Aug 12, 2010

A Review of a Hideo Kojima Production

Oh snap! I'mma make a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review... I'll try to be unbiased, so bear with me.

First of all, MGS:PW is a PSP MGS game... (Too many 3 letter acronyms in one sentence OMG! BBQ! CQC! FTW!)

Story: In 1974, a small Military unit the MSF (Soldiers without Borders in French) receive a Special Mission. Find out why the Hell there's a bunch of American Soldiers and the CIA in Costa Rica. This Mission was given to Snake, (Big Boss) by a weird dude with a Red Hand named Ramon Galvez, and his sidekick a teenage Girl named Paz... who LOVES peace.
Obviously it contains a lot of plot elements shared through the Metal Gear series. There are some twists, turns, some homoerotic story elements, kickass battles, etc.
Why? Subtlety, Hideo lost it completely. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Paz Ortega Andrade, Kazuhira Miller, Vladimir Zadornov (Even this dude's name has something to do with peace in Russian.) PEACE, PEACE, PEACE! PEACE IS FRIGGING EVERYWHERE!!

Graphics: 9.5 I won't go into detail on how good the MGS games look, since that's a Hideo Kojima standard. Games MUST look good for the Tech at the time. Even the Comic booky Ashley Wood sketch cutscenes look good... I might say a bit better than Yoji Shinkawa's (The MGS Artist) artwork.


While it can be played in single player mode, this game was made for MULTI PLAYER. I ranted previously on how games force you to play co-op.
Now, I must add that the gameplay involves a lot of "grinding" and "farming". (Re-doing missions to either level up items/crew or to gain certain items/crew not available in other levels.)
The controls are a tad awkward if you're used to either Portable Ops or Snake Eater. They've MGS4-ized the controls a bit. Big boss forgot how to crawl or shoot from the prone position, He forgot how to move while wall hugging, the quick reload trick ain't working anymore AND he does not have the pop up and shoot 1st person trick. Once you get used to them it's a bit awkward playing Snake Eater again...

Fun Factor:
The game CAN be a bit repetitive at times (too many EX-Op vehicle battles) but unfortunatley it IS a tad addicting. (Family and friends started noticing that I was spending TOO MUCH time playing MGS:PW.)

Overall Score for MGS:PW... 9.25
Really awesome game, yet this score is flawed, since I have not tried multi player. As soon as I find more people with the game and I do some co-op missions I shall update the score.

Meow, meow, meow?
Box time!

Those are actual quotes from Big Boss...

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