Aug 2, 2010

It came from the toy chest: Mekanek hating edition

The Count is here!

Not that Count... I'm talking about Count Marzo from the Masters of the Universe Classics.

Eeh! Close but no cigar. While there was a Count Marzo in the 80s toon; I am talking about the 2002 Version of him.

Here he is in all of his Mekanek hating glory. Count Marzo Kaliff... shouldn't he be Count Kaliff?
I blame Mattel's MOTUC Biography team. As you can see the Count comes with his armor, a sword and a red gem. It's supposed to be a Medallion, but it can't be worn around his neck.

Keldor's head is barely on because Marzo's Armor is restricive. If Marzo is left without armor; his head bobbles like crazy (A LOT WORSE THAN SHE-RA...)

Now unto the Review Part... Using the 1-5 scale where 1 is bad and 5 is good!

Articulation: Same as every male MOTUC so far. He's a bit weak in the legs (Loose joints) and he's got bobblehead issues. 3.5

sculpt/paint: The prototype Marzo had both of his arms with the Triklops Armbands (Like Randor, Keldor, TRU 2 Pack He-Man, Prince Adam.) Now Marzo ended up with the Standard He-Man Arms... He would've looke dbetter if they had sculpted a Right Arm mimicking He-Man's Left Arm. He's got a new Loincloth with slits that allow for a greater range of movement.
Other than the Armor,Loncloth and head; his body is He-Man's with Keldor's Lower legs.
While My Marzo has no paint flaws, there have been cases in which his silver rivets are unpainted throughout the figure's body. 4.5

Accessories: He's got his Armor, his sword and his Amulet/Medallion/Lucky Charm/whatever you wanna call it. 3.5 He kinda needed a pack in Mini De-Powered Marzo (Little Old Man Marzo...) but that would've raised the cost of the figure a bit.

Overall 3.83

Now what can I do with a Medallionless Marzo Left hand?
Mola Ram impressions!! Can't wait till Mattel releases Bow to redo the Mola Ram joke...

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