOTU.

Ninja Warrior:A+
Bad things: Bow, Nunchucks...
Good things: Everything Else... How can you NOT LIKE This guy!? I bought 3 of him... 3! I can't believe it either!

Snake Armor He-Man vs King Hssss: B+
New Mattel Team Dropped the ball here when Neitlich left and forced us to pay Extra for the Snake Torso and pushing it back to 2016... It makes me wish Mattel had the budget figured out before showing us this SEXY, SEXY 2 Pack. Lack of Articulation on He-Man and the missing Snake Buck hurt this set a little bit. The Snake body being pushed to 2016 hurt the set a bit more. This one had the potential of being an Easy A...

Huntara: C
The first Female Fan Choice Winner... The loser is coming in 2016...
I'm disappointed in her. She needed to be 20% cooler... She's just eh... She lacked some extras to make her pop.
Also she was made a False Exclusive, with Oo-Larr's axe being the justification for that.

Oo-Larr: C+
Vintage Head, Alcalá Head... MORE NAKED HE-MAN!!! it's a mixed bag for me... I mean, the Vintage Head Repainted in Wun-Dar colors is cool. The Alcalá head on the He-Man body makes a nice Mini Comics He-Man... but at the end of the day it's a more naked He-Man...

Angella: B-
The Queen of Derp Eye... Also she's short... I mean Glimmer looks Gigantic next to mommy dearest.
The Derp Eye and shortness make her a bit less cool...

Blast Attak: C-
Non-Removable Armor to showcase the Trooper Torso. No Removable Arms or Waist to have some sort of BLAST ATTACK... But he looks good. That's why he scored a bit higher.

Squeeeze: B
Not bad from an Engineering POV, but he's TOO VINTAGE for my tastes... I had to break out paints and devintagize all I could... Now I need to find a head.

Multi Bot:B+
More Pieces than Modulok, a Lot less fun... From an engineering point he is better than Modulok, but his hodgepodge look makes him somewhat less fun. Then again. the hodgepodge look is straight vintage.

Peekablue: C+
Her lack of color hurts her a bit and she looks a bit off. Her suffering from derp-eye (mine didn't, but many did) hurts her a bit more than I thought.

Mara of Primus: C
Lack of Articulation was what ruined this figure to many. How can a warrior-looking maiden be put in warrior poses if her legs prohibit said poses from happening?
Buzz Saw Hordak: B
I can't believe that I actually LIKED this variant, after a few tweaks, of course. Now the base was rather solid, but the Excess of Hordaks looking all the same kinda ruins the excitement for him.

The thing that killed this figure from being an A+ figure was the lack of accessories... The recreation of the Vintage Sparks specifically.

Flying Fists He-Man vs Terror Claws Skeletor: B-
I have mixed opinions on this set. I wasn't a fan of them and Mattel managed to bungle up a few things: Too thick handle for the badly spinning ball mace, cheap power sword, Fat Armor on He-Man, lack of paint on the Terror claws, the tan on Skeletor... But I did manage to pull 2 positive things out of the set:
  • My Classicized Filmation He-Man.
  • A Better Looking King He-Man
I still haven't figured out what can I pull off For the Terror Claws Skeletor... Seeing that I'll most likely use the spare Mo-Larr vs Skeletor Set Skeletor that I have to put on the Terror Claws...

Maybe if I buy a Cast of a Hordak Armor I could make a Horde Apprentice Skeletor with the Darker Terror Claws body...
He Looks darker because of the Horde Influence or something...

Dragstor: B-
He's not THAT Vintage Accurate and that has ticked off "Purists" I have to say that I like the Exhaust Crossbow a lot more than his vintage Crossbow. Other than that he's OK, I guess... Shame that they didn't go for a functional wheel on him.

He-Ro II aka Dare: B+
He has the Pre Filmation Power Sword... Not to mention a solid set of base parts. We can (dis)agree he's a wasted slot, but we cannot deny that as a figure he IS SOLID.

Laser Power He-Man vs. Laser Light Skeletor: D
Nostalgia Trap did a lot of damage to these guys with the bulky backpacks. Skeletor losing most of his arm articulation is ludicrous. He-Man's Armor falling off ALL THE TIME sucks, not to mention his inability to hold his sword. Sword falls, armor falls, anger ensues... Also Skeletor can't stand at all! Nice end pieces in Theory, but the execution was flawed as heck!
I can't believe how cool this 10 second character is.
Evil Seed:A+
Aside him only getting one true accessory, the Imprisoned ES Head would have been great to have...
He shines all over! All that fantastic new sculpts. The only disappointment is the Filmation scepter. Evil Seed could have used an extra plant construct weapon.
Chooblah: C+
A bit disappointing that he only got a staff. Not even a second head to Army Build Kulataks...

Ceratus: B
Another victim of the one Accessory rule... I blame the Hoop Earrings of Scammer, but he looks so freaking sweet! He's pretty cool, though most of my love for him comes from being easily turned into a 200X Whiplash.

Queen Grayskull: B+
Seems that the False Exclusive dick move only applies to characters that have no dicks... So, Human Celestia, wife of Liquid Snake/Krellian/80sLeonardo/Simba(when Ferris Bueller is unavailable)/and many others... There is no much I can say about her, seeing that she's a Flashback character... Shawl can be tricky, stupid China 3D stamp and lack of bird form issues aside, she is a decent figure.

Prahvus: A+
 Ohohohohoho! His lamp lends itself to a ton of Funny Genie pics. His demonic look will make him a big contender on the shelf! Seriously he is THAT Cool!

(200X)Heads of Eternia: A
This was a nice set and wasn't as morbid as Neitlich's mysterious bosses who hate 200X would claim. It helped make some vintage looking characters look more favorable to my tastes. Now all I need is for some Shapeways Masters to do some 200X Weapons for Roboto and we're golden!

Hover Robots: D+
The stickers, huge price tag for so little did not help these guys a lot. They are OK, but the fact that they topple over so easily due to their lack of weight and borderline useless base kept hurting their score.
Spirit of Grayskull: B-
The higher price and lack of removable cape and armor caused him to lose some points, but other than that he is pretty solid.

Point Dread with Talon Fighter ft. "Filmation Teela":  C+
Mattel dropped the ball here big time. Bad molding on Teela's face and a poorly made Torso. The tweaks from prototype to final item harmed both the Playset and Teela. The only saving grace is The Talon Fighter that can seat up to 4 Figures (If you have a 4 girl squad). Having Teela "as a free bonus" is not a good thing based on their SDCC "promise", but at the same time the ability to have a spare Teela buck to slap the Snake Headdress head from the Original Teela helps her a bit. This set could have been a bit better... Had the Teela issues been fixed and if some smaller issues with the playset and vehicle had been made better.

I guess now that we covered MOTUC on its entirety, we can only say HOLY CRAP! That's one Hell of a line... Shame that it ended without finishing the Vintage lines, but it was one Hell of a ride!
Also, why did you showed up on the 26th when I had you scheduled for the 31st!?

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