Aug 23, 2010

Movie news... Reboots galore!

Ive already talked about the Spidey Reboot already a couple of times.
Now check this out. Peter will be in High School and they're looking for a Love interest that isn't Mary Jane Watson. So the options are Liz Allen or Betty Brant.
A bunch of British girls and Emma Roberts are the top picks for Spidey's Love interest...
Oh yeah one of the girls was spawned by the man behind this:

BTW The thing about Phil not being able to save a dying friend has been calle dBS by Phil Collins himself a couple of times.

A British Spidey AND a British love interest!? Where's the Keep Spidey American campaign? we had a ridiculous Make Spidey a black guy for no reason other than he's being played by white guys?

On other news Fox is rebooting Fantastic Four...Adrien Brody as Reed Richards!?
He's a good Actor, but I don't see him as Reed. I also do not see Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Reed either. Hopefully Fox will not fox this up... (Like Dragonball Evolution, Wolverine Origins or F4 Rise of The Silver Surfer)

True Blood's True Love? Don't follow True Blood that much, so yay them. I wonder if there were any mutants or Geese on that wedding. Marrying co-workers is rather awkward... especially if they're actors. Hopefully they'll relationship can endure all that.

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