Dec 24, 2015

So There is a TINY chance that Hulk will be Smart for Thor 3.

And people are losing their minds about it... mostly in a good way!
I actually LIKE the idea of a Smart Hulk running about. I mentioned that was a plus for Hulk and the agents of S.U.C.K. rant, which I won't link because the less we talk about that show, the better.
Back to Smart Hulk:
This would be opening up to the Fragmented Personalities of Bruce Banner having an effect on his Gamma Alter Ego. We Normally see The Child when Banner gets Angry...

and the subtle differences (possibly unlocked by Scarlet Witch) during A2:AOU

Where Hulk is a bit less Hulk Smash! (everything in his path) and is showing slight changes into a smarter Hulk.
Well, if they ARE going to use the Fragmented personalities angle and possibly a Smarter Hulk, then... How about a little palette swap for the Slightly smaller and weaker Smarter Hulk? Think about it. This is the only way that they can ensure WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that this Hulk is different than the old "Hulk Smash!" Hulk that we've gotten in the movies... Not to mention SELL MORE TOYS!!

But with my luck it'll be slightly different shade of green Hulk.

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