Dec 26, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: @#$% you Neitlich

Masters of the Universe Classics is Officially Over... Until Next Month's Rebranded Collector's Choice Line starts. Now we'll discuss the FINAL FIGURE IN CLASSICS LINE... One Figure that can be described by a Weird Al Yankovic song. I am of course talking about Ginger NA He-Man with Vykron Gloves and Furry Boots...

He-Ro II: AKA Prince Dare using the power of Daddy! Yes, the Riley to He-Man's Cory has arrived in Classics... Who is he? He's He-Man's son, who Neitlich was so hellbent in forcing into the canon that he went against his words to force him into the line. Now if he had forced him into the CANNON...

So, let's crack him open and see how much of a wasted slot he is or is not.

Seeing that he's on a Standard MOTUC Buck with no new Specialized parts that provide new Articulation, he's got Standard Articulation. The Reused NA Vest limits torso Articulation as much as NA He-Man when using the Full armor. He has an Articulated Ponytail...

Paint and sculpt:
In all fairness Dare is over 90% parts reuse. The new parts look a bit cool. I just wish that NA He-Man had gotten an Articulated Ponytail...
I love the little details on the Blue Dare Harness, which looks way better than the NA Repaint Armor.
Holster with gun a la Adora and NA She-Ra, Alternative Armor... Alcala Power Sword which in my case will be Oo-Larr's. Notice the CHINA 3D stamp on the blade...

Dare gets a 4.17 as his final score. This is because, while he's unpopular, he's a pretty solid figure from an engineering point of view. I'm not too fond on how he was forced into the line, but he is a bit cooler than I expected...

If you want the NA Roleplaying sword you can get it here!
Tip: Get GITD Paint both white and green. Mix them up and paint a couple of layers (about 8-10) Paint the handle gold or any other color you prefer. The duller Antique gold suits NA He-Man better, while a Brighter gold can suit Dare better.

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