Aug 16, 2010

It came From the toy Chest Trap Jaw.

Today's Matty day victim is Whiplash (and Reissue Trap Jaw.)
Since I haven't gotten Whiplash yet, and had pics of Trap Jaw that didn't upload back then. I'll make this review in honor of his reissue.

As you can see Trap Jaw is pretty much a straight update of the Vintage Figure.
Until you check out the second pic... You can see Kronis, aka Trap Jaw before the Surgery.

Now unto the scores: Gotta make it short and sweet since it's almost MATTY TIME!
1= crap and 5= awesome!
Articulation: Same as the Average MOTUC, but Trappy has swappable arms (Yes you can swap the left one as well.)
Paint and sculpt: Very little paint slop (Except his green belt) as always, Mattel's being a bit EL CHEAPO on paints. Finally there's a color difference between the fleshy parts and the armored parts on Trappy. The Kronis parts look nice enough on him to tempt me into buying another Trap Jaw... Must Resist Urge!
Accessories: Plenty enough to have 2 figures in one. Though Kronis suffers a bit on the Accessories since he's kind of an accessory. Luckily Mattel has rectified that Mistake with the Weapons Packs. Even Trap Jaw is getting Extra Accessories on the Next Weapons pack.

Overall 4.5
He's a really great figure that many fans missed out on February and I'd say that he's THE BEST MOTUC Figure so far (Not counting beasts like Battle Cat.)

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