Dec 18, 2015

Kojima left Konami... Now Konami Strikes back!

A New Kojima-less Metal Gear...

Do I need to point out the last 2 Metal Gears without Kojima?

Yeah, not all of them have been that great.

Here's the thing, According to Kenji Inafune... Former Capcom Creator... you know... said this:

So, it's not about the Japanese companies, but, [what] I think is that the Japanese culture in general has less respect for creators -- the field doesn't matter -- compared to North America or European countries. Even though Japan has a lot of creators in different fields -- video games, manga, anime -- at the same time, as a culture, it's really hard for creators to grow because of a lack of respect for creators in general. In Japan, it's almost like: if you're a CEO, your status is way higher than a creator. Even though you aren't creating anything, you have social status, money, and your own company -- that's more respected than if you've created something from scratch. It's not about Japanese companies; it's more due to the Japanese culture.
In Japan, it's almost like: if you're a CEO, your status is way higher than a creator.
In America, if you ask any gamer if they know Shigeru Miyamoto, 90 percent of them would say "hell yes!" But if you ask in Japan, less than half, maybe, say "yes." If you ask Japanese people if they know Mario, Zelda or Nintendo, Japanese people will say "yes, I know the games." But if you ask who created them, almost nobody will [know.] That's the reality.
Now the whole slight to Hideo at that award ceremony seems to make sense... So, this is theoretically speaking Standard Operating Procedure in Japan... Screw the Creator, the Company is everything. So, the Company is making a new Metal Gear game because Hideo is unimportant... Problem is that Unless they Reboot everything or go "into the Future" (Post MGS IV) there is no real room for a new Metal Gear Game in the Kojima tales... except a Liquid game or a Solidus game... Oh crap! I just gave Konami an idea!

Now, I'm not saying that the game will suck, but I'm worried what Konami will do. Kojima had a unique vision for Metal Gear. His love of Western Movies helped make Metal Gear feel Universal. Part Japanese and Part American. Konami would either need a Westerner very in love with Japan who can mix East and West in a crazy political spy thriller with Bipedal Nuclear Tanks and a 100+ Year Conspiracy... whoever works in this new Metal Gear Project has some BIG SHOES TO FILL...
Good Luck!

Yeah, I Google Translated that! 

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