Dec 15, 2015

It came from the Toy Chest: Bad guyz finish last, yo!

The Final Non-Variant Vintage Figure ended up being a bad guy, Dragstor, Evil Speeder of the Horde or something... He's a demon on wheels! and you know what's coming now...

OK, so Dragstor is the Final Vintage Hordesman to arrive in Classics... a racer coming in last, deliciously evil. For those of you who don't know, Dragstor is a victim to Horde Experiments like Extendar and Snout Spout. Unlike them, he remained with the Evil Horde. Now he's half man, half machine who I hope doesn't get aroused while chasing enemies... Ouch! Yes, I just made a MOTU dick joke... So, anyways Dragstor is the Christine or the Maximum overdrive of the Horde. (At least the Horde doesn't have a Child of the Corn on it...)

Had to use a bit of clay to keep him steady
my TV tray is a bit wobbly.
He's got the standard MOTUC buck. You can expect the Standard Articulation... Except the Abs and waist, which have some Sculpt related Hindrances. No, you cannot make him look forward (up) naturally. You have to cheat by partially popping off the head when he's Rollin!
Paint and Sculpt:
He's got something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. He's not straight up vintage because he's now sporting a black torso, The gloves are Straight Hordak repaints... (old and borrowed) The legs are new (and blue) but SEEM a bit lankier compared to his thick waist. Which brings up another issue... Vestigial features from Action Features Past. they recreated the ports for the Ripcord to go through him, but it doesn't. Why!? Useless Features should be ignored, but Final Vintage figure yadda, yadda. One deviation from vintage is that his tire got some traction details. It also feels like an actual tire.
Paintwise, I must warn you that the silver tubing on his chest is sloppy as heck!
Love the new Crossbow! It allows Dragstor to soup up his engine and looks better than the vintage reused crossbow. The second one is his Ripcord modified into a bladed whip... think an exaggerated Scorpion Spear. Kinda wish that you could slide the Ripcord through his vintage Holes just to have a Razor Bladed Anchor for Turns and stuff. He would have benefited a lot from a Stand for his tire to pose him lying down...

Dragstor gets a 3.5 as his final score. It's a decent score for a character that I didn't care much for to be honest. He was from the time that MOTU got way beyond ridiculous, but he completes the vintage roster and all that. I feel bad that design wasted resources on BS Hordak instead of making Dragstor fully functional... I mean, the waist swivel is POINTLESS!! (seeing all the added crap he has,)

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