Dec 26, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Lighting up the End of MOTUC!

I better watch out! I better not cry! I better not pout, i'm telling you why!? Santa Scott is coming to town! And the Ho Ho Ho-liday Item is Finally here! The Infamous LASER VARIANTS OF HE-MAN AND SKELETOR!

What's this Movie Trailer doing here? Well, these two figures are AS CLOSE AS We'd get to "Official Movie Versions of He-Man and Skeletor" Well, Mostly He-Man... I mean LOOK AT HIM!
That Face is Kinda a mish mash between Vintage Toy He-Man and Dolph Lundgren. The outfit is pretty much Movie He-Man's in different colors and a different Harness and sword.
Skeletor is More like a bridge between Vintage and New Adventures...

I mean THESE ARE HE-MAN AND SKELETOR, I do not think I have to explain these guys anymore right?

Seeing that it's a two-pack I'll look at each figure Individually. This set also has comics written by Scott Neitlich... Tigger Warning! The Writing is Awful!


Really... Sword Aloft hands on the SECOND LEAST He-Man Looking He-Man? Dammit Mattel! We wanted a Traditional He-Man Looking He-Man with sword aloft hands...
Also, is it me or are his boots highly restrictive? I'll need to point out that the Arm Armor limits He-Man's Articulation as well.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt has a bunch of new parts:
 (mainly head, armor, forearms, boots, loincloth.) and a few old ones. Luckily, the head is more Dolph based than the Alternate Vintage Head that the variant of this figure had. The Armor looks great even if it's more blueish than the vintage toy. One nitpick on the sculpt that I have (but this may be linked more towards design) is how the armor is attached to the body. They used C-Clips like the Shields instead of straps like Man-At Arms. Also, WHY IN CELESTIA'S NAME ARE THEY USING THESE GINORMOUS PACKS WHEN THE BATTERIES ARE SO SMALL? Mine had a small bit of paint flake off from the sword holder.

Power Sword Stuck to the backpack like a Proton Pack and we could count the Removable Arm Armor... Also, the sword falls off he-Man's hand a lot.
He-Man's Final Score is:
3.17 is what the Most Powerful Man of the Universe gets as his final score. I blame the uselessness
of his accessories... well ONE Accessory. Counting the armor that falls on its own is pushing it.



There you go, the simplest way to describe the Articulation on this figure.
The Arm Articulation could have at least preserved ONE of the POAs easily:

As you can see on the CRUDE Illustration, the Elbow Articulation could have been preserved for Skeletor. IN THEORY a normal "Ball jointed Elbow" could have preserved ALL The Articulation even if he lacks a bicep cut. The Reason why I decided to forgo the true Ball jointed Elbow and suggest a Hollow Square peg and turn the joint into a hinge is to "protect the lifespan of the cable".

The Official Skeletor has only 2 POA on his right Arm: Shoulder Pseudo ball joint and hinge and the rotating wrist. The Left arm is a normal arm. He loses the Ab Crunch due to the Electronics... The Head loses movement... Why did he lose the boot cut then? Not to mention that the Ankle Articulation is virtually useless.
Also, he's a bitch to stand up! Thanks Obama!

Paint and Sculpt:
 ONCE AGAIN:  WHY IN CELESTIA'S NAME ARE THEY USING THESE GINORMOUS PACKS WHEN THE BATTERIES ARE SO SMALL? ?Yeah, I'm starting right out the bat with this for Skeletor. The rest of the sculpt is neat, aside the head that became a bit bloated "due to the LEDs" and the skull looks like it has a thin membrane of yellow and green flesh on it... unlike the normal Skeletor Skull... But that's so vintage... 4.5


Havoc Staff and Removable Hood... No, just no... The Havoc Staff BARELY Lights up and the Hood, well... They improved the Hood compared to Eldor...

Skeletor Final Score:
2.17 is Skeletor's Overall Score. Piss poor Articulation and Underwhelming Accessory hurt his score a lot.

Two Pack Overall Score:
2.67 is the final score of the pack. I blame the clunky accessories and how the figures were ruined for the sake of adding the Light Up Feature.
 I could always say that the mini Comics could add some fraction of a point to the score, BUT they are ASS! and if I were to count them, they'd DETRACT from the final score.

Being able to hodgepodge a MOTUC He-Dolph is not enough to make this set cool enough. I honestly wish they had gone GITD Plastic for the Laser Figures and maybe make smaller/sleeker backpacks for them... Hell! Even with the Light Up Feature they should have made Smaller Backpacks... I mean, He-Bro, a customizer, was able to make Faker have Light up eyes WITHOUT sacrificing Articulation on the figure and keep the interchangeable head aspect of MOTUC.

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