Aug 29, 2010

Odds and ends: Aug. 29 - Sep. 2 2010 Aw Hell No! McFly!!

Marty McFly, Time Traveller, victim of almost unintentional incest, Bieber!?
Aw Hell No!
Are you kidding me! This is like Karate Kid but a million times WORSE!!!

Taking this and adding THIS!?


I mean Bieber makes Michael Cera bearable...
And Bieber's not playing Snake Plissken

Print is dead at least for the Dictionary. I understand the importance of online tools, but it is important to keep OFFLINE dictionaries alive. Call me old fashioned but I'm not online 24/7 and I like my books to be real, not virtual... I used to compete in dictionary searching competitions... Of course I love the book! Typing and clicking might be faster, but the old fashioned way is cooler.

On other news
The Indonesian smoking Toddler is no longer a smoker
That's cool. Hopefully this incident has been an eye opener and will bring stronger laws regarding Tobacco. If he was an adult I wouldn't have any problems with him smoking, but it's a kid!! It's AWESOME that he's no longer a smoker...

Great news to soccer fans. The evil instrument of diabolical noise has been banned in Europe
No more BzzzbzzzzBZzzzzzzbZZZZZbzzzzzzzzz! sounds that block out the famous shouts of GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!

Do not fear, Toy fiends... Whiplash is coming out of the Toy chest soon...

Aug 25, 2010

Odds and ends: Aug 25 2010 Edition.

You call that a tax? Now THIS is a tax!

Apparently Crocodile Dundee is banned form Leaving Australia until he pays a HUGE debt in taxes. It sucks for him being separated from his wife and child, but on the lighter side of things, the rest of the world is safe from Paul Hogan...

The only good thing Paul Hogan's done EVER... The "Knife" line, not the movie.

Today the following people are older:
Sean Connery: The original Jamesh Bond ish 80 yearsh old...
Mr. Let's make every movie with Helena Boham Carter AND Johnny Depp will have 52 (HBC and JDepp styled) candles on his dark, moody and quirky cake.
Alexander SkarsgÄrd: Who will be on Battleship: The movie... Seriously, stick to True Blood... is 34!

They're using this to boost Mexico's tourism!? Going through slums and pretending to cross the border to the USA? Meeting with leftist rebels!? Taking the tourist to places notorious for pirated goods, drug deals and underage prostitution!? Yeah... that'll help Mexico's image...

The ngelina half of Brangelina is gonna write, produce, and direct a movie about a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the Bosnian war and the effect the war has on their relationship. Hookay... I wonder will she star in it as well? I'm not a fan of Ms. Voight's work as an actress but this piques my curiosity.

Aug 23, 2010

Movie news... Reboots galore!

Ive already talked about the Spidey Reboot already a couple of times.
Now check this out. Peter will be in High School and they're looking for a Love interest that isn't Mary Jane Watson. So the options are Liz Allen or Betty Brant.
A bunch of British girls and Emma Roberts are the top picks for Spidey's Love interest...
Oh yeah one of the girls was spawned by the man behind this:

BTW The thing about Phil not being able to save a dying friend has been calle dBS by Phil Collins himself a couple of times.

A British Spidey AND a British love interest!? Where's the Keep Spidey American campaign? we had a ridiculous Make Spidey a black guy for no reason other than he's being played by white guys?

On other news Fox is rebooting Fantastic Four...Adrien Brody as Reed Richards!?
He's a good Actor, but I don't see him as Reed. I also do not see Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Reed either. Hopefully Fox will not fox this up... (Like Dragonball Evolution, Wolverine Origins or F4 Rise of The Silver Surfer)

True Blood's True Love? Don't follow True Blood that much, so yay them. I wonder if there were any mutants or Geese on that wedding. Marrying co-workers is rather awkward... especially if they're actors. Hopefully they'll relationship can endure all that.

