Dec 17, 2015

Whatever happened to Predictability? another Fuller House Rant

Before you start singing the Full House Theme feast your eyes on THIS!

Yup! That's the Teaser to Fuller House.
That house looks a lot like the Tanner House from Full House... I know it's not the same set, but it looks very much like it. Hard Core Full House Fans would notice the differences, but DJ's going to be living on Danny's house? Is Danny still living there? What about Joey, or Jessie, Becky and the kids? I mean DJ is moving in with her kids, Kimmy, her daughter, and Stephanie...

I have a lot of questions that will require Netflix and waiting until February 26... Also is THAT going to be the theme song? blegh!

I gotta say, the teaser did play most of the right notes to showcase the Full House feeling that this show needs to have.

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