Dec 15, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Dear Queen Grayskull

Veena, first Sorceress of Grayskull, Wife of King Grayskull, and stuff has finally arrived.
Who is she? She's the 200X era Ancient Sorceress who was married to the 200X era Ancient He-Man.

She has the Standard 2.0 Female Articulation with no Boot Cut. When Wearing the Shawl, her Arm Articulation can be a bit Limited. The Wings are articulated like Flutterina's which gives you a decent range, but they are a bit too wide. (make sure she's standing firmly or else she might take a few figures down with her if she falls.)
Paint and Sculpt:
Mine had a bit of paint slop on a wing, some gold paint peeled off on the back, she had some gold paint on her right leg her headdress is off-kilter. I must commend the Face Sculpt though... It's BEAUTIFUL!!
OK, I get that she had giant wings, but the omission of her Bird form is...

So she has the Ancient Sorceress Staff and the Shawl... It can be a bit tricky, but her shawl CAN BE TAMED... Unlike a certain singer. The staff is great, but has a 3D China Stamp Curse... Yes, they're no longer painting it, but SCULPTING IT ON THE ITEMS.

Veena gets a 3.5, but it's because I got a kinda crappy one. Seeing that she's a faux Exclusive there is NO CHANCE IN HELL that I'll try to do the DR Exchange... Especially when I got a non-Derp Eyed one...

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