Aug 22, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest with Fabulous Secret Powers

I promise that this will be the last It Came from the Toy Chest for a while. (or Whiplash arrives.)
Any excuse for me to use the Masters of the Universe opening is good for me.

Here's Orko! He's the second MOTUC Exclusive from Mattel. This is the Mattycollector Post-SDCC version, so no silly color change in water ability... (Which rubs Mossman owners the wrong way)
Orko is the reason why this MOTUC is $5 more expensive. We all know that Prince Adam is the hidden accessory. (More on him later.)
Now for the Review:
Articulation: My Orko doesn't loose ankles, probably because he HAS no ankles.
He has ball jointed head, Shoulders and elbows. His wrists rotate.
His stand has a ball joint that allows him to float in almost every direction.

The 4H, knocked him out of the park... I wonder when they do not... Orko looks straight out of Filmation. He has a little red from his hat bleeding on one of his ears. (This is a normal occurrence on Orko that was supposed to be fixed, but it wasn't.) Lt. Spector's going to be so sick about the fan complaints... (That's the name of Scott Neitlich's Eternian alterego)

He has the stand AND Prince Adam. He has a 200X inspired (without Anime Hyperdetail) and a book. 3.5 (Excluding Adam) His staff was warped. (Needs some heat and cold to fix.) The book does nothing at all. Its unopenable and the SDCC version was the only one with a "magic trick"
On its own Orko's a 4.0

Now unto the Secret accessory:
So this will be quick:
Artic: 4.0 Vest limits Arm articulation and holding the sword aloft requires some tricky posing.

paint/sculpt: He-Man reuse repainted in Adam colors wearing a jacket. He lacks a sword holster. (That's an adventure on its own. Long story short. He DID have one, but on the process to make the figure it went MIA from the prototype. I blame the "Mysterious Exec who hates 200X" that believed that a sword holster is an "anime Hyperdetail".) There is a little paint slop on my Adam's bracelets.

Adam IS the Accessory and he HAS a few accessories...
Power Sword: (Magenta... Straight to the extra parts baggie! Weapons pack sword here we go!)
Half sword:(Magenta... it ACTUALLY WORKS WITH MO-LARR's Skelly half sword!)
Extra head: Adam has a brand new smiley face AND the traditional constipated He-man head. Mine looks like he's blushing. Now I need a Frosta figure and I'll have an Awkward moment He-Man fig.

Overall: 4.3

Adam + Orko pack overall: 5.0

Since they're 2 key characters that got more bang for their buck (due to the different SDCC budget) Mattel and the 4H did so much for this twopack than last year's 3 stones He-Ro fiasco.
Finally I own the Twins of Power in BOTH their normal and transformed versions...
Bring on Cringer AND Spirit... (We have Battle Cat and Swift Wind/Spirit is supposedly coming in late 2011.)

Aug 20, 2010

It Came from the Toy Chest Matty's SDCC bounty pt. 1

SDCC (and the few days after had a lot of surprises from Mattel. Roboto will have his action Feature (Partial yay!), Grizzlor is furry (damn!), Buzz-Off looks like the 80s toy (dammit!) Bow is FREAKING AWESOME!! (And very Filmation looking) Vikor, the Barbarian He-Man from the North looks like a Destroyer (He's PRetty much Conan, the Cimmerian) Kigh Hiss is DAMN Sweet! (excetp the snake form) Mattel is eliminating 200X inspired heads from MOTUC, The Cosmic Key from the Subscription Exclusive He-Man looks a lot like the Cosmic Key from the Live Action '87 movie. But now unto the SDCC MOTUC exclusive...

Wait... This isn't MOTU! This is Robot Chicken!

As you can see the 2 Pack looks great kept in the box. Unlike other mutipacks, this one has dynamic diorama style posing, yet the characters are in relatively vanilla poses (so no limbs are warped in package.) If you're into keeping stuff MOC or MOB then this set is perfect for you. Skelly is lying back on the MASSAGE CHAIR from the sketch. They even have the Magazine from the sketch lying down on the floor. (With a masturbation joke about the Sorceress... Sores our wrists... LOL)
On the back we've got the bios. Mo-Larr's talks about how he has an allegiance with Dental Hygiene and Skeletor's talks about his enjoyment of massage chairs and magazines that sore his wrist.

