Aug 22, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest with Fabulous Secret Powers

I promise that this will be the last It Came from the Toy Chest for a while. (or Whiplash arrives.)
Any excuse for me to use the Masters of the Universe opening is good for me.

Here's Orko! He's the second MOTUC Exclusive from Mattel. This is the Mattycollector Post-SDCC version, so no silly color change in water ability... (Which rubs Mossman owners the wrong way)
Orko is the reason why this MOTUC is $5 more expensive. We all know that Prince Adam is the hidden accessory. (More on him later.)
Now for the Review:
Articulation: My Orko doesn't loose ankles, probably because he HAS no ankles.
He has ball jointed head, Shoulders and elbows. His wrists rotate.
His stand has a ball joint that allows him to float in almost every direction.

The 4H, knocked him out of the park... I wonder when they do not... Orko looks straight out of Filmation. He has a little red from his hat bleeding on one of his ears. (This is a normal occurrence on Orko that was supposed to be fixed, but it wasn't.) Lt. Spector's going to be so sick about the fan complaints... (That's the name of Scott Neitlich's Eternian alterego)

He has the stand AND Prince Adam. He has a 200X inspired (without Anime Hyperdetail) and a book. 3.5 (Excluding Adam) His staff was warped. (Needs some heat and cold to fix.) The book does nothing at all. Its unopenable and the SDCC version was the only one with a "magic trick"
On its own Orko's a 4.0

Now unto the Secret accessory:
So this will be quick:
Artic: 4.0 Vest limits Arm articulation and holding the sword aloft requires some tricky posing.

paint/sculpt: He-Man reuse repainted in Adam colors wearing a jacket. He lacks a sword holster. (That's an adventure on its own. Long story short. He DID have one, but on the process to make the figure it went MIA from the prototype. I blame the "Mysterious Exec who hates 200X" that believed that a sword holster is an "anime Hyperdetail".) There is a little paint slop on my Adam's bracelets.

Adam IS the Accessory and he HAS a few accessories...
Power Sword: (Magenta... Straight to the extra parts baggie! Weapons pack sword here we go!)
Half sword:(Magenta... it ACTUALLY WORKS WITH MO-LARR's Skelly half sword!)
Extra head: Adam has a brand new smiley face AND the traditional constipated He-man head. Mine looks like he's blushing. Now I need a Frosta figure and I'll have an Awkward moment He-Man fig.

Overall: 4.3

Adam + Orko pack overall: 5.0

Since they're 2 key characters that got more bang for their buck (due to the different SDCC budget) Mattel and the 4H did so much for this twopack than last year's 3 stones He-Ro fiasco.
Finally I own the Twins of Power in BOTH their normal and transformed versions...
Bring on Cringer AND Spirit... (We have Battle Cat and Swift Wind/Spirit is supposedly coming in late 2011.)

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