Dec 7, 2015

More Final Fantasy VII Remake News and this time it ain't good, bub!

I'm channeling a little hairy angry Canadian who likes to stab things and end his sentences with the word bub! So, Remember FFVII:R? I complained about the end of Turn Based Combat and the Advent of an Action Style Combat... Pun intended. I still fear FFXIII Combat, but Square has delivered some more Bad News...

Game will not be released at once, but will be released in "Episodic Format" Wait, I should not go Full Kraptaku... Here's the quote:
Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released in multiple parts.
According to Square, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be "told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience."
The game will be released in Multiple Parts... Kinda like Ground Zeroes, then Phantom Pain... Or FFXIII, FFXIII-2, FFXIII-3: Lightning Returns.
This bugs me more than The Fighting System... This is Pure Greed by SquEnix... They COULD RELEASE THE JENOVADAMN Game in one go. Hell, go Multi-Disc if Necessary. Here's the thing:
Let's pretend we get FFVII:R-1 and it starts from the MAKO Reactor #1 bombing Mission all the way to Infiltrating Junon. We get the game and beat it in roughly 20-30 hours... Now we have to wait until SquEnix decides to release FFVII:R-2 (Stowing away on the Cargo Ship all the way to Stealing the Tiny Bronco) Then we need to wait until Aerith dies and we reach the Top of the Northern Crater... Oops! Wait until Part IV or SquEnix gives up on FFVII:R because reasons... (Remember how Namco Axed the 6 part Xenosaga series and we only got up to 3...)

Well, it COULD Happen and we end up with a half-assed game because SquEnix got greedy... if the game is coming in 2017, 20 years after the original, then we should get the whole thing in one go! Not this piece by piece BS...

This pisses me off so badly that I'm going to play the PS3 port of GTA San Andreas... May do a review sometime later...

Seriously, Japanese Videogame Industry, WHAT THE HELL!? It's like you're trying to fail ON PURPOSE!

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