You can see Beastman and Grizzlor in poses referencing the sketch. (a nice touch by Mattel. See! I can say good stuff about them.)
After releasing them I noticed something: See the pic above. The black on Mo-Larr's tools chips off and leaves black flakes on his gloves. Not cool Mattel... Also his feet are so floppy that I had to put rubber bands on the rubber bands that I used to tighten his ankle articulation.
Toothless Skeletor reminds me of Chris Benoit.

Many people complained about Mo-Larr being included.
"He's not MOTU!"
"Where's Ram Man?"
"Waste of tooling budget!"
Supposedly Seth Green and the rest of the Robot Chicken guys paid for the Tooling on Mo-Larr. Rumor has it that Mo-Larr will return on Robot Chicken (Hopefully the MOTUC versions of the characters will be used.) and Mattel had another exclusive... Orko.
Mo-Larr did not sell out instantly (He did manage to sell out after a few days) due to that and another factor... Skeletor.
Many people had doubts about having to rebuy a Skeletor (To some would be the Third Skeletor released in one year)

Mo-Larr kinda reminds me of Bruce Campbell with Eternian roids and dressed up like a MOTUC character dressed up as a dentist.

Now for the review part. As always 1= crap and 5= the awesomest fig ever!

Same as the average MOTUC. (He-Man body with Hordak gloves.) I've gotten used to the MOTUC articulation, but Mo-Larr loses some points because of the loose ankles and the Coat restricting his ab crunch.

Sculpt-side the 4 Horsemen knocked it out of the park. Mo-Larr's expression gives him a mildly evil, yet nice guy look or vice-versa.
paint-side, well Mattel added some airbrushing on the coat to give it more shading.

Accessories: Mo-Larr's got plenty of them. A mirror, a drill, forceps, the water spraying nozzle and floss. Unfortunately he can't hold the floss box or the floss. the rest of the tools he can hold, but the black paint on the handles flakes off.


Overall: 3.67
The hard coat, loose ankles and flaky accessories hurt Mo-Larr's score.

But wait! There's more!
We need to review Skeletor.
Same as the average MOTUC. His ankles are tight but his knees are a bit weak.

Horsemen rock! Within the MOTUC limitations they pull off some fantastic stuff. Toothless Skeletor looks incredible. He even has a sad look on his bony face. Mattel is cheap with the paint applications except on his face.

Same as MOTUC Skeletor, Harness, Havok Staff, Sword and half sword.
He could've used a plastic massage chair, but he's got enough stuff already.

Overall: 4.16
Loose knees and weird face paintjob hurt him a bit.

Overall Value:
3.91 on the figures themselves. Its tougher to gauge the value for my dollar.
For a two pack is kind of overpriced since its the same cost as two figures on their own. (one of them has been on sale this year twice) Mo-Larr could've come on his own with the extra Skeletor head. The beautiful diorama display wouldn't have existed, but the extra burden of another Skeletor wouldn't be there.

This set is a possible candidate for not getting a reissue (with Mo-Larr being a Robot Chicken creation and all that)

Next up is Orko... but that's another article for another day...

Aug 16, 2010

It came From the toy Chest Trap Jaw.

Today's Matty day victim is Whiplash (and Reissue Trap Jaw.)
Since I haven't gotten Whiplash yet, and had pics of Trap Jaw that didn't upload back then. I'll make this review in honor of his reissue.

As you can see Trap Jaw is pretty much a straight update of the Vintage Figure.
Until you check out the second pic... You can see Kronis, aka Trap Jaw before the Surgery.

