Aug 11, 2010

It Came from the toy Chest... Silent but deadly edition.

Ok, while waiting for my Prince Ad... I mean Orko to arrive I'm getting some old reviews out of the way... by that I mean figures that I took pics off but didn't get off my butt and do a review about them, either by lazyness or saving them as back up plans.

The pic basically has my thoughts about the figure so I'll get to the rating:
As always 1 is crap that not Even Cobra Commander would use in his craziest plan for World Domination and 5 is more awesome than receiving all 2 versions of the SDCC Sgt. Slaughter as a present from your significant other dressed as the Baroness...

Articulation: 4.5 Hes got a lot of it and its mostly useful. There are a few poses that can't be made (mostly because the figure is so small and it cannot have Those PoA that the larger figures CAN have)

Paint/Sculpt: 4.5 Hasbro's lack of paints makes this figure practically splotch free. The sculpt is fantastic, very detailed for that size.Since the parts are molded in one color and barely get any paint, he looks a bit toy-like.

Accessories: 5... He has a ton of them and they work!

Overall: 4.67 He's a really good fig, and with the lower legs of a Marvel figure in the same scale AND an Agent Helix head, a Joe sized Raiden could be a reality.

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