Dec 27, 2015

It Came from the Bottle: Goat Dude is a Christina Aguilera song...

I am talking about Prahvus, the Untamed... Shoot! He can be a Miley Song too!?
Apparently he's some sort of Djinn so I guess here goes the Christina Aguilera song so I can get that reference out of the way:

He was a 200X Warlord who fought against Teela Na before Teela was born... He also looks a bit more like Baphomet than Goat man...

Let's Crack Him open and see what he's got!

No Boot cut... DAMMIT MATTEL!! STOP REMOVING ARTICULATION! Brandon is starting to look like Ruben-Lite. His half-cape blocks the Right Arm.

Paint and Sculpt:
He's got some decent tampos for the Tats... Pray that he doesn't chip them off while posing/playing. Aside a small bit of slop on his gauntlet (BTW that right forearm could help getting a 200X He-Man Classicized. Add SA He-Man's head and Left Forearm and all we need is a new Harness and Removable belt for KG) He looks very 200X While looking like a MOTUC Figure.

He has a Club... A bit small but nifty club and The Lamp.

Prhavus the Untamed gets a 3.67 as his Final Score. The Articulation and few Accessories. Let's face it he only has 1 weapon and a prop that is likely to be on another figure's hands to show that he is Prahvus' master. He feels a bit lacking in the accessory department. He needed an extra weapon or something... Other than that, this Figure IS AMAZEBALLS!!

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