Now unto the scores: Gotta make it short and sweet since it's almost MATTY TIME!
1= crap and 5= awesome!
Articulation: Same as the Average MOTUC, but Trappy has swappable arms (Yes you can swap the left one as well.)
Paint and sculpt: Very little paint slop (Except his green belt) as always, Mattel's being a bit EL CHEAPO on paints. Finally there's a color difference between the fleshy parts and the armored parts on Trappy. The Kronis parts look nice enough on him to tempt me into buying another Trap Jaw... Must Resist Urge!
Accessories: Plenty enough to have 2 figures in one. Though Kronis suffers a bit on the Accessories since he's kind of an accessory. Luckily Mattel has rectified that Mistake with the Weapons Packs. Even Trap Jaw is getting Extra Accessories on the Next Weapons pack.

Overall 4.5
He's a really great figure that many fans missed out on February and I'd say that he's THE BEST MOTUC Figure so far (Not counting beasts like Battle Cat.)

While Waiting on Mattycollector's Sale news.

Hooh! Boy! I'm waiting on Mr. Torrant Krazut, aka Whiplash (Not the Marvel Villain, but the MOTUC villain) here's some stuff for y'all.

Happy Birthday!
James Cameron: I loved Terminator and T2: Judgment Day. I enjoyed Titanic, especially when Jack dies... I fricking hated the 10-Foot CGI kitteh movie! No they can't haz cheezburger. Do me a favor and don't make the sequels to Avatar otherwise stay on Pandora for your 56th...

Steve Carell: The Former 40-year old Virgin is now 48. If John Stamos gets the Full House movie project going he wants Carell to be Danny.

Cam Gigandet: He sparkles and was killed on Twilight... You should've killed Bella... Idiot! He's 28.

Madonna: 52 years and kicking... I wonder what will she come up with next... Last time I heard of her was on VH1 about buying dildos... We need some Madonna news related to music...

Rumer Willis is now 22... Something Something yippie-ki-yay mother @#$%^

Hilary Duff got married. I feel sorry for all the Lizzie Maguire fans that wanted to be Mr. Duff.

Oh snap! I just felt a HUUUUUUUGGGGEEE Disturbance on the Force. Lucas talks about the Blu Ray Star Wars Which will be the hyper edited with crappy digital crap like Manankin Skywalker and the Wesa Free soundbyte added to the movies.


Still waiting on Orko...

Aug 12, 2010

The Evil Horde is without its Ruthless Leader and other news.

George DiCenzo, known to most people as Sam Baines (Marty McFly's Grandfather on his mother's side), Captain America on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Captain Lou Albano in Hulk Hogan's Rock n' Roll Wrestling, but most importantly he played both Bow AND Hordak in She-Ra: Princess of Power... is no longer with us.
So far, only Linda Gary (Evil Lyn, Sorceress, Teela, Queen Marlena #1, Glimmer) and George DiCenzo are the Filmation MotU/PoP voice actors that have passed away.

A North Dakota inmate ate another inmate's glasses. You are what you eat? Maybe he... I got nothing... this is just too weird.

Now this guy is far more awesome than the previous one... GTA in real life! This parolee jumps in a cop car and drives off, he ditches the vehicle and is caught after jumping a wall? it sounds so GTA like... I'm hoping to see news about a guy high on mushrooms jumping on turtles and rambling about the princess being on another castle...

A Review of a Hideo Kojima Production

Oh snap! I'mma make a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review... I'll try to be unbiased, so bear with me.

First of all, MGS:PW is a PSP MGS game... (Too many 3 letter acronyms in one sentence OMG! BBQ! CQC! FTW!)

Story: In 1974, a small Military unit the MSF (Soldiers without Borders in French) receive a Special Mission. Find out why the Hell there's a bunch of American Soldiers and the CIA in Costa Rica. This Mission was given to Snake, (Big Boss) by a weird dude with a Red Hand named Ramon Galvez, and his sidekick a teenage Girl named Paz... who LOVES peace.
Obviously it contains a lot of plot elements shared through the Metal Gear series. There are some twists, turns, some homoerotic story elements, kickass battles, etc.
Why? Subtlety, Hideo lost it completely. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Paz Ortega Andrade, Kazuhira Miller, Vladimir Zadornov (Even this dude's name has something to do with peace in Russian.) PEACE, PEACE, PEACE! PEACE IS FRIGGING EVERYWHERE!!

