Dec 3, 2015

New Matty Team is getting ludicrous!!

They have been dropping the Ball lately...
The newest Boner they have apperently pulled is this:
Look at this pic. It's the Laser Figures at the San Bernardino Mattel Store in California
Is this real?
Apparently the Figure two-pack was $30.

Listen and Believe!
Here's the thing: This simple Pic could be easily a photoshop job and prove nothing, right?

But if this pic is paired with a pic of the two pack in a non-professional photo shoot environment, the story gains a bit more credibility...

If this story is false, then nice hoax, man! I fell for it!

If it's true, then... Matty, you got some splaining to do! (Sadly, I could not find an I Love Lucy Clip to use here)
$30 DOLLARS FOR THE 2015 HOLIDAY ITEM THAT I HAVE TO PAY $60 FOR!? Sure, y'all can go with the "Somehow it slipped through the cracks" "It's an isolated incident" kind of excuses... Whatcha' gonna do if a couple of Subscribers don't get these because "You lost a few of these sets in that isolated incident"? Angry customers will speak loudly... It could jeopardize 2017...

Fairest thing would be for Subscribers to get some sort of discount (or toss in a Free Figure from the warehouse like you did with Frostagate... Oh wait, that was the Neitlich era) because if this incident is true, then YOU.MESSED.UP! Subbers are the so-called "lifeblood" of the line, yet you were offering an UNRELEASED ITEM AT 50% OFF!? If I were you, I'd be going in Damage Control Mode right about a few days ago when this was released!! I abstained from commenting then, but this silence is a load of crap!


Neitlich would have at least made up some BS-Damage Control speech... Youse making me yearn for Neitlich... That's a sign that you guys are sucking more than Kurt Angle's old WWE Theme...

Now Matty will have to figure out what to do...
Pics, Receipt, All we need now is for the Mini Comics to be leaked... (aside the Illumina page that has been circling for months) and we can review the minis for the House of Rants BEFORE I get the figures...

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