Dec 21, 2015

The son of the annoying Ninja will get a manga series... BELIEVE IT!!

Burrito: Son of Naruto is getting a Manga Series... Believe it! I'm actually curious seeing that I LOATHE Naruto... up till the Get Sasuke back act. I began enjoying it, but my source to Naruto stuff moved away and there's no way I'm gonna start buying Naruto stuff to get up to date...
Heck! I've not Preordered the SH Figuarts Ranma figures and I LOVE Ranma 1/2...

So, Boruto... I need to get caught up on all the Naruto shenanigans and figure out how the hell did he... Oh wait, Hinata! I see... Point is that I'm curious about this whole Naruto The Next Generation or Burrito Meets World. I hope Boruto does not get the Gohan Treatment...

What? I needed to do the Mandatory Annoying Believe it! reference... BELIEVE IT!!

I just saw this trailer and I'm sorta pumped... To be Honest I'm curious about the Old Man Naruto angle... Yes, I know someone will try to use the whole: "Why do you want to see old man naruto when you can't stand old man he-man!" argument. To that I say that Naruto has had his long share of adventures where we see him grow from a child into a young man. He-Man only gets a small slice of his adventures then rebooted. Latest case most of He-Man's exploits happened Off-Panel before being turned into an old deadbeat dad.

In any case Naruto Jr. is coming! Belieb it!

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