Graphics: 9.5 I won't go into detail on how good the MGS games look, since that's a Hideo Kojima standard. Games MUST look good for the Tech at the time. Even the Comic booky Ashley Wood sketch cutscenes look good... I might say a bit better than Yoji Shinkawa's (The MGS Artist) artwork.


While it can be played in single player mode, this game was made for MULTI PLAYER. I ranted previously on how games force you to play co-op.
Now, I must add that the gameplay involves a lot of "grinding" and "farming". (Re-doing missions to either level up items/crew or to gain certain items/crew not available in other levels.)
The controls are a tad awkward if you're used to either Portable Ops or Snake Eater. They've MGS4-ized the controls a bit. Big boss forgot how to crawl or shoot from the prone position, He forgot how to move while wall hugging, the quick reload trick ain't working anymore AND he does not have the pop up and shoot 1st person trick. Once you get used to them it's a bit awkward playing Snake Eater again...

Fun Factor:
The game CAN be a bit repetitive at times (too many EX-Op vehicle battles) but unfortunatley it IS a tad addicting. (Family and friends started noticing that I was spending TOO MUCH time playing MGS:PW.)

Overall Score for MGS:PW... 9.25
Really awesome game, yet this score is flawed, since I have not tried multi player. As soon as I find more people with the game and I do some co-op missions I shall update the score.

Meow, meow, meow?
Box time!

Those are actual quotes from Big Boss...

Aug 11, 2010

It Came from the toy Chest... Silent but deadly edition.

Ok, while waiting for my Prince Ad... I mean Orko to arrive I'm getting some old reviews out of the way... by that I mean figures that I took pics off but didn't get off my butt and do a review about them, either by lazyness or saving them as back up plans.

The pic basically has my thoughts about the figure so I'll get to the rating:
As always 1 is crap that not Even Cobra Commander would use in his craziest plan for World Domination and 5 is more awesome than receiving all 2 versions of the SDCC Sgt. Slaughter as a present from your significant other dressed as the Baroness...

Articulation: 4.5 Hes got a lot of it and its mostly useful. There are a few poses that can't be made (mostly because the figure is so small and it cannot have Those PoA that the larger figures CAN have)

Paint/Sculpt: 4.5 Hasbro's lack of paints makes this figure practically splotch free. The sculpt is fantastic, very detailed for that size.Since the parts are molded in one color and barely get any paint, he looks a bit toy-like.

Accessories: 5... He has a ton of them and they work!

Overall: 4.67 He's a really good fig, and with the lower legs of a Marvel figure in the same scale AND an Agent Helix head, a Joe sized Raiden could be a reality.

Aug 10, 2010

Villains Part II

did not forget about my Villains rant of Articles past. Now let's start with Part Dos, or Deux, or Due.
Doctor Doom starts off this list. He was not omitted from the last list. He deemed the previous list not worthy of his presence. Obviously he is the Archnemesis of the Stretchy guy from the Fantastic 4. I can't mention his name because Doctor Doom told me not to.
Doom is the most baddest Villain in the Marvel Universe and he DOES NOT SEE HIMSELF AS ONE... or that's pure crap... it depends on the writer. Hell, Dr. Doom has even raised Mjolnir.
One huge feat for a villain (then there's sending Franklin Richards to Hell... Literally)
Then let's take a guess which Marvel character served as a partial inspiration to the Asthmatic Whiny Sith Lord? Answer is the Great Victor Von Doom... who is extremely pissed at Julian McMahon's Hobo Goblin Doom...

