Dec 19, 2015

Topless Robot is dead...

The site that introduced me to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic thanks to some Erotic Fanfiction... Some incredibly insane articles like 5 Reasons why Luke Skywalker is an idiot is dead...
Topless Robot is dead... It's a shame that it's gone, but some had seen this coming.
Personally I blame the site losing the political incorrectness edge that it had. Once you could read fanfics about the Hogwarts Squid making love to the castle, or Lucius Malfoy lobotomizing his son to literally skull**** Draco to tamer articles like the Skywalker one I mention. Former TR Writer Rob Bricken also got castrated at ioNein! when Perpetually offended people complained about Bricken mocking bad fanfics just like at Topless Robot. So, Rob's Replacement Luke Y. Thompson (from The Human Race) kept the Fanfic thing going, he simply did Dramatic Readings... That vanished after a while and the site slowly began to be infected by Political Correctness and defending certain Scam Artists that have cried soggy knees to the UN. Not to mention foodie articles on a nerd site, or Rasslin' topics... No, the biggest offender was changing their name to The Robot's Voice. That was like the ultimate signal that the site lost its humor (and balls).

While I can see why people left the site as it became a bit too PC and lost the appeal that brought people into it in the first place, It's sad to see it go.


I'd love to post one of the LYT I Read your Fan Fics, but seeing as those things are messed up, I can't... So I live you with this:

It's from one of the infamous Fan Fics that TR showcased.
Good Journey Topless Robot!


  1. Topless Robot has been one of my favorite sites for years but the change to the Robot's Voice was definitely symbolic of so many of the poor choices that happened overtime which led the site to be almost unrecognizable from one it once had been. I liked LYT but he had a tough act to follow and his style was a radical departure from Rob's. When the change was made from Nerd Humor and Self Loathing to unofficial sponsor of your inner child or whatever, I knew that the unique perspective that Topless Robot had once had was gone. I don't disagree with the thought behind it, but it killed the fun.

    1. Yup, that was the main issue, it lost it's identity and therefore, it lost readers. Self-Loathing was an important part, hence the mockery of horrible fan fics...