Now in position Number 2 on this list, The first real Person ever to be a Supervillain in the Comic Book sense of becoming a nemesis to a superhero is:

Marvel's Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Joe Quesada!!
Why is Jokesada here?

Ok, Where to start: Quesada has DONE GOOD THINGS for Marvel. Credit is given where credit is due and all that crap, but... he basically is responsible of assassinating Spider-man's character. Remember that Spider-Man is Marvel's Flagship character. The whole "Totem Magic Origin" that was "confirmed" with The Other, Sins Past, Moving in with the Avengers, The Iron-Spider "sidekick suit" Civil War's Public Unmasking, everything was made so Spider-Man would have to accept a deal with the Devil to retcon all that (and get rid of a certain redhead). Just because Joe never liked a married Spidey. Now for some words on why he went with the "deal with the Devil"

Sure, that would have been a very easy solution. However, how would a parent feel when they had to explain to their kid that Spider-Man just got divorced from his wife? How would that headline read across the AP or on USA today? The same can be said with an annulment. Sure, divorce is a reality of life, but Peter Parker and Spider-Man are not the types of characters that would do that. Spider-Man is a worldwide icon and is considered one of the good guys, like Superman. There's always the option of killing off MJ, but over the years way too many key characters in Spider-Man mythology have been killed off. Much like the marriage, those deaths hurt the book. The Spider-Man books were better with Harry in them, as well as Norman. Also, how much older would Peter seem as a widower -- yikes!

Hmmm... so to Joe is easier for a parent to explain to a kid that Spider-Man gave up AND made a deal with THE ULTIMATE EVIL (The Devil, or a Devil Proxy) than getting a divorce?
He's worried about headlines?

ERASED MARRIAGE, UPSET FANS, DEALS WITH A DEVIL-LIKE ENTITY? Real kid friendly material here, Marvel...
To make matters worse:
The guy who raped Spider-Man's character to the point that making a deal with the devil seemed like a GOOD idea. The very same guy who used Magic to decimate most of the Mutant Population in the Marvel Universe. The one who allowed Captain America to be killed but not being really dead (What happened to the Dead is Dead dogma?) This is the guy who will "ensure that all portrayals of Marvel’s characters and storytelling remain true to the essence of Marvel’s rich history."


Let's move on to another villain before I feel the urge of kicking someone in the gonads.

My next Villain on the list is a Mascot. Matty, YES I'm talking about the same Matty from the Matty Collector site that sells the Masters of the Universe Classics figures that I enjoy so much.
Just look at him! Standing there smug with that grin, while telling you that you need to wait a bit during the Matty Day Frenzy at Noon. Also Matty is a Big Fat Liar... the queue is like the Spoon from the Matrix.

Aside from Matty, this rant is full of Marvel Villains. I blame this to my former Marvel Zombie status (Joe Quesada cured me from that.) so let's open up ourselves for another Marvel Villain.
The Green Goblin...
Norman Osborn was a cool villain. He came, went crazy due to the "Goblin Formula" and tried to control the NY crime scene, but a Spidey was in the way. He figured out Spidey's ID and killed Gwen Stacy... (Ock killed Gwen's dad earlier) then he fought Spidey and died impaled with his own glider.
That's it!? Nope! Norman wrote a lot of crap on some journals AND he had some "Goblin lairs" spread out throughout Manhattan. His son Harry became a Goblin, some other dude (Roderick Kingsley) got hold of some Osborn Journals and became a goblin himself (Hobgoblin).
Even in death Norman had a lot to do with Spidey's "universe". That's where my biggest beef with Norman lies. Almost EVERYTHING BAD that happens to Peter could be attributed to Norman. Clone Saga, Norman did it, AND he WASN'T DEAD... He was in Europe...

OK, so now Norman is back from the dead AND has a Wolverine-like healing factor (and he has Wolverine's overexposure factor too!) UGH! Now we CAN OFFICIALLY BLAME EVERYTHING ON NORMAN!
Not only that but, He didn't kill Gwen Stacy because she was Spider-Man's Girlfriend... He killed her because she wasn't going to have his Goblin babies... Yes Norman Osborn had Sex with Gwen Stacy and he impregnated her with his Goblin seed. Good grief! Way to undermine the significance of Gwen's death, Jokesada... Mr. Strac... Joseph Michael Stracz... the Babylon 5 guy! is not off the hook either.
Pinning everything on Norman is not that cool. I wouldn't be surprised if OMD is part of a Norman Osborn machination...

Next on my list is...
I was going to say Mumm-Ra, but Cobra Commander works...
He's the Leader of a Ruthless Terrorist Organization, Determined to Rule the World... Through Music, Controlling the Weather, Mind controlling the GI Joes, Ruining the Economy, Giant bugs, or some crazy thing... CC is a complete nutjob, but a charismatic nutjob! Even when betrayed by his own associates. A great leader who knows WHEN to retreat... Well "Retreat!" is his second battle cry... His first is "COBRA!!!!"

And last but not least...

Evil, eternal, afraid of mirrors, and he's a dog kind of person. Biggest problem, trying to get rid of an Alien Cat-Man-Child and his buddies. He "rules" Third Earth, or just hangs out at his pyramid, chilling out, but now he must stop the Thundercats from spreading their code of honor throughout his lands or something... I mean, there hasn't been that much change on Third Earth since the Thundercats showed up... Also he likes boobs...

Aug 9, 2010

It Came form the Toy Chest: The Adventures of Sharkboy and Keanu Girl edition.

Shark Week is over. It was underwhelming... More Air Jaws, more idiots bitten by sharks, more last year re-runs. The only good thing form Shark Week was the Dos Equis commercial in which they say that Sharks have a Week for the World's Most Interesting Man. What does all that have to do with this It Came From the Toy Chest? Nothing, unless you link Taylor Lautner's role of Sharkboy to this review
Now I'll show you what he's got:
He has a nice stand, not that he needs it since he is really stable. A Certificate of Authenticity, and his clothes. They are removable but I'm not going to remove them for the review... I had to take off Jacob's pants to remove an elastic band tying him to the case.
Why would you want to see naked male Barbies?

His Articulation is extremely limited, since he's a higher end "collectible Barbie". (Even if he's in Pink Label) He has a great range of motion on his head (almost like a ball joint.) His shoulders have a ball-joint like articulation and his crotch only swivels from standing to a sort of This IS SPARTA kick. Just like I said with Edward.
Check out the cool Tattoo Tampographed on Jacob.

Now for Sharkboy Black's score: As always, 1 = so crappy that the End fight of Breaking Dawn seems awesome compared to it. and 5 makes Eclipse's fighting scenes look like Super Mario Brothers.
Articulation: 3
For a doll he is slightly under articulated, but then again this doll is meant as a display piece and not a playable one.
Sculpt/paint: 4.5
There is not much to say here since the body is basically the Ken body, but with the Pedo-Meyerwolf tattoo. There is no slop on him since he's a "higher end collectible" Also Mattel has a higher QC standard on Barbie dolls.
Accessories: 2.5
He really does not need anything, but the stand is a nice touch. (He does not need it though, but its cool nonetheless) He has his clothes which are removable, but he only has pants and shoes.Makes me kinda want a Wolf form Jacob.

Overall: 3.33
If you must have him keep him unopened. If you must have the Twi-dolls... I HAD to open mine for two reasons: The review and I have Edward loose. Can't let Jacob caged in.
Now for the review of the stylized version of Stephanie Meyer:

It's cool that Bella gets more Articulation, but part of me wishes that the dudes would've gotten some of that Articulation.
She has her shoes (My left shoe had some minor paint issues, pants, jacket, stand and the certificate of Authenticity

Now for Kenau Girl's score: As always, 1 = so crappy that the End fight of Breaking Dawn seems awesome compared to it. and 5 makes Eclipse's fighting scenes look like Super Mario Brothers.
Articulation: 4
For a doll she has a nice range of motion, but not enough to rival a mass market doll. then again this doll is meant as a display piece and not a playable one.
Sculpt/paint: 4
There is not much to say here since the body is basically the Barbie body, but with Hinged knees. Huh? There is no slop on her since she's a "higher end collectible" Also Mattel has a higher QC standard on Barbie dolls, but they still make mistakes. Still don't understand why can't they paint her sculpted panties.
Accessories: 3
She NEEDS the stand because of her Barbie tiptoed feet. It kinda sucks that she's naked underneath her "removable" Jacket.

Overall: 3.7
If you must have her keep her unopened. If you must have the Twi-dolls... I HAD to open mine for two reasons: The review and I have Edward loose. Can't have Bella and Edward separated...

While she has Better Articulation than the males, her stability issues knock her down a few notches.

Aug 4, 2010

Odds and ends What the HELL!? Aug 04 10

More 3D crap coming up!

Night of the Living Bieber in 3D!
A biopic of Justin Bieber!? With Bieber playing as himself!? I can understand making a Jsutin Bieber concert in 3D, The Jonas Brothers did it, The Girl with the symbiotic wig did it... but a biopic!? He's not even a has-been, for crying outloud!

He's also playing a troubled teen on one of the CSI shows... I hope it's CSI: MIAMI...

Seriously though Justin Bieber is really troubled...

Doors kick his ass...

In other news, Apple holding may not have a 3D Epic Fail... I mean Breaking Dawn might not be in 3D
but it will hit theatres on November 2012... where does that leave part one?
2011 for Breaking Dawn part one wait what!? Looks like I'll be busy watching Harry Potter and the last book is split in 2 movies.

Round 1 FIGHT!
Two Mothers were engaged in a Brawl... a Kindergarten Brawl!

Usually its the adults the ones who start the brawls at children's events, but we all know that TV, Comic books and videogames are to blame...

Aug 2, 2010

It came from the toy chest: Mekanek hating edition

The Count is here!

Not that Count... I'm talking about Count Marzo from the Masters of the Universe Classics.

Eeh! Close but no cigar. While there was a Count Marzo in the 80s toon; I am talking about the 2002 Version of him.

Here he is in all of his Mekanek hating glory. Count Marzo Kaliff... shouldn't he be Count Kaliff?
I blame Mattel's MOTUC Biography team. As you can see the Count comes with his armor, a sword and a red gem. It's supposed to be a Medallion, but it can't be worn around his neck.

Keldor's head is barely on because Marzo's Armor is restricive. If Marzo is left without armor; his head bobbles like crazy (A LOT WORSE THAN SHE-RA...)

Now unto the Review Part... Using the 1-5 scale where 1 is bad and 5 is good!

Articulation: Same as every male MOTUC so far. He's a bit weak in the legs (Loose joints) and he's got bobblehead issues. 3.5

sculpt/paint: The prototype Marzo had both of his arms with the Triklops Armbands (Like Randor, Keldor, TRU 2 Pack He-Man, Prince Adam.) Now Marzo ended up with the Standard He-Man Arms... He would've looke dbetter if they had sculpted a Right Arm mimicking He-Man's Left Arm. He's got a new Loincloth with slits that allow for a greater range of movement.
Other than the Armor,Loncloth and head; his body is He-Man's with Keldor's Lower legs.
While My Marzo has no paint flaws, there have been cases in which his silver rivets are unpainted throughout the figure's body. 4.5

Accessories: He's got his Armor, his sword and his Amulet/Medallion/Lucky Charm/whatever you wanna call it. 3.5 He kinda needed a pack in Mini De-Powered Marzo (Little Old Man Marzo...) but that would've raised the cost of the figure a bit.

Overall 3.83

Now what can I do with a Medallionless Marzo Left hand?
Mola Ram impressions!! Can't wait till Mattel releases Bow to redo the Mola Ram joke...